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Love to Live By
Love to Live By
Oct 1, 6:26 PM
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Lupin III x McDonald's CMs
Lupin III x McDonald's CMs
Sep 30, 4:30 PM
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Lupin the Third x Monkey Majik
Lupin the Third x Monkey Majik
Sep 30, 4:30 PM
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Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko
Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko
Sep 26, 6:50 PM
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Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
Sep 18, 2:16 PM
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Petshop of Horrors
Petshop of Horrors
Sep 12, 1:04 PM
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eblf2013 Yesterday, 7:27 AM
Oh hi! I've been trying to complete stuff that I had pending before I enter university again. I've been watching Mononoke bc, well, spooky month, horror and such. Other than that, I've completed a couple comedy anime (Excel Saga and Azumanga Daioh), a couple psychological anime (Boogiepop 2019 and Mouryou no Hako) as well as trying to complete Haikyuu!! (Which, I am surprised I was able to complete given my attention span xD). I finally finished Niea_7 as well and DANG I really feel a bit sad that it isn't more well known, it's simply awesome.
Pietr00 Oct 2, 9:32 PM
I just had to think about what i like to see in a series and made a mental map about it, your questions just made me put that mental map in words, but even if it's just an idea, i still wanna do something that looks nice, i don't talk about something generic you know?
I think i'd be way generic using just mythology as a background to a fantasy story, is good try something different with this concept. I think it looks more a superhero story than a high fantasy itself. I not trying to do a superhero story aswell. No i don't mind about the questions lol. It made me remember some ideas that i had forget about.

That's nice, when you create the instagram account, please tell me,i'll follow asap! I also think is good to you do some fanarts about some popular stories, so people who follow these stories would find your art and so your story.
It may be a good choice to take longer production times to ensure better quality. I imagine it would be better to focus on one project at a time to ensure the quality of both and avoid possible burnout. but you mentioned that you're used to multitasking so it should be ok lol.

That's really nice of you, I don't know if I could contribute anything with your stories, but if you need anything you can also call me haha.
juice37 Oct 1, 9:01 PM
Thanks!! So do you! Have a great day :)
Kuma_YT Oct 1, 11:25 AM
The fact the manga is on hiatus since years will maybe stop me to continue after the anime (plus the fact I don't read manga so much). I will see when I finish the anime I guess
Kuma_YT Oct 1, 8:01 AM
I only watched 3 episodes and so far I can feel that characters will be well developed with they own personality and not just stereotyped. I don't know what this anime will be about but i'm already hooked.
effy_ Sep 30, 4:07 AM
oh that sounds so cool! is your film gonna be public somewhere? can I watch it? the work you have to put into it must be insane. hat off to you, really! but to be fair, I think being busy keeps the mind off some bullshit like existential crisis. this summer, I had two months off and I didn´t have to do anything and it was pure torture. this whole "white room" with nothing to do and nothing interesting to start sorta experiment I put on myself was just too much. I liked to take a good rest which lasted for two weeks but afterwards ooof. thanks God for interesting projects. I really like how your project speaks about your interests and philosophies because I think, initially, that is what art is about. to experiment, to make people think. not that I would hate having fun though, it all depends on the mood.

it´s about narrowing it to absolute favs, absolute Gods in my book of characters but at the same time, I have to admit I have way more favourite characters than it seems. I am just trying to differentiate between "is this an original, never seen character" or "is it just another good guy, I like?" because generally speaking, I might have a type :D. and who knows how many I would eventually end up with :D. I am sure even 20 would not be enough :D. because to be fair, I can´t watch a show where I don´t have a favourite character. I need to have someone to root for.

like how you described the feeling of listening to the Link Click´s OP. so true!

