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This seems to be a pretty common comparison - probably because Light and Lelouch are practically the same character. Both shows feature quite a bit more intellectual sparring than your typical shounen fare, and both main characters have very similar personalities (they\'re closer to being villains than heroes) and abilities (ridiculously powerful but with prominent weaknesses that require careful planning to circumvent).
report Recommended by Krelian
Lots of thinking involved, and the main character exploits a 'magical power' to try to change the world.
report Recommended by UFO
Genius's with a special power using their brain strategising and planning. Light and Lelouch have similar ideals and try to change the world in the name of justice but acts more like the villain
report Recommended by RainbowPls
Two student who get a power and use it to rid the world of evil, but it slowly takes them over. Both shows are very similar, and Light = Lelouch.
report Recommended by RoadLord
both the main characters' wish is to change the world with their own the two main characters shares almost the same the flow of the story's kinda the same~
report Recommended by ka-ki
Main Characters have the same kind of intentions. Both are smart and use good strategies/tactics, very interesting. Main characters both have interesting powers.
report Recommended by deViate
Both anime are like a chess game. Very strategic and different from what you've seen before.
report Recommended by Ryogakun
The two opposing protagonists in each series fights for what they believe is true justice.
report Recommended by chibuki
It\'s kind of like Death Note with mechs and lots of big bosomed girls. It has some of the same sort of premise that Death Note does, and some of the same atmosphere, but it takes itself a lot less seriously. It also plays out less like a thriller, but it has some of the same sort of cat and mouse element that Death Note has. You might not like Code Geass, but there are enough similarities that you probably should give it a shot.
report Recommended by honeybunch
The situation is totally different, but in both the main character is very sharp and uses his brain all the time. Though in Death Note the main character had to fight other mastermind, in Code Geass he had to defeat a whole empire. Both of them will make you want more.
report Recommended by Maffy
Code Geass has more or less the same idea as Death Note, the ally of justice, but a \"zero\" instead of \"kira\" and some mind work here and there. the differences are: Code Geass is more colourful+humorous, the protagonist is more emotional and less clever when compared to light.
report Recommended by raindr0ps
The series are both about 1 person that gets a power to do good things, but some people think it isnt good what they does, some people do. (In death note, the killing of criminals, and in Code Geass he wants that the 11's can be called Japanese again) They have both a friend, who's on the 'battlefield' an enemy. (sorry if my english isnt good)
report Recommended by Endroine
The main characters of both shows are remarkably similar. The only significant differences are that Lelouch, unlike Light, has more reasoning behind his actions than simple boredom and Lelouch cares about more people than just himself. If you've watched Death Note first you'll half expect Lelouch to start screaming about becoming the God of the new world. The series themselves are quite different. Death Note is set in our world, where as Code Geass is set in an alternate universe where Britannia rules most of the world. Code Geass has bright colours, comedy and ecchi, Death Note does not. However, there really aren't many anime with   read more
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Very similar plot. A boy who gets the power to make anyone do what he wants and use it to change the world they live in. Both very interesting with unique characters (except maybe for suzaku). "The bad guy" in the main character position, everyone against him.
report Recommended by hanabiii
The plot of Light/ Kira (Ryoko) vs. Lelouch/ Zero (C.C.), with same smart cold (evil in a way) main character with an abnormal power who uses it to change the world to a better place from his own point of view for justice
report Recommended by fatleo
In both series there is someone trying to make a better world with help from something special. Death Note has it's notebook and in Code Geass there is the Geass.
report Recommended by queenofautumn
Although Code Geass might involve a few mechas, it bares a strong resemblance to Death Note, they both include a main character who is a genius and who has just acquired a supernatural power which they wish to use to reform the world into their ideal. So if you enjoyed Death Note you might also want to check out Code Geass.
report Recommended by Trie
Both Kira(Light) and Zero(Lelouch) want to create a new world. L and Suzaku are against their methods of creating this new world. The only difference is that Light is idealist, while Lelouch is realist. And L is realist, Suzaku an idealist.
report Recommended by Kyo_Kagami
Rather similar theme of both main characters trying to create a better world via their manipulative alter ego's. Both characters also start out with good intentions, but start to lose their own ideals along the way and become more out of control.
report Recommended by pineapple467
Code Geass is similar to Death Note in how they deal with morality issues such one's justice. They both play mind games with their enemies expect Code Geass is more of that of the military nature. The main characters in both uses mostly anyone they could as their pawn in order to achieve their victory.
report Recommended by Miles
Well, they are both awesome for one, the protagonists are similar, they think alike I guess, And the cliffhangers...I thought I'd die from watching these -_- I think the main similarity is the characters and what they hope to achieve - World Domination (sorta) and the animes are about how they go about that.
report Recommended by yukumushio
Both protagonists have their lives changed dramatically when they encounter a being who gives them strange powers, and they both use their power to pursue their ideals.
report Recommended by puedjies
The similarity here is quite obvious. Hyper-smart main characters are bestowed with a special power, which they then make use of to change the world to their liking, through plotting, planning and strategy.
report Recommended by TheLlama
Quite similar. Although the main characters have diferent objectives, they both want to rule the world, and also have the 'master-mind' needed to do that. If you liked Death Note, watch Code Geass; and if you liked Code Geass, watch Death Note!
report Recommended by Fye_DX
The main characters of these series gain a power to control/kill people and they want to change the world.
report Recommended by Chicken008
Despite how Code Geass has mechas and intense action scenes, both of these series both have a highly intellegent main character given a special gift/power that is used to turn the tide of the world. While Death Note may have more clever ideas and less action, Code Geass still has a great main character full of ambition and has some of the most exciting mecha action there is. When it comes down to it, you can't help but appreciate the brilliant minds of Light Yagami and Lelouch, and if you liked one,you'll probably like the other.
report Recommended by Fuzetsu
Code Geass and Death Note are similar to each other in a way that they make the viewers (watchers) think of who is really justice and the like. They are both intelligent animes. If you like Death Note, I guess you'll also like Code Geass, and vice versa.
report Recommended by rainbow_heart
Code Geass and Death Note were pretty much like each other, in my opinion at least. Death Note was too dark for my taste, whereas Code Geass has somewhat similar plot and the main character isn't so evil at all, at least not until the very end, and even that is debatable. However, Code Geass isn't as deeply intellectual series as Death Note. So, if you liked one of these, you might really like the other one too.
report Recommended by Kurogawa
The two main characters have the same twisted mind frame, using strategy to kill in order to create a "new and better world."
report Recommended by horsiegirl210
In both animes the main character - an ordinary boy in the beginning - gets super-powers and decides to change the world by very cruel and remorseless means.
report Recommended by Juxian
The anime differs much. But when it comes to the main characters, they have alot in common. They both have that so called unique way of thinking, not to mention how smart both are. And they might also have the same goal.
report Recommended by Zatsugai
Light and Lelouch have similar personality and demeanor with different motives and methods. Light wants to create a world where there is no crime, with the us of the DeathNote he began killing criminals with unforgivable crimes. While Leouch got the Geass which he uses along with his intellect to undermine and eventually crush an Empire. Both the characters through-out the series face rivals which challenge their intellect and wit to the limits.
report Recommended by Cortez321
probably the only similarity is few characteristics of the main character. Light Yagami and Lelouch are secretively trying to destroy the bad guys (criminals in DN and ruthless Britannia empire in CG). Similar to how Light keeps fighting L, Near, Mello by using various strategies, Lelouch has to deal with his best friend, who is empire's servant in a similar way except that CG's setting is in a future where Robots (controlled by humans) do the fighting. I don't want to go in further details, but let me assure you that if you liked DN, you will also like CG for sure.
report Recommended by farazs_1
When I finished Death Note, I was going through such bad withdrawal that I needed to find another anime that was similar to watch. Code Geass did it for me. Although I think it's not as thrilling and suspenseful as Death Note, it definitely has my thumbs up. The story idea of a character having the power to change the world is similar. The setting, fighting, and etc. are different. Actually, I think Code Geass has more action than Death Note since it deals a bit with the military and stuff. So, if you like Death Note and you like guns and fighting, I'd say go for   read more
report Recommended by paimei
Lead roles are quite similar: both are given a rather limited superpower, and decide to create a better world with it. Cat and mouse mindgames ensue with the rest of the world, where both sides use underhanded tactics to gain victory.
report Recommended by Marril-2000
Both portagonists want to make a better world using a supernatural power, both are very intelligent and both will do anything to achieve their objectives.
report Recommended by miltonduarte
Lelouch Lamperouge and Yagami Light share some characteristics. They both want too change the world at all cost. Not a single death is too much for them. Although there are no Mecha's in Death Note, and no Shinigami's in Code Geass, I am sure that if you liked the one, you will like the other, so jump into the lives of these Anti-Heroes, and see what they will do for their goals!
report Recommended by Migandas
Both of the main characters, Light and Lelouch, are very intelligent, and consistently demonstrate their abilities throughout each of their respective series. If you liked that cleverness from Death Note, you will definitely enjoy Code Geass.
report Recommended by Kotsu
main characters are extremely similar. both receive a power that allows them to control others. both have generally good intentions but have extreme ways to achieve that goal. right from the first episode i couldn't help but think this guy is just like Light.
report Recommended by skivey
This anime has the perfect "death note" feel to it... the main character thinks almost the same way light does and hopes to accomplish a somewhat similar goal... only through different means. although its very similar to death note it has far more action and far more characters that play an important role in the store. shame there is no "L" like character in code though....
report Recommended by Shikas_shadow
Code Geass is similar to Death Note in that Lelouch can kill people with out touching them or make them do what ever he wants.
report Recommended by SaraShuppan
Both Code Geass and Death Note follow the stories of ingenious and charismatic young men who gain a special power. Both characters use their new power to attempt to change the world. Both animes are full of suspense and twists!
report Recommended by TrashTTGLReviewr
I realized how similar these two animes are right from the first episode, both have amazing character personalities, great animation and both make you watch more and more even though you should be doing something else...
report Recommended by Rimona
From the general idea behind both shows, to subtle details, Code Geass IS Death Note, but with mechs. Seeing as how Death Note was first and also, in my opinion, easily the better of the two shows, Code Geass can be considered a Death Note-ripoff. If you like exotic character design and giant robots, you may enjoy Code Geass more, but overall, Death Note does a much better job of telling the story of a young man who gains a supernatural power and wishes to improve society through controversial means. Death Note is more thought-provoking while Code Geass emphasizes the typical shounen aspects more.
report Recommended by PBz0r
Both main characters have a limited amount of power to control other peoples mind / life span. Even tho the main characters are similar, code geass has alot of mecha action while death note has barely any action. But both of them are still great!
report Recommended by Elt-
Just like everyone else says, the main characters, Light and Lelouch, are similar in their genius minds and willpower to change the world. Not only that but both of the stories unfolded quite well and were unpredictable till the end.
report Recommended by isikaru
Geass is something like Death Note. Both main characters (who have a strong sense of justice) come into possession of that mysterious power, which allows them to change the world. They have comrade-in-arms, who gave them that ability (C.C. and Ryuuk). So both Lelouch (under the alias Zero) and Light (under the alias Kira) start a mind game and wage war against that rotten world, which should be destroyed and rebuilded again as a better place.
report Recommended by Kokkishin
Both series focus on a character that could be seen as either good or evil; A character who is trying to usurp the current rulers and set himself at the top. Also, both Lelouch and Light are tactical geniuses, both have an almost psychopathic and egotistical side, but all the while they are very good at keeping up a calm and collected facade in front of other people. Finally, both possess something of supernatural power that allows them to get ahead in the game quickly, but may or may not be their downfall in the end. Both are tales of Revolution.
report Recommended by Rakuenless
There is good action but that is not what i think it is all about. It is more the psychological aspect that is really interesting. There is more action in code geass - hangyaku no lelouch but i think that the death note has a more detailed story line.
report Recommended by cappy
The animation styles are very different. Code Geass may look lighter or happier, but both anime deal with dark themes of control, death, judgment, and power. While Death Note takes place in our world, Code Geass takes place in a sort of alternate history based world with Mecha, a complex political situation, and a dystopian landscape in Japan. In both cases a very intelligent character who is seemingly normal otherwise, is suddenly presented with a supernatural power and the choice of what to do with it. Both decide to use their new found power to change the world for, in their opinion, the better; but, not everyone   read more
report Recommended by r3c0rk33p1ng
The main characters are both "evil" masterminds behind a plot to save the world. They both acquire a supernatural power and use it to their full potential, c.c. is like ryuk. and Lelouch's geass is like Light's death note. Both have friends on the enemy's side that are unaware of their identity. Code Geass is a little more childish and unrealistic, but if you enjoyed the intellectual Death Note you can't miss this anime!
report Recommended by ephi
Both feature similar protagionists and both series have a more thinking and suspense style to it then it does with action scenes. The primary difference between the two is that Code Geass involves politics and warfare where as Death Note is more based on crime and detective work.
report Recommended by DrewTheDude
Death Note and Code Geass's plot are very similar. The main characters in both anime created a name for themselves such as Zero and Kira. Both of them keep their faces hidden and want to uphold justice.
report Recommended by Psyche_Izaya
Its has almost the same main character and have the same problem for the main that he goes against the community and try to destroy/ change the world. they both use some sored of mystical power and uses it on many people (for light its the death note, for lelouch its the giass).
report Recommended by megadimo
They are bot similar to each other, the stuggle between "good" and "evil". The two masterminds Yagami Light and Lelouch Lamperouge have similarities on how they want the world to be and to bow before them...
report Recommended by Soubee
Both deal with a man who obtains a mysterious power and use it to improve the world and rid it of their definitions of evil
report Recommended by RedBardIsCool
Main characters are very similar, both are manipulative and sharp/shrewd, as they try to think their way out of their situation, using this the powers they're given.
report Recommended by MapleRose
Both are great shows, with main characters wanting to change the goal, there are similiarities in the main characters actions however they are still two entirely different people and different shows but most people who like one end up like the other show
report Recommended by Maazter
if you love yagami light in Death Note then you'll love Lelouch both of them are main chacters who try to fix the world where people can live happily and to prevail justice using the special powers and abilities they are given, Lelouch and Light can be less different
report Recommended by shigofumi_93
Through out the whole series just like in death note it makes your mind go crazy they are are both mind thrillers and makes you think of what outcomes could happen to the characters.
report Recommended by supernavi467
RUN! RUN! SOMEBODY IS KILLING EVERYBODY! Is it right? Is it wrong? You figure it out while watching this! Its amazing how 1 person can change the world with just a little determinating, hard work, and magical powers. Your in for a treat.
report Recommended by XxAllen-KunxX
They both include two boys with a special power trying to change the world through that power, all the while trying to hide their real identities.
report Recommended by aqffnetlikes
Both have very complex stories about justifying their worlds.
report Recommended by exepher
Take some concepts from Death Note, and add in a lot of mecha action. Both have main characters who want to change the world. Very interesting.
report Recommended by pnay
Both have main characters that want change in the world and use various powers and strategy to obtain their goals.
report Recommended by oznot
Both main characters Kira and Zero have special power-not psychical but this ability can change the world if used properly. In exchange for this ability they had to sign a contract. They both want to change the world and both are genius.
report Recommended by 4Eyed
A young high school student suddenly gains a mysterious and frightful power from a strange being. Testing, measuring, and finally executing their new abilities, along with all the peril and impacts on the human race, is the journey shared in these two shows.
report Recommended by zozero
Both gain a supernatural power and wish to change the world with their new found power and ideals.
report Recommended by fudgee
This two animes are very similar.. with unguessable plots which may even give you a suprise.. Death note has Raito the main character who is very good with tactical strategies like Code Geass's Lelouch.. Both anime rocks.. lol.//
report Recommended by RawwR
Twisted lead protagonist in both series, where both don’t really care about others lives and look to use others to gain something. Both lead characters have exclusively a strange power in Code Geass it’s the power of ultimate Command for Lelouch and Death Note Kira has his this mystical book. Both series have friends that oppose each other and look to kill each other, and have a sort of tragic romance to them as well. Both are dark animes to some extent especially Death note.
report Recommended by Alderban
Both anime have the main character who wants to change the world for the better, and are very smart although Code Geass is for those that would also like some action, as there are a lot of fights with mecha, where Death Note is more supernatural. Death Note has wits and planned tactics, whereas Code Geass uses more strategy and is smart in a more military way.
report Recommended by robbin92
They both have the same evil protagonist deal. Both Light and Lelouch have a power to help them get whatever they please. However, Light's Death Note is a little more broad, allowing him to kill people without even meeting them, while Lelouch's geass makes him have to look at the person directly in the eye. Light has a manipulative type of personality once he picked up the Death Note, and when Lelouch got his Geass, he acquired this same type of hidden personality. Both stories widen out with different antagonists and all sorts of different conflict. They are very interesting overall.
report Recommended by Snuffy
If your a Code Geass fan you should love Death Note as I feel they are both similar character wise. In both, the main character gets a power to assist them in changing the world for the better in their views from a party whom follows them for the duration of the series. While doing so, they both gain followers who support their ideals. While this happens, a force attempt to fight the main character and discover their true identity. Both resemble a game of chess as the main character fights to knock out all obsticles in their way to have their ideas reality.
report Recommended by Jellyfish13
The stories of Code Geass and Death Note are similar in many ways. First of all, the main characters of both series want to take over the world by using the powers that they were given. Both Geass and Death Note are used to give people orders, but the power of the Death Note always results in death. Both series are ones that keep you hooked till the last episode in my opinion, and in Code Geass' case, it leaves you with many unanswered questions.
