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Huge, bipolar asshole with a love for the written word. People like to yell at me a lot.

I'm currently a (lazy) journalism student at my local university. I love eroge/visual novels and will annoy you by talking about them constantly. I also possess mild knowledge of the Japanese language and adore literature, film and video games as storytelling media. Feel free to start a conversation if anything strikes your interest.

If you want to ask a question anonymously, feel free to do so on my profile. If you're curious about the meaningless numbers on my list, check this instead of asking me. I'm tired of talking about ratings.

Random thought
Why is there always that One Dude in class who needs to shout at the top of his lungs whenever answering the instructor? My ears are hurting.

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Gonzo-nyan | 3 hours ago
Because most people choose not to go at times so they're trying their best to force people to go to their class so the professors don't get pissed. My college doesn't care as long as you don't miss more than three classes depending on the course.

That could be a nice option. I personally can't stand online classes because they don't know how to properly schedule everything with just the website.

Gonzo-nyan | 3 hours ago
But Loli and incest are so pure and innocent~ :3

I find happiness in all aspects of art or entertainment. There's no such thing as limitations to it. :)

Gonzo-nyan | 4 hours ago
Just being all psychoanalytical on you. I don't think it really boils down to rage, people for us who hate it just don't like how it's become almost every hentai or doujin that comes out these days. I've jerked it to plenty of NTR hentai but not because that aspect. Sometimes I just want to see people be happy for once about having sex. :/

That's a pretty interesting fetish.

Gonzo-nyan | 4 hours ago
You don't like NTR because you feel an intense hatred for other guys with girls and seeing their girl get raped makes you hard, right? :/

Gonzo-nyan | 4 hours ago
How is sex gross? :|

Why do you like NTR? Most hate it because they've been doing it to death for the past two years.

Gonzo-nyan | 5 hours ago
>It's still just the same dirty, disgusting act that is sex.
Wut? Sex is the most beautiful, magnificent experiences in human nature. Stuff like strap ons, bdsm, futas, etc, are just what make it into a fun experience. :3

Zealty | Yesterday, 11:15 PM
Sayooshi is the single most fucked-up thing I've read. ಠ_ಠ Only a bit worse than what's contained within SubaHibi I feel.

Gonzo-nyan | Yesterday, 10:23 PM
Just JAV? And muted? I personally love their moans, it makes them so adorable, especially when they're being tormented by spankings~

An interesting approach. I just find the art of sexuality between females way more engaging than heterosexual since most heterosexual porn aren't loving, they just seem more hateful even with the fantasy in mind.

Gonzo-nyan | Yesterday, 10:08 PM
Really? For me, I hate seeing guys in hentai/porn. Doesn't hearing the guy moan turn you off?

Gonzo-nyan | Yesterday, 10:04 PM

How the fuck can you not like yuri? Futa with Yuri is fucking heaven on earth~

Zealty | Yesterday, 5:17 PM
The third of my 'Trinity' is a VN that excels in the writing and characters department, Cross+Channel (not the translation lol ._.). Baldr Sky is the best hybrid of story and gameplay I've ever experienced (all-around great), and SubaHibi is simply the best story ever.

From what you've listed there, I've only read White Album 2 and Sayooshi. I need more Japanese history lessons before I can read Muramasa and Asairo, though I have both installed and read lines from them. Sona-Nyl is instantly awesome for being in the wonderful Steampunk series.

About SubaHibi:

Master10K | Yesterday, 3:34 PM
This is why we can't have nice things (T_T)

Well thanks for that Visual Novel update site. So does Ley-line only have 1 heroine? Also next time you give me a VN with a generic title like "Eden". Next time... please specify. (-_-)

Zealty | Yesterday, 3:28 PM
Baldr Sky is a part of my 'Holy Trinity of Masterpiece Visual Novels' alongside two others so it's definitely a 10. It took me forever to fully complete and it was the most 'intense' (as you put it) experience I've ever felt in media (physical pain in my hands as well). So yeah, I guess we share a similar mindset on the matter.

Yes, I've read SubaHibi and I generally regard it as the best story ever written <3 (pretty biased to say that ._.)... it's one of the other parts to the 'Trinity'.

AbbieT3D2Y | Yesterday, 3:14 PM
Yo! XD

Master10K | Yesterday, 2:20 PM
Huh? But according this, it seems as those all but Miu's route has been translated. So shouldn't there be a patch with all those routes?

... Just double checked ( Well that sucks.

Well at least one thing came out of checking Dracu's progress. It looks like the Koi Chocolate VN is almost complete ( Just 1 more VN to stockpile, for Nyaa's next power outage.

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