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Kurt_Irving Mar 26, 12:39 AM
Truth be told, I haven't and I'm not usually into isekai stuff.

I don't remember who said mecha is predictable, but that person is mistaken. So far, isekai is the genre that I find very predictable. I didn't even like War On Geminar which was nothing like Tenchi Muyo. Whatever AIC was thinking and War On Geminar was way more boring than Garzey's Wing. Garzey's Wing may be isekai, but at least it isn't harem like those light novel adaptations and Tomino is a decent writer. Somewhat of a pioneer for the anime industry.

One reason why I watched Vision of Escaflowne years ago was because I'm a big fan of Maaya Sakamoto. Her music is like a lullaby to me most of the time. My friend said the ending was rushed, but I find the last ten Kurogane no Linebarrel chapters to be much more rushed (if the finale were better, then I would have rated it a 9/10).

If I want a complete fantasy, then I'll play Alter Code f (best remake ever and Naruke-sama's music is the best; too bad the Japanese copy wasn't available; unlike WA2, this remake has furigana in the script or dialogue). Which I'm slowly replaying while getting to the Silent Möbius QD chapter finale.

Speaking of Silent Möbius, I'm actually the hang of reading it in its respective language, Japanese. In Japan, 藍菁 (some Cantonese which I confused for essential kanji some months ago) or Lum Chang would literally mean indigo turnip. :D

It was hard to read that small katakana or furigana next to those two Cantonese characters. So yes milady, I don't know Cantonese except for the fact that Jackie Chan speaks that southern Chinese dialect. Everyone in northern China (some southern Russians are more familiar with Mandarin being so close) speaks Mandarin, the true basis of jōyō kanji and Korean.

I would probably learn Mandarin over Cantonese and Southern Min someday because of its strong connection to jōyō kanji.
Kurt_Irving Mar 16, 3:05 PM
Almost 35 to be quite honest so I was born in the third to last Year of the Snake. Can't wait for Armed Fantasia to drop next Year of the Snake or next year.

I'm still waiting for a new Macross movie to come out.

IIRC, my Canadian friend feels the same about Witch From Mercury. I also agree with the scores it got on ANN. Definitely not a masterpiece if it's less than 4/5 stars.

I've been using ANN for a very long time so it's one of the first websites that I remember and I didn't get my first PC until I was in sophomore year (I didn't tinker with Ubuntu until Windows 7 was released; haven't used a Mac in 18 years and found out that Mac OS is based on BSD; my introduction to Unix).

With Wild Arms 2 out of the way, I'll be focusing on Silent Möbius QD or said sequel from 11 years ago. I might get into Sakura Wars 1-4 much later to test my Japanese more.

Ah yes! Yomiko Readman and it's been a while since I last watched Read or Die (bibliophiles and tomboys are the reason I'm sapiosexual).
lighthalzen-kun Mar 5, 5:42 PM
wow you are in for a long trip! what do you mean by whimsical? what did you expect?

the beginning of OP is my favorite thing, it's so comfy like a slice of life, but different from your typical slice of life (but i only realized this in hindsight ahah)
Kurt_Irving Mar 4, 9:40 AM
I think that the original Grandia is awesome. Lacking in repetitive combat like many old JRPGs. I like it just as much or more than that JRPG Youtuber from Nevada called Davidvinc who I think is about your age. Another Youtuber fromllike Seattle about your age also loves Grandia according to an old video he made.

I also love the fact that Kappei Yamaguchi, Aya Hisakawa and Kikuko Inoue were all featured in the cast. Yes, those seiyuu are old school.

As for Little Witch From Mercury, I think that it's kind of interesting. G Gundam is still my top favorite from that franchise.

I'll definitely get back to that recent Gundam show and Silent Möbius QD (improving my Japanese more before I get back to it) after I finish Wild Arms 2 in Japanese.

Yes, in Japanese, because Sony didn't translate it (making Ashley say something awkwardly gay in the American version or disc one finale despite being Marina's boyfriend) right and Sony today has to rely on AI to translate Japanese imports.

Other than that, my Japanese is good enough to understand Brad Evans' backstory better. I knew some while back that Brad Evans being gay is nonsense made by some yaoi shippers back in the 90s who are like old now. Taking advantage of the mistranslation and putting words into Akifumi Kaneko's mouth. Gay? No! Suffering from an identity crisis like Wolverine? Yes. The Brad Evans that I see has a lot in common with Wolverine and maybe Rambo as well. Also suffering psychologically from war.

Other than that, thank you for responding milady.
lighthalzen-kun Feb 18, 5:41 AM
ahah such a funny event
Kurt_Irving Feb 3, 2:08 PM

Have you been studying Japanese too and what do you think of Grandia?

I finished that recently and now I'm going back to taking more Japanese courses for some stuff.

