Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Daily Lives of High School Boys

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Japanese: 男子高校生の日常
English: Daily Lives of High School Boys
German: Daily Lives of High School Boys
Spanish: Daily Lives of High School Boys
French: Daily Lives of High School Boys
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 10, 2012 to Mar 27, 2012
Premiered: Winter 2012
Broadcast: Tuesdays at 02:00 (JST)
Licensors: NIS America, Inc.
Studios: Sunrise
Source: Web manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Theme: SchoolSchool
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.251 (scored by 343361343,361 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2662
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Popularity: #199
Members: 693,304
Favorites: 12,346

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Both are slice-of-life anime dealing with the everyday high school lives of boys/girls. Both can be rather hit or miss in the comedy department, though Nichijou tends to takes its jokes to whole new extremes. 
report Recommended by Master10K
Exactly the same kind of humour, but different setting. 
report Recommended by edwarx
Very similar sense of humor and antics 
report Recommended by AnimeObasan
Same kind of humor, about teenaged boys trying to figure out life. 
report Recommended by renchan
Grand Blue = Daily Lives of College Boys. Both are good for a laugh  
report Recommended by Adub217
both anime focus on comedy (daily life of school boys/girls) and its quite funny <(','<)lol  
report Recommended by juju20x5
Surreally hilarious (and hilariously surreal) slice-of-life series about allegedy normal life at all-boys high schools. 
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Super funny 
report Recommended by CandyRat
-Both contains School Life/ Slice of Life/Romance and is centered around comedy. -Both animes are compiled of short stories, and are full 30 minute episodes. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Same atmosphere and comedy but DKnN is with boys and Minami-ke is with girls. If you like one, you will like the other.  
report Recommended by Allografter
You will constantly laugh your head off watching these. 
report Recommended by BreezeElric
it's the similar comedy but with other gender. 
report Recommended by ExcelDog
Nozaki's protagonist's attitude is highly reminiscent of DKnN characters. Laid back, unobtrusive, and at the same time producing an unexpected amount of humorous turn-abouts in seemingly regular and mundane situations. 
report Recommended by tophf
The comedy between these two are amazingly similar. As soon as i started Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou i immiedeitly thought of Baka to Test. If you like one be sure to check out the other. 
report Recommended by Bashful-Dastard
Close group of friends in hilarious skits 
report Recommended by baltar
Jokes are based off unexpected turns and like Danshi koukou it has a lot of comedy. 
report Recommended by Junon
Nichibros is about a group of normal high school boys wanting to do eccentric stuff, while Watamote features an eccentric girl who wants to be normal. Both take place in a high school setting, make for very awkward situations and have the same line of humour. 
report Recommended by kaizen_t
Very comedic slice of life with amusing characters. Not to mention the characters tend to drive each other nuts. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are about single-gender groups of friends doing hilarious things in a skit format. I got similar vibes when watching both. Both have a straight man with black hair surrounded by crazy characters doing crazy things. 
report Recommended by baltar
Both will make you laugh, a lot.. tough I have to be honest Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou is funnier, BUT in D-Frag, the protagonist is at least gettin' some (If You Know What I Mean). 
report Recommended by ChemicalBlack
Also features a school setting with over the top humor although a bit less 'magical'.  
report Recommended by blmp
Both share a similar sense of comedy, so much so, I couldn't help thinking about DKnN while watching CnT. One is centered around high school boys and the other being centered around a high school girl. Both are really silly and poke fun at "relatable" scenarios with added mischief. You could place an episode from one anime into the other and hardly tell the difference, theme-wise, that it's from another anime. Atmosphere and characters are both alike. I like to imagine both anime take place in the same world... wouldn't be surprised if Chio and Hidenori were somehow related... CnT has a bit more adult  read more 
report Recommended by SindySugar
both share the same kind of comedy where kyou no go no ni takes place more in the school setting with middle school kids 
report Recommended by tinydevil421
Both directed by the same person, comedies about boys in high school. However, one is about magical boys and the other one is just daily lives. Both can be considerably hilarious. 
