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Sophie Hatter (ソフィー・ハッター)

Sophie is the eldest of three sisters and lives a boring life as a hat-maker. She has already determined that her life is everything but exciting, that nothing will ever happen to her, and that she might as well give up any thoughts on adventure or excitement in her life. She hides away in her parent's hat-shop and when she for once sneaks out, she visits her younger sister, who works at a bakery. On the way she meets a mystery man, who saves her from prying soldiers. This encounter changes her life forever.

(Source: AniDB, edited)

Voice Actors
Baisho, Chieko
Mezei, Kitty
Simmons, Jean
Mortimer, Emily
Bordallo, Mar
Song, Do Yeong
Cantrel, Frédérique
Laynes, Bruna
Scalvi, Patrícia
Pellini, Roberta

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