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pchi 2 hours ago

Cats think they are so much better than humans >:(
SweetKiichigo 2 hours ago
sorry for the late reply. Was gonna reply when you replied but then i had to do laundry and forgot to.~
I left Houston like on Wednesday afternoon last week. What do you think of Houston from what I showed you?~

Hmm why not make 4 leches? :3
Not gonna lie 3 leches >>>>> regular cake. I like to let 3 leches get a bit chilly so that the milk cake gets a bit firm.~
Ofc I'm Mexican after all. I like that one bread that has raisins inside and is sticky on top. Do you know which one it is?~


Strawberry Latte :3

SweetKiichigo 2 hours ago
Are you on vacation?
qtgothgf 3 hours ago
maybe idk ;w;
Sayakafire 6 hours ago
Haha yeah LightThatFollows was more than less on a whim. Just really got into Lux's character a lot, but since then I've only really had time outside of work to just read manga (and watch anime) from my smart phone. Basically, the way it's been lately, when I'm not actually working, I'm reading manga/watching anime. Gaming is really fun, but I'd probably be able to put more time into the really popular games like League of Legends if I didn't work as many hours. Yup, Sayakafire is one of my favorites. I think I'll keep it like that for awhile, if not forever.

Yeah the higher dosages of the one I was taking was just too much. Like my original symptoms leaned more toward social anxiety, but when I got put on all these different types of medications, I actually started developing schizophrenic symptoms like paranoia and hallucinations, which I never really experienced from the get-go. Just coming off that sliver of the heavier medication allows me to just enjoy life (both online and offline) with a lot more quality. Okay, so basically the risperdal medication I've been put on (an schizophrenia pill) made my life a shit hole, so over a span of what has been like 5 years or so, I've been slowly getting decreased on it. It seems anything under 2.5, I am fine with it, but anything 2.5 and up, it's like I'm living in some kind of hellish nightmare. Because my psychiatrist thinks that I will fall out of work and stuff if I go off the risperdal (or am on too low of a dose) he added another medication (Latuda) which he wants to continue increasing in hopes that when he lowers or takes me off risperdal that other medication will curb any changes that might jeopardize my connectivity and perseverance within society.

Yeah these medications are a balancing act. The way my psychiatrist was talking at first, he gave me the impression that the higher you go on medications, the better you feel. In my case, the higher I went, the more disabled I felt both emotionally, socially, and psychologically. I think the Latuda is a safe one to increase a little bit more because of how light it is. It's the medications that disable transmitters in the brain and receptor's that knock the wind out of a person.

That's pretty remarkable to be able to come off psychiatric medications with doctors approval. See, in my case, if I don't take my medications at the end of the night before going to bed, I won't be able to sleep. So for me to come off them, I would have to rely on sleeping pills or Melatonin or something along those lines in order to sleep. I feel that I have recovered a great deal as well, but there's just a few complications that I won't go into right now that make it pretty much next to impossible to come off them successfully. And yes, it is great that we are trying to do our best, considering our circumstances. It shows a great deal of strength.

No problem at all! Those are some of the first classic anime I've ever watched, mostly throughout the early 2000's. They are all fun series. And I'll be sure to let you know what I think of the original Evangelion series and the End of Evangelion movie once I get around to watching them. Right now, I've been strictly just reading manga. Currently 50+ chapters into To Love-ru Darkness.

SweetKiichigo Yesterday, 5:45 PM
It's alright dw~
SweetKiichigo Yesterday, 5:17 PM
How's it going Sofi?~
Just didn't want you to forget about our convo.~
pchi Yesterday, 4:35 PM
LOL aww

If I ever get a fat cat I know what to do
qtgothgf Yesterday, 2:59 PM
oh my i thought you were about to say "you cant spell stupid without U" and i was about to be very sad hmph
Shiroyasha- Jun 16, 3:30 PM
I'mma take you as my luggage, Squishy. ;w;
Shiroyasha- Jun 15, 10:06 PM
PraetorPat Jun 15, 7:48 PM
aww thanks miss ! ;D
SakuraPetals_ Jun 15, 6:21 PM
i need more harry potter talk!! ;3
RaijinAkashi Jun 15, 6:14 PM
Oh no, really? I'm very sorry to hear about this :/ Was it because of the studies? Make sure to rest enough, now... you should really get some sleep and recover, because this is so important for your health! (you should know this better than anyone... it's not me the one who should tell you :P) But I am also happy to hear that you got good grades, because I'm sure that you totally deserved all of them :D
What are you up to, in these days?

It's kind of hard to explain, because it's a (shitty) system that is still ongoing only in Italy. Hospitals announce this contest when they need people for work. You have to apply and then there are 4 tests:
1 - Pre-selective exam
2 - Write exam
3 - Practice exam
4 - Orals (like at the uni)

If you can pass all of them, the grades you got will add up, and there will be like a "ranking" with all the people that passed everything. The higher is your grade, the less you will have to wait (sometimes even years). I've passed completely one in Milan, but I'm not so high there, and now I have a Practice exam in Rome at mid July and Orals here in my city, at the end of July.
That's how it works, I hope I didn't annoy you with it, lol. But thank you a lot for your support, you're always so nice <3
Ohhhh, so much time... but now you can finally do it :D The beach? There in Mexico? This sounds soooo good, really. Enjoy your free time, because you really deserved that!
Shiroyasha- Jun 15, 5:58 PM