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Days: 313.7
Mean Score: 6.82
  • Total Entries2,535
  • Rewatched0
  • Episodes18,872
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Kotonoha no Niwa
Kotonoha no Niwa
Nov 2, 11:54 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Oct 11, 2:47 PM
Completed 22/22 · Scored 7
Oct 10, 5:21 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 8
Manga Stats
Days: 185.2
Mean Score: 6.73
  • Total Entries778
  • Reread0
  • Chapters33,328
  • Volumes3,074
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Narutaru: Mukuro Naru Hoshi Tama Taru Ko
Narutaru: Mukuro Naru Hoshi Tama Taru Ko
Jul 20, 2:46 PM
Completed 68/68 · Scored 8
Jun 14, 10:45 AM
Completed 7/7 · Scored 8
World Trigger
World Trigger
Jun 8, 2:56 PM
Reading 31/- · Scored -


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Malarkey Nov 22, 3:29 PM
It says youve rewatched 0?
ZachAttack597 Nov 22, 3:21 PM
Is there any advice you can tell me about writing reviews. I love writing reviews and telling my opinion on anime, but I seem to think that my reviews are kind of dry and boring. Is there anything you can tell me to help get my reviews more attention and more more informative and entertaining?
joannaki Nov 22, 2:02 PM
thank you so much. i havent seen any of the anime u recommended, i was planning on watching fate zero tho. you really have seen so many anime :o ure a role model xD :P
joannaki Nov 22, 12:56 PM
you seem to judge rather objectively and not get affected by other peoples opinions, which is something i (think i) also do. i havent watched near as many anime as you have (ive been watching anime for 5 months and seen only about 30) , but i agree with all your critics. i hope you have or make a youtube channel about reviewing anime.
btw, i have a question. my top 5 favourite anime are the following, i want you to recommend me an anime series that you think i might like, according to what are my favourite
1) hunter x hunter 2011
2) FMA and FMAB
3) steins;gate
4) death parade
5) death note
Malarkey Nov 21, 8:01 PM
How have you never felt the need to rewatch a series?
kaitoXotaku96 Nov 19, 5:21 AM
u have completed 1204 .WOW u r my role model *claps*
ekla Nov 14, 9:44 PM
I saw your comment from bangalcm's profile, that's why I asked. BTW your reviews are great :-D
ekla Nov 14, 12:03 AM
I just want to know if you are a Bengali or not.
yurisses Nov 11, 6:09 AM
Wow, I just noticed your profile update. But it's from Spring already!?
Anyway, you're a legend on this website. Loved your reviews, still do.
Jex_Infinite Nov 9, 7:07 PM
I was surprised that you gave Omoide Poroporo a 9, but Nausicaa an 8. How do you rate Ghibli films, and how does this compare to your regular rating scheme?

Another thing that interested me was Gedo Senki at 7, and My Neighbors the Yamadas at 8, while I have them both at a 4.
I found Gedo Senki to be very disappointing; the characters were mostly flat, and the plot was unexplained and quite ridiculous. The music and animation were great, but that's not enough to make a bad movie good.
My Neighbors the Yamadas was honestly incredibly boring for me, which is probably the major difference in our ratings of them. I don't mind slice of life, but I found it to be too realistic, which is a merit, and a curse. I'd compare it to the Sims. Sure, it's similar to real life, but I don't understand how watching what you would normally do would be entertaining at all.
Doremii Nov 9, 1:06 PM
Take your time dear! you made my day just by replying to me :D

Interesting to know your opinion about Saber, I don't agree about the shallow part though lol.

I still love Robin even though I agree with what you said. I do think Nami has much more dynamic personality.
Archein Nov 8, 7:47 AM
Have you ever tried collaborating a review on a show with roriconfan(who goes with ThatAnimeSnob name now) on a video or audio format? I think that might be really worth of your time to spent, perhaps it might entertain and educate people, and could even also enlighten some sheepified ones too(looking at people who tell a certain show is great because it is not supposed to be enjoyable). This is merely a humble opinion of mine, the two of you have these quality and charm that most of reviewer nowadays didn't have, probably one of those rare users now who still being critical without any bias, most importantly didn't mix their own opinion with the masses. After all the time I've spent reading both of your and roriconfan reviews, two of you might be just like a yin and yang or to be more precise, like opposites side of the same coin.

I can't quite say on point how to say it, it just seems that you both are exceptionally good at reviewing shows while having different approaches focus on different aspects of the shows from one another. If I were to imagine hearing two of you discussing shows in a civilized yet fascinating manner, it would be like hearing two patricians that impresses and inspires everyone with their dialogue when it comes to discussing and reviewing shows. It would be a pleasure to see how both of you engage in talk about many shows, especially the great ones.

If you ever had done so with roriconfan or any other actual anime connoisseurs, please excuse me ignorance and I would greatly appreciate it if you share the links.
Hanaki_Neko Nov 7, 7:58 AM
I'm curious. What change the people mindset on manga? In the past there are "cut" but now is gone. Did anything happen?
Hanaki_Neko Nov 3, 6:01 PM
i wish it was like that here. I'm from the Southeast Asia and they still censored the fanservice. The better thing is that in the past there were unknown areas covered in black and today is subtle or not so subtle redraw. I'm not a fan of fanservice but sometimes i wonder if it violates the right of the mangaka. Sometimes the censoring is just ridiculous and as the readers, we try to stay as sympathy as possible to the publishers. But i hope this mindset will change soon. I don' t know when or how to change it, which kinda sad.

Here they accept explicit novels such as the 50 shades of grey books but can't accept picture books with violence or nudity. Anime isnt widely recognized here. The same applied to manga as both are still considered to be cartoon and picture books and only appeal to children. I want to think it's different now but sadly it's the truth. Some mainstream or doesn't have much fanservice are showed here such as Naruto, One Piece, Inuyasha or Love live, but that's about it.

Speaking of published manga, there's also a different thing here compare to your place and the West. We doesn't have manga as thick as a novel. I have seen some on youtube and i'm always amazed. Manga published here tend to be as closed to the original as possible, including the size of the manga and the cover design (one exception is a publisher, which mainly release shoujo titles, try to redesign the cover to be more appealing). Though we still arent on the same level as the manga published in Japan as it's the same size but when you hold it, it's different and the paper in Japan is more high-quality. Publish manga is also considered a risk as it tend to sell at a lose. How about in your country and the US?
SassyBryan Nov 3, 4:26 PM
Hmm, I might give it a shot once i'm done rewatching LoGH.

I could see how someone would like it but the action genre is one of my least favorite genres because they're usually boring and bland, so you could say I somewhat of a bias.

In terms of western comics i've really on ever kept up with Punisher but even that wasn't too great.