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Alternative Titles

English: Texhnolyze
Synonyms: Technolyze


Type: TV
Episodes: 22
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 17, 2003 to Sep 25, 2003
Premiered: Spring 2003
Broadcast: Thursdays at 03:28 (JST)
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Original
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 7.781 (scored by 31,202 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #9382
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #677
Members: 133,591
Favorites: 2,755


The similarities here are loose, however the mood is much the same. The color palette and art style are similar, particularly the use of muted almost washed-out colors with strong dark overtones. Both are set in a near-future timeline with a post-apocalyptic twist. The difference is that where Ergo Proxy has a strong, linear plot line, Texhnolyze's plot is somewhat disjointed and very far from being direct. For those that love a story you have to watch a couple times before understanding what it's trying to get at, Texhnolyze is an obscure must. 
report Recommended by celeste2070
These anime share many of the same key staff. The first thing you'll notice are of course the character designs, which are done by Yoshitoshi ABe. Both anime also share the same themes. 
report Recommended by Axersia
Both anime have this gloomy but beautiful atmosphere and the action takes place in the future. The protagonist, an outcast, is searching for understanding of the world and so, the main thing going on in both scenarios is his journey. Both anime have another main character, a small girl who seemingly has the understanding of the world but also innocence. Answers to protagonists' questions are given in both anime. 
report Recommended by Orb
They both have a similar feel to them. Although Gungrave has more of a depressing feel. But both them are about to low poor people guys whom ended up becoming higher up bosses in Gangs. Both becoming the bosses most trusted people. Both no longer fully human use it to there advantage to keep what they treasure the most alive. 
report Recommended by SilentVoice
As soon as Shigurui started, I thought, "Whoa, this opening looks a LOT like Texhnolyze's opening," and I turned out right. Even though the anime take place at completely different times, they have a lot in common. Both are very dark, bloody anime who are more suited for a mature audience. Both are confusing at the start and being explaining later on. Both also share a very similar animation style. 
report Recommended by Roxanne
Texhonolyze is darker and heavier then Ghost in the Shell but it shares similar atmosphere and cyberpank features. 
report Recommended by Meifumado
In both series the main character doesn't have dreams or aspirations in the life, and they finish joining to another one who have a goal to reach. Texhnolyze have a depressing atmosphere and slow pace, meanwhile Berserk have a lot of more action dosis. 
report Recommended by haibanne
Both are very dark and original futuristic settings that deal with philosophical themes that unravel through amazingly written twists and mysteries until the truth about their worlds is uncovered. Texhnolyze is bleaker right from the start and deals with human nature and the meaning of life, while Shinsekai Yori starts seemingly happy-go-lucky and slowly gets revealed as a dark story and deals with morality issues. 
report Recommended by Fenryr19
Similar atmosphere of dying world and hopelessness. They both are dark and sad seinens. 
report Recommended by Buran-kun
Very slow, dark, and heavily atmospheric anime with minimal dialogue. 
report Recommended by Iconoclast
You'll be hard pressed to find other anime that are half as nihilistic as these. Both anime opt for a depressingly dull color palette to the point where they might as well be black and white. The plot in both is also taxing on the watcher if they don't pick up on the littlest details. Their characters are also people of few words. That's not to say either of these anime are bad, but they're definitely not for everyone.  
report Recommended by Protaku
Both series are dark and contains a serious mood involving a world of cruelty. There are science fiction themes present in both series. With that also includes various plot twists, surprises, and some gruesome scenes. There is violence involved in both series so be a bit aware of that if you decide to give these two titles a shot. Both series has drama, action, and some psychological factors. There are also thriller like endings that are build from some of the plot settings.  
report Recommended by Stark700
After finishing Texhnolyze, the only other anime that I thought can even compare it with is Akira. Both are set in a futuristic, cyberpunk setting, with characters eerily similar to the people of today. The characters in both are also well-developed and multi-dimensional, as opposed to the traditional "bad guy" and "hero" characters. And both animes used some of the most innovative animation techniques of their time, though Akira was done many years earlier. The Texhnolyze series and Akira are perfect for rewatching as well, since they both operate on so many levels. I also appreciate that both anime attempt to tell the story visually,  read more 
report Recommended by hotcarl
Both deal with cybernetic prostheses. 
report Recommended by formosan
Both deal with large-scale social crises and large-scale battles. 
report Recommended by formosan
While these two anime couldn't be more dissimilar in terms of art style, tone, and pacing, they do both explore the theme of humanity's decline as a species. Texhnolyze is a dark, slow paced, and extremely moody series that handles the subject matter in a very serious fashion. Jinrui wai Suitai Shimashita, on the other hand, is infinitely more humorous and colorful, though dark undertones are still present throughout. I would recommended both of these series to anyone who is interested in seeing a similar theme handled in two completely different ways. 
