Texhnolyze, Wolf's Rain Recommendations

If you liked
Wolf's Rain
...then you might like
Wolf's Rain
Similar atmosphere of dying world and hopelessness. They both are dark and sad seinens.
report Recommended by Buran-kun
Similar atmosphere. Both have a female main character, who has special abilities. Both have have many male characters that are fighting (more or less) for a female main character.
report Recommended by ph0en1xl
Both stories tell us about survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Similar animation style and dystopian atmosphere. Both are serious and gloomy. Also, lead characters wander a lot.
report Recommended by Inevitabilis
both animes have slow moments allowing you to think about what is really going on
also both have same concept and similar atmosphere
report Recommended by Caliph
Texhnolyze is an extremely niche anime, but I believe Wolf's Rain shares some similar vital points and might appeal to the Texhnolyze audience to a certain degree. At least watching Wolf's Rain really reminded me of Texhnolyze and I felt similar feelings watching them.

I cannot really go into detail here as I can easily spoil one or both shows mentioning their key elements but I will try my best.

In short, you can get a feeling of desolation while watching both shows. They are set in universes with desolated worlds by either war, resource shortage, and exclusion of some parties. The characters   read more
report Recommended by INU4SH4