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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Alternative Titles

English: Gurren Lagann
Synonyms: Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, Making Break-Through Gurren Lagann, Heavenly Breakthrough Gurren Lagann, TTGL
Japanese: 天元突破グレンラガン


Type: TV
Episodes: 27
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 1, 2007 to Sep 30, 2007
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
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Both are outrageous series, with an over-the-top animation style and some ludicrous character designs. If you like one of them, you'd most likely enjoy the other.
Mecha anime, mixture of humor, mysterious "aliens", a large cast of unique individuals, not to mention both take place on a devastated planet.
Very similar humor, as well as similar animation. It's not like we're ever gonna get to see how FLCL ends, but Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann I think carries the same sort of tone very well, and even takes things a step or two further in the drama department.
Main characters have similar personalities, same style of artwork, epic fights
Mecha action, lots of female fanservice!
With a highly diverse cast that is both well rounded and lovable and a story line that continues to expand and evolve. The classic Evangelion is worth you time if you appreciated the story telling that Gainax can do so well and aren't afraid to think a little.
1. Both have strong character stories
2. both have a sense of moving forward
3. both have great animation

Overall there are a lot of similarities with the story line, being trapped (with giant monsters) striving to achieve something greater for the whole race. Both shows are very uplifting and fun to watch.
Both have ridiculous, over the top fights with the same epic feel. They're also both made from the same company.
Similar animation. Great OST, action with comedy!
Apart from both being made by GAINAX, Gunbuster shares the same similar method of using absolute force of will to save the day.

You may also find a lot of references to Gunbuster within Gurren Lagann.

If you loved Gurren Lagann you must see this OVA ! It's totally crazy and very speed. Inside you have robots, guns and shooting battle. Of course there is a big boss to defeat ;)
Short, loser-ish protagonist that grows into his role as a hero? Check. Emphasis on the importance of being a man and the virtues of such? Check. Combine to form awesome fighting mechs? Check. Fighting to save humanity from countless alien robots? Check.
Crazy action
A Super Robot piloted by a hot-blooded male who screams his attacks. Over-the-top action paired with serious drama. Victories, tragedies, love, betrayal, personal struggles, a fight to save humanity. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cheer. Highly recommended.
Though in terms of plot/settings Basara and TTGL are nowhere similar, they both feature over-the-top action that suspends belief and kicks logic to the curb, not to mention they have characters that are full of manly high spirited charisma.
both are mecha anime that have a lot of action, a cool cast of characters, and similar art. And they both give off the same sort of feeling.
Star Driver is obviously very influenced by TTGL when it comes to the mech battles. the over the top animation style is the same, the beautiful universe background during the fights comes from the final battle from TTGL as well. There are many other similarities throughtout the show.
While TTGL is much more focused on the actual mecha aspects whereas in Guilty Crown it's just a periphery element, the storytelling has some some similarities. Both main characters, Simon and Shu, go through a crazy amount of hardships and losses especially with those close to them. They each have a role model that they look up to and want to eventually become, and both characters go through a significant amount of character development, changing from weak-willed little boys to mature and respectable adults. There's many similarities too in terms of character relationships and plot events, but giving away any of that would lead to massive spoilers. Definitely give both of these a shot.
Similar character setting, older brother, younger boy, a girl or 2 at the side. They both inherit some universe beating machines and go far and wide throughout the universe for a girl.
Getter Robo is by far the biggest influence on TTGL, as admitted by the staff and as evident in the show. New Getter Robo isn't the best of its franchise (the Getter Robo Saga manga is), but is likely the most solid and accessible of the animated incarnations.
It's similar with saving Earth along with mechas..
Both series have a high production quality and give a very energetic feel. Though the settings are different they both give the same level of lots of excitement. Both series also feature the same levels of casual fanservice and have noticeably busty female characters.
If you're looking at these two as a comparison of similar anime stories, don't, there isn't one. Instead look at these two as having a similarity of overabundant histrionics (lot of shouting and overacting) and male characters that are very gar.

The storylines are simple within themselves.