report Recommended by shadowsword
They are both powerful, destructful, and Evil anime i have ever seen. Code Geass is more destructive and more tactics. The turn arounds in Code Geass are unbelievable. Death Note will just blow your mind out from inside and out. The strategies that goes against eachother are simply amazing. They both rock my socks.
report Recommended by Heero-San
The characters and morals are near identical. Both use a power to take over the world and the people in it. Both main characters names begin with "L". Both fight for the weak, the good and "justice" which for both is an argueable concept in both worlds. The only difference is that Mechs are much more prevalentin Code Geass then in the Death Note universe.
report Recommended by PANDEMlC
Both anime are based around geniuses that obtain the power to change the world, and do so. It's very entertaining to watch how the plot plays out as their enemies of equal intelligence battle it out in a battle of tactical and strategical thinking. Both are great anime, and are my top two favorite anime.
report Recommended by Raiden-kun
Its quite obvius why are those two similar. They both have strategic games between a studant with big ideals.
report Recommended by alchemistnarutoZ
Light "Kira" Yagami and Lelouch "Zero" Lamperouge are very similar characters. Both of them have genius intellects, a supernatural ability with very specific limitations, and a desire to change the world under a false name. In terms of differences, Code Geass is more fast-paced, and since it is set in a world with giant robots, there are plenty of large-scale action scenes - Lelouch's strategic genius is always pivotal here. It does, however, has fewer mindgames than Death Note - there is no L figure, though there is an "Athrun Zala figure". Lelouch is less fully evil than Light, with more clear motivations for his acts. Interestingly,   read more
report Recommended by Prime32
The main characters are very similar, both are really smart guys, they hide his real identity, both have an extraordinary and supernatural power given by a powerful entity, and have a really ambitious goal.
report Recommended by Aveja
Lelouch is like a more just and less egotistical Kira from Death Note. C.C. is his Ryuk. It's a great series and, unlike Death Note, the ending is satisfying.
report Recommended by aceface
In death note, you have light yagami; an excellant star student who is bored out of his mind. he finds a notebook that kills people when you write their name in it, with it he trys to rid the world of all evil. In code geass:lelouch of the rebellion, you have lelouch lamperouge;an intelligent student, who wants to make a world where his little sister, nanally can find happiness. He recieves a power from a girl named C.C, a power called geass; he uses this power to destory his fathers, the emperor of the holy brittanian empire.
report Recommended by Hunny-Sempai
Death Note's main character has a similar power to the Code Geass main character. Both of the main character's enemies have a different sense of justice, (Suzaku and L). And...both of the main characters do alot of planning, thinking and have a great strategic mind.
report Recommended by Nightt_
Both feature anti-hero main characters who are brilliant strategists. However, Code Geass is more action-oriented, whereas Death Note is more cerebral.
report Recommended by EurydiceQ
It has many of the same themes as Death Note, and Light's method of creating the new world is, while much more drastic, similar to Lelouch's morals-- to get what you want, you have to bloody your hands a little.
report Recommended by beyoursky
Both series have a villain/anti-hero protagonist with a supernatural power to control people in some limited way, and a hero/anti-villain antagonist. The protagonists are friends with the antagonists, and the antagonists' goal is to uncover the faceless, nameless alter-ego of the protagonist. The protagonists are also pitted against their families. Both shows make frequent use of miniature climaxes to go with short and simple story arcs. To begin with, Light and Lelouch are the same character with two exceptions: Light is athletic but Lelouch is not, and they have polar ideologies. The comparison is endless between the two and includes several spoilers,   read more
report Recommended by Tnvlsrule
The two anime resemble each other with the main character obtains an abnormal power that could help him to change the world. In both anime, the main characters use this power to achieve good intention, but in Code Geass, the goal is for other's goods while in in Death Note, the goal is for the main charater's own good. So, you can experience a different view of using power in Death Note, and you can still feel the intense of the plot which is created from the battle between people with amazing deduction and persuasive arguments.
report Recommended by ef
If you liked see Yagami Light trying to be the new World God. You will love to see Lelouch Lamprouge trying to conquer the World
report Recommended by Aizen_Zero
While Light can kill people by writing names on the death note, Lelouch can control the mind of anyone with only visual contact.Both has as protagonists the "villain" of the story.
report Recommended by Worang
Lelouch from Code Geass and Yagami Light from Death Note are similar characters. They both obtain a certain power and they both attempt to reshape the world with it to make it as they believe it should be.
report Recommended by shinigamidono
In both of the series, there's is one main character who's very smart and tries to change the wordl in it's own way. something what Death Note doesn't have, is that Code Geass is more about the main characters private life as well, and Death Note isn't. But if you don't like transformer like robots, than this might not be as good as Death Note, but still, try it.
report Recommended by Bluthut
Although the enviroment and setting of both are quite different the stories are a bit the same. Both main characters recieve a power and use this to change the world. They both are really cool, but I myself prefer Death Note.
report Recommended by BorisSoad
Both have anti- heroes. Have a smart person trying to change the world. If you liked one, you will probably like the other
report Recommended by Meh_93
Character wise there extremely simmilar, Lelouch and light the egotistical protaganists of the series along with Schniezel and L the masterminds trying to thwart their plans. Both are simmilar plotwise with both Lelouch and Light wanting the world to bow before them, with a justfull cause in mind but questionable methods of achieving this ideal world. anyways if you liked Deathnote go out there and watch Geass.
report Recommended by Lukai
The plot of the stories are completely different but the simularties between the characters Yagami Light and Lamperouge Lelouch are uncanny as they are ordinary students untill they come into contact with a supernatural power that they use to change the world in the name of justic they are both incredibly intelligent and both hide there identities behind the masks of Zero and Kira. There rivals prove to be a difficult match but have or gain a close relationship with their enemies.
report Recommended by Mastahelix
Both Lelouch and Light want to change the world, and obtain a power that allows them to do this: with Lelouch the geass, and Light the Death Note. Lelouch and Light are both insanely smart, as well as manipulative.
report Recommended by bprrie
Both Series are about "Good" superheroes who try to make world a better place,though they have diffirent attitudes toward it. both Lelouch and Light have some inhuman mystical power and are masterminds,who try to change the whole world. both are a must see for any fan of anime.
report Recommended by Katzen
Both feature a protagonist who gets some supernatural power and uses it to take a strong stance against society, bending the rules to suit themselves and letting nothing get in their way.
report Recommended by chrisosaurus
Both Main Characters are very strategic and smart. Although the stories are very different ,there is a great deal of similarities such as powers which aid them to their goals.
report Recommended by elsalvatrucho64
The main character, who wants to implement his vision of the world, systematically striving for success and finally ... You must see it
report Recommended by Hirokun
Similar plot with tons of twists and great character development. Awesome strategy and crazy smart people. Also super powers involved; notebook in Death Note and Geass power in Code Geass.
report Recommended by ss4gojetanks
Both are like a chess game. Light and Lelouch have a magical power (Light - Death Note, Lelouch - Geass) and they both want to change the world; Light freeing the world of criminals, Lelouch wanting Area 11 to become Japan again. They both take on aliases to cover themselves (Lelouch - Zero, Light - Kira, but Light just accepts the alias). The two protagonists act more like an antagonist. Suzaku, Lelouch's rival, is more of a protagonist, and same goes for Lawliet, Light's rival. After Light and Lelouch gets the power, the people who gave him the power follows. There are also other users   read more
report Recommended by MisaTange
Both series has a similar way trying to solve the problem that they have or what they want to do. They both have an artistic power they use and manipulate people.
report Recommended by lisa_sakakino
They both have main characters that are very similar: both are intelligent, cunning, a little bit twisted, and basically antihero. Both the main characters have acquired an exclusive power that they can use to fulfill their ideals, and they would use any means to do so.
report Recommended by MiraelWhite
Both involve highly intelligent students who receive powers from supernatural figures in which they use to change the world. Both of these students possess an infamous alter ego to captivate the world with.
report Recommended by Ayjun
Cute, intelligent guys trying to change the world. Both are dark series though but with very good story lines!
report Recommended by umami_bomb
Code Geass is like a hybrid of Death Note and Gundam if you ask me. Lot's of mech action and a character who enjoys playing god with his newfound abilities. Death Note and Code Geass both have main characters who possess a god complex. They also have the power to change the world, and they both intend to use it to justify that end. If you enjoyed Death Note, then it's quite possible you'd like Code Geass as well. Unless you're the type who's not into mechs, I don't really see any other deterrent for you to watch this.
report Recommended by AtomicNerd
Both anime are similar because both main characters plan to change the world and by doing this, they later turn into bad guys and not the good guys. They both have something that orders somemone to do a certain thing.
report Recommended by ShiroYuki1
Both have characters that are mad at the world in some way and wish to change it. They also both get a god-like power from a mysterious character as well as...well you wouldn't want me to spoil it for you now would you?
report Recommended by EnforcerAJ
Both series have the genius guy trying to make thing his way, both are very intelligent and intresting. The main character in both anime have a very particular/supernatural power.
report Recommended by Shibuya-nii
Both feature a protagonist that acquires a special power at the beginning and they both gain craving for more power.
report Recommended by Alonaviv
Both series involve intelligent characters given the ability to hand out what they consider "justice".
report Recommended by viridiaelnex
They're both very similar in that the main characters are both very intelligent, and both do what they believe is just, even though the rest of the world begs to differ. The only major difference is that Code Geass has giant robots involved named Knightmares, as where Death Note does not.
report Recommended by AllHailSephiroth
A very inteligent plot that will keep you waching and wanting for more.
report Recommended by caiophox
As many will tell you; the main character of either series may as well be the same person. Watch as a single teenage boy, unexpectedly gifted with a great power draws in followers and leads them in the name of justice; only to fulfill his own agenda. Changing the world is easy when you control life and death.
report Recommended by dvice
B'cause it's about strategy..... and the main character wants to make a new world with their mystical power......
report Recommended by ShingetsutanAW
Death note and Code Geass both focus on the main protagonist being drove by idealistic ideas of the "perfect" world. Light Yagami and Lelouch Lamperouge also share similiar personality traits, however Lelouch's sense of justice is more justified then Light's.
report Recommended by AnimeFan71194
Light = Lelouch; they both are geniuses and they want to change the world, regardless of the methods. Both full of drama and suspense, both are dark.
report Recommended by Dixy
In both Code Geass and Death Note, an incredibly intelligent teenage boy seeks to change the world with a secret, hidden, absolute power that very few know about. They differ in that Code Geass is much funnier while Death Note is much more serious, and that Lelouch uses his power for good, while Light is generally more selfish, especially towards the end. If you like Death Note, you'll DEFINITELY like Code Geass, but the same is not necessarily true in reverse. I personally prefer Code Geass by a lot, but both are awesome. I watched both series in dubs.
report Recommended by Icy_Auron
They both focus, in some way or another, in "justice". The desire to create a better world is one of the forces which make the two protagonists move forward, using any necessary means to accomplish their goals, both aided by some kind of mysterious supernatural power.
report Recommended by nuts4everafter
Both have main chacters who use changing the world to make it just as an excuse to kill millions for their own petty reasons: for Light it's to relieve boredom and for Lelouche it's for revenge. They both also start off with only their wits and a godlike power along with a mysterious helper who gave them that power for some price. That godlike power also drives both of them a little insane. They both also would put their plans at risk only for the sake of saving thier little sister. Later they also both gain a secret identity so they can lead   read more
report Recommended by DrHouse
Main characters have a similar demeanor and there is the same theme of what is justice? The conflict between Lelouch and Suzaku is very similar to the conflict between Light and L.
report Recommended by Karudima
Death note is often praised for it's superb intellect and twisting plot, this is definitely also the case in code Geass. As for the main characters, both of them aren't your everyday hero. You'll know what i mean after you've watched them both. In short Code Geass has everything what Death note has except for these aspects: the atmosphere in code Geass is less dark than in Death note, Code Geass includes quite a bit of mecha action, the ending in CD is, in my personal opinion, better than DN's ending.
report Recommended by TheAceOfPortgaz
they are bothe psychological genre. The main characters in both anime are stargetic and anticipated the enemy they are against moves. Both anime are intese and once you get into it you will be sitting on the edge of your seat
report Recommended by silver2k9
smart man (with name start in L :P) that use a unique power given to him to "solve" morally ambiguous "problem"
report Recommended by DarkMaster22
A highly intelligent, politically minded teenage boy (with a superiority complex) who feels a strong sence of injustice in the world is granted the 'power' to make a difference - it's up to the viewer to decide whether or not he's a hero or villian. Both have a government theme. Both feature cutesie, not to street-wise, female leads with complex backgrounds. Both anime's are pretty much a fantasy set up - mecha's and death gods are unlikey to come into our lives. ;)
report Recommended by Gleam_Queen
Despite what a lot of people seem to be saying on here, Lelouch and Light and completely different characters. It's pretty easy to see that if you've watched both animes. However, that being said, Code Geass reminded me of Death Note a lot within the first couple of episodes. Both series pose major questions of morality on good verses evil, whether or not the means justify the end, etc. While not as serious, Code Geass does manage to have an extremely serious ending though it didn't compare to the ending of Death Note.
report Recommended by AlchemyOfHate
Basically the same protagonist cept the one in code geass is quite a lot less of a creep it has more explosions too x)
report Recommended by unellmay
As they both are about a boy (roughly the same age) who wishes to changed the world with a special power they obtained from somebody else. They manipulate countless people to form the world that they wish and both shows are very interesting.
report Recommended by ZaikuZERO
If you liked Death Note, you will love Code Geass. I really enjoyed Death Note, but was completely blown away by Code Geass. Both main characters gain the power to change the world, both are driven by their own goals and ideals, and both start a journey filled with twists and turns and the characters' own views of what justice truly is.
report Recommended by FishPhoenix
The same way to think they are on the top of the world and rebelion against the wrong system that they live in, mental wars and brain utility to win and not just physical strength.
report Recommended by snoopak47
Similar mastermind protagonists (each with a special ability which can change the world), schemes and plots are set up and the ending is almost identical. Though while Deathnote has the fantasy/fairytale touch to it, Code Geass is based on giant robots and capital wars.
report Recommended by k0k0
Both anime are very strategic anime and has the most unexpected plot turns I have ever seen. You never know what is going to happen next. There are many differences, like Code Geass has mecha that Death Note doesn't have, but if you liked one of these you will definitely like the other. In both anime you are unsure if you should side with the main character or not. Both main charachters in both anime try to make the world a better place, but are their methods correct?
report Recommended by GDManga
Alrighty, now I know the MAL public is probably sick and tired of reading the same recommendation over 200 times, but one more can't hurt, right? Well, let's take a look at the similarities: -The main characters are attempting to defeat a certain power without revealing their identity. -Chess is mentioned often. -Both main characters have a special power that helps them conceal their identity. -Both main characters have -supposedly- high IQ's. -Yaoi jokes are commonly made about both animes.
report Recommended by KitchenAppliance
Main characters are totally the same: confident, clever and arrogant; both have supernatural power, fight for some sort of Justice and hide their true identity. And both have to cooperate with a girl they don't want to. The series are very similar too, a little like a chess game, although CG is less serious.
report Recommended by Karin21
An "anti hero" works for the supposed good of the innocent and weak, but using unjust means to bring down evil.
report Recommended by princepupu
Like in Death note, there is a idden criminal that is a genius and on the same time they are the main character. You will see that in both, you see very skilfull plans. I think you will like
report Recommended by Althus
The main reason why Code Geass and Death Note are compared so often is Light's uncanny resemblance to Geass's Lelouch. Both gain an ability by accident(or by fate if you want to call it that) that can change the world. Both are very intelligent, witted, manipulative, and have a twisted sense of justice that they attempt to justify. The main difference is that Code Geass has mechs and is a bit more colorful while in Death Note, Light is a bit more clever and emotional.(The cleverness factor is up for debate, as many people will argue that Lelouch is more clever than Light) Another   read more
report Recommended by YouAreOuttaMy5
Both are psychological animes, both have protagonists that have goals that they try and get to through means some dislike, you either love or you hate both protagonists, and both have their own harem moments.
report Recommended by dear_near_scary
They're both about a guy that seems evil that is trying to repair the world in thought-out, strategic steps.
report Recommended by sakurakiss5
Both with the protagonist obtaining a power that can kill or manipulate people. They both attempt to achieve "world peace" while they hide their identities from their friends, family, and the world.
report Recommended by HiLoPicoLo
Code geusshas a very similar idea to Deathnote, both great show have similar use of Psychology to portray there intentions. Both incorperate a secretive ability they use to create change, both got theres abilities from a person thats immortalish, both abilities have strings attached. Same things happen to the main character at the end of the series. Both eppin shows (must see's in my opinion) GOGOGO!
report Recommended by Stormheart
Two shows about teen geniuses attempting to alter the world, for the better of course, even if that requires swimming across a river of blood. Both end beautifully, and even after seeing them both several times, they bring a joyful tear to my eye with the elegant finallies.
report Recommended by soylentsloth
They both have intelligent main characters which obtain some sort of strange power from abnormal people or creatures. They also have enemies who tries to take them down and the main character both have a secret identity like death note : light=kira Code geasse: lelouch=Zero
report Recommended by xX0Miki0Xx
Both the main characters play the role of the "evil" and they conceal their identities using a pseudonym.