report Recommended by YoshinoVA
Random stuff happens in these animes! The Similarities are 1)the unique and random humour 2)about "friends" 3)about school 4)4-koma sense to it (with little skits throughout an episode) The diffrences are that Kill Me Baby has almost an all female cast and Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou has predomiantly male charactors/cast 
report Recommended by Avato-chan
Both are slice-of-life comedies set in one-gender highschools (All Girls/Boys School). "K-On!" is focused on female main characters while "Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou" is focused on male main characters. 
report Recommended by ink-and-paper
Both are high school comedies, with three best friends as main characters.  
report Recommended by MicasLenny
They both have segmented partly continues story telly format. And are both ridiculously funny. They also focus on one gender but still don't completely exclude the other. 
report Recommended by BsAsUn
2 self-aware episodic comedy shows with a similar sense of humor where episodes are comprised of several shorter (mostly unrelated) sketches. Each show has a handful of running gags and neither is afraid to break the 4th wall. Both have a main cast of almost exclusively young male characters. 
report Recommended by BigPimPimm
DanKou and Gintama share comedic aspects; Gintama and its sequel are superbly funny and Dankou's situational comedy is similar to it. Both the first Gintama series and DanKou share the same director, music director, producer and a number of seiyuu. 
report Recommended by 1000windsGin
Visually, they are of the complete opposite. You don't like both of them because "the art is similar, they both look the same lol" like in most recommendations go. Anyway, it's their audio offering that make them similar. They are among the recently popular, dialogue-heavy slice-of-life anime that simply shows you what the main casts talk about during their normal days in life. Of course, by normal, it's their normal and not your normal, thus probably not boring. Making boring daily life interesting is the heart of this genre. More important than the extreme reaction or breathtaking story, dialogue is preferred over any other kind of  read more 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Both comedies involve the antics of high school students. The humor is off the wall, sometimes pushing the "willing suspense of disbelief" that a person has. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
just imagine this series as the little girl version of this show. NOT FOR LITTLE GIRLS, but the characters more specifically, Both Hilarious in their own way with short scenarios  
report Recommended by Ishika_B
Looking for a laugh? Then you've come to the right place! Anime focusing on comedy and humour through character interactions and strange/interesting situations. Though they have two completely different themes (supernatural - Gugure! Kokkuri-san, High-school life - Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou) their large emphasis on comedy and humour will hopefully incite some laughs and bring out your silly side. 
report Recommended by Kylax-
Both are hilarious gag anime with school setting. In both series characters come up with very ingenious and, well above all, rediculous ideas. If you liked one check the other, too! 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou got a really nice humor making fun of stereotype situations out of everyday life mixed up with the crazyness originating from the infinite boredom of our highschhoolers. And Prison school is basicly the same only on a whole new level of sexual perversion. There is only one real difference aside from perversion and that is prison school actually having a plotline. But if u enjoyed the humor of the highschool boys you will enjoy the "prison boys daily life" as well ;) 
report Recommended by Liquifizer
-Both contains School Life/ Slice of Life/Romance and is centered around comedy. -Both animes are compiled of short stories, and are full 30 minute episodes. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
- same slice-of-life vibe going on - has a small joshikousei portion at the end of each episode - both are funny gag anime 
report Recommended by CynicallyProven
Similarities: •Both stars 3 main characters. -Both have people in glasses, blond hair and black hair. •Both the anime tells short stories in each episode (no actual main plot). •Similar settings (mainly takes place in school) •Similar genres (comedy, slice of life, etc.). Differences: •Danshi Koukousei has 3 male main characters while in Galko-chan, they have 3 female main characters. •Danshi Koukousei is 25 minutes long per episode while Galko-chan is only 7 minutes. 
report Recommended by RFernandez23
Both have the same type of humor - over-the-top characters that make fun of anime stereotypes, and ridiculous action sequences that will leave you laughing your head off. 