Just remember that these two series are both over-the-top, so be ready for it.
Both are great shonen series.of the best.
Friendship,Loyalty,Courage are really important.
Also they say that you have to fight for your dreams.
And the Gurren Brigade has somehow the same feeling as Luffy's crew x]
Both shows are kinda throwbacks to 70s style super robot anime, but Gurren Langan does it with a lot more style and mordern sensiblities. Also, while GaoGaiGar is kinda a superhero story of mythological proprotions, Gurren-Lagann is a coming of age story that takes a super robot stable (drills) and turns it into a metaphor for life, that starts out as a battle for the freedom of those living underground and ends up involving all those who live in the universe, all the while Simon tries to find his own meaning and purpose in his life, and follow his destiny.GaoGaiGar on the other hand, follows the classic monster of the week formula of super robot shows of the 70s, but it does it with a lot of energy and over the top flair, like Gurren-Lagann. Also, like Gurren Laggan, it has a colorful cast of characters you will get to know and love, and the mecha desgins are quite pleasing to the eyes. However, Gurren-Lagann is a lot more "serious" then GaoGaiGar is (Not counting FINAL), but that's another topic of discusstion.
Both are nonsense and epicness to a certain extent, though TTGL is a bit more extreme.
They both have a western comics feeling, main characters are really GAR and they are very good comedies.
though not similar by story or characters, but by the fact that both show you that villains don't have to be bad or evil.. there's always a good motive behind their actions
If you loved Gurren Lagann, I guarantee you'll love Giant Robo. Both feature wonderfully over-the-top "hot-blooded" action, GAR characters, epic scope, and excellent production values, especially in the case of Giant Robo, which took six years to finish animating the 7 episodes.
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Both are parodies of the mecha genre. The mentor/pupil relationship between Akito and Gai parallels that of Simon and Kamina. Also, did I mention that they're both space operas?
Both series are huge adventures that span large worlds. Both series have a young protagonist who starts out one way but develops and comes of age. Both have lots of action but have a strong focus on characters and drama (more action in Gurren Lagann and more character and drama in SAO). Both series are split into two completely different series that are almost entirely different in style and tone from each other (SAO's second half gets more lighthearted and Gurren Lagann's second half is much darker than the first). Both have a strong female character who is not only an excellent fighter but has a very nurturing side to her. Both have plenty of tearjerker moments. Both have some romance in them (far more in Sword Art Online though). Both have potential for sequels without it being necessary. Both have a huge colorful cast of many different ages. Both have around the same number of episodes (SAO 25 Gurren Lagann 26).
Same idea with beastmen ruling over humans.
The themes of human beings purposefully being limited so that they are primitive are shown in both TV series. There's also a "God" like being in each series. Mecha is surprisingly in both as well.
somewhat the same, since they both have rebellions
A Super Robot series with fanservice? No denying that.

But there's a compelling story beneath the fanservice and mecha action.
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Both anime grow in the same fasion. They start out with comedy, then get into action, and end out very dramatically.
Both involve mecha battles in galaxy
In both the living places of humans are being invaded by some unknown creatures
Both have ultimate technology
There's lots of romance in both
Rainbow and Gurren Lagann are two shows that take place in vastly different worlds, but they both share the theme of brotherhood and sacrificing oneself for the sake of others. Although both shows have that standard shonen theme flowing through the story and characters, Rainbow tends to be more mature in expressing that brotherly bond, whereas GL is more lively and animated. If you liked Rainbow's passionate portrayal of brotherhood, then you might like Gurren Lagann.
Same studio and art. Also refrences of Gurren Lagann mentioned
there both funny action packed anime shows
Both feature the struggle of humans against non-humans, a mecha with god-like powers, and an emphasis on drills as weapons, though with Tengen Toppa the drill is symbolism representing humanity moving past obstacles and climbing higher - or a sexual metaphor in some cases.

Both anime also feature hotblooded heroes and combine humor with drama. Although, Tengen Toppa features a set of romantic subplots as well.
With an unlikely trio and a whole bunch of friends to help them out, nothing is impossible. That is one of the themes Magi and TTGL have in common, friends. They always have eachothers backs, especially in the most difficult times. The best part, however, is that both have splendid fighting scenes with ridiculously sized weapons and attacks.
The weak main character that finds a super robot, which becomes more powerful when it needs. In both the character develops and becomes stronger, but in Gurren Lagann there's the second part of the anime, which is too good to be compared to the pro-american Heroman.
Deconstructions of their respective mecha subgenres, they explore the concept of human will: its manifestation as power to control, create, overcome, and bring about apocalyptic danger.
Both animes are about a person doing his best to reach their life aim. But if in FMA you can see that all main hero's attempts to do the impossible are futile, in TTGL the main hero does make his dreams come true, whatever obstacles are hindering him from following the way he had chosen. Also, TTGL may become a real source of inspiration for some sensitive personalities. So to conclude, if you liked FMA with all its pathos and surmounting, you'll definetely like TTGL which in addition will place you in no less mesmerizing universe than the one of FMA.
TTGL is practically a mecha version of Naruto, as they both involve the whole "Who can get the most over-powered by the end of the series" thing. They also have similar main characters in terms of personality and the "never give up" attitude.
Both are mechas animes with cool characters and have greats fights with nice animation. Also, Both begin with a small group of people struggling against a huge enemy army.
Both series contain over-the-top gattai mecha action with an underlying or (in the case of Aquarion EVOL) well-pronounced love story.