I can´t wait to see that side of Lunge though because every time I see him on the screen he is just stubborn and wants to hunt Tenma down. I think he must already know that Tenma is a good guy but he just doesn´t want to admit that. He is a complex character which I admire but still as a person, huh he is so unlikeable at the moment. Even Johan makes up to his psychopathy and apathy by having a tragic childhood. though after watching how he came up with that game for children that only the strongest survive and many of them died while falling from the roof, I don´t know if his coolness can save him from hell. I think I have a think for intelligent and kind characters with tragic backstories which Johan has two of those three but come on, man. that´s like too much. again, after a hot second of looking for some justification, Kinderheim came to mind and it´s not other adults were doing anything even close to ethical and moral to the children they almost beat to death and indoctrinated by some bullshit, but see Johan if you chose the Levi route and just overcame your hardship (which is definitely easy, she said in a sarcastic voice, since your mind is probably just fucked up from living in the survival mode as not to break to the point of basically wanting to die) wooo, sorry a rant. I can´t, people should stop me from investing my feelings into characters :D. anyway, Tenma and that young Vietnamese doctor? I so wished he stayed there and helped them!!!! what an amazing girl helping people at such a young age though!!! and Tenma could take that practice over while she would go to study! I hope he comes back to become that underground doctor.

ahaha , I know ! French literature in general lacks any sort of happiness. people just die. you start reading something and you know someone is gonna die :D. one would think it would strengthen my emotions but no :D. I still cry over anything.
manga it is because no way am I gonna watch a slow burn :D unless it is like exceptionally gorgeous. I am just picky that way, I actually even cleaned up my ptw a little bit because I want to keep it neat and really put only those titles I am interested in there. too many is too many and while October seem to be doable work-wise, November is about to be hell :D

that sounds great! I was thinking about reading Fire Punch for the sake of if I survive this, I will be able to read anything :D, but I have put the World is Mine on my ptr (thank you for the rec!) and I´ll see when the mood comes! I have decided to read Monster manga to fill in info that I might have missed in the anime like Tenma having two older brothers :D. (because that is obviously so important :D)

omg, I literally can´t wait for you to watch Link Click and BSD because they were mind blowingly good.

absolutely no worries, I have replied a bit later because I have wanted to give my reply a bit more thought rather than just replying in a short "yeah, good". plus, just make yourself a good cup of coffee (or tea!) and I will always be there to wait! it is so awesome to be able to talk (write) with you!! thank you so much for your time!

oogaboogascary Sep 29, 7:01 PM
oogaboogascary Sep 29, 5:45 PM
MarusaruMaia Sep 29, 12:53 PM
THAT WAS JUST CRAZY LOL thanks for following both accs! And thanks again, your drawings are also really cool and unique! I plan to post more things on my other acc soon as I'm starting to feel better :B

Well, my problem with these AI programs is that they are completely unethical, and 90% of the people using or promoting this crap are all malicious, lazy, and perverts. These are literally the same people who were involved in this NFT nonsense (and even in the collapse of Silicon Valley bank >:/)

And it's not that your school life is like that, it's just that I also went through the same hell back then LOL It was very exhausting... anyway, I hope you had a great time with your mom too!

Yes, I'm even thinking about buying the Japanese editions of Gon too, since it's a silent manga, you can enjoy the series without any problems! And if you've never read Gon, I (obviously) recommend it! It's a fun ride, and some chapters left me with tears in my eyes (there's one about an old elephant and OH BOY... it's just beautiful, ughh) And yes, my boy Gon has a certain popularity around here thanks to Tekken 3. Recently my godfather saw me reading it and when he looked at the cover of the volume he said "Hey! Isn't that little bastard from Tekken?!"

Now about animation, I plan to start exploring more about this next year, since I'm broke right now and I also need to improve my drawing skills. But I think I've finally decided what I want to do besides my webcomic projects, if possible, have a career like Satoshi Kon, Katsuhiro Otomo or Hayao Miyazaki. And if you become an animator, you will definitely be part of my team! Every single time I reread a volume of Jing, I think "this needs a remake, and since no one wants to do it, I'll! >:U" lolololol

I'm always looking for some underground stuff, so I end up finding some awesome gems >:B I decided to look for more works similar to Sakamoto Days, and I ended up finding Candy & Cigarretes, which was a really cool read, the art is also great. Crazy Food Truck just appeared in front of me and I was like "hmmm that looks interesting" lol

Around my 14, for some reason, I decided to just watch and read more “mature” stuff, it was like my "seinen era" pffff >:Y but as soon as I started writing my projects, I realized that it would be good for me to consume everything and a little more. That's why I'm always varying between fighting shonen (my favorite), romance, mystery, comedy, horror, drama, ecchi or something more deeper :B With the exception of some works with a depressive theme due to my current situation :/ Chi no Wadachi for exemple was a headache from beginning to end for me, argh...

