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Mob Psycho 100 II
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jal90 Apr 12, 6:34 PM
Hi Jody!

Yep, indeed, we haven't spoken in a while, I even saw your message at the Club and wanted to answer but, uh, lazy me as usual. I'm fine here, though things are still rough in Spain. But I'm lucky because nobody around me has been infected and neither have I :). How are things going out there?

Thanks for your words about my approach, very kind but totally not true gkfjgkfjkg. I'll tell you my favorites:

-Yuru Camp (2018): cutesy, feel-good and a top tier iyashikei. It's one of the shows I love the most and I have rewatched it a number of times already. It's astonishingly well-made in every aspect of its aesthetic and narrative. Great characters, awesome interactions, genuine good quiet comedy and a lot of scenery and food porn. It's a perfectly safe space, it feels cute and fluffy without ever being overbearingly so, it has a really great take on introversion and personal spaces and there's a lot of cute dogs because the author loves dogs apparently.

-Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (2017): a very unique iyashikei, set in a post-apocalyptic world set to extinction. Reflective, sad and hopeless, but it ultimately comes off as life-affirming, like a sort of catharsis through the little pleasures in life the main characters still find. It's really beautiful and I like it about as much as the above one, through even as part of the same genre/type it aims for a different kind of relaxation, one that is more layered and complicated, and one that has made me smile and cry for real equally.

-Koe no Katachi (2016): this one speaks to me personally, not just in themes but in attitudes and thought processes. It bugs me a lot when people call these characters unrealistic because I recognize myself in a lot of their aspects. Amazing either way in presentation, narrative and particularly in visual execution, body language in special.

-Kaguya-sama wa kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen (2019): one of the best romcoms for sure. The adaptation is full of energy and relies a lot on an excellent visual execution of the jokes. It's hilarious and the characters are lovable dorks.

-Given (2019): a damn great BL story about overcoming loss and guilt. Intimistic romance and drama written with a lot of care and sense. It's something I admire a lot about the original author of this show. She is very eloquent when talking about, handling and confronting feelings, without any of the artificial dramatic escalation that makes fiction feel so immature at times. It's amazing how effective it is while remaning grounded and treating its characters with respect.

-Princess Principal (2017): steampunk story about a group of spy girls in Victorian London that I didn't know it was going to be so much of my jam. It's structured in chronologically unordered episodes (each detailing a mission) and the narrative is appropriately playful and intense, the characters are all fun and likeable, and the show has quite strong leftist vibes that I, of course, stan.

These are my 10/10. Now, about the 9s:

2017: Houseki no Kuni, Konohana Kitan, Mahoujin GuruGuru
2018: Hakumei to Mikochi, Hinamatsuri, Hisone to Maso-tan, Koi wa Ameagari no you ni, Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight, Violet Evergarden
2019: Carole & Tuesday, Endro!, Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu, Hulaing Babies, Kimetsu no Yaiba

I haven't explored previous years enough, and even with 2017 I've watched highlights but not consistently. 2018 is the year I can talk more confidently about, with 2019 I basically stopped watching for the second half.

As for my favorite films from the last decade... uhm, I need to think about it, actually. Checking through my 10/10s there's a lot of the usual suspects in animation, and also some films I absolutely loved at the time but I'm not sure how would they hold up now (Blue is the warmest color being one example). So... I'll bring something once I make up my mind, but in the meanwhile I can recommend some lesser-known greats such as A woman's revenge (Rita Azevedo Gomes), Out-takes from the life of a happy man (Jonas Mekas) or The search for Emak Bakia (Oskar Alegría), the three of them being more or less experimental and unconventional in tone.
Ezekiel_01 Mar 27, 8:01 PM
Hello Good Day!

I would like you to check out this anime review I have made. Here's the link I would like to know your opinion on the series and what you think of my review. I am open to criticism. If you like the review, clicking the "helpful button" is the best way you can show me your support. Thank you in advance for taking your time in my anime review.
TyDrian Feb 8, 8:15 PM
I agree with your review over Michiko & Hatchin & I love your taste in anime fellow TTGL lover :)
EndGears Nov 17, 2019 7:53 PM
Which FMA did you like better?
Marc_----- Apr 3, 2019 7:19 PM
How're the other J9 shows? I've been watching Braiger and it's been a blasy
AltonWi34129768 Dec 8, 2018 9:46 AM
Truly love your favorite list also like your Top 100 anime list it very unique
sushiisawesome Jan 20, 2018 10:43 PM
Happy birthday mate, hope to see you back soon.
Newdenver Sep 9, 2017 2:32 AM
A Dog of Flanders (Movie) is definitely one of the BEST movie I've ever seen! ❤
Newdenver Sep 5, 2017 5:57 AM
Hi, I just want to ask which is better

A Dog of Flanders (1975) - by Nippon Animation
A Dog of Flanders (1992) - by TMS
or the Movie?
Opinionssucks Aug 9, 2017 2:33 PM
hows shouwa
ZetaZaku Aug 7, 2017 11:49 PM
I know that it was cancelled and all, but yeah it wasn't the best way to handle the ending. Gundam (79 and X), Ideon, Dancougar, they all got cancelled as well, but still delivered some kind of ending. Layzner just fast forwarded through the episodes they couldn't air. The OVA adds ~30min of new content to the finale so maybe that one will be a bit more satisfying.