The characters are relatively similar, without necessarily exemplifying tropes, and both series' characters noticeably have catch-phrases that represent their persona.

The series both possess a sense for the extravagant both demonstrated by mecha action and the character interactions.

On a side note, the main heroine has a mascot pet in both series - Boota in TTGL and Shush in Aquarion EVOL.
The main character are voiced by the same VA for both shows. For a little boy who doesn't understands things at first matures and becomes a hero in the end. Both characters are fighting the same cause: to save the world.
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to put it simply Gargantia is just a recyclation of used up anime plots
not only the story but even characters are recycled and shamelessly voiced
by the same seiyuu .. I can't say much cuz it counts as spoilers but I can say this much:

- both are mecha set in an alternative world one where the whole planet is a desert and the
other where it's fully covered with water

- both have some weird technology relative to the retro feel they give off

- the characters are too similar to ignore pinion X Kamina Bellows X Yoko ..etc

remember, the deeper it gets the more similarities are disclosed ..

so if you don't mind watching the same story with a different approach .. suit yourself
Both are really weird, really crazy, and are both really awesome.
Gurren Lagann is about believing in yourself to achieve the impossible.
Samurai Flamenco while remaining possible in a way, is absolutely insane. Having to deal with a cast full of characters who are just plain stupid, apart from maybe a few, who must feel so tired dealing with idiots.
Gurren Lagann, although it's mech and adventure, just has a very similar feeling to Samurai Flamenco, because both are crazy and both are a hell of a lot of fun to watch.
Same crazy mix of parody-comedy action with nevertheless a strong and complicated story. "Gurren" originates from super robot mecha animes, "Edo Rocket" from harem-type with this special girl that just falls on protagonist's head=) They both exploit some common themes but do it in a bit unexpected fashion.
TTGL's spiritual granddaddy. If you ever wanted to know what the writing and animation staff watched in their free time, chances are that this is it.
One word: Gainax... but that's not enough. These two Animes are full of crazy-over-the-top action, both also have crazy adult humour

If you even remotely enjoyed one of these, you'll surely enjoy the other.
Somewhat similar art styles and animation, both having to do with intergalactic forces seemingly beyond humanity's power, final enemies are even similar in appearance.
They both have exactly the same feel to them, in my opinion. As soon as I started watching X'amd I thought of Gurren, probably because in both series the main cast is on a ship of some sorts and all characters have more personality to them than the standard side character does.
Both anime revolve around a kid set out to change the way of the universe and the oppression of humans against a race that is superior to it. Both shows have romance and tradegies alike, as well as unpredictable plotlines if you haven't seen them as of yet. Both are really epic and makes you think about the big picture.
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Both anime have to deal with humans surviving against giant machines that are oppressing/trying to kill them. While Gurren Lagann is more comical, they are both pretty serious at the end.
The plot and setting in these series are nothing alike but they both give you the same feeling. Both series start off with a bang and are super addicting. Both have moments that make you laugh until you can't breath, moments that make you go WTF? and moments that bring you to the brink of tears. Both shows make it look like they'll be ridiculous at first, but in reality they have deep meanings hidden away.
If I had to describe these shows in one word it would be: FUN
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World is a good transition from Gainax's Eva days to their FLCL/Gurren Lagann days. It's sort of an intermediary between the eras, in terms of the general feel of Gainax productions, I think.
Both display over the top action and insane amount of power (level)
Old-school style and passion meets modern techniques and storytelling. Things explode and faces get punched - often.
Week Kid want's to protect those around him. Ends up getting in tons of Epic Battles and becomes the Hero. They do differ in substantial ways but in the End you get the same enjoyment.

Sound to Simple? Well I gave up trying to explain the Awesomeness of these Shows. Just go watch Both of them. You WILL NOT be Disappointed!
Main character joins a rebel- type group to defeat evil people trying to create an utopia using artifictal life (sorry about spelling)
They both follow young male protagonists who grew up in a location that is far from the norm, who later go out into the mainlands accompanied by an older female accomplice.

They both have over-the-top fights as well as a good storyline to follow.

