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As soon as Shigurui started, I thought, "Whoa, this opening looks a LOT like Texhnolyze's opening," and I turned out right. Even though the anime take place at completely different times, they have a lot in common. Both are very dark, bloody anime who are more suited for a mature audience. Both are confusing at the start and being explaining later on. Both also share a very similar animation style.
report Recommended by Roxanne
Both have a very similar style of presentation since they're by the same director. They're slow paced, violent and intense. The settings are complete opposites but they're so similar. If you liked the style of one you'll enjoy the other as well.
report Recommended by Danish
They both carry a similar very slow paced dark and brooding atmosphere which seems to continuously grow as the show progresses. Both are depressive and are much focused on communication through the visuals, as well as using some non-standard animation, less cuts and more detail put into every scene, very beautiful art in both. Though they have quite opposite settings.
report Recommended by Ivantrollet
Both slow pace atmosphere and full of gore and bloody action.
report Recommended by mooncrypt
Both have the same studio and director. Both have very little dialogue; the pacing is slow and imagery is tangential, but the action scenes are quick, dynamic, and brutal.
report Recommended by Neane93
Although the two stories are highly dissimilar - Shigurui being set in the 1600s and focusing on the nitty gritty of Samurai culture at that time and Texhnolyze a dystopian cyberpunk series centered around the idea of human evolution as expressed through robotics - they are very stylistically similar. They are both directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki, who is better known for directing Steins;Gate. This connection between the two series in question is evident in the washed out, more realistic art style and gory elements, the stellar voice acting and minimalistic but highly effective use of sound and soundtrack.
report Recommended by hinekure