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Serial Experiments Lain
These anime share many of the same key staff. The first thing you'll notice are of course the character designs, which are done by Yoshitoshi ABe. Both anime also share the same themes.
report Recommended by Axersia
Similar dark tones. They're both slow paced. They both focus a lot on the visuals that create a haunting atmosphere. Same character designer.
report Recommended by Danish
Both are low-pace dark cyberpunk animes which can be at times focused on visual communication.
report Recommended by Ivantrollet
Quite similar in terms of artistic quality. Both are deeply experimental, avant-garde anime that make you question, rethink and analyze a lot of things that happen in your life. They broaden your mind and are incredibly fulfilling experiences. Viewing these should be compulsory on your way through adolescence towards maturity.
report Recommended by mehheh
Same original creator, almost same style, same strong feelings, same masterpieces... Do you still need more?
report Recommended by theoretic
Definitely most similar anime in atmosphere of all listed here, should be at first place imo. Similar melancholic, lonely style if thats what you are looking for although its not the same thing... There is nothing like lain. ;) If you read manga and like steam/cyber punk try blame! manga too.
report Recommended by zaze
Both are written and designed by the same writer and art designer. Chiaki Konaka, and Yoshitoshi ABe. Eerie and unsettling atmosphere with little dialogue and psychological elements. Disturbing scenes, depressing topics, dark Mood, heavy material, and artistic symbolic scenes. Lain and Ichise also share some similarities in their personality. Both characters are mostly quiet and emotionless until they act based on emotion on certain scenarios. Watching either one you are guaranteed that you are in for a treat.
report Recommended by OtakuPrimoX
Has that same drug-like feeling. These two series like to make you blink twice and almost question what you're watching. They're haunting and share the same atmosphere... If you liked one, definitely try the other.
report Recommended by Mirorin
Lain is like first episode of Texhnolyze, but longer. There are a lot more SPEAKING going on, but nothing too coherent. A lot of atmoshpere. Same writer, same dark tone, same style of storytelling (if you can call it that), same pretentiousness... Well, same writer really sums it up.
report Recommended by Xmax360
Both series are cyberpunk, they also have similar themes, style, and a lot of somewhat abstract segments.
report Recommended by Skottniss
Both use ABe's unique artstyle and deal with heavy themes. Texhnolyze is ultimatly darker than Lan in every way, but their atmosphere and pacing are very simular
report Recommended by YellowCheese
Mysterious wired animes and almost share everything like character design and dark background. The main characters are lonely guys who trying to understand the surrounding world
report Recommended by Caliph
"I'll manipulate you. I'll take away all of you. Ahahaha..." SEL is origin of Texhnolyze. Character designer is same. Lain Iwakura is exact same with Ichise and Ran. Detailed explanation may be unnecessary though, I deliberately tell you. Both are speechless esoteric of profound shows. They're super esoteric that I can hardly breathe. Vague Story, Very dark atmospheres, Gloomy drama. Texhnolyze has been taken over everything by SEL. It'll hard to guess how you watched Both shows once. For sure. Insane and Risky. Machine and Computer's definition also similar. They affect the basis of story. Anyway, Ichise's life is always pessimistic. Lain's lunatic ideology and introvert personality are heartbreaking. Other characters also misery.   read more
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Both have philosophical themes, both are made by the same creators, both have cyberpunk plots, both are very dense and have good characters
report Recommended by JaJl