They both involve a lot of traveling and meeting new friends and foes.
- Sci-fi universe with powers unlocked through intense emotion
- Huge monsters
- Blatant fanservice
- Technobabble that was made up while drunk
- Does not take itself seriously AT ALL
The overall feeling of both shows is very similar. They both feel very uplifting, positive, and prove that the impossible can indeed be possible. Not to mention both have fiery red-head female leads and rebel teams filled with youths from Earth. Both seek to overthrow a higher power.

While Gurren Lagann focuses on mechs, however, Oban Star Racers has pod-racer-like ships.
both by gainax, same adolescent quirky feel
Yakitate!! Japan is basically Gurren Lagann with bread instead of mecha.

Whereas Gurren Lagann is basically Yakitate!! Japan with mecha instead of bread.

And both have Marina Inoue.

And both have the same common sense-breaking power up style that makes both of them great.
It has the same kind of epic fighting action anime. Gurren Lagann does it with mecha and Sengoku Basara does it with swords. If you liked one series then you will automatically like the other.
Both have giant robots that are godlike by the end of the series.
Both share some of the same key staff including the same director. Similar in how "over-the-top" they are. Inferno Cop is a comedy, while Gurren Lagann is a mecha action show.
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Mecha; epic battles against unthinkable odds. Fanservice.
Fighting for the survival of humanity using giant mecha. And leading the war, a teenager born and raised in the underground. If you like mecha based anime and enjoyed one of them, you'll probably want to give the other one a try.
While Toriko isn't exactly a mecha, it shares the concept of something being so bad it's awesome. Both are very testosterone fueled anime, but both also share tremendously bad writing. Luckily, there are moments in both that you can't help but smile at so the awesome overshadows the bad.
Super natural science.
Main character wants to go to space
Mecha, main character use a super mecha
a some one who couldnt believe in themselves become a great hero
first half is against one enemy, the second half "aliens"
The story line is VERY simliar
Super Natural Science
Both are Mecha anime. both have a plotline where humans rise up against a force that tries to keep them down. both hav sad endings.
While the overall tone of Evangelion is the polar opposite to that of Gurren Lagann, the action sequences in this second rebuild film are harder, better, faster, and stronger than those of TTGL. If you want similar over-the-top [yet considerably more HARDCORE and GRAPHIC] mecha action, this is the way to go.
...if you're into that sort of thing. :P
The protagonist lives in a world where humans are no longer dominant and live in simpler times. The hero finds a buried mecha in the ground uses it to defeat an enemy that humans have never seen before. The mecha is originally meant to be a fighting machine for the enemy, but is found by the hero just in time. Themes such as overcoming impossible obstacles, despair, a great journey, betrayal, and love are similar. Both have big doses of comedy, but Yamato Takeru is more lighthearted and not as much fanservice.

Other large similarities include both having mysterious extraterrestrial antagonists who command a group of elite beast-looking soldiers, each having a unique and powerful mecha. Add to the fact that one of these soldiers forms a heavy rivalry with the hero and in the end becomes an ally. Both have the hero meeting new friends along the way who join in the journey to reach the enemy stronghold. Also, it seems the hero's mecha in Yamato is very special much like Lagaan in Tengen Toppa. They change form throughout the series and end up combining with an enemy mecha to obtain massive power. The heroes' love interests end up becoming the enemy and they are forced to make tough decisions in the conclusions of both series.
While Blade has deep psychological themes like Evangelion does, Blade also has a level of action and stakes up there with Gurren Lagann. Also like GL, Blade escalates rather quickly and has incredible character development, which the epic battles are very important to. And by the end of the series, the title character ends up as one of the most powerful beings of all.
Both are very manly to the point of "spiraling" out of control. (Pun intended.)
I feel that the way space is designed and the ridiculousness is similar. In a good way.
Two young characters venture into an unknown world inhabited by large beasts who are often controlled by strange enemies. They befriend attractive do-gooders and one-by-one fight through the immediate underlings of the world's evil ruler. Sound familiar?
There's the obvious "beautifully illustrated space mech fighting against an initially vague enemy" factor, but I find them to also be similar in spirit. Gundam AGE's AGE System that learns from the Gundams' battles is similar in spirit to Gurren Lagann's Spiral Energy; just as Spiral Energy reflects how humanity keeps going and is evolving day by day, the AGE system is a weapon system that evolves right alongside its pilots.
Another mecha series with a rebellion against an oppressor, Gurren Lagann is a Super Robot-style mecha anime like no other, far more wild than Zoids.

Simon and his foster brother, Kamina, wish to escape their underground village and see the surface. Mankind has been driven into these kinds of villages by the Spiral King and his mooks, known as Beastmen. They get their chance to get out of there when a gunmen (as the series machines are called), falls into their village during a fight with Yoko Litner.

