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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
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One Punch Man
One Punch Man
Apr 14, 4:06 AM
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Gintama': Enchousen
Gintama': Enchousen
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The New Gate
The New Gate
Apr 7, 4:17 AM
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Watashi ga Motete Dousunda
Watashi ga Motete Dousunda
Apr 6, 9:56 AM
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Apr 6, 9:56 AM
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neferpitoo Apr 29, 9:55 AM
Helloo! I'm kinda curious, what anime did you watch when they were airing back in the 90's ?
no0neknows Apr 27, 2:18 PM
you should watch hibike euphonium
I think you will enjoy it
PrOxAnto Apr 27, 12:45 PM
You know what's up man!
Been quite enjoying your reviews and was pleasantly surprised by your Shiki review.
You summed a lot of what made the show great.

Also big props to the shoutout of Kurozuka, another great vampire show that had me going :)
Seyfert Apr 26, 2:53 PM
Your Gintama review has an 'end' when 'and' was meant at around the 14th paragraph.
fruits_punch95 Apr 24, 9:58 PM
Just wondering if you have seen idol shows, and if you did, which did you like the best?
hendrixmoskva Apr 24, 1:25 PM
I like your character list very much.
Goukeban Apr 23, 4:30 PM
Vanessa Apr 23, 2:28 PM
I'm not much of a writer but now that I'm on my way to read Futatsu no Spica (Twin Spica) -- I wish you'd read it as well and review it!
Reading your reviews is always a blessing so do keep it up =)
PerAxelH Apr 22, 1:19 PM
Hey man. You are probably the only one on this site that write reviews that i personally can enjoy. I notice you got "The Dude" as profile pic, as a film fanatic i have to ask... Do you also watch a lot of regular films as well? Cheers, keep it up.
Mr_Battlestar10 Apr 22, 1:44 AM
I see.

That's not a deus ex machina. It's an established rule in the show. What's the problem with that? Only Shinji can pilot because his mother's soul is in the EVA. The only reason Rei can do it is because she is a clone of Yui.

"which becomes a little questionable when you look at the other units"..I mean the other units had mothers in them too. Rei's didn't because she had Lilith's soul within her already.

"the students were actually trained for combat and to pilot mechs but the same wasn't true for NGE."..Um...Rei and Asuka were trained. Toji was going to be trained before his unit was taken over..and Shinji was trained in episode 2.

Again, it's the establishment of a story. Why were there no other options or brothers? Why didn't Johan get arrested or caught...etc etc. I could do this for every show too. It's wishful thinking my man :/ doesn't mean much.

You work too much :p
Mr_Battlestar10 Apr 21, 12:41 PM
I actually have no clue how to do that. I never learned how XD.

I see. It certainly has issues, but it is most certainly still a good show.

"For example, I can now discuss the psychological impact of child abandonment and the possible outcomes of it (e.g. Shinji could have gone off the rails, become disinterested or actively hated Gendou, decided to run away, become suicidal well before going to NERV - all are actually more viable options for his character at the beginning of the story than him meekly heading off to meet his estranged parent)"

Why does this matter? The set up for the show is that Shinji didn't do any of those things. Johan could have killed himself or been arrested years before the storyline in Monster began. That's just wishful thinking and doesn't mean much :/

No worries my man.
Mr_Battlestar10 Apr 20, 9:25 PM
Hello, might I steal your attention for a bit?

I remember awhile back I sent you a message, disagreeing with your review of NGE and I never got back to you. Well I think it's time to do that.

First off I'd like to point out that the things you said about the show don't reflect your final verdict. You praise the visuals, music, character development, parts of the story and even say Shinji is a good character despite the fact that you dislike him. Yet your final verdict is that the show is mediocre and by your rating scale, a bad show. I find that strange.