report Recommended by PurifyingArrow
There both students who are tired of the world they live in and they get a special power with whom they use to change the world. They both get known with a certain alias across the globe making them famous and their real identity is unknown. This anime is SO similar.. seriously if you liked death note and vice versa. WATCH BOTH.
report Recommended by Charette
Lelouch (Code Geass ) and Light (Death Note) both want to change the world with their special powers. The animes have the same kind of ''chess games'' going on.
report Recommended by Aurao
Both Death Note and Code Geass are very morally ambiguous, and focus on a main character that obtains a supernatural ability and, with that ability, deliberately demonizes himself in order to remake the world into a better place. Both anime are heavily reliant on the strategic interactions between the protagonist and antagonists to provide tension and rising action; both anime are more intellectual than action-oriented. Both anime also have fairly high production values, and though that's not necessarily the point, it is a nice plus.
report Recommended by Solipsism
In both main characters are gaining super power. They're trying to make world a better place at all cost. Light is very similiar to Lelouche. Both are sharp, logically thinking students, and they have aspiration to be God, instead of being students.
report Recommended by Kurczaq
[Similarities] 1) The main character are protagonists bent on changing the world. 2) Both are assoicated perhaps with a bit of politics or businesses. 3) There are limitations and rules of the two tools used in both this anime (deathnote and Geass) 4) The personality and the intentions of the two main characters, Lelouch and Light, are similar. 5) Rating wise, the Code Geass story plot, enjoyment, and suspense equals that of Death note 6) The characters had possession over supernatural devices.
report Recommended by lavendarjane
It's another psychological thriller where a young man with high ideals gains power to change the world, both just great anime.
report Recommended by ShadyElvis
Genius guys trying to create a ideal world with some unworldly help~!!!
report Recommended by momo1818
-Similar protagonist: Lelouch is smart, deceptive, and cunning like Light. He also seeks to make the world a better place through questionable means. Lelouch, however, is much more human than the cold emotionless "Kira,"and has his weaknesses, making him a much more relate-able character. -Characters in general better than in DN: for me, only L and his successors really stood out (well, Light did too, but I didn't like him -.-) -Story won't let you go! Awesome plot twists/cliffhangers at end of many episodes that leave you wanting more Underlying story, however, is very different. -CG: More focus on action/strategy. Didn't see any mecha in death note -CG   read more
report Recommended by xephemeroptera
Both anime are quite awesome. There is a guy who is very intelligent and thinks carefully about every move which he makes to achieve something. There are supernatural powers and both anime include death.
report Recommended by Atzaaa
The main characters on both series have the same impact and the impression of being evil, also world domination is another common point. Also there are supernatural factors and cute supporting characters..
report Recommended by Nepheloh
Both Code Geass and Death Note features main characters who want to create a "more perfect" world by using their abnormal powers and amazing intellect. Also, the main characters from these series have an "arch rival" who thinks their way of accomplishing his goals is injust.
report Recommended by Daitomodachi
Both pyschological, mindfuckery with ideology being twisted and the ultimate question if the end justifies the means
report Recommended by buttybutt
In both anime the main character has a very strong sense of justice and wants to put a stop to the evil in the world. Both are also extremely smart and intelligent when it comes to fulfilling their goals. They both obtain a supernatural power given to them by equally supernatural people. Lots of drama, strategics, action, and good looking characters (especially CG) make these anime a definite on my must watch list.
report Recommended by adayday24
Both have an intelligent Protagonist that must conquer the world. Both story's have a-lot of hidden tricks and surprises and they both seem to keep you at the edge of your seat.
report Recommended by Sephiroths_M
Both Death Note and Code Geass is about a teenager who wants to change the current world with the help of a mystical power they posses and learn how to controll as the series continues!
report Recommended by Rix922
Both deal with an anti hero who wants to rule the world. They both have extra abilities that puts them over their rivals. And they're insane. Enjoy
report Recommended by thegooseman
Both anime shows a intellectual person with supernatural power, who wants to create a world based on his own sense of justice.
report Recommended by afflatus
Both shows feature situations that are compared to a chess match. In both shows the main character is one of the most intelligent students in the world and receives a power that may change the world from an immortal being, they get followers to help them reaching their goals of changing the world. Both shows have similar stories from beginning to the end.
report Recommended by RyuujinRagnar
These two series have similar protagonist: Both Light and Lelouch are extremely gifted students, and both receive a mysterious power from a benefactor who always stays nearby. However, Code Geass's Lelouch's problem is that in the year 2017 the Holy Britainnian Empire invaded Japan, and Lelouch aims to remove them from power in order to create a better world for his younger sister, Nunnally. Great cast. In my mind, Code Geass= Death Note and Gundam put in a blender. A great series for fans of both!
report Recommended by airichan623
I think death note and code geass are alike because they both surround a young male lead who has great logic skills. Both lelouch and light want to change the world for the better. Both also attain a power that can help them in doing so;lelouch the power of geass and light,the death note.
report Recommended by shenn33
A genius teenage boy acquires a special power that he uses to try and change the world. This part is incredibly similar, but the rest is fairly different. If you want another show with the same premise, by all means, watch the other one. The actual feel for the shows is quite different, however. Death Note feels much more mature and darker than Code Geass, and Code Geass puts more of an emphasis on fanservice and the harem aspect. I personally think Death Note is a lot better, but it just depends which kind of show is more for you.
report Recommended by supersloth
Code Geass and Death Note are both shows of cunning brilliance to be able to out-think your enemy. In both shows the main characters have to stay a step ahead of the enemy to keep from being exposed.
report Recommended by Yachiru05
Watching one you just have to think about how much these are similar. Both are about mastermind boys with superpowers trying to make the world better or how they think it would be better.
report Recommended by paalis
By the way of strategy to overcome your opponents.
report Recommended by Relightdeleif
Both main characters share the goal of wanting to change the world. Both shows have suspense, action, and violence.
report Recommended by Jackson_H
The plot for both anime are similar- Both want to create a new and better world but are unable to until they encounter someone(CG)/find a book(death note) and receive the an unbelievable power, one to control anyone(CG) and one to kill anyone(death note). Despite the similarities in these animes i found code geass to be more enjoyable. Code geass has a somewhat complex plot and is somewhat hard to understand and is only enjoyable if you actually understand what's happening but if you can understand. Also watch the second season of Code geass- way better than the first season MUST WATCH!!!!!!
report Recommended by bob22
Very close type of mind game(even though death note is better in it) where main character have a super-natural power with some restriction.
report Recommended by arefinzz
Both feature extremely resourceful protagonists who hope to make the world a better place, and who have the cunning to do it. Both feature the use of strategy as a central plot element. The difference is that Code Geass doesn't go downhill.
report Recommended by Seabury
Light is a smart kid, ridding the world of 'evil' as he increasingly gains power. Power that was handed to him by a 'supernatural force'. Lelouch is doing he same thing, but for different reasons. A lot of suspense and strategy on both parts. It keeps you thinking.
report Recommended by yamaMogi
Both shows bring us the genious anti-hero who envision a new world but in the end no one can say that both characters are the same. One is 100% self centered while the other still cares about the people around him and recognize his own mistakes. Don't get scare by CD if you hear it's about mechas since that really don't matter, the focus like in death note it's in the amazing story, plot twists so you will have the time of your life with this two shows that I consider to be the thriller/drama available.
report Recommended by Kisnaffy
Both series have main characters with genius like intelligence both series are about making the ideal world - code geass is making the ideal world by rebelling against britania and death note is making the ideal world by killing all bad people in the world.
report Recommended by mereth
Main characters are very similar, same basic story, both very dark, and both have a never ending fight for justice
report Recommended by vegeta18
If you love death note, you will love code geass - hangyaku no lelouch AND code geass hangyaku no lelouch R2 which is the sequel. Both of the series uses logic, and understanding. IT is both about using brains to take over something or some place. Plus there is a HUGE amount of suspense as yo uwill find yourself glued to your computer screen trying to find out what happens next. but, code geass isn't as dark and mysterious as death note, so WATCH IT
report Recommended by botanymajor95
Both anime include a deep psychological plot where the protagonist tries to establish his goal in order to change the world. Also, both protagonists have similar character traits in the sense that they maintain a alter ago known to the world while they hide their true personal identities as students, and that they both will do practically anything to achieve their goal even if it means to kill the enemy with their unknown supernatural power.
report Recommended by Aluvis
Both series follow a strong-minded protaganist who has their own sense of justice and wants to create a better world. They both attempt to achieve this through supernatural means that they have been gifted with. The main difference between the two is that Code Geass is a mecha anime, whereas Death Note isn't.
report Recommended by risemboolranger
These 2 series are a lot alike. Lelouch and Light both find an amazing power, have kinda the same goal, they are both geniuses. The main difference is that while Death Note refers to the current world, Code Geass takes place in the future. In my opinion, Code Geass is actually even more amazing as Death Note!!!
report Recommended by CelestialAgency
People who enjoyed Death Note should absolutely, without-a-doubt watch Code Geass and vice versa. They are similar both in plot, character development, tone, and even philosophical merit; and anyone who thoroughly enjoyed one should love the other. Both deal with protagonists who are essentially megalomaniacs, obtaining otherworldly powers from a supernatural being, which they then use to change the world to their liking. Both are considered to be highly intelligent and excellent liars, employing these tools to defeat enemies who believe their rules and goals to be immoral or against the status quo. Both characters employ aliases which become known worldwide, rarely revealing themselves even   read more
report Recommended by littlelost
Both protagonists are seeking to rid the world of evil, though being slightly evil themselves. Through contracts of sort, both obtain supernatural powers (Lelouch = eye, Light = notebook). Through their overpowering intelligence, both are able to plan out very successful tactics to achieve their goals. The protagonists have to lead a double life as a student, and have to high their identities from their friends, family, etc.
report Recommended by coolwolf
Both of the leading characters want to do good things, but are a bit evil. Both want to change the world and make it good, and they get special powers to achieve that goal. Both are a bit comedic sometimes but have a very mature and serious story. There's a good message in both too. I really recommend to watch them!
report Recommended by annemarie95
Both series feature a man trying to change the world with only his intelligence and one special ability. They both also have the same... theatrical sense.
report Recommended by Purinsesu_Usagi
These are very similar as others have noted in particular the lead character, the strategic thinking, trying to outwit the opponent and so on. In terms of differences (since there are so many similarities), death note is closer to the "detective" genre whereas Code Geass is science-fiction.
report Recommended by cappelle
Both teenagers who are "superior" to their peers, who get a power in which they both try to make a huge change to the world. The only difference is Light yagami from death note is morally wrong while lelouch from code geass is doing it for the morally right reasons
report Recommended by Halfblackninja
The first half of death note plotwise is almost identical. Only difference is that code geass maintains this great plot, whereas death note fades
report Recommended by Aeropolis
Both are extremely clever and intriguing. Both main characters are geniuses and attempt to fight evil (the rest of the world).
report Recommended by bazza
Both character in the anime are smart as they think a lot. People around them assume they are good, but really they are evil killing people that get in their way.
report Recommended by Meira
In both animes, the story is about a protagonist who is fighting for what the believe in which renders on most part more towards the darker side (more villainous side than most protagonist). In Code Geass, Lelouch is very similar to Light were they side on the dark side but because of the unique stories it binds us to actually support these villainous roles as it is almost a form of justice. Also some psychological/mind games are involved in both animes. Definitely a must watch anime if you loved Death Note.
report Recommended by Invensible1
They have similar lead characters (Light Yagami, L and Lelouch) who are intelligent. They both involve mindgames between adversaries. They are both excellently well-scripted anime with a mind-boggling element of slow revelation of plot.
report Recommended by tk_a
Code Geass is essentially Death Note. Replace Light with Lelouch, The Death Note with Geass, Ryuk with C.C. and add more action scenes in fighting Robots. However, one thing differs and that is how both characters react to each their powers. While Light immediately believes in achieving a god complex with his power, Lelouch uses his power for good until the power corrupts him and the people around him. In my opinion, Lelouch becomes a more interesting character this way and more likable than Light, and I trust me I do like Light.
report Recommended by Nito-San
The main characters are very similar with strategic thinking and have both a longing for changing the world mostly to what they think is right. The main difference between them is that one is a genius psychopath who is generaly evil but the other one is evil for the greater good.
report Recommended by Sakaxxx
Death Note and Code Geass were have similarities due to darker, older teen audiences, supernatural power, and fighting for justice. Here is the example for characters. Lelouch (Zero) = Light (Kira) - Both were main protagonists, using alter ego and persona, using supernatural weapon (Notebook for Kira and Geass power for Zero), going for justice, they are anti-heroes, and also has younger sister. Suzaku = L - Both were antagonists, support for main protagonist, and well as 2nd main protagonist. C.C. = Ryuk - Both were working for main protagonist, they're using a power and spell, and they love their favorite food (Pizza for C.C. and Apple for   read more
report Recommended by MasterChiefSnake
Both protagonists experience a twist in their personalities after a chance encounter. Although the concept of technology and shinigamis are different, both anime also have to do with the power of the eyes. Both anime have a sinister mood, and both are epic.
report Recommended by ItsDangerFoo
Death Note and Code Geass are must see for all those people who just started watching anime because both of them are just masterpieces. These animes are not about fighting each other with fists, its about thinking about a way to win, using others to achieve your victory.
report Recommended by izZzi
They have similiar protagonists, who both are intelligent and trying to make the world better place by using strong methods.
report Recommended by Enkelipoika
Both of there stories have a main character that is young but extremely intellegent. At first Light wants to rid the world of bad people, but becomes a psycho-maniac. As with Lelouch he only wants to gives his diabled younger sister a fair chance in life, but soon realizes he isn't the only one with a good reason to fight The Empire of Britannia, but still he has his crazy moments too.
report Recommended by kayori1928
Code Geass and Death Note are both about a high school student who is out to change the world for the better by using a mysterious power. However, Code Geass is more about politics and discrimination, while Death Note which is about crime. They are both excellent shows.
report Recommended by Ninja_Hamster
En ambas historias nos presentan protagonistas estudiantes de diecisiete años con una inteligencia y una habilidad para pensar envidiables. De parte de un ser misterioso reciben un extraño poder anormal, con el cual, usando maniobras friamente calculadas, planean cambiar al mundo como se lo conoce actualmente, ocultándole a todos quienes son en verdad utilizando un pseudónimo y desafiando a la ley si es necesario. Durante el desarrollo de las tramas se conoce a otros personajes con este poder, y estos pueden ser tanto compañeros como enemigos. Y a pesar de que ambos protagonistas demuestran ser personas frias y decididas, llega el momento en que muestran   read more
report Recommended by LawtaroSeyren
They both have guys who think they are doing the right thing but really they're hurting the people around them. Also Code Geass is a little bit hard to I dont know, umm understand at the start. If you liked one you'll like the other :)
report Recommended by BlakeThaCake
They both have an antagonist,or whoever believes he's doing the wrong thing, as the main character thinking of ways to rule the world and get the want. The only difference is that code geass is based on more futuristic things like robotic machines and such compared to just a notebook.
report Recommended by Yetenekli
Both shows feature young men and their ambitions to change their corrupt worlds through morally questionable means bestowed upon them by the supernatural.
report Recommended by Willhelm53
Well both have facts about life which are true. The main characters in both are doing something that they feel is right, but not everyone thinks that way. Both Lelouch and Light has a girl following them.
report Recommended by Sky-Guitar
These two animes are similar because of the main characters who share the same villianous qualities. They both seem to want to create a better world with their new powers that they required, the Death Note from Ryuk and the Geass from C.C. Light and Lelouch's names both start with a L :P and they seem to be very intelligent, planning every attack by using their pawns precisely. Both of them have their own followers and share a tight bond with at least one of them, Light and Misa and Lelouch and Kallen. Also they both appear to have their identity a secret with only a   read more
report Recommended by Reusing
They both tell the stories characters trying to reach a similar goal. Both of these characters (Lelouch and Raito) have a special power and many obstacles in their way. Both are extremely entertaining masterpieces.
report Recommended by h3
The main character, Lelouch, is like Light from Death Note, but better (AKA he's not an asshole). Both protagonists are antiheros, both gain a unique power, and both are clever, popular, manipulative schoolboys.The whole series shares some themes with Death Note; 'what is justice?', 'what means are morally acceptable in a fight for the common good?', 'If you had a power to change the world, how far would you go?'. The main difference would have to be that Lelouch actually has feelings for his friends and loved ones, whereas Light is willing to sacrifice anyone and everyone at the drop of the hat. In addition, Code   read more
report Recommended by sailorfallon
Both anime are rather similar-the difference is that Light wants to save the world because he thinks it's rotting, while Lelouch wants to save the world for his little sister. And if Kira=Zero, and and Sayu=Nunnaly, then it all evens out!
report Recommended by SakuraxStars
The plot is the same the main characters are both evil but the see as justice the both get powers in death note the guy get's a DEATH NOTE in Code Geass the guy get's a eye technique with both powers they kill the enemies and other people that is their justice.
report Recommended by iKenn
It concerns justice somehow. Also there's a protagonist that does different actions that differ to each person. Lelouch is Zero and Light is Kira, but know one knows their true identity except a few.
