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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Yesterday, 7:13 PM
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Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
Jul 27, 1:42 AM
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Macross Δ
Macross Δ
Jul 25, 12:01 AM
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The Great Escape
The Great Escape
May 31, 9:49 PM
Reading 43/? · Scored 6
May 25, 11:46 AM
Completed 8/8 · Scored 5
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 4: Diamond wa Kudakenai
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 4: Diamond wa Kudakenai
May 24, 6:12 PM
Reading 64/174 · Scored -


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StyleF1re 2 hours ago
Moving anywhere is hard work, whether it's to a new city, state, country, or especially continent. Good luck!

The releases for Assetto Corsa (PS4 version), Gran Turismo Sport, and DriveClub VR are all set for this Fall to likely coincide with the big hardware releases. But man, I can't imagine scooping up a Neo, the VR bundle kit, the games, AND a compatible racing wheel w/ pedals at once. Could get a good desktop computer or some other "machine" for that kind of money. We'll see. Seriously though. I couldn't have projected the stars to align this well!
StyleF1re 12 hours ago
Three racing games incoming. VR incoming. Neo incoming. I wonder if it's that time to pull the trigger... haha
Bogie-chan Yesterday, 3:33 AM
I completly agree. Just the regular trend story with some blood.
I'm watching it weekly and it's still 5/10 for me.
Mapplesauce Jul 26, 7:45 PM
>Random thought
Re:Zero is about as lame as I expected it to be. No idea why people care about it so much.

god damn told u so

it's appeal to everyone comes from the later episodes though, when it gets more tragic and plot twisty. you might wanna watch a few more episodes to see the appeal before fully dropping it, lol

i still think it's not nearly as good as what people paint it out to be though. at this point, i'm watching the show for the girls tbh
Gonzo-lewd Jul 26, 5:38 PM
5'' 10' I think.
Gonzo-lewd Jul 26, 4:48 PM
You're about as tall as me.
Malwarien Jul 26, 4:15 PM
About your Re:zero comment, just watch it longer. The start is basically your generic LN adaptation done right and the rest, well, is pretty fucking amazing. Episode 15 in particularly.
StyleF1re Jul 25, 8:03 AM
Well, I believe in something I call love at tenth sight. So for that number to drop then literally or figuratively I'll need someone willing to take shots at me themselves. I'm probably as blind to women as the (male) greats of the harem genre.

haha just try 'em! You can certainly do better for yourself there than going through Rewrite, though I'm assuming your experience with the original content keeps the fire lit with the anime adaptation. Anyway, it's been a damn while since I could truly "hype" myself over any anime, as most of the shows are seriously too good (like the rakugo anime) or so-so and mediocre (pretty much everything else). I needed something I could get lost in the moment with. The stars just so happened to align with fetishes, art style, personal sense of humor, and whatnot. I'll admit though that size there can be pretty magnetic on occasion, so long as it matches up with the physique and personality.

Yup. I'll check them out later this year, since I spent the last month going through the TV series along with the other two. Can't be trying to tank 8+ episodes of that in a day or something like that, much like I recently did with Kaiji and its garbage pacing and narration.
StyleF1re Jul 25, 1:13 AM
That radar of yours might be malfunctioning then. As for having three-cours, good luck on that! I'd say two happens just like before, but the second will come later this decade. LL as an idol series has held up pretty well in my book.

Well, I could go either way if the +/- in age difference isn't too large. As I've mentioned to others though and maybe you previously, I won't know until I know. Chances are, that probably won't happen unless a woman gives me a nice taste of her fist or backhand like with the most renowned dere characters in anime.

Kind of late to the party, or what? Nah, but I have no idea what goes on with the mainstream. They can obsess over whatever they want, since I'm being obsessive over middle school girls anyway with Kono Bijutsubu.
StyleF1re Jul 24, 1:41 AM
I'm not sure what to think about Ruby. Nice to see she's being a bit more assertive, I suppose. Still haven't got used to that color combo between her hair and eyes. As for outfits, I have no idea what's going on. Don't think anything will touch Rin (from the original) in her white dress though. The show itself is rather fun and everything I've come to expect from the LL series.