report Recommended by JayBirdSupreme
What? What? What is that? That is Texhnology. Texhnolyze. Texhnolyze. Both are very violent shows. I might say control of splatter and violence. It's tremendous. Protagonists form are similar. Ichise has been provided Texhnolyze. Akira Fudou is Devilman. They save people by using these powers. However, Fudou's effort often goes unrecognized. Story is serious, dark, helplessly pathetic. Do you withstand it? Devilman: Crybaby is still relatively bright in the first part. IN THE FIRST PART. Music also similar, and it's no exception. Unique and Stylish. Texhnolyze OP is amazing. Design is different. Devilman: Crybaby is cartoonish style. Just like cartoon. On the other hand, Texhnolyze is realistic style. Very well movement. Both becomes really  read more 
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Both have a relentless atmosphere about them that hardly ever gives off the impression of joy. Both stories are, in essence, about humanity. Granted, in two, totally, different situations. Despite this, they are quite addicting, have a nice and well-rounded cast of characters, have AMAZING art and music. And stand out as truly unique. But... they not for everyone as they're both highly mature and graphic, and deal with topics that aren't suitable for those who like "4 lumps of sugar instead of black...". Oh, and they're both slow starters. Phantom deals with the psyches of killers. It has a better, more detailed, beginning than Tex, and the cast of  read more 
report Recommended by Otaking09
While not conventionally similar in terms of storyline these two anime have a hell of a lot of similarities. - Both have two young girls which have a back story contributing to the events that unfold - Both have 4 MC's with similar genders and connections - Both contain people willing to surrender if it comes to helping civilization - Both contain antagonists who tend to start off as normal citizens but are turned into killers due to events I cannot promise you will like one if you enjoyed the other all I can say is that the similarities do not end there. 
report Recommended by Pheromone
Both anime have humanity facing enemy which tends to be a new perfect species, and main character finding himself in the middle them. On first look he is both of them, but actually not any of them. Anime asking questions like what is it to be a human being? And what future have a life? 
report Recommended by Zulmamwe
Both series excel in terms of atmosphere. Thematically, both explore the distinction between simply living and being alive, and emphasize that nothing really changes about individuals and the world. Both have melancholic endings and moments during which the individual may be thrown into the "void." Although vastly different, they both have appeal as human stories; Bebop is more specific by emphasizing human interactions while Texhnolyze focuses upon encapsulating humanity as a whole.  
report Recommended by zenmodeman
both animes have similar electric atmosphere. they involve with different main story, but they have mysterious male characters as the main role. plus they follow a complicated plot so if you like mind blowing animes I suggest you this. both animes have similar story development because events are slowly processed. both animes take place in strange worlds, for Teknolaiz it is inside underground city while .hack// the story processed inside a video game. i HOPE you will like both. 
report Recommended by Caliph
They had the same course of action and the same vibe except this anime have a slow paced and a little bit bizarreness. 
report Recommended by Titon
If you like the dark atmosphere from Texhnolyze or Malice@Doll you will probably like both of them. However Malice@Doll may not be good as Texhnolyze. 
report Recommended by XzaR
Both science-fiction series show humanity using technology to shut itself off from reality. While both are fairly downbeat, both shows have intelligent and affecting storylines that should appeal to the same audience. 
report Recommended by vivafruit1
Both have the main characters alike. Both of the main characters are depressed, following a cursed life during dark times. Both of them were used as test subjects and they both were slashed by swords. It almost has got the same spooky environment. 
report Recommended by Typhoon24
In both anime there are several gangs/factions fighting for power and control over their respective cities. Both also feature a mysterious person that, from the shadows, gets involved with the rivalries between the gangs by manipulating them. Other than that both anime are quite different. Texhnolyze is slow paced, darker, depressing and contains sci-fi elements unlike Durarara which is mostly the opposite and has supernatural elements in it. 
report Recommended by Xenovius
"If there's anything you want, anything at all. Come to me. I'll be your god of a new world." Both are adducing antisocial theme. Enmity, desire, self-sacrifice, class system, domination, power. Every elements mean rebellion against modern society. It's just law of the jungle. Don't seek salvation. As you already know, atmospheres are particularly dark. When you watched first episode of Texhnolyze, probably stun you. In contrast, DN will charm you. Not less than a few minutes, you definitely immersive this show. And most important point is both show's title. TEXHNOLYZE and DEATH NOTE. Please keep in mind. There are core of plots. Stories are equally wonderful. But it's going to  read more 
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Hello, Killing Breakers. Let's begin aesthetic genocide. Dare to survive! Both shows have quite simply answer. That's slaughter. It's all up to characters whether make or break enemies. To sum up, Murder each other. See with yours own eyes scenes at each other's throats in imposed situation. Yeah. Both are very bloody and gore. What I want to say is this. The rule of violence. Almost Characters are militant. In the interval reality and ideal, they are fight themselves. But protagonist and heroine are a bit different. Ichise and Ryouta Sakamoto have secret circumstances. Ran and Himiko's case also same. They are crossing in blood‐smeared place. Ichise is easily swayed by  read more 
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Who doesn't like sci-fiction. This story about an elderly man name ichiro inuyashiki. who suddenly struck by meteor along with the teenage boy name hiro shishigami. Which makes them as a cyborg. Ichiro was having difficulties in life which he has a family that always neglect him. Unlike hiro. He always fond by people around him. Which make him look cooler however he uses his ability to killing people that he aiming. Different from ichiro he using his ability to help people. Beside texhnolyze character, Ichise is a street fighter that who participates in underground for money. Later he joined yazuka name onishi and Organo.  read more 
report Recommended by leneaStella
These two dark sci-fi anime are set in the near future and deal with themes of darkness that exist inside of humanity. They both have a dark and violent gloomy feel to them because they both deal with the violence of human nature and the quest for power. Not to mention they are pretty violent too. 