report Recommended by orangekid92
Oddly enough, my discovery of Code Geass began with a magazine article comparing the two protagonists of Death Note and CG. The premise of these masterful series is completely unrelated, but the magazine devoted two pages that covered the similarities between the two main characters (Lelouch and Light), pointing out their overzealous behaviour, wicked intelligence, and anti-hero themes. Top tier anime at its finest. Brilliant plots, well written characters, and critical acclaim are what you'll find in both anime. Hell, the desire to bring viewers to both shows inspired me to make my first recommendation! Enjoy.
report Recommended by riots
Code geass and death note are increadibly similar.The star of the show is an anti-hero meaning his goals are good but his methods are harsh and crude altough i think that lellouch wasnt that much evil because he was doing evrything for his little sister and his way of always protecting the weak and you cant change the world with out alot of deaths as many people know.In death note however the main character tries to become god simply because he is twisted thats the difference between character and plot also dont let the fact that there is meccha in code geass lead you to   read more
report Recommended by mruknown6
People who enjoyed Death Note should absolutely, without-a-doubt watch Code Geass and vice versa. They are similar both in plot, character development, tone, and even philosophical merit; and anyone who thoroughly enjoyed one should love the other. Both deal with protagonists who are essentially megalomaniacs, obtaining otherworldly powers from a supernatural being, which they then use to change the world to their liking. Both are considered to be highly intelligent and excellent liars, employing these tools to defeat enemies who believe their rules and goals to be immoral or against the status quo. Both characters employ aliases which become known worldwide, rarely revealing themselves even to   read more
report Recommended by playmakerjiz
Its fast-pace intense story about a high school boy who gets a power, and is determined to change the world.
report Recommended by HyoriKatsu
Both of the main character start with being a normal high school student but later on got the power to change the world as they want it. They are rebelling against something, in code geass it's against Britain. And in Death Note the police and the law. Both got a evil laugh and i bet that you will really like both show.
report Recommended by Kumanemuidesu
The two main male characters think their act is justice, while they both have a rival to compete against their opinions. Also there are other similar characters.
report Recommended by Stellio
Both series are suspensful and have a main character that is trying to obtain ultimate power to control the world or people in some way or form. In Death Note, it was through the power of the Shinigami. In Code Geass, it was through the power of Geass granted by C.C. Although one takes place in everyday life and another is supposed to be set in the future, both have a similar concept and structure.
report Recommended by SakuraHeart
Both series have scheming, anti-hero/villain protagonists that excel at manipulating other people. Death Note takes place in a realistic, modern world with a very low element of the supernatural that enables a rich, interesting 'what if' story. Code Geass is a flamboyant story of a futuristic world that's been mostly brought to heel by the British. Like Death Note, the introduction of the 'supernatural' enables the protagonist to take radical actions. There's mecha battles and a lot of posing.
report Recommended by VHaruV
The main characters on both Death Note and Code Geass are extremely smart and it seems as though they are playing a big game of chess. On Code Geass the main character is pined up against everyone else except for the people he can manipulates just like in Death Note but in Code Geass he has a SUPER POWER that helps him with some of his manipulation.
report Recommended by hambabam
This anime is in every single aspect SO SIMILAR(!) The comparison between the two is just unbelievable. Death Note's main character has the heroic kind of personality, hiding under a fake name and bestow justice upon the world with a supernatural power. THE SAME happens in Code Geass: *possible spoiler* the main charater also obtains a supernatural power, creates a fake person as his cover and bestows justice upon the world. Well, in this case, upon Japan. They both are hindered by an organization, and in both animes, you also see big parts of dialogue and progression of the story of both sides. In both of them the   read more
report Recommended by Davesk0
•both have a main protagonist who follow a childish notion, by their own means of 'justice' •both main characters are very intelligent in the way they contradict their enemies, when they are eliminating evil, to create a better world. •both follow paths that lead them will lead you into angst/agony/ and a sense of realism/aswell as empathy for the characters as the story progresses through hardships and meltdowns, to romances, aswell as destruction. •both animes have beautiful OST's to accompany the emotional heart wrenching ups and down, giving the audiences feelings of sadness, to being courageous and even rooting for the main protagonists sense of justice •both animes see   read more
report Recommended by Lupta
Both series have a compelling plot and an interesting anti-hero as a main character. While Code Geass focuses more on action, Death Note focuses more on the story itself. Both series are highly recommended, but I'd say go for Code Geass if you prefer fantasy and action, and Death Note if you want something more dark and realistic.
report Recommended by Dr_Peace
Both have similar premises in that a high school student gains superpower and want to use it to change the world. For viewers who love watching shows that feature a smart, charismatic male lead gaining a super power and outsmarting his opponents at every turn, using complicated tricks, these are great. There are some key differences between them, though. Whereas Lelouch in code geass is an anti-hero, Light in Death Note is an anti-villain. Whereas code geass feature a world at war, death note portray a world that at first glance looks peaceful but infested with crimes of all sorts.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both animes have characters with brilliant minds dueling and many psychological games.
report Recommended by MrParadise
Teenage masterminds who try to carry out what they think is justice and who lose themselves in the process. Both Light and Lelouch struggle to make the world share their view, while fighting either a super detective or an entire nation. Will the masterminds succeed in justifying their extreme actions, or will they lose to insanity? Both anime are psychologically very interesting and the plans these two scheme will leave you mind-blown at times. Definitely worth watching!
report Recommended by Mangetsu-san
Both main characters are smart, popular students, they receive a special power and with that power they try to change the world into a better place
report Recommended by anime-fan101
It has similar strategy elements and also very good characters, although there is fighting in code geass, which is completely different to death note.
report Recommended by KuroAshiSanji
Both series revolve around a main character who wants to make the world we live in a better place. They both achieve a certain 'power' that helps them to achieve this goal. The battles in both series are based on deep tactical planning. The main character is borderline crazy and will do anything to achieve his life long goal. They will have you drop your jaw at how smart they are and surprise you every episode.
report Recommended by Darkbow
If you love Death Note and couldn't get enough of it and wanted more then Code Geass is the better version of Death Note. Not saying Death Note is bad cause it's pretty epic but Code Geass has that too smart to be true lelouch. He just like Light but he has the power to control a person's actions. Lelouch goal like Light goal is to create a world of peace. It's epic to the very end and will keep you guessing how is he going to get out of this.
report Recommended by bloodshot123
Both of main characters gain the power of destroy others, anonymously. They first do it for "justice" but then, you know..
report Recommended by falsaai
The exceedingly intelligent protagonists of both series act in order to create a better world for those around them—mainly their younger sisters—and utilize supernatural powers in the process. Though both have distinct motivations, their primary intentions are, at their roots, selfless. One of the most notable connections that can be drawn between the two series is their chess game format. Chess is a motif present in both CG and DN; in each storyline, developments are often viewed as part of a giant game. Twists, traps, and deceptions pervade the conflicts in both series, and both Lelouch (Code Geass) and Light/Raito (Death Note) assume chessmaster roles. Code   read more
report Recommended by mechato
Code geass Is really similar to Death Note. You look from the "Villain's perspective". Both of the protagonists hides their real identity, and has a similar goal.
report Recommended by Monster
Both anime have similar male leads and both heroes are very intelligent
report Recommended by rohith92
Both focus on an intelligent, popular, high school character who upon receiving supernatural powers seek to change the world and enforce their own kind of justice whilst also trying to keep their identity secret. They also have about the same number of episodes.
report Recommended by Neighthirst
Both have the same style of story. The story is told from the side of the villain, decision making and development of both series is very similar.
report Recommended by Vyre619
Both protagonists are arguably closer to villains than actual antiheroes and are basically trying to take over the world through the mystical power given to them and ass pulls. Their respective show's entertainment value comes mostly from the thrill of seeing what new way they'll utilize to use their power to deceive and utterly humiliate their antagonists.
report Recommended by NeoRinTinTin
Similar plot Both protagonist are getting rid of someone/something without revealing his/her identity Both with a special gift
report Recommended by GeassAye
the plot is the same = both heroes use their supernatural powers to change the world. the "friends" of the two heroes are their worst enemies The plot is revived when both characters lose their memory. the two heroes realize that they are not the only ones to hold this power.
report Recommended by kiotsuga
Death Note and Code Geass definitely bring a lot of differences to the table, but they have very similar feels, particularly when it comes to the often frantic cat-and-mouse aspects of the shows. Also, the respective plots of Death Note and Code Geass hinge on the existence of a supernatural power (or object with supernatural power, in Death Note's case) which further makes them comparable
report Recommended by KinoCowboy
Character us kind of crazy like in death note. Both characters also really smart. Both kind of got a mind fuck sort of thing going on(death note much more though)
report Recommended by asdcvvbbd1
Both have a main character which is extremely intelligent, and is trying to use a new power they acquired to change the world in their own way.
report Recommended by JakCooper2
they both want to create a utopia.. they have supernatural powers given by a powerful entity.. both have mind games that makes you think.. the protagonist is seen as evil...
report Recommended by ciaorawr
I've seen this anime recommended here before, but I thought I'd recommend it anyways. They are both similar because it's about someone trying to change the world. They both have or use supernatural powers, and that leads to corruption of themselves. Both the protagonists of the story have original good intentions, but are doing it in a immoral way.
report Recommended by Sense00
Both has the most FAMOUS anti-heroic protagonists. And they been compared countless of times. The argument of "who's better" is still very much alive even after so many years had past since the ending of both series.
report Recommended by mrsLEE
Lelouch and Kira are in the same intellectual level and look for similar things: changing the world (but wich one in a unique way). Both story are of high quality level and are well thought. And Code Geass (in many people's opnion) to surpass Death Note in drama and emotion.
report Recommended by nicoloko
1) Both of these have male characters who believe themselves to be Gods. 2) Both use strategies to figure out problems or get what they want. 3) Both become friends with people they need to so they can use them later on. 4) Both are highly intelligent. I think they have some similarities, and though I definitely loved one more than the other, they are both worth watching at some point!
report Recommended by KayThatsMe
Both geniuses. Both do justice ... Or at least claim that .. Even you do not know which side to choose. Both are fascinating, and both have amazing ways to win, and they always do unexpected actions. Just trust me and believe me, if you love one of them, you will love the second. The only difference is that in Code Geass there is more action.
report Recommended by avil56
These both have a very smart protagonist that plan a lot. This isn't the only recommendation for this so I won't go into detail. The main difference is that while Code Geass centers around someone who looks evil being good (he's basically conquering the world) Death Note has someone who looks good doing evil (murdering people). I could go into more detail (the statement above is basically wrong) but then I would be spoiling stuff.
report Recommended by PawnDa
Light is very much like Lelouch, both are geniuses with darker streak, both enjoy viewing people as chess figures in their grand game and both pay a price for it.
report Recommended by shinezu
They both have intelligent main characters that have been gifted a super-natural power.
report Recommended by Rance-sama
Death Note is very similar to Code Grass in that they both have a very intelligent protagonist who has the ability to manipulate people in order to achieve their goals. They are both very great and I recommend them to everyone.
report Recommended by ringostingo
The most obvious recommendation of them all. Both have main character with superpower with some important flaws. Light and Lelouch have similar personalities, they both want to accomplish their ultimate goal no matter the cost, but Light is more radical. Death note´s quality drops in the second half, which is a shame and a reason why i enjoyed Code Geass more, but they are both worth the watch.
report Recommended by spirit12
Both series have story about main character being criminal and student. Both of them want to create a new world that would be better (from their perspective). The most similar thing is about how they execute their plan for building a new world.
report Recommended by novusz
Both shows feature a strong, powerful and ingenious main character (Light and Lelouch) who wish to change the world for the better, but eventually get drunk on their power and fail because of their own ambitiousness. Both are also set in a less realistic version of our world, in which the protagonist has some unusual power which allows them to control the actions of another human being. Murder, mystery, mendacity and manipulation are prevalent elements in both. Also, though the shows may be unrealistic, the characters are excellent; strong, believable, real and very relatable. Although Code Geass has more violence and action than Death Note,   read more
report Recommended by Chimizu
Both a battle-of-wits anime. Both Lelouch and Kira (Light) have some sort of special ability to cleanse the world of evil. But they turn out to be like the antagonist. Both animes are unusual for Shounen- seeing that they focus on out smarting the other instead of fighting.
report Recommended by EION
Both anime resolve around two characters that use their power to manipulate people around them. Both have a goal of changing the world to what is best in their mind.
report Recommended by P1pis1990
The main characters are very similar. They both get an unique power. They want to eliminate the unrighteousness in the world in their own way. The both series are very unpredictable and exciting.
report Recommended by Shinnigami
Both series have several geniuses that wage a psychological war against each other with grand goals in vision. Both set of characters happen to be possibly the most clever characters in all of anime.
report Recommended by hypernova_00
Death Note is about a man that gets a gift that will allow him to change the world for the better. He is a super-genius (gets 100% for University-level tests without trying) Code Geass also stars a super-genius man with a new power that'll allow him to change the world. There is a very slight similarity in their ability. Both animes are brialliantly written (Death Note somewhat better, though) and I personally am attracted to intelect.
report Recommended by Drake_King
Code Geass and Death Note are similar in one way: A complex, riveting storyline with minimal room for romance. A lot of strategy and guesswork is involved.
report Recommended by specimenMeg
Mind games are important part of the both series. Main characters are both ultra-smart students with a unique supernatural power and trying to change the world with using substitute idol characters while they are staying behind the scenes. They both sacrifice their present and future in order to change the world.
report Recommended by sk8erbyern
Both of them have protagonists who are anti-heroes that try to shape the world but use unfavorable means of doing so.
report Recommended by FadingLight
they have lot of things in common but the most important things are that the heroes' community think they are representing the evil but indeed they are building the justice by their own ways , other one is that their precious people are standing in their way (actually they don't know about that) but light and lelouch handled them as a roadblocks and removed them . finally , i thought these 2 points make them so similar , so who love one of them , surely will love the other one . english isn't my first language , so excuse any mistakes . hope you found   read more
report Recommended by Amount-of-woe
Within both series, the main protagonists (Lelouch and Light) both attempt to achieve to "save" their country from its corruption. Both involve psychological turns and major mind games that'll leave you in suspense.
report Recommended by Zeal_Seal
In Death Note, one of the most obvious and enticing elements are the mind games played between Light and L, and Light and Near. This is also found in Code Geass, which not only brings these mind games to the table, but introduces them on an empirical scale-- literally!
report Recommended by fullmetalgeass
Both feature insanely intellectual main characters, and feature intellectual meta-game chess-like plots.
report Recommended by 14thLord
The mains caracters of these two animes are both very intelligent and inherits of a huge power they will use for their own visions of justice
report Recommended by FrenchVegeta
There is quite a great deal of overlap between the two series. Both start of with a guy who by some means aqcuires the power to change the world. Both of these guys fall into the category of characters that are far from the good guy, but you will end up rooting for anyway. The amount of mindgames is huge in both Death Note and Code Geass. If you liked any of those aspects about Death Note, particularly that last one, then you will definetly enjoy Code Geass as well.
report Recommended by Acqua
Lots of strategizing and thought processing. Differences: Code Geass has mechs and is near-future-ish, Death note's MC is a normal guy.
report Recommended by Squary
If you took Death Note and gave it action, it would be Code Geass. Two insanely smart guys out to change the world with a god like power that was given to them. Thinking 20 steps ahead of their opponent as if they are playing chess. Both with moments of comedy and specks of insanity. At the end of both you will sit there thinking "wow, what really just happened??" or y'know more like me lying on the floor freaking out.
report Recommended by Hentai_Princess
Both male main characters start off as regular teenage boys until they possess the power; either the notebook or geass. The plot is very similar too, as their main goals is to change the world into a better place.
report Recommended by pizzaglitter
Both animes main character are very intelligent and both are very similar to each other. Both characters contain some kind of special power, and are trying to change the world by facing enemies that are close to them.
report Recommended by Zaira-
These 2 Shōnen anime are very similar in many respects. The main characters both receive a controversial power from an unknown being. The both try to purge the world of evil, acting on their own ideas of justice and equality. The main characters both have a secret alias; Zero and Kira. All in all, Code Geass and Death Note are very similar and are must-watch anime series! I AM A FUCKING WEEABOO
report Recommended by GreatDenis8
Death Note reminds me of Code Geass because of its intense emotions and the constant twists and turns the plot takes. It excludes certain events until they actually play apart in the overall scheme and it always keeps you guessing. It is also very cool to watch Light and L's minds work and plan 50 steps ahead just like Lelouch.
report Recommended by Mythical_Truth
I believe you would like Death Note because even though the plot is totally different, it has similar aspects to Code Geass. They both present the stories of antiheroes - good guys who are trying to change the present world into a better world, while at the same time trying to hide the fact of who they are. Both must face ordeals on their path toward their goals.
report Recommended by PTR2013
Light and Lelouch are exactly the same; both MCs fight for what they believe is true justice. The strategies used in both are complicated and give the series a nice touch which makes them so enjoyable.
report Recommended by NeoZeon
Both have the premise of strategy. Both Protagonists are kid geniuses. Both have special powers.
report Recommended by jarenreed
-Young intelligent school boy comes across a mysterious "power" and uses it to try and change the world -Ideologies and morals tackled in various ways -The "power" when described feels very real, little detail left out giving it a suggestion of possibilities -Although Code Geass uses Mechs, just like Death Note large amounts of intelligence is used, isn't just brainless fighting
report Recommended by Ravenclaw707
Both animes contain a smart and nice student which is the main character. Both characters obtain a power and they will try to change the world with it. They will both use a nickname to protect their identity.