Yeah, the people behind shows like Master Keaton really brought a lot of thought and likely their own personal life experiences to the table. None of the characters in such shows stick to basic stereotypes or cliches. Keaton is a type that I see as a true adult, as in those driven to learn for themselves and connect all sorts of dots in life. The same goes with the adults in the Gasaraki anime I'm watching. They all carry poise and a unique, focused way of delivering their words and on their tactics or strategies. And yes, I do agree on the high school girls part, though that is dangerous territory for me especially (given my age).

You shouldn't be surprised in all honesty. Anything and everything goes with me. I just got fed up with the dominant chibi facial expressions while the characters failed miserably to leave an impression with me out the gate. Also seems to be on the shounen-side with the humor, character designs, and whatnot. Might have jumped on it a bit quick, but at this point in time I put great trust in my reads with anime.
Max Jul 23, 7:17 AM
Well, when its spinoffs are not directing people to Holocaust museums, Pokémon is continuing to do what it does best. Most of the recent focus seems to be on making the game more accessible to children and making it less grind-y, both of which I'm wholeheartedly for. Some complain that the game has gotten too easy or too linear, but I find it hard to expect much from its kind of game. There's still a pretty decent competitive scene online for anyone who wants to take it seriously.
ASAPCyrus Jul 21, 9:33 PM
wow we never talk anymore
Max Jul 21, 2:49 PM
pokemon go is so cool though!!!

As someone who still follows the main Pokémon games, I still fucking hate Go. Augmented reality seems like an awkward medium for games, even if it could make a transition to full-blown VR easier. Its best applications probably lie with wearables or phones.
Mapplesauce Jul 21, 1:15 PM
yeah you really aren't missing much. I wouldn't say Re;Zero is as bad as Erased or SAO, but its still pretty worthless. its attempts to be dark and serious are awful. also, protagonist is shitty and the show is becoming a harem as usual. its enjoyable, but you kinda have to turn off your brain for a lot of it. so basically, it's what you already think it is

also, i finished g senjou no maou after like 4-5 months of procrastinating, and I agree with your points in that it goes over the top with the protagonists past and the ending is p dumb. i dont really get the big plot twist given it makes no sense (taking into consideration the side plots), but i think it was fun enough

should i bother with the grisaia series? i get a lot of recommendations for it, and many warnings not to watch the anime
StyleF1re Jul 21, 1:42 AM
Damn. I did a lot of biking back then, since I wasn't an ocean person though I lived by the ocean. Nowadays I still see a few kids riding around, but it's really become a lost art. The people biking nowadays here are the triathletes and older folks. And is it really that serious? Shoot. I wouldn't have ever known that, which should give you an idea of how little I concern myself over Go.

Exactly what they should be used for and what I use them for. I just bought an S7 because I wanted something with a godly camera and the ability to access the net and select apps with ease. I'm pretty sure there are some crazy apps out there (I only downloaded ESPN and MLB At Bat so far), as I just went golfing the other day with my uncle and his co-worker and the co-worker mentioned about a GPS-related app to measure distances to the pin and whatnot. All these things were like luxuries back in the day, needing bigger and/or bulkier devices to get the same task(s) done. I'm guessing there are translator apps and stuff to enhance the way you take photos and whatnot.

Nice. Good appetizer of info right there. People reading this convo better be taking notes! Go for it. Then I can have multiple go-to sources about what goes down in Japan, with my friend soon to come back after being there for nearly two months. He goes annually for family business reasons.

Frontier and Delta are what I'd coin as the new-school iterations in the Macross franchise. Bit more flashy, though it comes at the cost of story and characters (weight of lineup from A-Z) in my book. Of course you had to mention something about twintails. Why didn't I expect that? haha