Anyway, K Project is kinda similar to Durarara in some aspects and half of the fanbase are gurls cuz the series is full of pretty boys lol Now Ninku for me is another underrated gem! >:'U It's our typical episodic fighting shonen but with an AWESOME world building and pretty cool characters! The events in this series are done in such a realistic way that the fact that an episode doesn't always end with a happy ending makes everything even better. I just think they could have worked on some characters better, especially the villains. What I love most about Ninku are the character designs, seeing these guys fighting for their lives wearing normal clothes is awesome lol The series has some small flaws here and there, but everything is done with so much care and passion that I can easily overlook them. The animation is also great. If you plan to give this series a chance, then I recommend watching the special “Knife no Bohyou” first, which can be considered more of a movie than the “movie” itself. I also love Lupin the 3rd and seeing you caught up in the franchise like this reminded me that I need to finish watching the other seasons and movies lol the pink jacket is my favorite >:B

They recently started re-releasing Nana here too and I'm seriously thinking about buying the manga cuz before it was IMPOSSIBLE to find the volumes in bookstores, it's another series that is extremely popular here, especially among the female audience. I saw that the author went on hiatus with no plans to return after dealing with a health problem. I just hope she can start drawing at her own pace again when she's feeling better, just like Togashi with HxH. Some mangakas are true warriors <:'/

Wow DAMN, I think I wrote too much!!! Have a good weekend!
Pietr00 Sep 29, 6:57 AM
i got the idea of a visual novel because of the passing of the narrative, the volume images that can be different characters to each volume, the images that fullfill two pages and make the moments more memorable.
They are not exactly captives, they are treated as high-ranking soldiers, but there are many restrictions on what they can or cannot do and how far they can go, they also do not have the option of not serving in the army. Is a more political narrative than a mythological one, so the names are a kind of protocol that they follow based on the power they have access to, superhumans are artificial people, armies choose which power they will obtain and make children born with their destiny sealed, they can only have one superhuman at a time, so history repeats itself a few times, but it is not directly linked to mythology.
I can even answer more basic questions about the structure of the story, but a deeper look into the lore may have some gaps as it is a story in its initial ideation phase, perhaps in the future maybe I will return to fill these holes, but it is definitely not a conversation rightnow.

Really? I can see it? That's really cool! It'd be a pleasure to see you work process. I also think it's a good idea to you create like an instagram account so show your artworks and post some previews of your animation/comic, so when you publish it, people will alread know about your project.
I understand it, keep focus on two stories at the same time might be rough, so i can see you working on it at your free time, it's important don't rush to finish your project, keep it slow and just start it when you got an story that you feel satisfied with.
Whoa that's really nice of you! As you said i still don't have how most of the characters would look. At the moment I just have an base idea about how two characters would be inspired on, talking about visual. But that's really nice to know you'd draw some charaters desings for me. Thanks a lot.
oogaboogascary Sep 28, 2:45 PM
you just seemed like a cool person :). I'm pretty good, how about you?
effy_ Sep 28, 9:20 AM
sorry for a bit of a late reply, we had a seminar at work. but your school sounds way too intense! is it because you are in your final year? also, just to think that you are in the animation programme! that is SO COOL!!! what is your final film about???? are you planning to work in the business? (would you consider MAPPA :D. no sorry if the joke was distasteful)

do you change your favs on MAL??? ohh that sounds like an interesting idea! I have SUCH a hard time of choosing who is my fav that I try to keep it down to like the ones I really really really love which are so far Levi and Tenma I think. I am becoming to be heavily interested in Johan but not because I think he is cool, but because I feel like crying every time I remember his horrible childhood. there is a fanfic I really want to write about Tenma adopting Johan and Anna. the reason being that I need to believe in a better reality. imagine someone from Kinderheim taking pity on Johan and taking him to the hospital after severe beating and Tenma helping him out (him, still being a student, poor and all but not that poor because he managed to travel and work in Western Germany) and realizing that he wants to save the boy with bruises and Johan telling him about Anna and Tenma finding Anna. Johan would still be a manipulator but at the same time since he is a child, he would warm up to Tenma and actually allow him to have a positive effect on his upbringing. IMAGINE THAT FOR A MOMENT

not at all!!! I get that there is not always time to go through everyone´s list! I would recommend LInk Click to myself as well, just to rewatch :D. I do listen to the OP quite a lot :D.