report Recommended by LBMLK
Lelouch and Light are one and the same. They receive super-natural powers to enable them to embark on a journey to seek justice. Only Geass is explosive, about shooting/smashing everything and over-the-top Hollywood tactics all day, while Death Note is more thoughtful and down to Earth. Would recommend Death Note over Code Geass any day, but for any who've already seen one watching the other is certainly not unthinkable.
report Recommended by LawLLawL
Both animes count with an unexpected complex history, two of the best animes I have saw ever. The two have also one important aspect for me: the main character is one of or the most powerfull one in the serie. They are kind sympathetic and are much inteligent. Anyway, you should watch both and take your conclusions, personally, both are just epic.
report Recommended by Zero1337
Cocky narcissist receives super power with limitations that enables him to try to take over the world. Shenanigans ensue for both series and the ladies love both protagonists. In both series the protagonist is an anti-hero too
report Recommended by QuarterRican
I know these two series are recommended to death but it's not just the popularity that sets them together. Code Geass borrowed significantly in the wake of Death Notes popularity. The main character's in both series share similar motive and battle their opponents on a strategic level that is above most people.
report Recommended by -Krouton-
Very intelligent high school student Being granted with supernatural powers and using this power to change the world and not merely their surroundings... even if it means to use dark and wrong means to achieve this dream... this is the main theme for both of these stories. Despite the time set difference I believe that anyone who enjoyed watching one of these psychological thriller then he will enjoy watching the other, the main protagonist of both series have much similar points and there's a lot of duels of wits and sharpness.
report Recommended by Elgargini
for people who like thrilling anime where the protagonist controls everything!!
report Recommended by Dakuseji
Both have smart Main Character where both have special powers. [Death Note & Geass] Both can manipulate the way of death/Control people with their powers. Both main characters are trying to change the world to be better place. Of course on their on perspective. Fighting for justice.
report Recommended by AkashiRvL
The characters are similar in the sense that they're bother very intelligent and have an ability which makes them more superior than others. In both shows they're trying to change japan in one way, in code geass it's all about trying to free japan from britania while in death it's about creating a perfect uthopia. These two animes also show the darker side of people as both light and lelouch are not pure of heart and will do dark things if necessary to achieve their goal.
report Recommended by lazydj
Both shows are full of suspense, death, emotion, and include a genius character who doubles as a "bad" guy. Both had me on the edge of my seat every single episode.
report Recommended by ceraice
The main character is very similar to Light as they are both too smart for their own good, have a supernatural power that they used to "take over the world", they both want to make the world a better place and they are also massive chick magnets. They both have amazing soundtracks and characters with plot twists that you will not see them coming. Code Geass is basically Death Note with Mechas.
report Recommended by The_Wolf_King
Together with Death note, Code Geass were the first animes to catch my attention when I was reommended by a friend to start watching anime. This anime is highly regarded by many, as one of the best animes ever made, and that is completely justified. It's story and the characters are carrying the series perfectly, but what really sets this anime (Deathnote as well) appart from all the others, is the strategic mind of Lelouch. He is a genius, you can't avoid having to pause once in a while to catch up with the amazingly complex thought trail of Lelouch. I highly recommend Code geass. To the   read more
report Recommended by Nurok
Based upon the intellectual capabilities of the main characters and each main character has a unique power that they can use.
report Recommended by 334th_His_Fate
Both are very focused on strategies. Lots of mind games. The main character seems to be evil and his “rival” is in the justice/lawful side.
report Recommended by Kiummy
As well as Death Note, Code Geass's story revolves around a highschool kid who suddenly obtains a power that will allow him to achieve his most desired thing, in this case world peace( and something else but no spoilers). If you liked the way that Light and L seemed to always be one step ahead of each other and continuously "defeat" each other, then you will like the way Lelouch(the main character) makes strategies, because, well, it is pretty much the same way of thinking. And last but not least, both of these anime have that soundtrack that makes any normal activity look awesome, just like chapter   read more
report Recommended by Zephiros
Both the animes are for intellectual people with a lot of strategies and brainwork.You will find similarities in the lead role of both animes too.
report Recommended by Basilisk1995
'Code Geass' and 'Death Note' are both what I refer to as strategist's animes. They both include an individual, very smart for their age, as the main protagonist. They both appear to be good, but with an evil side to them, and this is why these animes are both impressive. I found that both animes had me guessing the strategies and plans that the characters had put up, trying to get past them, but failing miserably, due to the gargantuan plot twists. Both animes have an art style that I love, and develop each character very well. I would wholeheartedly recommend both animes and the sequel to 'Code Geass',   read more
report Recommended by KuroYatagarasu
This is an obvious comparison, but not for the reasons most people belive... The thing most similiar thing about them is their pace. In every epiosde there is something happening, there is a lot of action (both mental and physical) and the dialogues are very fast; because of that, not a second is wasted. The tension between two opposing factions is almost continouslly present which builds the dynamic even further. After you have finished an episode, the next one demands to be watched. The second thing very similiar is the main character's usage of other people as his pawns as a mean to victory/salvation and the   read more
report Recommended by Armagenix
Both shows involve a teenage boy with supernatural powers for their own advantage. Both shows involve the main character trying to take over the world and try to make it better.
report Recommended by hungergamer012
It isn't strange that two anime (CG and DN) are compared together forever because both followed about the high intelligent and hot bishounen hero that are very ambitious and badass to conquer the world and both guy are legend of badass magnificient protagonists all times.
report Recommended by santicres
-both have male leading characters - both given something to control people - both are very powerful people - both are very smart, sly and very cunning Lelouch and Light both want things to change both have a destruction into creation idea both get a power from something paranormal/ out of this world They have different endings though They both basically play it out like a game of chess
report Recommended by scarlet16moons
In both series the main character is a very intelligent student in Japan. They receive supernatural powers and get a supernatural companion. Since they're dissatisfied with the world as it is, they take the initiative with their new opportunities. They want to create a new world order. In this case both assume a pseudonym and to hide their identity, they are lying and lonely. In order to achieve their goals both main characters become morally questionable.
report Recommended by Dan-Te
Both have similar main characters. Both have similar situations given to the main characters. If you liked any of the characters, you'll most likely like the characters here as well. They both have somewhat similar abilities and rely on their intellect.
report Recommended by JEchoeSeraph
Both involve a boy who is granted a 'power' that gives him an unfair advantage to help achieve his goal. Both shows have the main characters trying to outsmart their rivals and use their new powers to control the world.
report Recommended by BakedAsPotato
Code Geass is really similar to Death Note. Both have similar nature. Main characters have special powers (geass and death note). They want to be like a God and be justice. They make 'justice' with their powers. They must hide their identity. They are known in the world.
report Recommended by Nuhuqiu
lelouch and Light both have the same narcistic intelligent kind of i'm always 5 steps ahead of you attitude. of course in both franchises there were times when they panicked and needed to recollect their thoughts so it wasn't like it always worked out for them but they both strongly resemble each other apart from the fact that they are in completely different stories with a completely different concept. the plot is comepletely different except for certain situations wich also require the same deduction skills light has. both anime are really wel done animation quality wise aswell as story telling. i strongly reccomend both
report Recommended by ascloudsremain
Both involve schoolboys bent on creating a perfect world using an supernatural artifact (or power, in the case of Code Geass) to aid them in their goal. Couple things to note about Code Geass: it's a mecha series and it also has a second season, Hangyaku no Lelouch/Lelouch of the Rebellion R2.
report Recommended by InvaderTAK1989
Light and Lelouch are practically the same character. Both shows feature quite a bit more intellectual, and both main characters have very similar personalities and abilities.
report Recommended by Bransburk
Both of these anime begin with a highly intelligent main character who is in high school. In both of these anime, the main character starts out with a very pessimistic view of the world, and hate the way it works, and when they are given supernatural powers, try use them to create their idea of a perfect world.
report Recommended by TrailMix303
Both main characters are similar in that they both receive powers and then aim to better the world with them although through violent means, they are neither protagonists nor antagonists, rather they are somewhere in the middle. They both also have two people facing of against each other even though their goals are the same; they just have different methods.
report Recommended by Theguymatt
Well, the main characters are similar, the story is a bit different, but we see a main hero fighting his friends and becoming a greater evil to defeat the current evil in the world.
report Recommended by jaksic
Both protagonists lead a double life, with both sides of the coin differing dramatically from each-other; on one side you have the seemingly perfect high schooler, while on the other there lies an ambitious genius with overarching plans for everything and everyone. The world is their chess game. Some people are just too smart for their own good...
report Recommended by trentxw123
-Both are anime in which the protagonist is a genius and that is his greatest weapon to achieve his goal -Although Code Geass has elements of Mecha the anime is not focused on that but on war. -Both manage to obtain a supernatural tool for themselves and use that tool to achieve their goals. -Light Yagami (Death Note) and Lelouch (Code Geass) are in the top 5 of the most intelligent characters in the history of anime without a doubt.
report Recommended by Mateuzsz
Both of the protagonists inherit an amazing power and start trying to change the world. They think they're doing the right thing, but there are two opinions on the matter.
report Recommended by SymmetryWizard
A show with a genius protagonist who gains powers and uses these powers for their own personal goals.
report Recommended by EmNeM
Well written characters and plot with the protagonist being a mastermind character. The difference is setting, with Geass being more futuristic with a different atmosphere than Death Note. If you like one, you'll definetly love the other.
report Recommended by TheYukianesa
Both have strategist anti-hero protagonists granted with powers to change the world, rivalry, and plot twists. Too good
report Recommended by GiantQAACSleier
Similar characters with a cold, dark air about them. They both put up facades to how they truly feel and act, both kill in extraordinary ways, and have a special ability, and a female partner. similar feel to the anime (if you truly watch anime you know what I mean)
report Recommended by --Aurabreaker--
Its similar due to the fact that both main characters really think a lot and they're both smart. Another one is both are fantasy type, and both uses there heads to come up with plans to transition to their next phase.
report Recommended by marshmello20
- Watching both of them I had similar feeling - Both of them are masterpiece - Lelouch and Raito are very smart, powerful and serious - Both of main characters have got powerful weapon. Lelouch - geass and Raito - death note - Lelouch and Raito have got ''support" - Lelouch and Raito want to change the world
report Recommended by natty83
This recommendation is probably a cliche. Smart protagonists possessing special powers make their attempts to change the world with good intentions while not being afraid of getting their hand dirty. A little similar atmosphere and these are the most popular anime. Both give an awesome and incredible impression.
report Recommended by highfeel
Both shows are about insanely intelligent protagonists simply attempting to take over the world in their own unique ways. They also both have a quality dip in the second half. If you looking for a show to make you think, these are the two best picks.
report Recommended by TheBuzzz567
If one were to watch both of these series around the same time, it would be impossible NOT to notice the similarities. A brilliant, bored teenager gains a supernatural power that allows him to finally accomplish his lofty goal, through any means necessary. Light and Lelouch are both such similar characters, but at the same time differ as the series progress.
report Recommended by ShinBOmnis
they are both a lot like each other because there both hero is anti hero that uses a lot of tactics and his brain
report Recommended by Amit1553
This seems to be a very common recommendation; and with good reason. Both main characters ( Light + Lelouch) are unusually intelligent people, and are both in high school. They both want to change the world for 'the better' although for two very different reasons. In both anime there are many deaths involved as well, as in both anime -SPOILERS- there are main characters who kick the bucket. Also, both anime are very well known are respected in the MAL community. Finally, they are great starter anime for those who aren't so knowledgeable with anime in general.
report Recommended by Intelos
Both involve intelligence duels instead battles with just brute force where the smarter and better strategist wins and both have stories with protagonists very intelligent and cold trying to create a new world of peace, regardless of what may need to do to reach your goal.
report Recommended by JbMagalhaes
Both animes involve someone, more intelligent than most, and their psychological outthinking and prowess. Although one is situated in a much more modern setting as opposed to a futuristic one, the idea of destruction as a form of creation is existant in both. However, the endings and the fate of the individuals differ, and the winners and losers are different.
report Recommended by Zenofang
Same plot style and intense pshycological battles
report Recommended by Visceras
Both series have those unexpected and mindblowing moments, and both maincharacters have the same ideal: they think the world as it is at the start of the serie is rotting. They want to change something about that by using something supernatural. The twists in Code Geass are some way similar to those in death note; like a game of chess. In both series the maincharacters make their foes powerless one by one...
report Recommended by Misstery
These anime share several traits, as narcissistic "geniuses" inhabit a world populated with idiots gain chuunibyo-like powers and go on maniacal killing sprees, mistaking murder and/or revenge for "justice", manipulating those around them into helping fulfill their self-centered power fantasies. Full of overblown drama that 13 year olds love, completely unlikable characters, a panoply of plot holes, and absurd plot twists, both were made by excellent studios (Madhouse/Sunrise) that can make even the most ridiculous story lines become revered. Both anime are far longer than they need to be. Each has also supplied its fandom with a smorgasbord of yaoi fanart. If you loved one you're bound   read more
report Recommended by Mundt73
Light and Lelouch both have a unique way of thinking and dealing with certain events. They both are both very intelligent and strategic and have a supernatural power that works in favor for them. Both of them seem to fall into the role of the villain rather then a hero.
report Recommended by Backin2020
They are both about students who were granted special power and the story of them trying to change the world and make it a better place.
report Recommended by Jokerleed996
Similarly to Death Note, Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass) is the main protagonist who uncovers the power of Geass to force other to obey his orders against their will. The biggest difference between both shows is the Code Geass is set in a utopian world where Britain rules most of the world, while Death Note is set in modern day Japan. Code Geass is filled with similar story-telling elements Death Note is know for, such as clever and complicated story-telling, a suspenseful atmosphere, and plot twists and turns that will have you watching for days. Personally I prefer Code Geass over Death Note, because Code Geass tells   read more
report Recommended by JellyBeaner
The reason why Code Geass is similar to Death Note, is probably mostly due to the protagonists themselves. Both protag. have a special ability that none around them have, and they are determined to use the ability to do what they think is 'right', but however they are considered 'the villian' in the show by other characters. Both protag. also have to struggle between school life and their plans, while also keeping their identity a secret.
report Recommended by noobsoldier
Well, you'll see this line everywhere in the world wide web: "Watch Code Geass when you like Death Note" and yes, they really have some similars, for example the personality from the Main Character or the obtained superpower from a mystical essence. But at all they have more differences then common parts. The Main Plot is in the most way completely different and the location, presentation and plotting as well. Go ahead and watch both shows when you liked the MC but don't think the story is just copy and paste.
report Recommended by rexarma
1.Lelouch the Code Geas and Light from Death Note are very similar. The main characters, who are actually the bad guys, fighting for justice and a better world. 2.Lelouch has a friend whom he had known 7 years, Suzuki ,and fighting against him, as well as a Light has L that are in some way, friends. 3.Lelouch had to kill their loved ones to make a dream come true, as well as Light.
report Recommended by Yamero_oniichan
As Death Note, Code Geass has great focus on the physicological of characters and the characters will allways try to use the logic to reach their goals. If you're looking for something smart, whatch it.
report Recommended by Mcputin
Both of these anime's have similar main characters who gain supernatural powers and use it to try and change the world. But due to this new power they begin to get corrupted and lose sight of their original goal.
report Recommended by Jesiki
both anime are about a single person that uses supernatural abilities to try and change the world that they live in
report Recommended by MightyMouse1998
The main character on both shows are almost identical in terms of the way they think and how they want to change the rotten world they live in, and will go to any lengths to accomplish that goal even if it means going down a dark path. Both characters are very smart but also very manipulative, they also have supernatural powers. These two shows are considered the best in anime and I'd recommend it to anyone.
report Recommended by OPslime
Death note has a genius main and has a similar feel, it is also about strange powers and world domination.
report Recommended by OtakuRG
These are both intellectual anime about a genius main character with help from a supernatural being to help them achieve their goals.
report Recommended by CryogenicInferno
The protagonists of these series are given special powers that they use to try to change and rule the world. They deceive and kill other people to get to this goal and may seem like arrogant, narcissistic, jerks. There is strategic thinking and you never know what's gonna happen next. They are both admired or hated by the world through aliases. The second season of Code Geass is much better than the first and not as hollow and boring as Death Note's second season, which was the reason for its downfall, in my opinion. In both, there is a lot of serious talking and a   read more
report Recommended by Jonathan_George
Both series feature a main male lead who are too smart for their own good, and use their wits and "supernatural powers" to outsmart the rest of the characters on this show. They also have very similar personalities, and can be seen as an "anti-hero" protagonist, one whom the viewing audience can root against.
report Recommended by The_Archking
Both main characters get some kind of magical power they use to change the world. Lelouch tries to change the world into a place where his sister can live peacefully while Light tries to change the world into a place with no criminals, where he rules over everyone. These anime's can sometimes feel like a chess game because every thing they do gets consequences.
report Recommended by StealthActivated
Both protagonists are geniuses on a mission to make the world a better place while taking extreme measures, due to their newly acquired power. They both believe that they have to become evil in order to defeat evil.
report Recommended by AnimeFan42
both have a mastermind main character trying to change the world. i highly recommend both. if you liked one of them, i can absolutely assure you that you'll like the other just as much. How ever code geass has a bit of science fiction and action while death note does have too much of that.
report Recommended by buckethead_
Both shows share characters are given powers from outside sources (Shinigami/CC). This power allows for both main characters to strive for power. They give a perspective of viewing the world as an equation and rely heavily on strategies. They are both extremely well done and the endings are similar too.