Yoko's extremely powerful rifle has no real effect on the thing (neither does Kamina's sword, for that matter, but he's lived under a rock for years almost literally, so we can forgive him.) But just earlier that day, Simon had unearthed a ting gunman that they decide to call "Lagann" Apparently operated via fighting spirit, Simon defeats the beastman with Lagann, allowing himself, Kamina, and Yoko access to the surface.

When they meet up with the rebellion group that Yoko is a part of, Kamina manages to get his hands on another gunmen, which he names "Gurren".

After learning about the issues with the beastmen and the Spiral King, Simon, Kamina, Yoko, and one of the other rebels, Leeron, set out to do the impossible, see the invisible, kick reason to the curb, and FIGHT THE POWAH!
both are mecha, the protagonists are both weak (at first anyway) and both protects Earth.
Lots of morale boosting yells!
In both anime they are fighting with each other witch similar robots
These series both have funny characters and a family environment. They also have great action scenes and a heartwarming storyline.
Both have characters drawn into a world they are not prepared for.
Mecha,willpower,nice plot,the protagonist is so motivational, the speeches too!! One of the BEST anime out there!
Both anime feature over-the-top characters who provide lots of action and much comic relief.
Plots, animation, and characters have many ups and downs throughout the series. They have similar large-scale endings (though Gurren Lagann to a much more extreme degree). Characters must cope with losses, decide which side they are on, and work together in order to defeat a powerful enemy. Whereas Gurren Lagann has mechs, Symphagear has a sci-fi battle armor.
Lots of morale boosting yells!
Both of these shows have a cowardly main character that toughs it out when its important to save their comrades. Both shows have amazing character growth, fighting, and humor!
Both series cover the adventures of rebellious groups of people who hope to gain their goals through the use of firepower. The reason for their rebellion is similar; in Gurren Lagann, humans are persecuted, and in The Unlimited, the espers are persecuted.
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Maybe spoil

Only focus on the insistence of Bakenezumi. Squealer Yakomaru is a revolutionist.

Similar the battle of Gurren Lagann.
Although both animes appear very different at first glance, they do share some similarities. In both Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and The Law of Ueki, the overall message is the same: to never give up (even when the goals seems impossible to reach). The theme is also similar as it revolves around friendship, loyalty, and courage.

The protagonists share the same objective as well, though how they achieve their goal is a bit different. In Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, they use mechas. In The Law of Ueki, they have superpowers. Both protagonists experience a hardship that will motivate them further to achieve their goal, though I must admit that Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is darker and more serious than The Law of Ueki... and you may hate the protagonist of TTGL at first (but he'll grow out of it)... However, both do have their share of comedy so don’t let that deter you from watching.

The animation is also similar, so expect a lot of eye popping colors moving all at once (don’t worry, it’s beautiful!)!

Overall, if you liked The Law of Ueki, I am pretty sure you would enjoy Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (unless… you aren’t a fan of mechas. But even so, give it a chance! You may end up loving it!) &same goes for TTGL fans. If you liked TTGL, you'd probably enjoy The Law of Ueki too!
Both shows are about going beyond the impossible and never giving up in spite of staggeringly low odds. Sheer willpower can solve just about any problem faced by the characters in each series.

Also, neither show is meant to be taken seriously during the action segments and by suspending one's disbelief, the dei ex machina used throughout the show can be immensely enjoyable.
Both are mecha anime with the same sort of feel
Each of these shows have a great original spin on their already used up genres, Featuring great fighting scenes as well as excellent stories that have to do with a political nature but with more twists and parodies of how the political system works,Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon does this less subtly then Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. These shows feature many likeable characters with fun traits interesting back stories as well as their own unique look to them. Both these are great sci-fi shows that really change the face of their respective genres.
heroine of both series has weird powers and huge bouncys
Let's put aside the differences first of these equally awesome and emotionally touching animes:

- Lagann focuses on mechas, beasts and the spiral powers
- Tempest has focuses on Shakespeare, magic and time travel

-Lagann focuses on 'Rejecting common sense to make the impossible possible' - the show's characters completely ignores logic and limitations
-In Tempest logic plays an important factor to the characters - the impossible and possible are thoroughly considered
-But this could be a similarity as both shows focus in some way or another, on logic.

-In Lagann, the show's setting varies from the small scale (caves, small civilisations) to the universal scale (planets, galaxies)
-In Tempest, pretty much most if not all of the setting is set in modern Japan or contemporary Earth

-Most importantly Tempest takes a much more serious tone and realistic feel, whereas Lagann is all out brawling.