report Recommended by roxii
If you are sad or feeling down after a long day and look for animes that might cheer you up, then you've to definetley watch these two! 
report Recommended by ar0yxx
Both anime are similar in a way where the characters just live their everyday life and fun to watch. 
report Recommended by Hishiron
Both really funny slice of life anime which seem to be episodic, but sneakily end up with genuinely endearing stories about companionship, with good character development and get you attached to deep, interesting characters. Both have a lovely end and a similar feel. As well as good lessons to take away. Both contain some level of reference to anime and manga culture, if not otaku culture. Differences: - Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou( literally "Daily lives of High School Boys") is about high school boys and adolescence while Danna Ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken is about married life. - Danshi Koukousei is longer(20 minutes vs 3 minutes)  read more 
report Recommended by IAmSovereign
Both series are comedies that are centered around high school students. They also have really funny and likable characters. So if you liked Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, you should definitely check Beelzebub (and reverse). Why? Because they are hilarious! Do you need more?! 
report Recommended by deactivated13041
Exactly the same. Both of them have parts in each episode in which they do something and afterwards it skips to another part in which they do something else and all that happens in one episode, both of them are episodic animes. Strongly recommend if you up for some hard laughs! 
report Recommended by Lolidong
Both hilariously random with episodes comprising of many short segments. DMC focuses over the life in a death metal band while DKNN focuses on the lives of highschool boys. DMC is also a little bit more vulgar.  
report Recommended by FegeleinAntics
Both anime are pure-fun comedies The characters in both anime are quite Delusional Both are anime based on high school students The types of jokes are different The only significant difference would be that Yakuindomo is about hilarious girls and Danshi Koukousei is about some really funny guys 
report Recommended by thereisonlyone
They both have similar senses of humor, and are both great at catching you off guard with their jokes. While they offer different reasons to watch them, if you want lots of unique humor then either one are great. Nami yo Kiitekure felt more intentional, better directed, and generally higher quality, but I feel that Daily Life of Highscool boys doesn't really try (or need) to compete in that way. 
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Hetalia and Danshi are both very very comical. Hetalia is historical and a whole parody of countries, while instead Danshi is slice of life and a strong parody of "normal" high schoolers They are both short series (Hetalia has around 50 episodes of ONAs who don't last more than 5 mins, and Danshi is a short tv-serie who counts barely 12 eps of 20 mins each) so you don't need to spend a lot of time to complete either of them. If you are searching for a smile or you simply like to laugh then both series are very highly recommended ;3 
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Although they have extremely different premises, they incorporate the same type of humour. If you're looking for something fun and absurd, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou and Hataraku Maou-sama! will fit this requirement! 
report Recommended by twinkling_sheep
These two are full-on comedy anime, where the main character is often teased or otherwise abused for laughs by the other characters. While Senyuu takes place entirely in an RPG world, the main characters in Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou share a love for RPGs and will parody it sometimes as well. 
report Recommended by Pikangie
Similar, sketch-sequence dynamic across the episodes. Very frantic and entertaining and even in a school setting. Both a must watch. 
report Recommended by JamalGITM
Both anime are about a group of immature boys hanging out, with lots of hilarious boyish jokes. 
report Recommended by millo
Both about daily lives of young people, their problems, crazy and sometimes senseless but very funny. 
report Recommended by Eriis
Despise the fact that SZS is fucking surreal and DKNN never ever defy gravity in the slightest, they both share notable similarities. Humor, the vein of all comedy show. It's True that black comedy in SZS is way different than puns and slapstick used in DKNN, but you could see that the pacing is pretty fast in both of the show. Sometimes they slow down to let audiences catch their breath and get a hold of the joke, but for most part they are Speed Racer. Pacing, like I say in the humor part, they both are blazing fast. DKNN is a proof that slice of life  read more 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Both follow a group a high school boys in their daily lives with many hilarious situations along the way 
report Recommended by akai12
Two comedy shows with a similar style of humor, if one makes you laugh out loud, the other should, too. 