Another thing that rubbed me the wrong way is that you applied your biased experiences to the show and portrayed them as factual. For example, "I know quite a few people who have been dealt the worst hands possible, yet they do not whine and complain about it (and many of these people did consider themselves to be useless/worthless at one time or another - yet they suffered in silence for the most part)." < In what way does this matter? Different people go through different circumstances in different ways. In no way is your experience the be all and end all here. And I know that's probably not what you are insinuating, but it came off that way heavily. Also, do you know a 14 year old kid who's being forced to pilot a giant robot so he can save the world from angels that could kill or injure him badly at any time while being somebody starved for love because he's barely experienced it in his life? And you expect this KID to not whine? An angsty ass teenage not whine? You'd have a case if Shinji was way older or way younger, but he isn't. I also don't know who you know who could have possibly gone through what Shinji has gone through :/.

Now to dissect your actual points. You complain about Shinji being the main focus of the creators in the show and that this was "almost to the extent where the other characters were simply plot devices for his devlopment, and not enough on the characters around him." To this I say...why does this matter? Shinji always was and is the focus of NGE so it stands to reason that he get the bulk of the development. Plus, characters being a plot device isn't an inherently bad thing, though I don't view the characters in NGE as such. Misato, Asuka, and Rei get quite a lot of characterization and development. Heck, there are even whole episodes dedicated to fleshing out these characters and whole episodes where Shinji isn't even at center stage. To put it simply, I'm not sure this is a complaint, nor do I know how you got to such a conclusion.

-"The problem is that one can only stomach so much unjustified self pity (which unfortunately most of it was in his case), before wanting to slap some sense into the person in question."

This here doesn't make much sense to me either because you're acting like Shinji was constantly saying "I hate myself", when he did no such thing. There was his initial trepidation when he became a pilot which was completely understandable and at the very end of the series, and every time it occurred it was completely understandable. I mean he's a kid who's down on himself with the burdens of the world on his shoulders :/...I bit of self pitying and self doubt should be expected.

-"It's been pointed out to me that Shinji wanted to kill himself because he thought he was worthless, and that he should be pitied because of the bad hand he was dealt. If someone truly wants to kill themselves then they will."

I mean Shinji only really wanted to kill himself at the end of the series after killing Kawaru, not so much during the rest of the series. I mean having suicidal thoughts is definitely a thing. Shinji certainly tried to kill himself at the beginning of EOE (you can see that he's all wet...he tried to drown himself), but he didn't have the guts for it. So he DID certainly try to...he just failed. Killing yourself isn't usually an easy thing to carry out...there's usually lots of hesitation :/.

-"What Shinji wanted was for people to pity him and tell him he wasn't worthless, and while this is not necessarily a bad thing, it was over-used in NGE (to the point where I wanted to put him out of his misery - and not because I pitied him)."

That's not it at all the case here. Shinji wanted people to love him. Shinji was a person desperate for love and was trying to do anything to get it. It's why he pilots the EVA despite the fact that he hates his father and could get killed by the angels. I'd say this reckless abandon indicates how desperate his was. Why would he want pity? What would that get him?

-"The fact that Shinji's character has a tendency to ram his sense of worthlessness into the faces of the other characters is what put me off, as that type of behaviour is usually for attention rather than a cry for help, and because of the show's focus on Shinji, you can imagine how much I wanted to hit him afterwards. It wasn't that I didn't understand, it was just that they failed to depict him as an object of pity, and instead he came across as a whining, self pitying, attention seeking, and generally loathesome person."

Um...when did he do this? I only remember 1 scene where he does this in the whole show. He comes off as an object of pity very genuinely. I find it strange that people only focus on individual moments instead of the series as a whole when it comes to NGE. I swear, even though Shinji rarely runs away...people create the "get in the robot" meme. Or in this case where Shinji only overtly shoves his worthlessness at other characters once in the whole show and now all of a sudden that's his whole character. I don't really understand.