report Recommended by JaPaLu
Both anime have intelligent main characters who fight their battles intellectually instead of having a superpower competition. In both anime, the main character is more of an idealist for a perfect world and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal, even betraying allies and sacrificing innocent people along the way
report Recommended by doublegambler
Both main characters obtain a new power that allows them to attempt to change the world. Both main characters have very controversial ideals. If you liked death note then you'll love code geass
report Recommended by Freegreg68
Both protagonists think they are superior to the rest, using people as pawns to fulfill their ambitions. In addition, they have supernatural powers that help you control people's actions, as well as discard people when they don't need them. Two anime that catch you for the complicated situations with which the protagonists fight and their ways of dealing with them.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
The setting and the overall feeling of these shows are very different, but those two anime have a lot in common. Both series have intelligent main protagonists who are sick of society, and suddenly they find a super power that they use in order to change the world for their own reasons. Both of them are ruthless sometimes, but they are the best examples of anti-heroes, who are genious and think about plans that will blow your mind. Also, both anime have a political feeling and they are full of strategies and plot twists.
report Recommended by Alpha-27
To me, the main thing that connects these two animes is that the main protagonists are trying to make a better world according to their own opinions. In both Death Note and Code Geass, the main protagonists are very complex characters, with clear motives, sheer dedication, and are very intelligent. A few times whilst I was watching Death Note, the plot confused me and I was lost, but it was quickly resolved by an explanation by Light as to what he was doing/planning. This also happened to me in Code Geass. I got confused but Lelouch explained what he did and it blew my mind.   read more
report Recommended by cassii
Pretty much the same concept, although Code Geass is more in a Japanese anime style. In more detail: both have an underrated main character that already shows some kind of brilliance from the start of the story. The real action begins however when they are offered a special power which turns them into the most overpowered character of their realm. Both end up backfiring and making our MC suffer. Even the side characters have similar traits and many of the same concepts are touched upon. The only thing death note definitely showed itself superior in to me, is the secondary main character/ antagonist. Whereas L   read more
report Recommended by pandablade
Both consist of the main protagonist is an intellectual battle of strategy and planning. They each contain highly intelligent characters and a few plot twists to keep the story moving. Both endings are incredible and help tie up the stories. Much like Light Yagami, main character Lelouch appears to be more of a self-centered wannabe-ruler who wishes to recreate peace within the world, like Death Note. Each main character has a fantastical power to alter the world around them and attempts, with their increased knowledge, to bend people to their will. Death Note centers around the police while Code Geass centers around the military, both   read more
report Recommended by Contaminated
Both anime is similar because: -Both main characters both obtain something that could be used to change the world. -Both main characters are really smart. -There's people trying to figure out who the main characters are. -Both anime makes you think
report Recommended by Sprucime
Similar plot line where Protagonists are tired of the way their world works and by the end of first episode they get the power they need to change it. Similar mastermind "enemies" to protagonists which try to take them down.
report Recommended by Emergi
Are you a fan of Death Note? Are you looking for an anime like Death Note? Many people recommend Code Geass when the topic of animes like Death Note comes up. While Code Geass is an amazing anime the similarities with Death Note are minimal (but it still definitely deserves inclusion). What Code Geass does offer is a mind game adventure between the Rebels and Empire (similar to that of Light and L). Along with plenty of suspense and plot twists that make you want to keep moving through the episodes (similar to that in Death Note). Code Geass is set in an alternative present that contains   read more
report Recommended by Ichigo_Shiba_
Both follow a very intelligent protagonist who decides to face societies short comings, with their own 'ends justifies the means' way.
report Recommended by RepublicRevolt
Both the main characters are geniuses, bent on bringing justice to the world, in their own peculiar ways. And both these anime are masterpieces.
report Recommended by starumii
If you want something like death note this is really the only anime for you! Death note is my favorite anime and I've been looking for show like it since I've watched it there are many similarities ie both give the viewer a choice of which of the 2 main characters they want to win both give have genius protagonists both have protagonists use questionable methods for what they want...only difference is that death notes ending is ass.
report Recommended by Lights_Eyedea
When I was watching these two I noticed many similarities. Both main characters are seemingly geniuses that are gifted with a power that lets them cure the "corrupt" world in their eyes. Another thing I found was both main characters tend to be very manipulative and bend situations to fit their plans.
report Recommended by PineBladeX
The extreme clever and intelligence of the main characters gets you to both root for them and feel their emotions. With their clever plots, its impossible to like one and not the other. Code Geass has much more action while death note is pure wit (which is excellent) And if you haven't watch either of them, tell me, what have you been doing all this time?
report Recommended by Qpeirndndbwuei
If you liked the manipulation skills Lelouch had you will like the way Light acts to get what he wants. Both series have very strong main characters. The intelligence of the characters makes them seem godlike in the face of adversity but like Lelouch, Light also has his share of enemies.
report Recommended by JakklL
Everything is a chess game. That is the best way to describe these two animes. The MC's are smarter than practically everybody and they do whatever to attain their goals. Very suspenseful and two of my favourite animes.
report Recommended by Lytework
- it's difficult to decide what is right and what is wrong in these anime - the protagonists are trying to change the world they live in - newly acquired powers change their lives drastically - they use those powers to kill people
report Recommended by Yatori-chan
Want to watch two people, two friends, secretly be enemies? Well these are your shows! Fantastic anti-heros make for twisted plots that you will leave you awestruck.
report Recommended by cdihno
Code Geass is political with a focus on military tactics as opposed to cat-and-mouse detective work. But the show's protagonist, Lelouch, shares many similarities to Light, including his high intelligence, manipulative attitude, and "the ends justify the means" mentality. Apart from Lelouch's granted power of persuasion, there are no supernatural elements to the show, making Code Geass feel a bit smarter and much more grounded than Death Note.
report Recommended by countofcounts
Both series are very alike: -Both MC's are very intelligent -Both MC's wants to make a better world -Both series are psychological and have action -Both MC's have the same personality -Both MC's have special abilities -Both MC's sacrifice those close to them
report Recommended by Xiela
Both animes are based around a protagonist that obtains a magic power and uses it to take justice into his own hands. In both of them, there are battles of wits around the use of the power and keeping their identity a secret while maintining a "normal" life. I liked both of them, but I liked Code Geass more because I think it has a better ending
report Recommended by masternis
This seems to be a pretty common comparison - probably because Light and Lelouch are practically the same character. Both shows feature quite a bit more intellectual sparring than your typical shounen fare, and both main characters have very similar personalities (they're closer to being villains than heroes) and abilities (ridiculously powerful but with prominent weaknesses that require careful planning to circumvent).
report Recommended by jnjkl
Both main characters take on the "antagonist" role to cleanse the world of evil. Both MC's are very strong and especially Death Note have a very good character as opposing role to this plan. Death Note is a bit lacking in the 3rd part of the anime, and is mainly carried by the 2 opposing main characters, while side characters are somewhat uninteresting, while Code Geass have an amazing cast with a ton of interesting characters from beginning to the end. The music in both anime is also really great, but by now it should be no surprise that both of these anime is def worth   read more
report Recommended by Kukker
The theme and feel of the show the are extremely similar. From the very beginning you can see that the main characters have similarities so there is really no point in spoiling major plot points for the sake of convincing you. If you enjoyed watching the main character of one show outwit his opponents every which way then this is a show you have to try.
report Recommended by Hoppagamer
Both series have a "not your typical" protagonist, that obtains a certain power to change the world. The thrill in both series is to see how the strategy works out, and how this effects the other characters & story.
report Recommended by Dinoe
Both have a lot of intelligence in parts of perssonagens , making envolvernte plot the beginning to the end
report Recommended by Floiyd
A high school student is given a power, with that they decide to change the world into a better place, they both slowly form alliances and the people see them as heroes.
report Recommended by joe_g7
Both animes has quite similar features. Death Note revolves around Yagami Light who uses a notebook called Death Note to kill people. While Lelouch Lamperouge of Code Geass use a power, Geass, which compels other people to obey him. They both witnessed what the world has come to and want to change it for the better at ANY cost and are willing to sacrifice anything for that cause. They both work behind the shadows and are two of the biggest anime masterminds/puppet masters. A mysterious being aids them in their path to success. Their enemies are L Lawliet and Suzaku Kururugi, who wants to change   read more
report Recommended by Show_Man
-both main characters have the same goals -it's set in world where there are a lot of crimes -both main characters hide ther identity -and both are smart animes
report Recommended by zaid99
I believe that these two animes are the best. When all action/op fails The Brains get the spotlight.... Both the story begin with college students i.e Leouch Lamperouge and Light Yagami. Both the mc may look handsome caring and helpful .....but keep in mind they have an equally cunning,cruel,sadist,seaming,evil side might just mistake them to be a devil. Both receive a special power ;leouch gets the geass-the power of the king while light gets the death note-the power to kill anyone by writing their name in the death note. Both the mc wish for a better world ..where all can live a happy life tho their main ideology   read more
report Recommended by Hydrous
The series have a very similar premise. The protagonists are both given a supernatural power that they use to try and change the world. If you enjoy watching anime that keep you at the edge of your seat you'll probably like both the shows.
report Recommended by Sande
The main characters both fight for justice in cruel and harmful ways.
report Recommended by LordPumpkinPie
I don't need to tell it but both the series have an MC with a god like power with which they try to create a new world where they could live and main characters end up to be antiheroes
report Recommended by Ritesh
The series are both about 1 person that gets a power to do good things, but some people think it isn't good what they're doing, some people do think it's good whether you decide if it isn't or is is up to you. (In death note, the killing of criminals, and in Code Geass, he wants that the 11's to be called Japanese again) They have both a friend, who's on the 'battlefield' an enemy.
report Recommended by Arquarion
They are both very psychological, the main characters are always outsmarting the rest. More action and a better storyline in Code Geass while Death Note is more of a detective and mystery anime in my opinion.
report Recommended by xiMatt-
They both feel pretty similar. Both great gateaway animes. Both masterpieces.
report Recommended by mewinblue
Both anime explore the premise of having psychological battles, whereas Death Note is quite mild when it comes to action, Code Geass excels by having thrilling war battles as well as psychological ones.
report Recommended by GenericProtag
Death Note and Code Geass share many similarities. I feel Geass is a bit like Death Note's teenage brother - less dramatic mind-games and more epic action with mechs, gunfights, airship battles and boobs. It still maintains the mind-games theme with our anti-hero Lelouch being similar to Light Yagami in many ways, but if Death Note was intriguing but just a bit too slow for you - Code Geass is a great shout
report Recommended by Bagelman102
The main characters of both series, Lelouch and Light, are very similar. Both are prodigies who intend to change the world for the better using their special powers.
report Recommended by oreoz673
This is a rather well known recommendation: a two anime rivalry known through the entire anime community. Both Code Geass and Death Note have similar characters; primarily Light Yagami and Lamperouge Lelouch, two evil geniuses striving to achieve their "justice." Both shows cover rather complex plans made by their protagonists, meaning the plot sometimes gets really complex. That said, it has multiple other similarities, but I mustn't spoil the fun.
report Recommended by blank
Ever wonder what it would be like to have the power of a God? The ability to kill any person instantaneously or how about have people follow any command you give? These anime don't ask what it is to be a hero, they ask if you would become a villain in order to save your world. These series are for anyone who wants to watch a game of chess take place on a global scale. These anime are two of my top favorites of all time (I don't have that many, promise). If you're looking for an Epic series then watch it because you'll ask   read more
report Recommended by TheMageKiller
Both anime have awesome main characters that are to smart for their own good. Both anime will have you heavily involved in the story and characters until the end (not so much with death note since the second season isn't anywhere near as good as the first). The mind games characters play against each other in these are amazing and very entertaining to watch. Death is a great anime to help feel the void from Code Geass.
report Recommended by Doctor_Ghost
This should come as no surprise but seriously if you have watched and enjoyed one of these two series and haven't watched the other I strong suggest you do so. Both series share a similar narrative with one guy gaining a supernatural ability that he uses in an attempt to change the world! While they are not of equal quality when it comes to the story and overall cast, if you liked either Light or L in Death Note, you'll probably love Lelouch vi Britannia!
report Recommended by AndoCommando
If you liked Code Geass then you'll definitively like death note since both anime have a very good story development and both focus a lot in the psychological of the character.
report Recommended by Sora_Legacy
the same main character who tries to change the world where he lives
report Recommended by NEMEZEU
Both main characters have a justice sense of thinking, and want to help the world, even if the world disapproves. Both have amazing characters and enjoyable moments.
report Recommended by Denaos
Another monstrously successful series about a gifted youth who uses his power to change the world. Less political intrigue and a lot less high school shenanigans result in a tighter narrative.
report Recommended by Treima
I think both animes contains a lot of mind games, cool and genius main characters.Also with their powers, main characters can manipulate others in different ways.
report Recommended by Mehdi_Aga
Main champions wants to be a god of the world. This animes logic is comming to intelligence war.
report Recommended by Hycelinio
The two are very similar, but for spoiler reasons I'll be pretty vague! When you actually watch you'll notice many similarities and if you liked one you'll probably like the other! Similarities: -Main characters are shown as natural, kind of narcissistic, geniuses -MCs use the supernatural to gain power *CG: Geass (Basically mind control) *DN: The Death Note (Basically the power to kill anyone, within certain criteria) -MCs are given their supernatural abilities by a supernatural being -MCs have limits to their power, i.e. how they can use it/who they can use it on -MCs are not the only ones who have had access to this power -MCs are basically up   read more
report Recommended by Ridoot
Mastermind head character. Plan from beginning trying to prevent trouble still have effective action.
report Recommended by Ackister
If you liked death note, then Code Geass is basically something similar to death note. I personally like Code Geass more. Despite the art not being really good, the story is one of the best out there! Both the stories have a Main Character that can be viewed as a good guy or a bad guy and both the stories have a second main character which can be viewed as the opponent of the main character. Both L in death note and Lelouch in Code Geass have a high level of intelligence and they are both very smart. The story might be boring to some   read more
report Recommended by Choti3629
The plots are very similar yet very different but both are about mind games and planing ahead.
report Recommended by MARGilgamesh
Code Geass is literally Death note with mechs. Main hero plans how to beat his opponents, then uses his power to do so. Lot of figuring stuff out, twist and turns in both of these. And both have main characters that you love and hate at the same time.
report Recommended by Werty800
The story for both of these shows involve incredibly smart protagonists that are high school students who have the desire to change the world around them to their liking. Both protagonists also obtain something that gives the character a chance/push to make progress on their goals. The main characters also have similar thinking/a view of justice that isn't seen by everyone who watches as morally right, which is why they can be viewed as anti-heroes. They use whatever is necessary to achieve or get one step closer to their goal regardless of whether the step they took to get there is viewed as cruel or   read more
report Recommended by Nameless_HF
If you like a smart character, and mystery or puzzle or detective or some kind like that, you need to watch one of this, death note is about a person using a book to kill bad people to make a world a better place and codegeass is about robot fighting but got a smart main character that want a peace and both of the main character got a smart brain
report Recommended by HeroArgonaut
Similarities between " Code Geass " and " Death Note " > Having a similar character to change the world, namely, Yagami Light and Lamperouge Lelouch > Both want to change and control the world > Genius, smart strategizing > Both had another name / pseudonym ( KIRA - ZERO ) > Both dapet help from ( being ) another. ( Shinigami & C.C ) > Both have supernatural things that help them ( Death note & Geass ) > Both think they are correct > Both have people who have sacrificed on behalf of their > Both can manipulate people ( Death note & Geass )
report Recommended by NabilAl-Muhammad
- Both focus on super-intelligent and strategic protagonists who, when they gain a power and are able to apply their sense of justice, advance their goals, assume an identity both idolized and feared by people, but still hide their true identity. - Light is more psycho, using either one to fulfill his goals, Lelouch, several times, loses control and coming out of your goal, but he blames himself, he repents and moves on.
report Recommended by DCardoso_MAL
Both have amazing protagonists, great plot and are solid choices for a change of pace from shounen or if you're tired of lackluster protagonists. They're worth the hype and high ratings. I checked them out after hearing people call Code Geass & Death Note top tier series and afterwards I feel it is justified. It is best to not say more as it's very important to avoid spoilers with both series. Thankfully they do get straight to the point so best thing is to try at least several episodes, you'll probably end up completing it before you know it.
report Recommended by FreshPrinceof3H
Pretty obvious comparison, but I make the recommendation anyway. Both anime are driven by anti-heroes who seek to impose their own brand of justice through supernatural means. Both play out like an intricate chess game between the vigilante and the established order.
report Recommended by bhijml
If you like all the clever and mystery-solving situations, this is for you. The main characters are also really similar. They both: Have special powers Want to control the world or something similar They got their power from something or someone else
report Recommended by SpiritH0shi
Both heavily involve tactics and many draw similarities between the protagonists. I've often found that if people like one of these, they'll like the other. I myself love both of them.
report Recommended by SSbardock84
It has similar tones to it as Death Note. But is different to make it likable as its own. I personally don't like mechs but even then this anime impressed me.