report Recommended by Flyffel
Both are great comedy shows surrounding school and the life of students. If you liked GTO, you'll definitely love this one and vice versa. They both show the hidden pleasures of being in school and making friends with the constant search for beautiful ladies. The biggest differences between the two would be the point of view and the dept of the content, one follows students and the other follows the teacher, which adds a more mature aura to the content. Overall, both shows are great and can make great laughs or remind of the past. 
report Recommended by GrandWazoo
If you liked the comedic style of Saiki k and the short sketch type of episodes, you're going to enjoy "daily lifes of highschool boys". 
report Recommended by youssef_ka
both are comedy slice of life of normal high school students. Both are free of supernatural stuff and harems. Both have extremely relateable situations unlike other romcoms that are mostly cliches. there are fou male MCs and a bunch of female and male side characters whose personalities are all explored. Only difference is Nijiro days has some serious romance unlike DKnN, but it's still same comedy 
report Recommended by the_kingSLAYER
Both school comedy theme. The atmosphere and chara design look alike too. 
report Recommended by MugenDorimu
There isn't any anime I could think of that's similar to gintama But in terms of joke, they both have similar type of jokes "kind of" If you love either one of these, I'm sure you'll enjoy both 
report Recommended by Malventrix
Genshiken, and Dabshi Koukousei no Nichijou both have a laid back feeling with the idea of friends hanging out which takes places in both anime.  
report Recommended by waluigi
Very different series in terms of genres, plot and story, (Danshi Koukousei is a comedy, whereas Ghost Hound is a mystery/thriller) but similar in the sense of there being a trio of boys doing stuff. 
report Recommended by male_humanoid
Similarities - Both series have a group of students that hang out on their free time - Both MCs are comedic and ironic characters - The comedy in both shows are taken out of context or on another level - Both series deal with dramatic episodes Differences - Uzaki is in university VS daily life of hs boys is in high school - most chars in hs boys are male VS uzaki is mixed male and female - More adult comedy in uzaki VS more mundane, everyday situations taken out of context in hs boys 
report Recommended by ST63LTH
Want to watch something to laugh your ass off and temporarily escape from the pits of sadness?? Then I most definitely recommend these shows.  
report Recommended by spacewitchowo
This anime is for people who are lovers of the romance genre 
report Recommended by Maou_anos
Both animes doesn't make any sense and they both share the fact that there isn't a real story, they're just sketches, short but intense stories 
report Recommended by HiddenAzorin
Great anime comedy that goes on in school environment, is a good anime for those who just watched Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou and want to have more of a taste of humor in school environment. 
report Recommended by Nownownownow
These two shows are great and enjoyable slice of life animes. In DKN, it focusing on highschool life while in www.working is more on working environment and romcom. Both shows has a cast with unique character's personality and it makes you laugh so hard every episode. enjoy! 
report Recommended by Luuji222
No heavy plot, slice-of-life with comedy. Humor plays a big role in how characters are presented. Both anime have some focus on the relationship between the characters and how humor plays a big role in their interactions with each other. However, Aho Girl tends to have more slapstick humour. 
report Recommended by poddlesli
Some of the craziest comedies I've seen. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou is more shortform, while Paniponi Dash! will use full episodes for their jokes. 
report Recommended by Aliulo
Analyzing the life through the minds of school children, while keeping some of the zany and light-hearted moments in both of the shows. Different settings, but still a good laugh nontheless. 
report Recommended by albertbrown
hatsukoi reminds me of DKN. Pretty similar setting and enjoyment. hatsukoi is more on romance, while DKN has few. If you enjoy DKN I'm sure you will enjoy Hatsukoi too. the characters were separate with boys and girls so that viewers in both sex can enjoy the show.  
report Recommended by Luuji222
They both have that quick slapstick comedy with ridiculous plot development and the overall theme of idiocy in a comedic way. Overall danshi koukousei was better because it had more attempts at developing a plot, but they're both pretty fun in their own way.  
report Recommended by SakuraParadise
High school boy gag anime. Lots of ridiculous punchlines and goofy gags in both shows, but Handa-kun is more about one guy and his following whereas Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou revolves around a group. 
