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Frozenstein Dec 25, 2020 5:45 AM
Merry Christmas! :)
JizzyHitler Feb 9, 2020 8:30 PM
It is a deeply flawed entry plagued by years of development problems and internal politics at square breaking things, but it is genuinely very overheated especially when people shit on the characters, then only list things they do early in the game when they haven't developed yet. Also the combat was fun, people always brought up autobattle like it was the worst thing to ever happen to games and completely ignore that the paradigm shifts/stagger were the whole focus of the combat and auto battle is just a mean to lessen tedium. I think it came out at the wrong time and just received the front of it, but I also dont think its going to get a similar redemption like FF9 and 12 did when they used to be the black sheep of the series, but thats also cause like, those games were better (I mean fuck id say 9 is the best) but still my point still stands.

Also the soundtrack helped alot, this section had a genuine atmosphere that worked so damn well cause of its music
Frozenstein Dec 29, 2019 1:16 AM
Fair enough. I don't update my lists often unless it's just adding stuff to my Plan to Watch. I mostly log on because I'm involved in several long formed discussions with people that have been going on throughout the entire year.
Frozenstein Dec 18, 2019 9:41 AM
Have a happy Merry Christmas in advance! :)

To another year of knowing you! 2020 hype! We should talk more. XD
JizzyHitler Aug 8, 2019 6:06 PM
Well the alternative is in case you feel that lost, im 90% certain continuum shift had a summary of the first game. Also alternatively and probably faster/more entertaining, this tongue in cheek video of a dude trying to remmember what the fuck happened in the game after a while and getting pretty much all of it right abeit in the frantic fucking chaos that is this game's set up im starting to think the reason i said these games got easier to follow is just cause you get past this shit tbh especially cause looking back on it too, honestly at this point this video just being pretty damn funny is probably the biggest reward to finishing Ct cause i reminded me that alot of the shit i thought was explaint in it was actually the sequel.

Also only the very first couple minutes of this video cover a couple things he missed

Keep in mind though while continuum shift is easier to follow its still gonna be pretty convoluted cause of the whole disjointed story with time loops, but its just much less convoluted and stories actually intersect more. Chronophantasma is when the game actually ends up being mostly easy to follow at least comparatively cause its an actually linear storyline and has more breathing room by actually being longer too.

I guess full disclosure though, I did I actually play continuum shift first skipping calamity trigger outright so i followed the plot solely off of the synopsis i got in game until i eventually went back and played calamity a few years later so im not exactly the most unbiased guy to ask whether you should be completely blanking on CT. Also there is the issue that i had time to actually digest the game in between entries actually just playing the game as a fighting game with my pals so i dont know how easy to digest the plot could be, i dont recall being confused much at all other than stuff that was leading into future games or were teases when i finished CT, but i did also have the time to sit on shit joking with friends about the lore as well which may of cleared things up more Like im imaging just bumrushing through kingdom hearts' lore all in 1 go without any time to sit on the massive left turn the lore goes between 2 and birth by sleep and i wonder the reason i never had much issue following the plot so many people just cant understand at all is cause i had those years of build up to sit on. Like yeah to be fair to you, theres so much shit to digest it is pretty unfair, like all that stuff in the backstory about the 6 heroes and each and every specific one's motivation and character is all super fucking important and thats just the backstory let alone what they do in the future cause they are all active characters. If you have to dip and say this shits too confusing for me fuck this im out I dont think anyone would blame you.
JizzyHitler Aug 7, 2019 7:57 PM
I don't know why I said parallel worlds when its fucking time loops, anyway other than that only thing i forgot to add sort of as a potential motivation to play later games (aside from them being all around really solid fighting games that gets a ridiculously huge roster the more it goes on) is that the music stays fucking bangers and actually starts to have alot of variety, couple of my favs

Also make sure if your getting continuum shift the 2nd game, that your getting the version called EXTEND, it doesnt add super much other than a couple not super important routes for the dlc chaarcters, but it does have them nonetheless and of course the added bonus of the dlc characters free, granted you get them with the later 2 games anyway cause they keep the roster the same jsut adding onto it
JizzyHitler Aug 7, 2019 2:08 PM
You are suppossed to be pretty in the dark most of calamity trigger, Blazblue is a series that makes more sense the more games it goes on cause the plot starts off being a series of parrallel what ifs(every characters route is cannon just not in the same universe and that very much is an actual plotpoint ingame that gets elaborated on). The 2nd game continuum shift is this way too but its much easier to follow especially due to a more active villain(s) and some more upfront explanations. The 3rd game chronophantasma is pretty easy to follow for the most part cause its a singular linear storyline with alot of downtime and breathing room and its a long one too in a good way, basically by that point its story mode is a visual novel pretending to be a fighting game and theres ALOT of resolution and payoff if you followed the story up till then. It actually covered up till the 80% mark of the storyline with the newest and final game wrapping the last bit up and it very much does end in case your worried of biting off more than you can chew with a neverending series, nah its already over though i imagine well get more spin offs and the like.