-Lagann takes on a simple plot in a straightforward way; due to time travel elements Tempest's plot may be a little more complex.

Putting those aside, here are the similarities:

-In both shows, the main characters are presented with a global threat that they are pitted against. The first half of both shows focuses on our main characters dealing with this threat. However, after the initial 'threat' is defeated, the second half of the show portrays the global consequences of removing the initial 'threat'. It raises such questions to the main characters - "Was the bad guy really a bad guy?" "Were we really doing something beneficial to the world?". Good guys become bad, bad guys become good.

-In both shows there is a point (mostly in the second half of both shows), where the main characters begin to antagonize each other.

-In both shows there is a fair bit of sci-fi; obviously Lagann has heaps more focus on the sci-fi but Tempest has its moments of sci-fi too.

-Both shows feature characters who ACTUALLY undergo CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT (Two words probably foreign to many animes these days)

-Hints of romance in both; more in Tempest than Lagann.

And basically if you like Lagann or Tempest for any of the shared aspects, you should definitely try the other. Both shows do exceptionally well with what they have started with and both shows left a massive hole in my soul when I finished watching them.
More hot-bloodedness and tons of explosions from pure action!
Both involve the whole "fate of the world" drama, and have the chosen one to pilot a machine. Also has that one character who puts himself/herself before others
The storylines of both shows involve a boy protagonist faced with rapidly escalating odds. He gets stronger over time after conquering his fears, and defeats some of the most powerful opponents of all.
-Multiple enemies
-Strong protagonist
-Some romance
Souten Kouro ranks high on the GAR (or "manliness") chart, but Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann exceeds it. Both are epic tales of men forging their way in a hostile world, though TTGL goes for comedy sometimes and includes more standard anime elements such as fanservice and giant mecha.

If you liked Souten Kouro but wished it was more like a typical anime, give TTGL a spin.
If you watched GaoGaiGar FINAL, you probably already have a love for men in giant robots screaming about courage and beating other robots up. This is a continuation of that. But, it's also more. There's a bit more relationship stuff (Though it doesn't get in the way of the good stuff), a lot of political stuff, and some actual, good, well-written drama.
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Both of them have great, crazy humor. The action are very fast and chaotic. The characters are a parody of science fiction/ slice of life series, yet they are likeble.
An extended version of GGG Final that ties in Betterman.
But that's not the important part. Things get broken, people yell. Things blow up. Robots combine. Testosterone in a torrent file!
It's a lot similar story-wise, because both deal with multiple generations, and characters fleeing catastrophic situations. Even the authority figures (what Hegel would call the thetic and antithetic components) are similar: an autocratic machine-based government in Terra he.. and the semi-machinic Anti-Spirals in TTGL. Besides which, both series have the same moral: Hope is what keeps us alive, when everything else wishes us dead.
It's not just the hotblooded manly screaming and other super robot tropes which tie these shows together, although if one put Kamina in a digimon show he'd pretty much be Masaru Daimon; both seem determined to break the laws of physics and go beyond the impossible. But it's not hard to see the beastmen and themes of ethnic conflict in Mercurimon, Gotsumon and the other early digimon antagonists, or Kamina City in Eldoradimon, although the Antispirals bear more resemblance to Apocalymon than anything in this digimon series.
Director Hiroyuki Imaishi admitted in an interview that Zanbot 3 was one of his influences on making Gurren Lagann. Thus, if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for you. Throw your prejudices of old animation to the curb and embrace the awesomeness.
Despite being extremely different, both stories of Gurren Lagann and LoGH take epic proportions, almost involving universe's fate.
Also there're some time skip in both anime.
The both seasons of Rayearth reflect the plot of Lagann,the first is to save people of a person that gone "bad" to protect something(Zagato/Lord Genome)even if it costs the sake of the people and someone from another world(Rayearth)/From below the surface(Lagann).At the 2nd season there come a menace from outher space(Debonair MKR/Anti-Spiral TTGL),and the chosen ones fights with even bigger mechas(TTGL)or Mashins(in Rayearth)and got to rid the menace from tre world.
Same-styled and full of GARness.
Kurokami has not the same epic plot as Gurren Lagann, but both of their main characters are battling against their destiny and trying to change it in order to live their lives.
It's supposed that the main character can't change his fate, living bounded to it with the thought that it has to be in that way, but somebody make him change his mind and want to live his life on his own way.
Similar adventurous themes, as well as [spoiler]combining[/spoiler]