report Recommended by buggaboo1021
Both have a lot of comedy and really strange situations which make it a little ridiculous but hilarious  
report Recommended by Aoi_no_sora
- Both have smart male lead - Both have romance spice - Both tell school life 
report Recommended by Syureria
Basically Daily Lives of High School Boys but with girls. Both shows are surprisingly more funny that you'd think. 
report Recommended by FancyTunaRamen9
Both are random af, both are funny and both have some dudes doing crazy shit.  
report Recommended by DaCraziGuy
they both have ridiculously random but hilarious moments that make you wonder 'what the hell is going on?' they are really enjoyable so i don't think you will get bored watching either of them because they are just THAT amusing. ;D 
report Recommended by grenaderbombs
Similarity: quick witted comedy and modern cultural references. Not much happens story-wise but the jokes and odd character cast will make you giggle. 
report Recommended by lanblade
They have comedy, school, slice of life genres in common. Shizuku reminded me of Yassan(Literature Girl) when she freaked out. It is an anime that portrays daily lives of students in an interesting and comical way. Both anime have something to do with relationships/friendship.  
report Recommended by emilyslash
Tsuritama is like the Wes Anderson version of Nichibros, complete with the two main casts from Nichibros (Miyu Irino and Tomokazu Sugita) 
report Recommended by Taufiq91
The anime are both very funny and contains parodies. Both anime also each episode contains 3 different short fillers inside one episode. 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Highschool boys spending their daily lives doing what they love.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
These two have similar comedy styles, and are full-on comedy at every opportunity. The main characters in both series have a similar love for video games(particularly JRPGs), and both have done RPG-related parodies. The protagonists of one are mostly small children, and the other are teenagers who act like small children. If you love the immaturity and silliness of characters, you will love both of these. 
report Recommended by Pikangie
Story about girl friends. Same kind humor. 
report Recommended by NARKOZ
The girls in both shows are batshit insane. If you have a things for girls with abnormal personality, and amount of loose screw in the head, check both show out, seriously. Denpa teki na kanojo, you know the drill, is a mystery anime with girls killing and dying. That's enough for you to guess what kind of girls will pop up in the show. If you are surprised by the girls in this show even when acknowledging its plot, then watch something beside Naruto and come back later. I recommend you googling 2 girls 1 cup though, for instant vaccine to this kind of characters. Danshi koukousei  read more 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Both series feature the same style of comedy. However, each episode of Danshi Koukousei is a collection of short skits, while Gintama is not. 
report Recommended by teenoli
Both about a typical life of teenage boys expect danshi only focuses on how teenage boys live during their school years, where as Sora looks at a guy living in unusual setting trying to be a normal perverted guy 
report Recommended by xKaorux
If you try to comparate the stories of those two series.. well, let me tell you that it's not possible. Mostly because Danshi it's basically an anime full of sort of auto-conclusive gags, while KKOW follows an usual linear plot. However, don't give up just yet, because they both have some important points that share: • both gave Shonen and Comedy genres. which leads us to the next -> • the major thing to mention is that both series are indeed very very very funny. The overall feeling that both series give you is very well cured by the authors of the anime. I've read somewhere once, that  read more 
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
These two animes are really similar. Its not only the "comedy" and "school life" themes, which make these 2 hilarious. You simply cant stop laughing, still there is "slice of life" anyway. The only thing i was thinking the whole time, while watching these 2 was, "Japan, you are damn weird!" If you like funny school stories and weirdness - these two are perfect for you! If you watched one of them already(and you liked it) and still think about if you should see other one, here´s my advice: "do it, faggot! You´ll not regret!" Careful, they are addictive as hell! You can´t stop until you´ve seen  read more 
report Recommended by haganey
The humor for both series is similar. You'll be laughing at one thing, but then you laugh at another crazy antic. Hilarious, I'll say. 
