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May 9, 1993
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February 25, 2008
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Huge, bipolar asshole with a love for the written word. People like to yell at me a lot.

I'm currently a (lazy) journalism student at my local university. I have a long-time affection towards Rin from Little Busters, though I find the term 'waifu' to be really gross. I'm also an avid follower of video games, VNs, film, literature and so on and so forth. Feel free to start a conversation if anything strikes your interest.

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... asking who the character in my profile picture is (tip: she's from a visual novel I rated very highly)
... sending a friend request without first having a meaningful conversation
... criticising my reviews based on the score instead of the content
... complaining that my rating scale is 'too harsh' or that you disagree with my list scores
... asking me to personally build a list of recommendations for you (it's time-consuming and chances are I won't understand your tastes)

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Gonzo-nyan | 3 hours ago
That's cool.

I'd say Colonial and Civil War era. Only because that was around the time when the US was prospering, with the exception of the 1900-1950s era you mentioned.

Gonzo-nyan | Yesterday, 11:59 PM
We mostly just read philosophy text, discuss them during class, and write big papers about what we read on certain topics related to them.

I hate American History, only because I've beaten over the head over it for 10+ years. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to tell you~

Soge-chan | Yesterday, 11:20 PM
Nice. Do you suppose that you performed well? I also rarely have much of an idea of what to do. I've already finished all the anime that I expect to adore, but there are still a number of solid ones left, and I have quite a few great manga to read, but I find it a bit more difficult to sit down and read them. I guess I could watch more Breaking Bad, because I haven't seen any of it in months... (;_;) Or some well-regarded films, because I am apparently missing out on everything good...

Gonzo-nyan | Yesterday, 11:16 PM
History is so much fun though. :(

Philosophy will be right up your alley if that's the case.

Gonzo-nyan | Yesterday, 10:55 PM
I'm at campus around at night most of the time. Was it for english or math? I would suggest just make a guess on multiple choice since it's a win or lose situation anyway.

Gonzo-nyan | Yesterday, 10:36 PM
How did it go?

oSunflower | Yesterday, 6:39 PM
Yeah, I doubt I could ever do that. I however could add the ones I started watching from the date I signed up.

oSunflower | Yesterday, 5:25 PM
Hello, I saw that you have a letterboxd account. Is that a decent site to organize films?

Soge-chan | Yesterday, 12:31 AM
It's a nice club, with no activity requirements, and we have some interesting discussions in the comments every now and then.

I like having discussions with them, as long as they aren't being arrogant pricks and attempting to force their opinions on me, because that's just not cool. I ended up leaving QD a while back, for similar reasons, though I never participated much anyway. Ugh. I'd rather just chat with friends using comments.

Soge-chan | 04-16-14, 11:25 PM
Same here. I don't think there's any shame in having different opinions, and I am willing to share my uncommon views on certain well-regarded works with people openly, and that has resulted in me being attacked, simply for thinking differently. It's sad, really.

I had to leave C&C as well. Good god, that place was a shithole of groupthink. The only "critics" club that I like is Dashiawia's Veterans and Critics, and that's because almost no one there really fits the bill for what is commonly called a "critic" (though I would call those sorts of "critics" pseudo-critics), and have their own views on various things. There aren't any requirements, and there's no serious relations list describing what the club likes or dislikes, so it's a pretty cool club, with great diversity.

Gonzo-nyan | 04-16-14, 5:38 PM
I've heard of that, just never got the chance to pick it up.

Gonzo-nyan | 04-16-14, 5:17 PM
Is Paper Please that good?

Soge-chan | 04-16-14, 3:01 PM
Yeah... I think the series has many flaws, such as the ones you mentioned, but I found its strengths to be enough to make it pretty good, or at least far above average, though far from the best. It was an enjoyable series, but it isn't like it was "deep", "meaningful", or "touching" like many claim it to be, given how unrealistic it is. The manga is better than the anime, IMO, and I still consider that a favorite. The artwork is too beautiful, and some of the scenes the anime left out were among the best in the series, leading me to question who decided to omit them...

Gonzo-nyan | 04-16-14, 2:57 PM
I can't wait for that.

Wow, sounds like it's more of a 5 than a 7 coming from you. :/

Soge-chan | 04-16-14, 2:40 PM
Saw what you said about Aria on Gonzo's profile. Technically, there was one time where Neo-Venezia wasn't perfect, when those couple of girls were apparently talking shit about Akira. But, other than that, it's pretty much perfect... (;_;) I Iiked the series for its atmosphere and relaxing effect, but the characters were pretty bland by themselves and their interactions were often repetitive. Does feel pretty fake too. YKK is so much better, methinks...

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