I'm doing fine, suffering through the Summer heat with Summer seasonals. How's it on your end? Finding any time for your hobbies with all the work?
Exinqt Jul 30, 2017 10:27 AM
Thanks Jody
JizzyHitler Jul 26, 2017 7:06 AM
Just to specifiy toeisms, the series doesnt adapt at 1 chapter actually thats a good thing it adapts about 120 chapters in 60 episodes (theres an abysmal anime filler arc for 12 episodes inb the anime). the toeisms come from how poorly animated the first 20 episodes are but it progressively improves as it goes on. Basically everything past the 26 episode mark actually looks pretty decent and has a few parts of genuinly good looking animation. maybe not mindblowing but most of the 2nd half looks like this
keep in mind the mal score is very useful in this case to judge how the series improves, cause it actually started off at a score of around 6.30 and continuously improves in pretty massive chunks over the course of its run to about a 7.6 before the shows drop rule came in. The shitty thing is if you ignore the start and the filler arc its a pretty solid adaptation thats has a pretty bitchin soundtrack by kenji K

as for the reply you asking its comparison to gurren in the sense of how gurren is completely absurd but it sets up the groundrules of its own universe and stays within the bounds of its shounen cliches that it wears like a badge? If along those lines world trigger really doesnt share much of anything on that case cause world trigger is actually a really low key series all things considered compared to most of jump. There is way more focus on character interaction

Also I should specify what i mean by politics with world trigger cause I used it for a lack of a better word and it might be a bit misleading, there is conflicts with a rival world but the organization of border that the entire series is actually only set in one location of a relatively big town where a mass invasion took place years prior to the series. The politics I am referring to is exclusively within this orginization of i think a few thousand kids and a few adults that work as higher ups (its established that only younger people can use trion so only a few adults in the series can still fight). Dont go in expecting something super serious like dougram's politics cause its more the inner workings of the organization and disruption between multiple people. World trigger isnt a particularly dire series and I can safely say even during the darker moments of the manga recently that the series holds 0 edge. They are without a doubt working towards the series getting more serious in the future where things will become more life threatening but still thats a fairly big warning I think that should be considered before moving into the series.

Like one thing thats just unfortunate about the hiatuses is that the series would very likley be into the traveling to the other worlds part of the story the entire thing has been building up towards. Cause a very large chunk of the series is spent on something called the B-rank wars which is multiple groups in border who fight in a tournament to rank up which the protagonists need to do in order to join an expedition team which you can only do once you reach an A rank, So a very large chunk of the series has been spent on non life threatening skrimishes in virtual reality locations between 3 or 4 teams at once. The thing is in another series this would be a low point and youd want to go back to the invasion part of the story but here its done so well that its high and far the highest part of the series especially cause the show is not afraid to show the protagonists not succeed at everything, plus you get to see a real handle on how their abilities and weapons have strengths and weak points. Also i dont know if i ever established how combat works but it really adds to the impact of things. Basically they dont fight in their actual bodies but instead they enter a replica trion body and when too much damage is taken they are then ejected to a farther away distance so as to not harm their real bodies. What makes this awesome is that it gives the show free reign to damage the bodies in any way it sees fit, so you get to see just how destructive alot of the weaponry they use is as youll see it slice people apart and rip a couple people to shreds(its also established that characters can chose to keep pain on or off). This makes the rank wars alot more exciting cause youll see the locations get wrecked and the character really going in for killing hits the entire time rather than most tournament arcs in these types of shows. Also i should establish another misleading thing, the weapons and damage to the bodies they show are brutal but the series is not gory, when a trion body gets hit it just starts leaking trion from it, though the way they show this does differ between anime and manga, in both theres no blood but in the manga it is a darker mist that sometimes does look like blood probably intentionally, but the anime shows it through a bunch of blue cubes leaking out of the bodies, both work I just wanted to establish how more on the kid friendly the series is though there are parts where real bodily damage is done.

