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May 9, 1993
BC, Canada
February 25, 2008
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Huge, bipolar asshole with a love for the written word. People like to yell at me a lot.

I'm currently a (lazy) journalism student at my local university. I love eroge/visual novels and will annoy you by talking about them constantly. I also possess mild knowledge of the Japanese language and adore literature, film and video games as storytelling media. Feel free to start a conversation if anything strikes your interest.

If you want to ask a question anonymously, feel free to do so on my profile. If you're curious about the meaningless numbers on my list, check this instead of asking me. I'm tired of talking about ratings.

Random thought
Lolita just might have the best prose I've ever read.

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Favourites from other media
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X10A_Freedom | 1 hour ago
Out of curiousity, did you move out of Vancouver when you were around 13?

Gonzo-nyan | 4 hours ago
Yeah, fuck digital media and it's emphasis on patches. If anyone believes digital media should replace physical media, they're fucking stupid.

Gonzo-nyan | 5 hours ago
Nicely done, Vladimir Nabokov knew how to set a scene just right.

Gonzo-nyan | 5 hours ago
The proper Uncharted game. :)

It's on my list, I'll get to it eventually.

Gonzo-nyan | 5 hours ago
Shame shame shame...

Gonzo-nyan | 6 hours ago
Not as good as Persona 3's final boss.

Gonzo-nyan | Today, 2:37 AM
Yeeeaaah, I think you should've played Totori first, that way you could experience Mimi-chan. :(

Kouhai-tan | Yesterday, 7:29 PM
Same province and a fellow visual novel lover. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Gonzo-nyan | Yesterday, 4:55 PM
So's that blog of yours doing? :3

StyleF1re | 07-30-14, 9:37 PM
I swear I have the urge to make a sarcastic groan or the like whenever I hear of anything related to Escha & Logy (aka. my "hype show" for Spring 2014). It really blew up in my face because of the lack of focus and plot progression. They wasted a lot of time developing side characters that had nothing to do with the actual story and left Logy to the sidelines for all but a few episodes. The concept and adventurous nature of the series never really got through to me from what I saw either. Story itself lacks substance and punch. Felt like the characters were going through their trials in easy or beginner mode too...

Gonzo-nyan | 07-30-14, 8:59 PM
Oh man, the art style is fantastic. The actual CG models don't look as great, especially in the earlier games, but they have improved in later games.

Soge_king999 | 07-30-14, 8:35 PM
I also give it a 10. The last season really blew me away, and it was still great before that. I don't think there was a relevant character that wasn't very well-written. Walt's decent into essentially becoming the devil was astounding, and many of his most dramatic scenes gave me chills. And the way that the series made excellent use of foreshadowing and time skips was truly praiseworthy. I don't believe there was any wasted scene in the series. I've been holding off on watching any more animu because I doubt they'll be able to live up to Breaking Bad. I'm still thinking about it now. Woah.

I've been making some progress on my film backlog though. Watched 12 Angry Men, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Pulp Fiction, all of which I greatly appreciated.

Gonzo-nyan | 07-30-14, 8:18 PM
I did see the anime that was released this year. She's alright. Did you know that aired? :P

I actually bought Atelier Totori Plus for the Vita last night. Totori seems more cuter since Kaori Nazuka voices her. Oh, and Imai Asami as Ceci. :)

Gonzo-nyan | 07-30-14, 7:40 PM
Atelier has NO melodrama whatsoever. It's the series for you. :)

Gonzo-nyan | 07-30-14, 5:07 PM
I swear, Space Dandy just gets better and better every episode.

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