Also they both deal with the stress of people's lives and trying to save an enormous amount of space ( one point, anyways )
The main element that these animes share is the realization that the world is very imperfect. In Claymore, only a handful of characters, Claire, Miria, Deneve and Helen, early on realize that the Claymore Organization is corrupt and oppressive. This is very similar to how Kamina and Simon feel about they village they live in, and later on the entire world, being controlled by the Helix King. In addition to this, both animes have a myriad of twists, character developments and plot alterations that leave one in awe.
Well first series of zoids os basically same as tengen, boy finds mech, boy beats mech, boy finds girl, girl becomes special
Both are Mecha series with several funny moments ^^
On the surface both shows feature über over the top mecha and hot blooded pilots. The mechs even share many similar abilities. (Not surprising since Gurren Lagann was an homage to 70's mecha anime which is where Mazinkaiser has it's roots). They also share some of the same type of stylization in design and animation. Mazinkaiser sticks to it's 1970's roots but does feature a heavy think lined art style much like Gurren Lagann. Both titles have some oddly kinetic and bouncy animation and are very colorful.
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Just see it, they're EXACTLY the same thing. Hell, Nono is even COOLER!
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Similar aesthetics and "power words". The story development also has some common points.
Well, the best word will probably be EPIC.
to put it simple, both series have this epicness feeling in them, even though the general atmosphere is quite the opposite.
Although they have incredibly different storylines and settings, the pacing and character development in both Gurren Lagann and Jyu Oh Sei could probably be both thrown in the "super fast paced shonen" category. So, they seem very shonen-like, though because of their shorter length's compared to usual shonen's the plots progress extremely fast and things just get straight to the point, which can be a great thing. Young main characters coming of age rising to the top, various time leaps, solid action and animation, interesting plot twists, etc. It's all there.
As with the first season, a mecha series with fanservice, but it also centers on the characters.
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Travling and discovring new places with new ppl in the first part of TTGL similer to the secound Part of Ergo proxy..and then in the secound half of TTGL the develpment of the city was similer to how the city was in the first part of Ergo Proxy.. that's what made me relate these anime to each other..
While Seto no Hanayome doesn't have mechs or really anything comparable to them in the anime, what it does have is the same general atmosphere as Gurren Lagann. What I got out of both animes was the fact that both are just so off the wall that you can't help but find your self just laughing. If you're looking for another anime that just throws all reason out the window and want to laugh your ass off I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Seto no Hanayome.
Okay seriously now, if you liked Kamina in TTGL then you will fall head over man-heels for Onizuka. Kamina was pretty good but Onizuka is as manly as it gets, and it's a shame that many people are oblivious to it. If you're looking for a series for MEN, then you need to get into GTO. Preferably the manga but the anime is fine too.
Over the top and beyond impossible! TTGL does it with awesome mechas, but Beelzebub is about...raising a child. TTGL has it's serious moments, but Beelzebub is 100% humour.

Amazing voice cast: almost every Beelzebub's main character has a seiyuu from TTGL. For example, crazy awesome Kamina's voice actor is playing the role of arrogant but idiotic main character, Oga, who is also crazy awesome in his own (beat them up) way.
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Gurren Lagann is the epitome of hotblooded awesome, while Gaiking literally runs off of hot blood. Also, both are Super Robot shows. Though admittedly, Gaiking runs more in the vein of traditional Super Robots, such as Mazinger than does Gurren Lagann.
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Both have a young main character who own and fight with a mecha.
reportRecommended by Ousto - Add to favorites
Both have incredibly manly main characters, awesome spaceships and stuff about spirals. What more do you need to know?
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Both venture to the far limits of theoretical physics and utilize its weird phenomena combatively in the epic final battles.

Both have "eco-fascist" main villains who have calculated that there are too many humans, and calmly launch plans to reduce their numbers.
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Both these series tell a story of an honest man, trying to make his way in this rotten, wicked world. Kaiji and Simon are real man's men, they have principals and won't forfeit them no matter what. You can see them doubt, you can see them tumbling down and degrading, but they soon realize their mistakes to remain steadfast and strong.
However, Simon is surrounded by a number of trustworthy friends, he can rely onto, whereas Kaiji is a lone wolf among heavily armed hunters. Kaiji is more about betraying while TTGL is focused on friendship and loyalty. Thus the ideas of them are also different. Kaiji's author wants to show, how important the ability to remain human in any circumstances is, whereas TTGL shows what role determination plays in our lives. Frim this point of view Kaiji is more "capacious", because the latter problem is payed attention to, but not that emphasized as the first one.
So, if you want to watch an anime about people, who choose a thorny path of resistance to the common sense not to lose self-respect, these animes are what you need.
Action, epicness and MANLYNESS!!!
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Although their not similar in content, they are similar in execution and style...