I dont know if I am particularly selling the series well, but its definetly a show I highly reccomend if you can stomach a slow start that really undersells its attention to detail. Just dont expect something too serious. At its heart world trigger has a bunch of focus on just characters being goofy out of combat in slice of life bits. I do think the series is going to be alot more serious when they actually get into the expidition stuff cause every part of the backstories for the characters are much more dire and life threatening than what it currently has and its played pretty straight. I adore the series but dont expect anything more than a pretty laid back shounen that somehow survived getting cancelled. I mean I kind of ramble when i want to try and compliment the show so maybe that at least shines through that I do really think its a good series.
JizzyHitler Jul 25, 2017 12:18 PM
Let me get this right out of the way, world trigger's anime suffers from mass toeisms and it doesn't actually become a decently produced show until the first major arc about 20 episodes in and from what ive read of the manga its massively better.

Now that aside, world trigger is basically a series that oozes potential despite suffering from a rather dull initial episodes/chapters. Its definetly a shounen series at heart but there is an attention to detail in its world building and combat that is simply astonishing as the series goes on. Its a show thats really carried by just how well thought out its concepts and rules are in its world and how the different abilities, weapons, and so forth contrast eachother especially during a tourmnament arc where its team vs team combat. The issue is you dont get much of this in its initial set up and its not until a arc called the invasion arc that the series really begins to come into its own.

Another big praise I have for the series is the main protagonist Osamu, the series is very focused on a substance called trion that every character produces that acts as the basis for all action in combat, basically it defines how powerful attacks are, how much damage one can take before reverting back to their physical body, and so forth. What the show does thats very interesting is the protagonist has jack shit in trion count and its essentially outright been stated he can never truly improve it so hes kind of a bad fighter. The reason this winds up working so much in the show's favor is that instead of giving him a power up, hidden power, or just a eventual goal of him getting to be some monster in battle the series instead choses the route of keeping him a terrible fighter that is entirely relaint on smart tactics and thinking to get himself through situaitons. This also means we get to see him legitimately fail or get outclassed by those around him. I personally think this is one of the strongest aspects of the show cause its so interesting to see what clever ways he gets around situations and really gets you to root for him which makes it that much more sadder when you see him fail. This in addition to just how much detail goes into the weapons the characters use, the inner politics and factions of the organization, how different weapons fare or become obsolete in different envirements, and so forth it just makes for an insanely detailed series where even small skirmishes really stand out once it gets its groove down.

Lastly the big reason I grew to be a big fan of the series, and this is actually going to include a reason why you might want to wait picking this up, is the sheer level of scale the series has set up which goes back to the potential i was talking about. Without getting too into details the series has an extremely interesting world set up of multiple different dimensions the characters will eventually travel through and basically wage war against. Now heres the downside, the main writer, unfortunately, suffers from a genetic muscle disorder in his neck that puts him into extreme pain and can also put him into a temporary paralysis. The series has occasion hiatuses of 2 to 4 or so weeks every now and again and thats fine cause the amount of effort put into the series is admirable especially once you consider how much passion the guy has for it depsite his illness.....however as of about 10 months ago the series has been on indefinite hiatus and we really dont know when it will come back (though some signs are pointing towards when gintama ends). So all this potential im praising of a massive scale to come is kind of put on ice at the moment and it might be best to wait starting it. Me and another user batoto have gotten a few people to get really into the series through out constant shilling of it about a year back only to blue ball them with this hiatus as it took longer than we all expected. So really the biggest reaosn not to read it is irrelivant once its comes out in my opinion, other than a slowish start that is.

So yeah, thats my essay on it I guess. TLDR just read the manga and try to make it past the 20 chapter mark or so before judging it too harshly. I really think if a better studio picked it up the series would be ALOT more popular but even then it still seemed to of gained a pretty decently big following despite its toeisms.
Unowen Jul 18, 2017 7:40 AM
Tourism in Majorca has been in its historical peak for a couple of years now, beating records year after year (from its start in the 60s it has been growing in an incredible pace but just when it seemed it could've start decreasing in numbers the Arab Spring took place and many new potential competitors went virtually out of the market). So, within Spain is still an effervescent spot to find opportunities.

I can't complain about a work I got two weeks ago after barely spending energy in finding it (well, I did have to finish with my former one and also with my second-to-last year in college, but I can't deny the fact), And if it's a nice company on top of that. Maybe this stress is just pressure to meet with people's expectations. If I ever could complain that in my former job my supervisors rarely had time to guide me, now I feel guilty to take 1-2 hours per day from my boss. I know for sure he's really busy overall, and yet he invests quite of his time with me. This kind of hesitations are completely unlike me, but I want to do things right.

But yes, when I said "complaining" in my former comment wasn't that much referring to my work in particular but to a more general frame, for the sake of coherence with what you were saying related to the bigger picture of things. Numbers speak by themselves.