report Recommended by Wintear
Both take place in a Highschool setting and both focus on comedy. Danshi Koukousei is about random events in the daily lives of the main characters, while Fumoffu is centered around a young soldier being unable to adapt to regular highscool life. But they both have great humour and should make you laugh. 
report Recommended by fbh
Only two animes have brought me as close to death as Dashi koukosei no nichijou and Kaichou wa maid-sama. Basically they are both comedy shows that will almost make you laught yourself to death. So if you re a comedy lover like me, you should watch this one too. Now to the story. Danshi koukousei no nichijou revolves around what higschool boys do in their daily lives. Of course they only show the most funny or most stupid moments of a higschool boys life, but being a higschool boy myself there were some scenes i could relate to. This anime though doesn't follow a storylin, and  read more 
report Recommended by Ridotukushi
In Isshuukan Friends, Hase Yuuki's interaction with Kiryuu Shougo reminds me of the friendship between Tadakuni, Hidenori, and Yoshitake in Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. The elements of comedy in each series are similar and will make you laugh in almost the same way. Both series have that beautiful slice-of-life feel to them. In fact, both series are listed as Comedy, School, Shounen, and Slice of Life. If you loved one series, you will surely love the other. 
report Recommended by smolbeanaria
They are both situational type of comedy and slice of life series about daily life of high school boys. The difference is, Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu focuses on very specific situation as a comedy source as Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou is about nothing and everything. 
report Recommended by pleiadess
It has comedy, school life, sometimes annoying MC with addicting characteristic. Both could make our stomach burst with laugh (and minilaugh). Sometimes like to ask for the MC to get to romatic life story even would ruin the MC image. I dont know, but both worth to watch! 
report Recommended by rexamale
3 boys main characters all boy school friends with the 4 student council daily life  
report Recommended by avivliba
Very Random Humour. That's the gist of both shows, and both of them deliver the hilarity in a quiet, no-fuss sort of manner, instead of the yelling, smacking, and such over-the-top methods. I'd say World Fool News is slightly more unusual, and deals with (weirdo) adults rather than high school boys. 
report Recommended by fullmetalbender
Both of them have a similar humour: an interesting bunch of characters are put in very awkward and hilarious situations. I would say Danshi Kakousei no Nichijou is more about mini comedic snippets whereas Servant x Service has a more detailed plot behind it (even though it doesn't seem like it at the beginning). Both are really funny! 
report Recommended by tish92
Both are comedy slice of life about a group of friends who like to try different stunts in their everyday life. The humour in both shows are the same type so if one makes you laugh, no doubt the other will too. Lots of references made to other anime, fantastic voice acting and pervy jokes. 
report Recommended by Mayuka
Joshi Kousei is essentially the female version of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. In Girl's High, the girls at an all-girl's school do random things, have crazy thoughts, and fantasize about what it would be like to have a boyfriend. Similarly, in Daily Lives of High School Boys, the boys at an all-boy's school do random things, have crazy thoughts, and fantasize about girls. Joshi Kousei has some panty shots, but Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou has boys wearing panties on their head. If you like Joshi Kousei, you'll probably like Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. If you liked Danshi, be aware that Joshi Kousei is more dramatic and has  read more 
report Recommended by tapanda
Funny short stories you will love 
report Recommended by LegendGoldDark
Both shows are based on the lives of adolescent high school boys and their antics. Ike! Ina-chuu ... (aka Ping Pong club) is centered on the crazy happenings at a high school ping pong club. Common themes in both DKNN and Ina-Chuu include weird interactions with members of the opposite sex, cross-dressing, interference in romance and other perverted plots you can blame on puberty. Ping pong club though takes it to the extreme and features nudity. Expect a regular dose of butts and boobs. While DKNN has much better humour, Ping pong club has is own lol moments in the form of outrageous actions by  read more 
report Recommended by jangofetts
Has similar main character (Sorata/Tadakuni). Normal, average-looking, emotional tsukkomi 
report Recommended by dhz_01
Same comedy Same weirdness Same VA It's all there. 
report Recommended by Emdosis