report Recommended by KenTheSlayer
I would say that they are quite a few similarities between code geass and death note, some being that they both focus on the story of two young teenagers who have acquired a supernatural power that they use in order to change the world to fit their own ideals. Both protagonists feel as though the world is rotten and that the innocent suffer whilst those who commit bad things live without being punished. So after seeing the atrocities of the world both characters choose to use their powers in order to right the wrongs of the world, however this results in the deaths of innocents   read more
report Recommended by AiraX
Two intelligent shows that will intrigue you a lot, because of their well done construction on the development of the story (for the most part) and mainly their main characters that share many similarities, both being revolutionary geniuses that change a whole society, with rivals who try everything to stop them.
report Recommended by Samuel_Araujo
Another protagonist that wants to change the world, a similiar series that takes it to the next level.
report Recommended by GAs_AMVs
Both Animes: -Have A Genuis Main Character -Haves the Main Character obtain a supernatural ability -Have a Main Character that tries to change the world by killing
report Recommended by aenriq12
Both principal characters are barely genius and they both are looking for a perfect world which they 're gonna create
report Recommended by EvilN8AFR
most obvious recommendation ever, a incredibly smart guy receives some kind of convenient power and decides to use it for his own good while trying to help other humans in the process, all around mindgames, mysteries and psychological warfare, only difference is that code geass actually has war due to mecha while death note sticks to the psychological ground, also the relation between suzaku/lelouch instantly reminds of L/Light
report Recommended by RafaKiyoura
Both feature somewhat mind-game-ish battles in which one person tries to outsmart somebody else, and have some mild twists that you might enjoy. Additionally, the main characters have to lead a sort of double life and must hide their actions from authorities.
report Recommended by barycentricbash
The main characters suffer from a god complex
report Recommended by FabolousOne
Ideas of justice and vigilante justice; morally intriguing; will question basic premises of right vs wrong
report Recommended by Ankit_Raj
Death Note isn't exactly similar to Code Geass but they both have main characters who are practically the same person. Lelouch from Code Geass and Light Yagami from Death Note are absolutely amazing characters. They are both geniuses, they possess some type of absolute power, and they are also undeniably very likable characters.
report Recommended by Marco_a_Phoenix
There are many things that are similar with the series, such as: 1. The main characters. Light and Lelouch are both geniuses. Lelouch is manipulative, and is willing to do evil to achieve his goals, similar to Light who was willing to kill criminals to make his ideal world. They are both powerful anti-hero characters. 2. Code Geass has battles between geniuses like Light and L, such as Schneizel vs. Lelouch. 3. The mc's both have unique powers that they use with the intention to achieve their ideal worlds. Light uses his death note to kill people he deems dangerous or bad for the world, while Lelouch uses   read more
report Recommended by BigBadBaboon
One of the most engaging aspects of these two show's storytelling is through the perspective of their main characters who are both non-stop thinkers, always trying to plan ahead, be meticulous and account for as much that can be predicted as possible. If you enjoyed one, you very well might enjoy the other. Moreover, if what you liked is the main character's intelligence, you will find it in the other work too as both feature battles of wit rather than brawn.
report Recommended by Balsamina
Death Note and Code Geass are works that share lots of similarities. First, the main characters: they are guys that want to change the world for the better, trying to erase some sort of evil that is afflicting the whole world. For this purpose, they are prepared to do everything, even if it means losing something/someone they care about or being hated/feared by the whole world. Also in the shows there are a lot of strategic mental battles, most tactics the main characters come up with will blow your mind, they are both very clever. If you like battles that are fought mentally, then both of   read more
report Recommended by Big_Hat_Logan
The atmosphere of both of them is similar,while Lelouch takes on the world on his own,so does Light againt best of the police in the world. the mc in both is pretty op too.
report Recommended by Ishan_1997
Similarities: 1- Amazing MCs 2- MCs with a personal goal to obtain 3- Extremely Intelligent MCs 4- MCs encounter a supernatural creature which grants them power on conditions 5- Thriller Mystery Dark Gore Psychology Killings 6- MCs kills many people who oppose them or are evil 7- MCs try to change the world in their own way 8- MCs strategically fights against an organization 9- Similar setting and atmosphere 10 - Amazing OST
report Recommended by Otaku329
both main protagonists have grey morals and will do anything to rule their respective society. both protagonists hold a special power. both protagonists have stunning intuition and wit. both are seen spiraling into chaos
report Recommended by DeitysDynasty
Both feature pseudo-autistic geniuses. Both are great gateway anime. Both have complex plots but aren't that deep or intellectual overall. Both are fast and thrilling.
report Recommended by spacebishijesus
Both animes, have as a theme a protagonist who does everything to achieve his goal, however different from Death Note, the protagonist of Code Geass, does not lose himself and also does not do it for himself. He commits all acts, for the sake of his little sister, Nunnally, who is in wheelchairs, due to the attack that her mother suffered. Lelouch asks for explanations for the king, but the king denies the help, after the discussion, he expels him from Brittania and the title of prince and is still sold, indignant he swears revenge on Britannia and create the world of peace that his   read more
report Recommended by Kamishoto
These are definitely good successor's of each other. They both have really cool supernatural powers in them. In addition, the main characters are in a moral gray. They are both very good, so if you like one, you'll probably like the other.
report Recommended by SixLeafCloverOF
Psychological and the main character is a genius having to face off against other genius' in mental battles in order to get his end goal; the world and all whom inhabit it to be at peace under his rule... Sound familiar?
report Recommended by Ruke_CONTROL
Very psychological anime like death note the main characters are also alike in that they wish to change to change the world.
report Recommended by Ecchi_Zone
Both have the main character try to outsmart their opponents by using their wit. Also, they're both about taking over the world I guess.
report Recommended by kafkaKafkaman
This show gives off the same vibe watching Lelouch overcome obstacles as in Death Note with Light.
report Recommended by MAL_Admin21
You have stumbled upon the UNO Reverse card of anime. Watch as these conniving villain protagonists, tilt their noses upward, eat chips, and wear supervillain masks to scoff at their opposition. These shows take two very different approaches in two very different worlds, but the fact that they follow a protagonist who takes on the role of a villain makes them the star of the show. Death Note, in spite of the supernatural power of the Journal of Doom, takes a more realistic approach being grounded in the real world. Taking on the role of the vigilante removing the scum of the earth made detectives take   read more
report Recommended by Wrathful_Chicken
Both has a GENIUS character in them.
report Recommended by asherzohar01
The mani character is anti-hero Both have genius main character who want to change the world with unique power they got.
report Recommended by Red-Sun
Both series are excellent on how they put some psychologic themes into the series and keep you on the edge of your seat at all times.
report Recommended by AnimeVetsku
Death Note in mechas... I'm not even joking... Two incredibly smart 16yo MCs who gain godly powers from a supernatural friend and vow to use them to change the world for the better, regardless of the means.
report Recommended by Springball64
Both are basically the same:- A superhuman dude fighting another superhuman dude. The main difference Code geass includes final fantasy style scifi-setting,where as,Death note is more of a reality drama that exagerrates everything(in a good way)
report Recommended by Articuano
The MC is a strategist and tactical. The MC is evil in the opinion of justice. Awesome rivalry between two people who has different definition of justice.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
- The main characters are very smart - They both get a strong power - They both want to impact their worlds - They fight for justice - They kill people - The barrier between the evil and the good of the actions committed by the protagonists depends on the vision of each
report Recommended by Arukami
Death Note focuses on a male prodigy as well, who can violently cross the line between life and death with a power that he receives out of the blue in the first episode. Both characters have guides who explain the limits of their abilities, while being creepy in differing manners. The plots are set up elaborately, and while there is a much smaller amount of action in Death Note, the way it lays out the master plan and how the protagonist (anti-hero-agonist?) faces his threats just makes this the perfect show to watch if you've just freshly finished the Code Geass series.
report Recommended by Tarable
Both animes have incredible scripts; The protagonists of both works are extremely intelligent and strategists; Both animes have very good productions; Anyway, both are spectacular works!
report Recommended by VitorZ7
Scratches a similar itch, involving a super-powered psychopath attempting to change the world through nefarious means, down to the same thrilling mind-games and identity concealment struggles.
report Recommended by Zawren
Everyone seems to make this comparison because of the extremely overpowered abilities of Light Yagami of Death Note and Lelouch Lamperouge of Code Geass. Both protagonists are genius characters in their own right, and have a strong manipulative personality that, along with their acquired uses of a Death Note and a Geass, respectively, allows them to ultimately fight towards their own idea of a "better world."
report Recommended by Oikura
Story is somewhat similar in its scope and the protagonist share many characterstic traits, first and foremost their "unbreakable" "morals" and intelligence.
report Recommended by Bright0001
Main characters are really smart and they have a common goal to eradicate all evil from their respective worlds with the use of similar devices.
report Recommended by daos200
Both anime are psychological thrillers and are dealing with high stakes. Code Geass deals with political intrigue while Death Note deals with right and wrong.
report Recommended by Konan_Edogawa_
-Both have a intelligent and strategist main character -Both MC think what they are doing is correct -Apparently they are doing it the wrong way -There is a character that would put the MC in trouble. -Lots of strategies that makes your brain hurt
report Recommended by Gugimu
If you are a fan of death note .You must watch Code Geass orbif you are a fan of code must watch death note because both shows some similair thing such as:both main characters acts as villians to to apply the justice In addition both of them have a supernatural power(light has the death note and leloch has the power of geass).both shows features by planning and intelligence with a strong plot
report Recommended by Flame-King900
Both main characters go against the world and try to become the ruler of said world. Both are also very similar personality wise, and have an upper hand with a unique power, though one is more respectable than the other. These are ingenious classics of the medium and if you enjoyed one, you're likely to enjoy the other.
report Recommended by risinglazarus
Code Geass and Death Note share similarities in their storytelling, intelligent and psychological protagonists, strategic battles, and their characters being considered villains by their governments. Watching Code Geass, I noticed clear elements reminiscent of Death Note, making the comparison impossible to ignore.
report Recommended by Joceclayson
Both Lelouch and Light have similar character in terms of the way they think and all.
report Recommended by Hitman00770
Both anime's have a genius "Anti-Hero" MC
report Recommended by nikeboyz
Two extremely genius protagonists who use what they receive to dominate their world.
report Recommended by arcaneghost_
These shows are literally the exact same and they both came out at similar times: - main character is extremely smart and is bored at school - he finds or receives a power that allows them to make plans to change the world - they make an alter ego and gather a following - the character that gives the main character the power stays with them and makes comments on their actions - the authorities send someone to find out the identity of the main characters - both shows become bad in the second half both of these shows are really interesting and intense but they do unfortunately drop in quality towards   read more
report Recommended by Weeboi108
Both Lelouch and Light turns out to be anti-hero which means that they started their journey for a good cause but ended as a villain. Both anime had a super power while in code Geass their was the power of Geass while Death note had a powerful book which can be used for killing people. Both are Thriller, Military, Drama.
report Recommended by SRT1738
Both anime contains intense battle of wits that will shape the world to come, creating moral questions of what is good and bad or what is right and wrong. Both anime will challenge your viewpoints on how to battle issues relating to society and the definition of freedom and what price one has to pay in order to obtain it.
report Recommended by CodeNameGeass
It's been said before but Light and Lelouch(the protagonist of Code Geass) are functionally the same character, and the two shows have a fairly similar premise. The primary difference is that Lelouch has aspirations for his newfound power at a grander scale than Light does, and that Lelouch's world view, morality and actions are challenged by his experiences throughout the story in a more meaningful way with significant consequences at different stages.
report Recommended by badatwriting
main character has a similar complex of trying to change the world
report Recommended by lucasoknotok
If you want to see animes that have MC who plans to rule the world or may have God complex.
report Recommended by Ryouta_Yuuki
Just like Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch Similar Recommendations, the main character of death note got a power and started use it to get rid of the evil of the world.
report Recommended by LightZack
The main characters gain the means to change to world, though it will take some sacrifices and morally questionable choices to do it. They are cold and intelligent, always planning some type of strategy and thinking a few steps ahead.
report Recommended by Kww_121
I believe these to be two great shows. Both main characters strive to become above humanity to "save it". Both characters have the mind set that the ends justify the means which creates an amazing character personality that you can't help but admire and love. Plus Code Geass has a banger of an opening just like Death Note which for me is a pretty big deciding factor.
report Recommended by Xeubopolous
These animes are kinda similar in the sense that they both uses mind games to keep you on the edge of your seat. You will immerse in these animes as if you belong with them or you are actually there with them. You will not even know when the anime ended if you watch these with deep attention. Don't trust my words just try them.
report Recommended by Veldora4561
Lelouch and Light are in a similar situation where they have to play a villainous/anti-hero role using a supernatural power. Both need to conceal their identity. Both are great tacticians.
report Recommended by Cozye
Light and Lelouch are rather similar main characters. Although particularly clever, they're both ordinary students in appearance. However, they have secretly inherited an extraordinary power that they will use along with impressive cunning to shape the world as they wish and make their own sense of justice prevail while trying to conceal their identity.
report Recommended by Ombre2lhomme94
- Smart protoganist with tons of interesting ideas and strategies - Both have a unique supernatural power - Interesting goals and journey
report Recommended by NotAHuman_
“This world is rotten, and those who are making it rot deserve to die. Someone has to do it, so why not me?” - Light Yagami. One day protagonist Light Yagami finds himself in the possession of the 'Death Note' and with it decides to purge the world of evil ans rebuild it with himself as it's unquestionable leader and god of this new world. "You can't change the world without getting your hands dirty” - Lelouch Lamperouge. One day protagonist Lelouch vi Britania finds himself caught in possession of the 'Power of Kings' and with it he takes on the name of 'Zero' and decides   read more
report Recommended by Leo-Lea
*very smart character *bad character *amazing power
report Recommended by Nux13
Both of them have great and intelligent MC with the same aims. Both of them have amazing story. Both of MCs have special power that shows their genius minds.
report Recommended by animegreatfan
Both main characters are geniuses who want to change the world Both main characters gain a supernatural power by someone Both main characters have a secret identity (Kira and Zero) Both main characters have strong convictions towards there goals Both have enemies in which they need to strategize against Both have great background soundtracks
report Recommended by Some-AnimeLover
Both fantastic shows about a genius main protagonist who have both obtained the power that let's them change the world along with the super being that gave them this power and will become their ally during their journey. Both have their own sense of justice that could actually be evil, And while they use their super intellect to figure out everything around them, Other similar to them try to get in our protagonist's way and stop them. Our protagonist has to find a way to get rid of these problems, while the show introduces these problems, our protagonist will find the way to reach their   read more
report Recommended by Smah45
MC who has the ability and does things behind the scenes, without the public knowing who he is
report Recommended by Ferdimass
I found Code Geass later down the line but I have to say the ideas of having power and psychology are found in here as well as Death Note. Also you could say its high IQ anime where its almost watching a board game. Basically a lot of strategy and thinking is done in the anime. Also the themes of justice and such are present here as well. Also lets be honest Code Geass is an amazing anime and one of my favorite...
report Recommended by CottonCandyRuvo
Much like Death Note, we are shown the inner workings of a mad man set on changing the world. We get to follow the man behind the mask as he marches into war with strategic methods.
report Recommended by -CatScratches-
Both the shows depict main characters with unruly ambitions and their reckless pursuit after them. Both shows delve into the themes of death in contrasting ways making them enjoyable.
report Recommended by darkdamian690_1
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch and Death Note are both amazing, if you haven't watch them oh boy your missing out. Death Note is similar to Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch because its about a intellectual getting a supernatural ability (or notebook) and using that to do what they think is right for the world. in both shows the mc's both have to hide there special ability (or notebook) from people they are close to. One of the big differences though, is Death Note doesnt have huge mechs killing people.
report Recommended by sinaba
These are mid to late 2000s animes that involve highly intelligent main characters that receive a special ability/item whether it be a notebook or a physical power. They also play kind games in both animes so that they can get closer to their goal of changing the world.
report Recommended by Reapercodbo3
Both protagonists are powerful enough to kill anyone with few requirements (Light needing the name, while Lelouch needs to see the face in person eye-to-eye). They are also psychological anime, and despite how intelligent the main characters are, they screw up.
report Recommended by Macho_mango
Death Note and Code Geass are essentially soulmates. Both have the same introductions, of which, an intelligent high school student finds a supernatural element, which allows them to enforce their ideals upon the world. Accompanied by their supernatural partners, both anime gives intense mind games between the MC and the world around them. However, with Code Geass, there is more focus on a range of even such as mecha fights, mild romance, and friendships.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both mc's are smart and had good intentions, to begin with, but are later corrupted by the power that was bestowed upon them.
report Recommended by Skar465
If you like the thinking, manipulation, action, and following a compelling main character who is questionable in morals but is very real in his motives and ambitions due intellect and some power. This is the best. This show takes the best of attack on titian, death note, and some really compelling shows and makes something that is still unique, makes you think, and get hooked.
report Recommended by Mxgumii
Imagine Death Note, but with Mechs. Yessir!
report Recommended by Jose39701
Both the main protagonists and antagonists have a battle between different senses of justice. The main character of both series use intricate strategies to protect their own secrets while maintaining the facade of being a normal student.
report Recommended by MyEpiphanyJin
I was really pulled into Code Geass despite not knowing much about it before starting. Lelouch is similar to Light in that he takes on the guise of a masked killer and tries to fix a rotten system which cannot be fixed from within, and so takes an active approach instead. Lelouch is also a master of mindgames, akin to Light. I honestly think the first few episodes really do the rest of the show justice. If you get through episode 5 and you're not into it, I'd say it's safe to drop it.
