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Yesterday, 10:04 AM
August 25, 1995
United States
February 4, 2011
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Time (Days) 58.1
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Time (Days) 11.2
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I should put something actually about me here that isn't just my favorite whatever.
I'm a cat who loves to SNOOZE.

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Soge_king999 | 08-25-14, 7:05 PM

JayBirdSupreme | 08-25-14, 12:54 PM
I've been well, even though my summer has been fairly boring for the most part, aside from some cons that I went to. I'm actually looking forward to my classes starting again as well, since it gives me something to do.

Anyway, it's good to hear you've been enjoying video games. I used to play them a lot too, but my interest in them has been wavering lately.

Soge_king999 | 08-25-14, 6:08 AM
Happy birthday, Mr. Elu!

JayBirdSupreme | 08-25-14, 5:48 AM
Happy birthday, man. It's been a while since we last talked, so how have you been?

tommy73 | 07-15-14, 2:25 PM
Pffaha, my ratings are pretty stupid right now. I like Tex more though, why the hell is it a 6? Although 6s means I quite like it anyway. (also Girls und Panzer is pretty great man) I plan to re-rate one day but that might take a while.

And yeah we should. My holidays already started, so tell me whenever.

NESfanboi | 06-28-14, 7:16 AM

tommy73 | 05-10-14, 9:56 AM
You should check out Ping Pong, Yuasa's latest work! One of the best shows this year, I think you'd like it.

Soge_king999 | 05-05-14, 6:42 AM
Maybe, maybe not. I only noticed early on because I just had to try to add something to my Extended Favorites the first day things started messing up... : (

tommy73 | 05-01-14, 9:45 AM
RIP Nana

4 faves are the cool nowadays, hell they're not even in real order.

Soge_king999 | 04-01-14, 10:16 PM
Same here, actually. Good night~ And I know I should. I love Blame already. It's a potential favorite.

Soge_king999 | 04-01-14, 10:02 PM
The most boring? Wow. Must really be something.
Just give it a 1~ It's the most versatile score of them all~

Soge_king999 | 04-01-14, 9:47 PM
That's nice. It's not like I'm giving them finalized scores or anything. Just initial impressions, because the overall writing quality rarely changes that much over the course of a story anyway, and it allows me to easily check how much priority I will place on continuing the work. Bakemonogatari is boring me to death, and I rarely get that bored with anything... But you should add Kuro-kun to your list. It's adds character, and displays an immense amount of courage and resilience.

Soge_king999 | 04-01-14, 9:14 PM
I'm rather well, aside from watching Shounen Maid Kuro-kun and Bakemonogatari, at least. The Mysterious Cities of Gold has been entertaining me, and I've also been checking out many first chapters of manga so that I can give them scores before I make another ratings reform, which will drop my mean score to about a 4, tee hee. How about you?

Dashiawia | 04-01-14, 3:03 PM
Yep. It's only getting better and better for me. I met Grimmer for the first time, and I'm liking him quite a bit.

BigBowsa | 03-30-14, 1:05 PM

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