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Cowabunga | 07-24-14, 1:51 PM
Galaxy Angel? Isso não passou no Panda? Parece-me familiar...

Yup | 07-16-14, 6:25 PM

Valik93 | 07-16-14, 9:40 AM
You can take your time )

Valik93 | 07-03-14, 1:24 PM
The one that made me lol too much.

Valik93 | 07-03-14, 12:26 PM
It's my fault for showing him that comment. Please excuse me, if you feel bad for it.
I just... couldn't... that was too funny! xD

vmdahaka2 | 07-03-14, 12:23 PM
It has been such a long time since I literally got cancer just by reading something.
For this, I give you the worst post of the month award.

Orion1 | 06-29-14, 6:52 AM
Yeah, well it was mostly in jest unless it worked of course. I already argued myself speechless in the spotlights as well. I still voted yes on KnT, because I agree that the list needs more shougo and Kimi ni is a good example from the genre that I'd recommend. Just like I'd recommend any of Isao Takahata-sensei's works over 99.9% of the other anime to first time anime watchers. That says a lot to me about it's quality. But, yeah moving on. Hope you are well, haven't seen you in the irc lately. I myself am usually only there on the weekends early your time. Hope all is going well with you.


Orion1 | 06-28-14, 3:21 PM
Dammit Ladyx I almost feel like I should make a deal with Kimi ni, a yes for a yes Hotaru no Haka vote. Common lets bargain. :) But seriously, a yes vote is for keeping a series on the list and a no vote is for taking it off.

yamakasi | 05-31-14, 7:23 PM
Oh, sorry! I thought you said you had an iPad. My mistake.

yamakasi | 05-31-14, 1:26 AM
If you would like legal manga apps, try the ones from Viz, Crunchyroll and DMP (Digital Manga Publishing). I haven't read manga on my iPad mini yet but imagine those apps would be the places to start.

jhoanais | 05-30-14, 8:12 PM
Really? That's never happened to me. Try deleting it and downloading the torrent again. Or sometimes they have similar links with different qualities (I know it does with anime) so try downloading from a different link. That's really weird, though.

Cowabunga | 05-30-14, 11:55 AM
Mas a Ayukawa era o mais intrigante deles todos. Então sabemos que a rapariga tinha má reputação/fama e acabamos por não saber mais nada. Ela mudar assim do nada a partir do momento que conhece o Kyosuke não fez muito sentido, mas pronto. Do Kyosuke só não soubemos como é que a família dele herdou aqueles poderes, mas acho que isso também não era muito importante.

O primeiro filme acaba com o triângulo.

Cowabunga | 05-29-14, 12:46 PM
O KOR tem duas grandes falhas: Não ter explorado melhor o passado da Ayukawa e ter durado tanto tempo para se chegar a um desfecho tão óbvio. E por falar no triângulo, acho que nunca houve dúvidas de quem o Kyosuke ia escolher no final...

Cowabunga | 05-29-14, 11:43 AM
Valeu a pena ou nem por isso? Já aogra, assim que puderes, vê o 1º filme pois acaba com o triângulo.

Eu ontem comecei a ver Hyouka. Não espero grande coisa mas pronto.

Nunca tinha ouvido falar do Mazinkaiser.

jhoanais | 05-29-14, 11:40 AM
I don't know about .pdf manga. You can try typing that in on google and see what comes up. If you are able to download: ES FILE EXPLORER or an app that will let you unzip files on your tablet/kobo, I highly recommend it. I don't like pdf LOL. Especially when you lose your page or something and have to scroll through all that. If this gets too complicated, then just try reading manga on your tablet online. I do that from time to time. So just experiment with pdf. Google: "(your manga title) pdf torrent". I don't think it'll be too common, which is why I suggested the whole extracting the .zip files. That's just how it's commonly uploaded, by pictures. The files are really small because of it. But let me know if you find a way with pdf.

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