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I can't believe that no one has made this recommendation yet. Texhnolyze, to me, seemed like the Cyberpunk version of Berserk. Both Series have a main character who has gone though a really f*cked up life, both main characters have a sort of artificial arm, both have some of the best, if not, the best antagonists of all time, both are brutal and extreme, and both have one hell of an ending.
report Recommended by Neane93
In both series the main character doesn't have dreams or aspirations in the life, and they finish joining to another one who have a goal to reach. Texhnolyze have a depressing atmosphere and slow pace, meanwhile Berserk have a lot of more action dosis.
report Recommended by haibanne
Dark and at times very brutal anime featuring gritty atmospheres and mature subject matter.
report Recommended by ThatRazorGuy
they are not so similar but they are both dark atmospheric animes, Texhonolyze is darker then Berserk,so if are fun of dark animes this is for you!
report Recommended by Caliph
Are you afraid of being betrayed? Joy and sorrow are next door neighbors. After pleasure comes pain. No matter how much you struggle, sometimes everything goes wrong. But never give up. Both are really tragic shows. Seems like no hope, no relief. If you watch these shows until ending, you will know. Ichise and Guts are similar characters. They always asking themselves. Especially Ichise. Oonishi and Griffith are characters who hold up an ideal. They fight for their faith. Both shows as the plot develops, it become gloomy and disconsolate. But Texhnolyze is still left hope. Animation is solid. Texhnolyze is coolness and decadent. KDB is savage and brutality. Of course,   read more
report Recommended by Xnovazero
Both protagonists are plagued with tragedy, gain prosthetic limbs and are forced to work under a charismatic leader. These series are incredibly bleak as different forms of philosophical doctrine nihilism are incorporated into each series respectively. The bleak atmosphere is also conveyed through the visuals and soundtrack which make the worlds feel desolate and lonely for the protagonists. Both series also contain a political strife between the separate factions; in which the main protagonists get entangled in the conflict.
report Recommended by BNSCIENCEFICTION