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Both anime have this gloomy but beautiful atmosphere and the action takes place in the future. The protagonist, an outcast, is searching for understanding of the world and so, the main thing going on in both scenarios is his journey. Both anime have another main character, a small girl who seemingly has the understanding of the world but also innocence. Answers to protagonists' questions are given in both anime.
report Recommended by Orb
Both are very well done series that share a very similar atmosphere and generally pessimistic attitude. They are both set in apocalyptic and desolate landscapes. Casshern Sins is much of a study of the human mind and what it will do when it reaches its limits. Texhnolyze on the other hand is a profound study of how one identifies themselves through the human body.
report Recommended by Jodyqt
Same feel. Dystopia, sadness and fights; thou Texhnolyze is more static.
report Recommended by cristinacke28
Texhnolyze and Casshern Sins are two of "those series" that just aren't everyone's cup of tea. But if you're into dark, more mature-themed shows, then these are two great anime with dystopian settings. Texhnolyze mainly features partial-android humans and gives philosophical viewpoints on humanity; while Casshern Sins explores the sentience and self-actualization of robots. Both shows display themes concerning humanity, hope, despair, death, immortality, mere existence, and nihilism. However, there is a contrast in that Texhnolyze is at times void of any emotion, but Casshern Sins is filled with several vivid emotions.
report Recommended by m-i-c-h-a-e-l
main characters in both animes have mysterious past trying to understand the surrounding world both animes have gloomy,dark atmosphere
report Recommended by Caliph
They have incredibly similar feels to them. Where as Gungrave is often recommended because yes on the surface the stories seem much more similar in plot, you have to realize that in both Texh and Casshern, plot has diddly to really do with it. I mean it moves along to tell a story but each persons sub arcs and motivations are really not overly dramatic. There aren't any grandiose betrayals for the most part or crazy intertwining stories. These stories are both moody and introspective. Casshern being far lighter. Casshern is honestly a great show with takes parts of Kino's journey into this futuristic dystopia.   read more
report Recommended by bonobear