If you stick with it there will be notable payoff and fun to be had with the plots and especially characters. Its gonna have some headscratching moments and some lower brow anime tropes but its also pretty self aware and pokes fun at itself alot too so theres a vibe of it not being up its ass. Its been so long since calamity trigger so i dont recall if they had em, but continuum shift and up have a bunch of joke endings for each character that are just a bunch of self jabs like mocking how jin is obsessive over his brother or just getting pretty wild with the scenarios. Also i dont know if it was revealed just yet but the main antagonist of the series thats revealed in calamity trigger is just all around funny cause of how much if a dick he is so that carries alot if the confusing bits.

There is one infortunate caveat though, the story does make sense and get much easier to follow, but kind of like fate, blazblue does kind of become a victim of its own success and get a bit swallowed up in side material. Its not to the point where it ruins everything but s bunch of ln shit is cannon and not all of it is as clear as day in the games as i wish they were. Youll be fine with just the games its just unfortunate that some details are kind of locked behind side stories, though again it doesnt ruin the story.
JizzyHitler Aug 4, 2019 11:37 AM
The xigbar twist was the most caught off guard i was by a twist in a while tbh, especially cause it completely recontextualizes every scene he was in save for like his base kh2 scenes, but everything 2 final mix and onwards is riddled in foreshadowing and theres some neat details about how hes basically been the hidden main villain for the past few games in the secret reports, i imagine master of masters will be the overarching villain going foreword though. Outside of that yeah i loved the last act of the game, yeah it would of been nice to have the plot a bit more evenly spread but fuck it i enjoyed the ride of those last 6 hours alot and got more or less everything i wanted out of the game save for one major disappointment (kairi was fucking worthless), the final boss in particular i think was a total rush and the meta game moment where you get the game over screen was the kind of shit im a sucker for.
JizzyHitler Aug 2, 2019 7:31 PM
to be honest, the franchise as a whole never felt like it was up to par for high level play, i recall getting a bit frustrated at kh2's combat when I played that on critical mode too because the square inputs never felt like they were as responsive as they needed to be
JizzyHitler Jul 22, 2019 10:12 PM
then i feel bad telling you proud mode was too easy
Sweet Jul 19, 2019 8:38 PM
Sorry for taking another month to reply. You know, it's been a busy summer for me, oof.
Yeah, panic attacks are truly a nightmare. My worst panic attacks included symptoms like nausea, headaches, chest pain, trouble breathing, crying, sometimes screaming, numbness, depersonalization, fear of dying/going crazy, etc. At times my legs would be feel so numb to the point that I couldn't even stand up. My meds have helped a lot in that regard (I started taking them exactly a year ago, what a coincidence), even though at first the side effects were almost unbearable.

What antidepressant are you taking, if you don't mind me asking? I'm currently on sertraline, or better known as Zoloft. Mind you, I wasn't optimistic at all when I was in the middle of my worst phase of depression/panic disorder. I literally thought that I would had died there lol. But that wasn't the case and I'm in a much better place right now, a year later. As long as you're still alive, your situation can definitely change.
I do agree that medication really helps with those things, but as you said, it's not the solution. To put it simple, when it comes to mental illnesses, medication only does 10% of the work. It's like giving crutches to a person who has a broken leg, without actually trying to fix the broken bone. You still have to sort out all your issues with your life despite the medication, sometimes with help of family, friends, or even a good therapist. Anything counts, as long as it helps you find your own path.
Becoming a writer may seem unlikely, but you'd never know if you don't actually try and take the first step.

Well, yeah, that's what you would expect. At first, becoming a writer will be really difficult and frustrating, but if it's really what you'd like to do, it's gonna be all worth it.
To be honest, A Song of Ice and Fire has a pretty complex storyline and narration. If you can actually write something of the same level, then you must be really good at it.

Yup, of course I've read Sartre. I took philosophy for a semester when I was in high school, thus our teacher forced us to read a lot of stuff. It was kind of difficult at first, but I came to like it at the end. Sometimes I think that if I hadn't chosen my current major, I would have either majored in Psychology, Literature or Philosophy.

Oh, I usually don't have any problems reading things in Portuguese, I get most of it. xD So don't worry.
JizzyHitler Jul 14, 2019 4:15 PM
the dlc like is aid is the final mix versions of the game, its adding a bunch of cutscenes and extra shit that will likely just be a bunch of teases for the next clusterfuck in this franchise which im all down for, anyway i hope critical mode works out for yah if your that willing, the final boss and like 1 other boss in the game has minor challenge, i imagine the game will be 10 times easier once you unlock the skill that lets you survive a combo at 1 hp though
JizzyHitler Jul 12, 2019 6:35 PM
oh yeah i dont know actually how good critical mode is for a first go I never played it cause my backlog overtook replaying it, hopefully, it doesnt ruin the game experience for you if its too hard that its fustrating, but I know they like made outright exclusive skills only for the critical mode playthrough

