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While not conventionally similar in terms of storyline these two anime have a hell of a lot of similarities.
- Both have two young girls which have a back story contributing to the events that unfold
- Both have 4 MC's with similar genders and connections
- Both contain people willing to surrender if it comes to helping civilization
- Both contain antagonists who tend to start off as normal citizens but are turned into killers due to events
I cannot promise you will like one if you enjoyed the other all I can say is that the similarities do not end there.
report Recommended by Pheromone
They may not be alike by storyline but they do have their similarities.
-Both have a civilization trying to survive against an outside force.
-The antagonists can be viewed in either a bad or good way, depending on opinion.
-Both have regular MCs that turn violent during the show.
-Both have very dark and gory events throughout the show.
-Both have very good and well thought out endings.
report Recommended by Takkyon