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05-21-15, 7:48 PM
May 9, 1993
BC, Canada
February 25, 2008
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Lazy political science student. Voracious reader. Lifelong gamer and obnoxious fan of visual novels.

Hit up my account if you want to ask a question anonymously. If you're wondering how I read [insert untranslated VN/game/manga], it's because I can read Japanese. And please, for the love of god, do not ask me about my ratings. Please.

Random thought
I wish Fuwanovel would explode and stop butchering VNs with their god-awful machine translations.

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03-13-15, 8:53 AM Edited 05-20-15, 6:36 PM
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Angel_Milk | 05-20-15, 7:09 PM
The army thing is the age 18-38 but I have to go there by 25 since I live in a foreign country. So probably after college unless something amazing happens.

You can learn about Korean culture in Korea. There are people who have no knowledge of Korea before they came but learnt it as they went. This isn't recommended but I am saying that you can and like I said Korean and Japanese are really similar. Right now in Korea there are plenty of English teachers space available for foreigner and there always will be in the future since Korea is very keen about learning English. If for some reason there is no space I can always ask my family friends who can speak English to get you a job.

Nice, my GPA right now is pretty shit but I want to do post grad after this so I need to get at least all A's this semester to apply for post grad. Also, I am pretty damn sure that you would be accepted.

Gonzo-lewd | 05-20-15, 5:22 PM
Just skip over that part then...pleb.

Gonzo-lewd | 05-19-15, 5:25 PM
Watch Anejiru 2 nigga. Shit is gewd. <3

Crips | 05-19-15, 1:43 PM

vodall | 05-19-15, 10:02 AM
Oh yeah, definitely wife material.

vodall | 05-19-15, 5:53 AM
So apparently Aoi's seiyuu released a single a while back..

DirtyBoy | 05-19-15, 2:18 AM
White album 2 was dank

OmgItsRyan | 05-18-15, 10:06 PM
Yeah I haven't had the privilege to play any of the other games in the series. Looking forward to SC though.

OmgItsRyan | 05-18-15, 9:09 AM
oh cool you played trails

Gonzo-lewd | 05-17-15, 7:01 PM
I can't if you don't give me a download link

X10A_Freedom | 05-16-15, 10:33 PM
ded url =)

vodall | 05-16-15, 2:26 PM
Yeah, I'll probably chip away at some edits as you (seemingly) did with your Shirobako review.

vodall | 05-16-15, 1:22 PM
Is this too short? Also, I guess it is a romance, but in a very roundabout manner.

Loli-Sazanami | 05-16-15, 4:58 AM
Did you sell or throw all your old console games into the trash can?
aw what a waste.

ABHISHEKV | 05-16-15, 3:04 AM
You're Welcome and Thank You :D

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