But yes proud mode is piss easy, I only died once in the entire game, as for 3 itself, its alot of fun, its not kh2 but its still a solid action game, just dont expect like any substantial story moments till the very fucking last 5 hours though and just enjoy the disney stuff for what it is. They seem to be adding alot to the dlc thats meant to be the replacement to the final mix versions but i also worry they are gonna give away the game's big reveal that happens after the credits with the extra scenes.
JizzyHitler Jun 23, 2019 8:28 PM
Trying not to spoil anything, but type-0 is one of those games that gets a completely different context at the end of the game, its not terribly hard to figure out but its still a pretty major plotpoint, when you beat the game you unlock a secret ending in the gallery that just changes everything and then you go onto the 2nd playthrough which adds metric fucktons of content, cutscenes, and scenarios kind of like the nier games did, there is still the teidum of some of the more annoying missions like the shitty overworld combat but the actual main missions themselves range from pretty varied from the first time to being outright completely new missions and a few completely unique new ones, it is genuinely worth doing and its kind of a shame people usually stop at the first playthrough.

Type-0 has flaws but its an insanely ambitious game especially for the fucking psp, its one of the reasons im so forgiving on it and the fact i genuinly love the aesthetic of a bleak war documentarry so im quite forgiving, I just hate knowing that if we just gotten this as a ps3 game instead it could of been so much more. Though if you just come out of the first playthrough not liking what you had i dont think the 2nd playthroguh will win you over much and you can just look up what it does, the story does end at the first playthrough pretty conclusively and mostly satisfyingly, the 2nd playthrough is there to add a bunch of new meanings to things that believe it or not makes the already shitty world EVEN WORSE. The really tragic thing about type-0's lofty ambitions is that the director wanted it to be a franchise parralell to the main series with new standalone entries following similar themes kind of like the megaman X to the mainline megaman, they even have a fucking awesome teaser for it in the game that you unlock in the gallery when you beat the game kind of like the secret endings of kingdom hearts, its not confirmed a dead idea but with Hajime tabata having split with square earlier this year I kind of doubt it will ever come to be.

As for 13, oh no 13 is melodramatic as all fuck, but what the characters are going through are still fairly justified its not like they are overplaying innocuous things, characters start off flawed as fuck and go through very visible character arcs. as for 13-2 and 13-3 i guess i should be a bit more specific, as standalone games they work and they did win people over that hated 13 for various reasons, the issue is they are good standalone games and 13-2 even has kind of a good story and especially a great antagonist, the problem is its blatantly a completely different story that they shoehorned into the same storyline and is so straight the fuck out of no where and dissonant from the pretty damn conclusive first game, and the problem is 13-2 doesnt conclude as definitively as 13 which would be fine and all if lightning returns wasnt just as straight the fuck out of no where dissonant and weird as the transition between 13 and 13-2 as it is to 13-2. The whole trilogy aspect of this trilogy is such a weired fucking afterthought and I think its a big part of why 13 isnt gonna get the reverse of negative reception that 9 and 12 got. I would still say 13 works fine on its own though it is one of the weaker FF's. Go in with low expectations as im sure you are.
JizzyHitler Jun 21, 2019 3:28 PM
ok in that case yeah I think 13 is worth trying out, like in terms of main overarching plot 13 is kind of serviceable with alot of jank in a few areas cause its pretty much an ensemble cast of flawed people all going their own seperate ways, its one of the big reasons the game was so hated when it released and even now cause the main cast doesn't actually all get together till like the last 3rd of the game, the stories do intersect though but its still a shifting narrative for multiple people. The characters themselves are the point of contention and I've always found the discourse around them really confusing tbh. Whenever people described why these guys were so terrible aside from like vannile that is genuinly kind of annoying, most of the time people would just say stuff like lightnings a bitch, hopes a pussy, snows an idiot, and thats like......yeah they are thats the point they are flawed people that grow out of that over the course of the game and its not even like a dumb 1 off "now im a different character" moment there was actual character development for pretty much all of em. I honestly thing that if the game was not called final fantasy there would of been a signifigantly different discourse about the game I think the legacy its attatched to kind of damned it.

Now 13-2 and lightning returns on the other hand, that shits retarded and feels so fanfictiony its insane, lightning in particular gets it real bad where she pretty much regresses in character cause the director turned her into he personal waifu, gameplay wise they are sadly rpetty solid all around so really its up to you if you really wanna bother depending on how much you loath or like 13.

As for type-0, thats the definition of a diamond in the rough, it has some really cool ideas in it and the way it uses a 2nd playthrough to change the story massively is pretty interesting (sadly most people kind of understandably stop at the first, they actually add alot in the 2nd one even down to missions playing different ). the characters kind of fall victim to fadng into the background of the overall war and documentary aesthetic, I like the game but to not admit how jank it is in alot of areas is naive, i do think it has one of the coolest worlds in the series despite being arguably the worst fucking place in existence of any game ive played, like its shocking how shitty that place is to live and how it somehow keeps getting worse the more you learn.