Your taste is like magnificent by the way.
mistahee Jan 20, 1:01 AM
Thank you! I'll check it out.
Dorazaemon Jan 10, 8:01 AM
Sorry for the late reply 😖 and thank you so much for your recommendations. I really enjoyed reading through your Christmas gift. It had so many recommendations! I have already started watching Ghost hound and plan to eventually watch ergo proxy and Baccano as well. Ghost hound is something I was really craving to watch this winter. It may take me sometime to watch it as its a busy time for my studies 😢 but I will get back to you when I finish watching it. Again, thankyou so much for your wonderful Christmas present. 😀
Oneirophrenic Dec 20, 2023 8:00 PM
Thanks for the request, we have many favorites in common.
Syesta Dec 19, 2023 6:35 PM
Oh, wow, that's so lovely of you! So many good shorts, thank you so much ♡!

Out of the bunch I've got to watch so far, it was indeed tough for me to pick favorites, as each one had something unique going on for them. 'Lackadaisy' and 'Last Summer' resonated with me on a deeper level, though. Maybe I'm a bit biased as a violin player and a cat person (in this regard, I quite appreciated 'Catsing Call' as well, haha), but for a pilot, 'Lackadaisy' was such a fun, epic blast (especially with that fantastic violin solo intro)! Can't believe it was hand-drawn!

As for 'Last Summer,' it struck a sentimental chord for me, evoking nostalgia for special, far gone summers of my life. Loved the color palette for this one. Really, in every aspect, the direction of this short was just on point.

And just wanted to mention as well that I feel like 'The Name' is truly commendable for conveying such a profound message without the need for dialogue, and doing so in such ingenious ways! The symbolism was striking, what an impressive paneling...

Thanks again for the recs, have a good day ♡!
Syesta Dec 18, 2023 4:15 AM
Sick! I'm bookmarking them both, appreciate the recs:)

By the way, I noticed you have 'Shashinkan' in your PTW, and just wanted to say it's a really good short! It has quite a simple premise, yet it's super moving and pretty, crafted with great care and attention to detail. I can definitely vouch for it being worth watching!^^
Syesta Dec 16, 2023 6:47 PM
Ohhh, Yuru Camp sounds like the perfect comfort show for the season! Enjoy your re-watch and those Gobelins shorts ♡!

I remember watching this short some time ago and it left a lasting impression!

As for me, I'm currently tackling not-so-cozy stuff orz (except maybe Nichijou—that's been fluff comedy so far so good), trying to clear my pending reading/watching list. Can't wait for my preordered manga christmas self-gifts! Once those arrive at home, I'm diving into my cozy picks for the season. Any recommendations for shorts you've watched recently for me to sprinkle in between?
yuzuturu Dec 8, 2023 10:29 PM
Hello, thank you for reaching out! I am glad you enjoy my stacks.

Emanon, yes! I love Emanon.

Tsuruta Kenji's beautiful naturalistic art, oh God.. i will definitely buy a physical copy one day.

This is a bit personal.
Long-distance public transportation are so magically romantic. Like, you'll spend hours with a stranger, hearing their stories, getting to know their personal life, when and where they were born, but not their name! And when they reached their destination, they went
"See you later!"
"Until we meet again"
Or they'll just left without you knowing.. It's kind of sad, but also beautiful in a way. These kinds wonderful encounters, all the Emanons we met, is one of the things that makes life worth living (at least for me).

Still have not read Sasurai Emanon yet though (will read soon!) And thank you for the friend request. It seems like we have similar taste in animanga! I might peek at your page for my PTW and PTR reference.

Nice to meet you.
Have a nice day!
Syesta Dec 5, 2023 10:54 AM
I feel you on the whole waiting for the "perfect moment" to consume certain things – it's a struggle, fr! Super happy you've discovered some cool anime and manga from my (re)stacks! I'm always on the lookout for whatever looks interesting, so my lists and stacks can get a bit convoluted at times. But I really do like having many options for what to read/watch next. Hopefully, I'll have enough time in my lifetime to get through all of that 😅

YT is definitely great for finding international works!
Syesta Dec 2, 2023 12:07 PM
Hello there! Thank you for stopping by and letting me know that you enjoyed my stack^^ It’s still a work in progress as I watch and research more on shoujo shows, but hopefully, it can encourage people to give more works from this demographic a chance.

After taking a glimpse at your profile, I do think we have a fair amount of things in common. It's nice to see appreciation for international animation (a shame that MAL’s database doesn’t include those:/) as well as for the talented individuals working behind the scenes of the anime we all love so much. (I feel the same about Ogura Nobutoshi’s and Kobayashi Shichirou’s art, and currently, I'm planning on going through all of Nakamura Asumiko’s works since I'm obsessed with her style). I'm really interested in getting into Kawamoto Kihachiro’s filmography as well, particularly his bunraku projects!

I appreciate your recommendation, by the way! Truth be told, Seirei no Moribito seems to have everything I look for in a series, but for some reason, the more hype I feel for something, the longer it takes me to get to them. However, for this winter break, I’m thinking of finally giving it a go. I can’t resist that lovely Kawai Kenji’s OST any longer, haha.

It’s always lovely to find kindred spirits and have a chat, so feel free to drop by again. I’m down for exchanging recommendations or just sharing thoughts on some works. Wish you a happy weekend!:D
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