report Recommended by Genocyberfanboy
Both has dark atmosphere, blood, philosophical plot, well-done animation, psychological horror, incredibly dramatic stories, religion themes and nihilistic crushing agony. 
report Recommended by vanburu0
You would like texhnolyze because both these shows deal with bleak outlooks on life and the nihilistic stances or the characters within these shows. 
report Recommended by HarryRambod22
Both give this mind-blowing effect that makes you say "I don't know what the hell is going on but I want more!" 
report Recommended by simakai
Both seminal pieces of art and mature masterpieces. 
report Recommended by SonosheeChan
Even if the two are completely different on the outside, they have common points, mostly philosophical, for example illusion and the idea of "going nowhere, wasting our lives" 
report Recommended by Elek420
The atmosphere of each series has a very similar feel to it. They both have slow pacing and a similar way of presenting the story. While Texhnolyze is much darker, Ghost Hound has a few light hearted moments but still retains a dark atmosphere. The story has some vague similaritities as they both take place in a town with conflicting groups but the main similarity is in the presentation of each of them; they're both very dark and slow-paced.  
report Recommended by Danish
If you watched Togainu, and felt that it was disappointing, and that it had potential to be a really great dark and moody series but dropped the ball...then take a look at Texhnolyze. Both are dark, moody, futuristic, taking place in a dog-eat-dog world, with silent "observer" characters, and people caught up in the games that the ones in power play. They are both rather mature, with violence and sexual exploitation. The big difference is that Texhnolyze is actually worth watching. 
report Recommended by IceAndCream
Depravity, madness, the human mind and flesh decaying and becoming nothing, a living hell, a life of sadness... 
report Recommended by Detective
Despite the difference in graphics, format and ending, the main theme remains the same - surviving after the global catastrophe and people's faith in better future, doesn't it? =) 
report Recommended by Ereadan
ATTENTION: the storylines and style are not at all similar. Texhnolyze is targeted to a more mature audience. But if you are intrigued by the idea of artificial limbs, they will both catch your attention. 
report Recommended by IceAndCream
Both are cyberpunk with depressing settings and partially-explained reasoning of how the story develops and how the story ends. The range of character sets and the context (high school life vs gang wars) are quite different though. But probably these two are the most similar anime on this recommendation list. 
report Recommended by ardabiochem
Both have an underground man-made world and the above world that is considered to be a better place. Both have a dystopian feel and atmosphere. 
report Recommended by ph0en1xl
Both have a city acting as a character and both tell a story of human nature. 
report Recommended by theronth
Bleak, unforgiving stories about transcending human biology and the desperation of the underclass that live literally beneath the unseen world of the elites. 
report Recommended by Plate
Both are dark, desolate, depressing examinations of human politics and nature in a dystopian society with a slow pace, beautiful animation and incredible ending. 
report Recommended by masamvne
Both are two of the most depressing things ever; enough that you may never want to watch them again. The main characters of both series are incapable of stopping any of the extreme violence - if anything, they make things worse. Plus the endings to both series would not be different if the main characters had just stayed home. 
report Recommended by 1231415333
The main characters of both series have a powered-up arm used to fight against bad guys. However, while Scryed's MC summons the arm at will, Texhnolyze's has a prosthetic arm. Texhnolyze is also much darker than Scryed, to the point where no one has any hope of saving the world (and its ending shouldn't be surprising). 
report Recommended by 1231415333
Both shows have mafia/yakuza style organizations that rule the city . . . and gunfights.  
report Recommended by Zail
Did you absolutely love the duality of Texhnolyze and its atmosphere? First Squad share similar themes despite its simplicity and straight forward action sequences. 
report Recommended by arimakenshin
1- Both series contains characters whose bodies are replaced/modified with cyborg components. 2- you can't help but feel sorry for the main characters suffering due to dark merciless world. 
report Recommended by silverfoenix
Both are dark in tone. They both require the viewer to make an effort to understand the message that is being conveyed to them. It is not your typical "MOE MOE, TSUNDERE," these shows were both made for mature audiences.  
report Recommended by PoeticJustice
Both are unconventional anime's that rely heavily on; subliminal messages, trippy scenery and a lack of information, ensuring that the viewer pays full attention (multi-task and you'll miss something). You'll also find that there's a lack of archtyping as the characters are quite unusual, stepping out of any indication of 'type' and maming a name for themselves. There's a number of examples of fandissservice present in both. 
report Recommended by Queen_Stars