So basically, if Gurren Lagann was a magical girl anime, it would be Heartctach Precure! (And vise-versa.)
-Both have awesome and over-the-top battle sequences.
-Both have the "Determination" thing going on.
-Both play their genres straight, but in a good way.
-Both have simple plots that are executed very well.
-Both have great characters that make you want them to persevere.
-Both share crazy art styles and style of animation.
-Both share very funny comedic moments.
-Both have hot blooded characters in them. (Kamina and Kumojaki respectively.)
-Both have heartwarming moments.
-Both have emphasis on teamwork.

If you liked one you may like the other, even if you hate magical girl or mecha anime they both manage
to be fairly entertaining.
"Believe in yourself!"
"Who the hell do you think I am?"
Arawn (Tears to Tiara) just keep spewing out the quotes that Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) is famous for.
Both are awesome shows made to be in an old style on purpose yet both still have great animation they also both feature Manly protagonists and hot chicks in them
Both are mecha animes with very intense epic battles, the story plot between the two are both similar in a way to how they both want to make the world a better place and to become successfull in doing so. Theres quite a bit of mecha action and dramatic suspense with romance here and there, with some comedy to lighten up the moods. Very good animes overall.
Both anime are super crazy/insane and over the top.
And you could say that Gurren Lagann is a spiritual successor to Xabungle, as it's clear that TTGL is influenced heavily from it.
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Well, TTGL has nothing with the story, style, shoujo, song or something with Full Moon...

But i TOTALLY recomend you to watch it, cause both of them show the real importance of a goal/dream!

The two ones are a lesson for all your life, watch it...
Similar mood throughout the stories, characters are forced into conflicts, the endings are also in the same themes of "stolen" love.
Simply put both are great action/adventure Romance and must watch.
The relationship between Hibito and Mutta is almost similar to the bond Kamina and Simon shares--the main difference is the role reversal. In the TTGL's case, Simon's "Aniki" teaches him to believe in himself, whereas Hibito, the younger brother, tries to inspire confidence in his older brother in Uchuu Kyoudai.
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Sadamitsu is a virtual copy of Kamina. He spends the entire anime yelling about how he never runs from a fight and engaging in the most ridiculous grandstanding, even trying to fight giant aliens with his bare hands. It's great!

"Who do you think I am, you shit gorilla?" Can you tell which of the two animes this is from? Me neither!
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While Birdy lacks some of the epic-ness of TTGL, they are similar in many respects. Both successfully incorporate action into a meaningful and interesting plot, both question the the meaning of humanity, and both can pack an emotional punch. Additionally they both involve love, space and aliens, and I would say their visual style is similar.
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Similar stylized action/battle scenes.
Same action style and both are strange drawing
Both use mecha, both have a great sense of humor accompanied with great fight scenes. I found that the characters in both were very likable. Just give Tiger & Bunny a try, the title is off-putting, but really is actually a great anime.
Protagonists very similar in that they both have power proportional to their will to be victorious if you really enjoyed TTGL I would be very surprised if you didn't also enjoy Scryed.
Think about your reaction to TTGL every time it would take your idea of logic and relieve itself on it. Think about how every episode seemed to go even further beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb for the twentieth time. That's pretty much what Pani Poni Dash! does, except with how rapidly and blatantly it makes fun of and references everything. Anime, video games, western culture... it has a little joke on everything thrown in there, and the pace just keeps ramping up right until the end.

Pani Poni Dash! = Azumanga Daioh + Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Space battles in massive ships. Space Pirate Captain Harlock is one of the many sources of TTGL and Simon's design in the final part is actually inspired directly by Harlock. It is a lot of fun and great to watch and note the similarities with today's animes. Harlock was (and still is) a very influential anime.
Digimon Xros wars and gurren laggan are similar in many ways... the protagonist shoutmon and kamina share similar ways of life, even in some animation points they share styles... in some points the only think left to say in digimon is "this is the drill that will pierce thru the sky!" but there is a drill so dont worry the time will come xD I thinks Digimon Xros Wars was molded with Gurren Laggan in mind of course gurren lagann is in thousand ways more deep and 100 times better in animation... so if you like digimon XW you will love Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann... and if you like the old digimons alote and like guerren lagann u will find this new series is not that disappointing...
If you're a fan of Yoko and fan service, Bakuretsu Tenshi's Meg will drive you crazy!
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