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May 9, 1993
BC, Canada
February 25, 2008
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Huge, bipolar asshole with a love for the written word. People like to yell at me a lot.

I'm currently a (lazy) journalism student at my local university. I love eroge/visual novels and will annoy you by talking about them constantly. I also possess mild knowledge of the Japanese language and adore literature, film and video games as storytelling media. Feel free to start a conversation if anything strikes your interest.

If you want to ask a question anonymously, feel free to do so on my profile. If you're curious about the meaningless numbers on my list, check this instead of asking me. I'm tired of talking about ratings.

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/a/ gives me headaches.

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X10A_Freedom | Yesterday, 8:47 AM
Lmao King James version. As bad as trying to decode Shakespearian English.

X10A_Freedom | Yesterday, 7:47 AM
I'm more of a Chitanda type. Curious as heck.

StyleF1re | Yesterday, 3:25 AM
The 2010s have some good stuff, but it all really depends on what you're looking for. For me I like the fact that cars are shooting beyond 800 hp from the factory, anime streams are widely available and accessible, vocal trance music to succeed and replace the void left behind by 70s-90s reggae/pop-reggae and 2000s alternative rock music, accessible information and organizational convenience via smartphones and networking capabilities, and maybe 3D printing and new technology in the form of lightweight materials. Oh and some cool guy who climbs mountains, but with a Porsche 911. Still five-plus more years to go too! 2000s definitely did have stuff too, but there's too much that comes to mind...

Btw, I was singing this song in my car with my younger brother (11 years my junior). What a moment that was! Ten at night with the windows up and the volume turned up. Thank goodness he likes and listens to that song too, because it was a big influence and aid to my high school life. I also look back to this early 2000s tune and can't help but wonder if it was foreshadowing what was to come. Hip-hop on the mainstream really did take a nosedive in such regards, especially in this decade.

Nice. A mindset based on long-term plans will work wonders. I didn't have that luxury or sense when I was your age. But yeah, to finish first you must first finish... college that is! haha

X10A_Freedom | Yesterday, 12:59 AM
You reviewed the bible? Link meh. <3

Gonzo-nyan | 07-20-14, 8:21 PM
Ah okay. I just love how insane and unafraid it is to show extremely obscure sexual humor. Hiroyuki Imaichi is close to becoming my favorite anime director.

Gonzo-nyan | 07-20-14, 8:10 PM
And at that time K-ON!! was your favorite show ever. :)

Gonzo-nyan | 07-20-14, 7:45 PM
Panty and Stocking could quite possibly be the most perfect anime in the history of existence...

Gonzo-nyan | 07-20-14, 4:47 PM
It would be interesting to see. :)

Gonzo-nyan | 07-20-14, 2:14 PM
I think you'll have a conversation with Catcher in the Rye with nil-sama. He hates that book so much. :^)

I've been meaning to read an Aldous Huxley novel.

Great Gatsby is pretty overrated from what I remember reading it a while ago, but I should give it another shot in the future.

I've heard of the latter but not the former...

Master10K | 07-20-14, 10:50 AM
It was a good watch, otherwise I wouldn't be pissed off about how it didn't finish. Just that certain things just felt too over-the-top, even for a sports anime. Case & point... Midousuji (¬_¬).

Master10K | 07-20-14, 10:04 AM
Well finished Yowamushi Pedal before you and now I'm pissed. They literally just stopped right in the middle of the Inter-High road race event... RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE! Probably will have to wait till Christmas to see who wins.

Playcool | 07-20-14, 6:53 AM
College exams still??
Already passed by those times, can be very draining, and with all this heat...

Sung-Hwan | 07-19-14, 10:39 PM
You like fast food? You know, things like Mcdonalds and what not.

Gonzo-nyan | 07-19-14, 9:12 PM
I see. What books are you currently trying to finish and thoughts?

Gonzo-nyan | 07-19-14, 8:50 PM
> I don't understand why I neglected books for so long. It's probably the medium that suits me the most.

First it was VNs, now it's books. Make up your mind brah~

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