Hm, "I did, however, have some issues with the convenient deus ex machina of Unit 01" Are you referring to Berserk mode? Um, that wasn't a deus ex machina. It was established that EVA's can go berserk in episode 2. How would that be a deus ex machina? How is this a bad thing?

-"Here's what I mean. NERV is a quasi militaristic outfit, and as such, would generally have backup options available to them. The convenient deus ex machina I mentioned earlier effectively removes all chance for anyone else to come to the fore - except for Shinji that is. If the viewer is to believe that an organisation such as NERV was supposed to protect the earth, then they would at the very least, look for other options, especially considering Shinji's character flaws. This would effectively mean that they would have at least some combat veterans or trained soldiers who could handle the EVA units. The use of teenagers as the leads in the show was simply so that it would appeal to the teenage audience."

How many anime have teenage protagonists? I don't understand this gripe really. NERV does have back up plans. They have 2 other pilots...a whole classroom of pilots (Shinji's class) that they could choose at any time. We see them making other EVA units during the show. We also see them trying to develop the dummy system in order to eliminate the use of pilots entirely. So...why is this a complaint again?

Yes the religious symbolism in EVA is an aesthetic and the fans looked way too deep into it. This isn't a flaw, is it?

-"One big plot hole that I noticed, and one that should have been obvious to most people as well, was Shinji's isolationist attitude, and Gendou's reaction to it. It's obvious to any who've watched the series that Gendou feels little sympathy towards Shinji, however due to that convenient plot device using Unit 01 I mentioned earlier, Gendou needs Shinji to pilot the EVA unit. So, what you effectively have is the leader of a militaristic organisation who feels little for others, and a teenager with supposed mental instabilities. This being the case, why wasn't Gendou forcibly dosing Shinji with meds to make him more compliant? If your purpose is to protect the earth and it's people from attack by extremely powerful beings, and you're basically a selfish person with your own agenda, then conscience or paternal instincts don't come into it, you simply do what's necessary, no matter what anyone else says."

I don't know if you are familiar with this but Shinji's mother's soul is in the Eva. The soul is the thing that powers the Eva. Shinji was the only one who could pilot it because...unless Shinji's mother had more kids literally nobody else could pilot his Eva without heavy modification (Rei can pilot it because...she's a clone of Yui). If I remember correctly they actually consider drugging the pilots but decide to not do so because of the success they had up to this point. Also, drugging probably would have screwed up the synchronization of the pilots. As mental clarity is needed.

-Annnd finally, "It's interesting that the whole "psychology" angle is only really supposed to apply to Shinji, isn't it? Characters like Gendou have been "toned down" because their actions would have drawn too much attention to themselves, another convenient plot device."

I mean, it's applied to Asuka, Rei, and Misato as well. The comment about Gendo...I don't understand what you mean.

-"While this may be true in some cases, the things that one can learn from the show are juvenile at best. Many of the older fans of NGE have a tendency to view the show through the rose tinted lenses of nostalgia, and while this is not a bad thing, it inhibits the ability to view the show objectively."

Jesus this is a bit facetious and pompous don't you think?

My one final comment pertains to how you view this show because honestly I think you hate it with a burning passion. I find it funny that you say stuff like that fans look at the show through rose tinted glasses and that this inhibits them from thinking objectively. It's funny because the opposite is true for you because you clearly, biasedly, despise this show. A combination of the fans and your own personal feelings have made you hate the show, or at least try to eliminate it from your psyche. I mean come on man, your first review of Eva was a childish rant at rabid Eva fans, you bash Eva every opportunity you get in your reviews, and the logo on your site is Gendo in a silly hat XD. This may be completely wrong and you might be the most objective human being ever. But from what I've seen, I really don't think so.

Mr. B
Aneji Apr 18, 12:04 PM
Finished 500 animes yesa!! (I have no life....)
Trolls_Bane Apr 17, 6:18 AM
Good weather.
Goukeban Apr 16, 8:23 PM
Can I expect new reviews in the near future?