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Dec 1, 2023
Beautiful art style and a haunting story. This anime has really stayed with me over the years possibly because the voice acting was so well cast.

Besides the artistic design, the characters are the strongest element of the anime. They were interesting and engaging and I wanted to learn more abot them.

While the sound design was quite strong, the music may have been the weakest element of the series. Nothing was particularly moving or memorable and as a result it detracted from the overall quality of the show for me.

Don't be fooled by my "Good" (7) score, this is definitely worth your time ...
Nov 7, 2023
Lucky☆Star (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
I really liked the upbeat OP but the content felt very stream-of-consciousness ala Japanese humour.

It was pretty funny at times. I especially liked the karaoke scenes and references to other animes. In many ways it reminds me of a funnier, cuter Pop Team Epic. If you enjoy either of these things you will probably enjoy this anime.

There is no story or plot to speak of but the art style was fun, bright, and loud. The characters are really cute but did not have enough development for me to become invested in them.

For me, I need more of a story and more ...
Feb 5, 2015
Airy Me (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
This came to me via a recommendation of a friend/acquaintance after a short chat about 00:08 because of the similarity of their art style. Both are emotionally driven, hand drawn pencil ellipsoidal animations with a series of repetitions eventually coming to a kind of explanatory crescendo. The difference for me was that the narrative of 'Airy Me' has clarity that 00:08 was lacking.

The video was directed by visionary Yoko Kuno, an animator known for a highly stylized animation style of schoolyard drawings and large, feminine, soft eyes created the video using 3000 individual hand-drawn illustrations and utilized the look of a child drawing pictures to ...
Oct 18, 2014
--WIP Review --

Ristorante Paradiso was an interesting little series. It's strongest points were the art style, which had broad European features to match the ethnicity of the characters. It was very interesting to see from this perspective and I very much enjoyed this style of animation and colour.

Along with the art style, the characters were one of the best parts of the series. I was particularly stricken with Gigi as he reminded me of a curious and quiet cat, but each one was interesting in their own ways.

While it was beautifully animated and had talented seiyuu, it's weakest point was definitely ...
Jan 6, 2013
Gintama (Anime) add
Funny & cleverly written, but pretty subtle about it because most of its "real" jokes come from other anime and cultural references that are hidden beneath the other comedic elements.
Jan 3, 2013
Every so often I am lucky enough to come across a series or a short that gives me a reason to sigh and say "This is why I love film/anime" and "There She Is!!" by Korean Flash animator and comic book store clerk, Amal Rock (or Amalloc on MAL) and picture book author/illustrator, Pore ​​(Sogong) - the series art director (two of the three members of the animation's small Korean production company: SamBakZa) is one such love story; guaranteed to go down in history as one of the best shorts ever made, if it ever gets the recognition it truly deserves.

It begins as ...
Jan 1, 2013
Teikoku Shounen aka Imperial Boy has a very unique and colourful art style that packs a real punch. He's something of a national treasure in my eyes, because his work is just so darn beautiful! The details can be rich and overwhelming in one moment, and then have an "unfinished" quality in the next, because the draft lines of the animation are still showing. Yet somehow [because it is Imperial Boy] all that managed to do for me was add to its charm.

There is an interesting quality to this anime that felt a bit like being inside of a ticking clock tower. I think ...
Dec 4, 2012
Well, besides being funny the obvious draw to this OVA is hearing our favourite characters sing.

1. Heart Nibun no Naisho (Live Version) - Secrets of the Heart Split in Two - Akane Song

2. Little★Date (TV Service Version) Ranma, Akane, Shampoo cover of OP2

3. Musabetsu Kakutou Itchokusen ~Panda Wa Uta Wo Utaenai - The Direct Path of Anything Goes Martial Arts ~Pandas Can't Sing - Genma Song

4. Wo De Ai Ren - My Lover - Shampoo Song

5. Niji to RINKU no BARAADO ~Itoshi no FURORENSU - Rainbow and Rink Ballad ~Darling Florence - Azusa and Mikado Song (very nice treat, not usually ...
Dec 4, 2012
This is my favourite of all the OVA story arcs because I believe it is truly the funniest. Seeing Kuno running around with a giant bird on his head really takes the cake and I'm sure this will be fun for everyone who views it!

This particular OVA features my favourite OP theme of the series:"Where do we go from here? (You and me)" by DoCo. Poignant and catchy, "You and me", captures a very adult perspective of how difficult adolescent relationships can be. The ED,"Red Shoe Sunday" by DoCo,while not my favourite does have a pleasant melody and it's lyrics give some nice ...
Dec 4, 2012
This is a lovely episode that really gives Akane some shining moments. Ranma has a few as well, which makes everyone happy, but this is really Akane's story with Ranma and Ryoga along to support.

Music in this is fun as all the OVA's had some of my favourite OPs of the whole series:

#01:"Koi da! Panic! (Love Panic!)" by Yawmin (eps 1-6) /
#01: "Love Panic! (English Version)" by Connie Lavigne (eps 1-6) /
#02: "Boku-tachi Wa Kore Kara (Us From Now On)" by DoCo (ep 7) /
#02: "Us From Now On (English Version)" by DoCo USA (eps 7-11).

The side characters ...

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