back to Monster with this, but may I ask your opinion on Monster manga vs Monster anime. I obviously want to finish both but still, I wonder if there are any differences. who are your favourite characters and all!

omg, I have heard about Nana and I thought it had something to do with Emile Zola and I was like .. no :D. because that book made me depressed so much, I actually read only a bit of it but read the one about her parents and that was .. bad :D. so I kind of thought the anime has something to do with this literature work and I am so dumb :D. if it´s nice I might want to watch it actually! because we need nice things in life too! (or maybe I´ll read it since it has 47 episodes? :D)

ugh, thank you for reassuring me about Pluto, I am not a mecha girl :D. putting the World on the list too! thank you so much for the rec!

it´s absolutely ok, write whenever you have time! I will always wait!

velveteenvamp Sep 28, 3:56 AM
Ghost Stories is definitely the outlier on my list! But I honestly think it's great. The English dub is like nothing else and I honestly really enjoy the characters and lore, too. I obviously have a strong preference for psychological and avant-garde but I'll watch anything if it sounds interesting or if it's a little different and Ghost Stories definitely fits that bill!

I couldn't agree with you more about Niea_7, it's such an underrated, overlooked gem. Even in communities I'm in where people love ABe's works, it seems to always slip under the radar. I *love* that intrinsic melancholia of ABe's works, he has such a unique touch and I think that's why I'm especially drawn to things he's involved in. The manga sadly hasn't had an English translation yet (honestly, I'd be surprised if it ever did given how it's such a slept-on series) but you can find it inexpensively on eBay and proxy sites. If you want to pick it up, the best one to get is "Recycle", it collects all of the individual issues and has wonderful art interspersed throughout.

The Haibane Renmei doujins are beautiful, I bought the whole set on eBay a few months ago and one of the issues is actually autographed by ABe, to say that I was thrilled would be an understatement! I've posted a lot of photos from them on Reddit and in various FB groups, if you'd ever like some photos and some (rough) translations, let me know and I'll see if I can upload them somewhere. Same offer applies to the Niea_7 stuff, too! It amazes me how little merch has been archived so I'm always trying to put it out there for everyone to enjoy.

That's super sweet of you to say! I'm still a novice in Japanese, really, reading things in it is a project I do when I have time off work and studies (I'm the kind of person who has to have some work to do, I can't just do nothing). My kanji knowledge isn't great so I write down ones I come across and I look them up in my dictionary and online. Part of my studies is translating ancient Greek and Latin so it's not an unusual thing for me and it's honestly something I love doing! Having familiarity with the story really helps, too, and obviously the visual aid of manga also provides a lot of context. I haven't tried tackling a light novel in Japanese yet but that's something I'd like to do in the future: there are *so* many Boogiepop novels without English translations and I want to read them!

That's so true, I have a lot of fun with analysing stuff! Utena is ripe for so many different interpretations. I could spend forever getting lost in its rich world of metaphors and symbolism. I completely agree with you, I love piecing things together! Most of my favourite works have that in common. Lain was my introduction to anime proper and I've been chasing the surreal mindfucks ever since.

Penguindrum is on my list, I believe, I definitely want to watch it! I might watch it around November or so. I want to finish Black Lagoon and I think next month I'll be focused on stuff for spooky season. I suspect I'll also have another Haibane Renmei rewatch before the end of the year, it feels fitting for winter.

Hope you're having a wonderful week! ❤️
momewo Sep 27, 9:28 AM
omg thank you!! ^_^
samsince04 Sep 27, 8:31 AM
Thank you so much! I also really like your profile design( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

But, I can't lie, I wasn't able to get into some of your favorites like FLCL and Sonny Boy. If you look at my list and see the comments I put beside both of them, you will be horrified lol.
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