report Recommended by MakiElbow
Both the MCs are super intelligent and try to bring justice to the world and Code Geass is one of my personal favorites do I think everyone will like it.
report Recommended by Casual_Elite
These two animes are perfectly similar and I could not recommend them both enough. Both protagonists of these animes are smart, creative and very strong and independent when it comes to getting what they want. Both have similar high IQs and end up creating plot after plot towards the world/government as they feel they have done them wrong no matter if it's right or wrong and no matter who they hurt.
report Recommended by golden_piggies
The mc's have attained grand power and both are somewhat anti-heros The mc's have a different view of justice than the public. The mc's arent afraid to kill most people. Both mc's are incredibly smart.
report Recommended by ThreatDetector
Honestly if you watched either one of them you will enjoy the other one as well. I don't know what to write to convince you to watch both without using any plot which might spoil the anime but all i can say is that before i watched these i already knew what was going to happen (was spoiled by AMV's), but i still enjoyed both of them so much.
report Recommended by Augs_August
Intelligent, anti-hero and unstoppable, these characteristics easily serve in Light Yagami and Lelouch, the two characters are extremely similar.
report Recommended by GerasYeah
Anti-heros doing something for the what they believe is greater good.
report Recommended by pithree-wan
This anime I definitely would recommend especially if you just started to watch anime. This anime is a classic and is original. The story is easy to understand and is easy to get into. I personally really liked Death Note because of the main characters (Light and L). They are both very different from each other but they are very enjoyable to watch. I honestly think anyone can enjoy watching this anime.
report Recommended by Sherbertkitty
Smart protagonist?Check. Fighting against the world all by your lonesome? Check Spectacular manipulations? Check Betrayals? Check. Extremely strategic psychological battles? Chevk
report Recommended by Azi231
Both of the MCs are villians and try to conceal their identity and they both can be considered geniuses. As well as this, both anime had a super power, while in code Geass their was the power of Geass while Deathnote had the book which can be used for killing people. They're both great animes which share many similarities.
report Recommended by Gisweeb
Great characters with well-developed and complex reasoning, rise to the omnipotence of the protagonist
report Recommended by StefanoTorres
Both the Protagonist are intelligent and strategist.
report Recommended by Arpit_Jain
Both main characters have a strong sense of justice (Light and Lelouch), both are intelligent and smart, both are enemies of the government lol, both wanted to make their ideal "peaceful" world, both have supernatural powers (Light has death note and Lelouch has Geass). Both are liar lmao, and both used their intelligence and power to control or manipulate people. Both stories are great and both have very good endings (ending of Code geass R2).
report Recommended by Kairuuu-kun
Clever anti hero mc.
report Recommended by VardhanD
If you like code Geass you will surely like death note. Both story revolves around mind games of protagonist. But the stories and concepts are completely different.
report Recommended by PlayerSR
Death Note and Code Geass are similar in many ways. The ideologically conflict, atmosphere, and even in the main character motivation. I do think (and hope haha) that if you like Death Note, you may enjoy Code Geass as well.
report Recommended by ppramos
Well,for me these two animes are very common and for other people too. They both feature two main characters that are both really smart and intelligent and another thing is that in both animes the main characters want to conquer the world or change the world. If you watch Code Geass but want a bit more dark in my opinion you should watch this. P.S.both of these animes are from the same type of genre witch is is psychology so if you like that stuff AND code geass then give this anime a try.
report Recommended by fgsdhsjsthsghh
Two main characters who obtain abilities that manipulate people's lives. As a result, they use these abilities to "change the world." Both seek justice in ruthless ways. Plus, hysterical laughter.
report Recommended by kurapikamisa
Must-watch cinematic genius.
report Recommended by casafurikku
You will like it cause their are also mind games :)
report Recommended by TheWishin
We see both protagonist on their journey with individual supernatural abilities, which give them the opportunity to shape the world how they desire.
report Recommended by cadainN
both light and lelouch seek their 'ideal' world with their power. both protagonist have a sense of justice that they want to accomplish. and they're both really smart!
report Recommended by arianamavis
Code Geass is like the military-action version of Death Note. Both anime feature a protagonist that stumbles upon a godlike power that they abuse.
report Recommended by Bizaster
Smart af main characters with superpowers on a cat and mouse chase, hiding their identities on a killing spree packed with intensive scenes. Both is a must watch
report Recommended by Neko-con
The protagonists have very similar viewpoints and personalities, and it's entertaining to watch as their well thought out strategies play out. Both also move into darker themes as the protagonist becomes more desperate later on. Also L and Light have a similar rivalry to Lelouch and Suzaku.
report Recommended by Sarveon
good anime and good protagonist
report Recommended by SantiGarnica
Code Geass and Death Note are really similar as opposed to how the story goes. Both of the main characters get powers in order to complete/fulfill a goal in mind. Both animes has people thinking the mcs are deemed as evil. They both fight an opposing side which don't believe in their ways of achieving something. I would recommend this to anyone who likes any of these animes.
report Recommended by LIV0012
amazing mc, mind games and cat mouse battles, and the main protagonist gets a power which makes him want to challenge the system. pretty similar.
report Recommended by KiraZero24
So basically Hype and Thinking Men
report Recommended by Boyf
Because both main caracters are genious
report Recommended by awaclaudya
Both very strategic and involved shows with genius protagonists and lots of politics involved
report Recommended by LazyGhosty-Chan
Both of these anime are written very intelligently. Despite differing greatly in terms of genre and setting, both will keep you unsure of what is going to happen 95% of the time. The twists and turns both of these anime take are some of the most memorable in the medium and have garnered their high critical acclaim due to these unpredictable events. Code Geass is an easy watch, it isn't too long in length and wastes no time getting to the point and pushing the plot forward. The art style may take a few episodes for some viewers to get used to but it's worth getting   read more
report Recommended by Kiminam
Similarities: - Psychological plot - Annoyingly smart MC - The MC gets a Godlike super power - Questionable intentions - but kinda makes sense - Hard to follow plot - Both get really annoying near the end but both are worth it
report Recommended by kurapikalover741
If you loved cat & mouse chase and characters outsmarting each other in Death Note, you'll absolutely adore Code Geass.
report Recommended by Zibzo
- Both have a very hot MC - Rivalry between opposite sides in secret of each other - Some of the greatest comedy relief - Interesting and cool powers for the MC to drive the story - Beautiful endings
report Recommended by Kirapoke
These are not my own words, but Code Geass is 'basically Death Note but with mechas and a lot more action". If you like Light, or at least his cleverness/brains, you'll also like the main character of Code Geass. The plot for both shows are similar as well.
report Recommended by PlusUltragirl27
Both have an evil main character that tries to change the world and they posseses godly powers. The antagonists are very well written and the plot and character development is top tier.
report Recommended by georgecretuu1
Similarities between these two: Both Lelouch and Light turns out to be Anti — Hero which means that they started their journey for a good cause but ended as a villian.
report Recommended by CodeXdagger
The strategies used are mind-blowing, along with great plot twists and other elements of entertainment. Both shows are really great to watch.
report Recommended by prahaas123
Both have protagonists that are too smart for there own good that cause world change events
report Recommended by Meku666
Both protagonists named Lelouch Lamperouge and Light Yagami are given a power so that they can make a change in the everyday world. Both are joined by a mysterious person who seems to be from another world. Both of the protagonists also hide their identity but make their alias public (Zero and Kira). They both are extremely strategic and smart on how they choose to fight the world. Both of them have a drive to make a change and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Both of them also act like normal people in public because their identity is not known. If   read more
report Recommended by fattokatt12
Instead o the protagonist being an extremely over powered like; dragon ball, one piece, or Naruto. light and Lelouch rely on their brain to excel in what they are doing. Both characters are extremely likable and instead of them being good guys, these two are more like villains, but you still want to cheer them on.
report Recommended by notmrbakasensei
Both Lelouch and Light think ahead and use mind games
report Recommended by adnap555
Both main characters are very inteligent student They have "godly power" with witch they can manipulate and kill people, they use it to create a better world but using bad method that would look more like villains than heroes.
report Recommended by tazzaril
Both have protagonists that think and act in a similar way and are hoping to achieve a goal, to make the world a better place. They are pretty much the same character in all aspects. Both shows also aired the same year.
report Recommended by itsMSMO
the protagonist is also a very smart person with the same sense of justice as light, but he have the power to force anyone to do anything he asks for once per person.
report Recommended by Gh0stantine
Both are psychological thrillers and Both protaginists are genius
report Recommended by __sobann
Death note is one of the best detective/mystery anime you can find out there with a unique protagonist. Code geass is similar to death note in many ways. It have a lot of twist and turns , the protagonist are both very wise , the motive of the protagonist seems somewhat same , etc. I would highly recommend code geass to people who had loved death note and want more of this type. For an thriller/mystery fan this is one of the best anime.
report Recommended by Light_uchiha16
You get a Powerful and Smart and Badass MC in both the series. Both Anime have a pretty good exciting plot. In Death Note there is Kira and in Code Geass there is Zero who use their mind just like a God for defeating whoever comes in their way.
report Recommended by Raeyy
Both Death Note and Code geass are about a genius high school student making complicated plans to change society. They both use the mask of a fake name and violence that gains them enemies and followers. They both also have a duo protagonist who is working against the first protagonist, but you root for both of them. In my opinion Death Note loses momentum part way through the series, but Code Geass has a clear direction throughout both seasons which leads up the one of the greatest anime endings. There is amazing character development that gets you excited about side plots, mech action that doesn't   read more
report Recommended by librawitch
Main characters are smart and “evil”. Both have a secret identity. Both have a younger sister (lol).
report Recommended by TsunSoon
Both are witty and envolve tactical and mental battles while code geass uses mechas (which can be a turnoff) it is still an extremely entertaining show and i reccommend looking past the mecha aspect of the show.
report Recommended by Syntan
Can anyone name a better comparison? Both of them are the icon of shounen anime back in 2006 and has set a high standard for any new gen anime. Light Yagami and Lelouch Lamperouge are both best anti-hero anime ever see with the same intention: to change the world into a better place, although it takes everything to achieve that goals. Both of them gained superpower to reach their goals: a death note that can kills everyone and Geass that can make everyone obey the owner of it Both of the anime has amazing soundtrack and scoring music and filled with psychological battle, thrilling sequence, and   read more
report Recommended by poirotto
Both centered in a mind game of both Lelouch And Suzaku, with their hidden identity Zero and Britannia Lancelot, and intense scenes, their decision is somewhat hard to predict, if you consider Light as your god, Then Lelouch vi Britannia is your lord and savior
report Recommended by ishowhatred
Light tries to rid the world of criminals using the Death note. On the other hand, Lelouch of Code Geass tries to bring justice to the World with the power of the Geass. He can give an order to anyone using his Geass just by looking at his victim's eyes.
report Recommended by Makhooo
Similar psychologically, MCs are very frequently compared in terms of intelligence, same evil vibes as well
report Recommended by Dognonce
Do you like shows where the protagonist almost feels like the antagonist? Do you like shows where the protagonist has a special power that is powerful but has limitations to some degree. Making the best use of what they have at their disposal to reach their goal? Do you like shows where the protagonist tries to hold a secret identity with an alias held public? An alias which is supposed to represent a movement of some sorts Do you like shows where the protagonist tries to leave a positive impact on the world in one way or the other through negative means? Do you like shows that become complex   read more
report Recommended by Phlipps
Lelouch and Light are both anti-heroes who will do anything to achieve their goals. They both take on an alternate personality in order to conceal their identities as they work to accomplish their goals. These anti-heroes end up becoming the thing they fear most.
report Recommended by sgoldman449
Both anime consists of a main character who unexpectedly receives a super power out of the blue. They use their power to bring 'justice' to their distorted society. If you liked one, you will definitely enjoy the other as they are very similar.
report Recommended by lilkurama
The main characters are similar The storyline is better compared to death note The ending is a masterpiece
report Recommended by NoTThEGhosT
Both shows left a significant landmark on anime culture and are both acclaimed with huge fanbases but Code Geass it’s less popular than Death Note and should be seen, especially for the main character, Lelouch. Light Yagami is often compared to him. Both Lelouch and Light have legitimate savior complexes, with their initial aim being to make the world a better place, but their personalities and motivations are shown to be very different, so, after watching everything and despite their similarities, I am convinced that Lelouch is on another level. He is smart, ambitious, badass. He defeats enemies not by willing himself strong like a typical battle shounen   read more
report Recommended by AsiaFilipponi
The main character gives the same vibes and sometimes even better as there there are a lot of antagonists. The plot is also great and the anime has something for everyone
report Recommended by Lashiv
Both shows have intelligent protagonists that are doing what they think is best for the world and and act like anti-heros. They both lack moralities and ethic to be considered a “hero”. They both also gain a sort of supernatural power (for Light the death note and for Lelouch the Geass). There’s also lots of thinking and strategic moves involved in both animes.
report Recommended by a_kiwi
This is my first recommendation so sorry if I misspell something. -Both characters are seeking to make world a better place for people. -Both of them are getting some unnatural superpower from unknown source. -Both of the MC are antagonists of the story. I really enjoy watching both series mainly because of complex story with plot twists and because of MC's which are also antagonist of the series. Sorry for real short recommendation, it was my first one.
report Recommended by Rekin-Kun
Very uNpOpUlAr recommendation!!! Both series have very, very similar protagonists, they are highly intelligent and good at problem solving and strategizing. It is quite fun to watch them use tricks and traps to subdue the opponents. Also, both have magic powers that allow them to have an advantage.
report Recommended by WutIsDis
its basically an anime super similar to death note with more action packed storyline and like death note also answers some of the philosophical viewpoints of life and explores human nature.
report Recommended by shiroae
Both MCs have huge IQ, supernatural powers, a huge ego, and challenge the governments of the world. They kill a lot of people. They both like chess.
report Recommended by Nami680
this is quite popular but if you didnt know both mcs have similar intentions both then recieve powers that help them achieve their goal death note is better overall but code geass has a better ending and it has the best ending in any anime i have seen
report Recommended by Sanyko20
The protagonists, Light Yagami and Lelouch of the Rebellion, are quite similar in many ways. Both plotlines include betrayal and tension between "frenemies" (if you can call them that) as one of the main themes. Both plotlines are also based on a teen who suddenly has a supernatural power and a new supernatural companion in the middle of a normal world. Code Geass has a lot of action almost every chapter, death note however is more 'relaxed'. In Death Note, the world was our everyday world until Light decided he had to fix it, but in Code Geass Japan is in the middle of a war,   read more
report Recommended by Eruz
- Antagonist MC - Both MC are extremely intelligent, creative, and manipulative. - MC's goal is to change the world. - The MC possesses a power that can dominate people's lives.
report Recommended by mriafrncsca
both have similiar mc and they have op power to achive thier goal similar dark tone and theme spoiler : - bouth a sad ending
report Recommended by DHRUVIK
Both main characters are super smart, have special divine power that the enemies don't know of, have an immortal partner, and have a plan to create a new world by using their special divine power that has been gifted from their immortal partner. Both main characters also faced the same action during the final stage of the show. Also, both shows are very thrilling and legendary. BTW, both main characters are also high school students.
report Recommended by DrNoice-chan
Both the anime contain the back and forth of every intelligent characters.
report Recommended by iPizzapro
-they both fighting for peace -intelligent main charater -they both going to school -c.c to misa amane
report Recommended by djamesl3
Similar anti-hero main characters who do good for bad. They are both amazing shows that use bad for good.
report Recommended by CompleteNovice
Just go watch Code Geass, is the same with death note but with mechs.
report Recommended by Marian-kun
both are Psychological with genus characters who wants to make the world better place by doing terrible things
report Recommended by Erfanelf
The main chararcter start quite similar but, Lelouch, choose the opposite way than Kira
report Recommended by Gice
Both of the protagonist's are very smart. They also strategically plan everything, the plans themselves are also complex. p.s. Death Note is quite a bit darker than Code Geass
report Recommended by Qualityyy
If you're looking for something that gives off the closest high that Death Note gives, then watch Code Geass or vice versa. Both have MCs using there tools or powers to change society whilst trying to hide an identity. Both are similar in that way and have a similar feel to them.
report Recommended by Toasteeee3
They both have more psychological side of battle and both are quite dark.
report Recommended by GSouls22
Both of the antagonist fights mostly with their wits and both of them have a good story and crazy plot twists, with an intense and dramatic fight which leave you at a cliffhanger.
report Recommended by Levilelouch14
Are you one the people who just started watching anime and are baffled by 'L' and Light Yagami's strategies and tactics? Can't imagine a better anime of the same genre but are desperate to see one? I have got the perfect fit for you. Watch Code Geass. It has the most beautiful ending ever that Death note animators fully compromised and rushed into.
report Recommended by Zettaheisinium
similar feeling trough the fact that both maincharacters try to save the world on a dark path. Both are psychological and I feel the anime are just very intressting. I think if you like one of them you gonna like the other one too.
report Recommended by Kivibivi
Both the series have an incredibly smart protagonist but are physically average. Both of the protagonists want to change the world using extreme and illegal ways even though they aren't villains. Both of the protagonists have an unique power(Light Yagami's power being the Death Note and Lelouch Vi Britannia's power being the Geass). Both the protagonists are well written and have great character development as the story progresses. Both series have amazing plot-twists. Both the series are kind of dark even though Code Geass is less dark when compared to Death Note.
report Recommended by fxrtunee
These shows are very similar as they have a similar style with plot twisting and a great ending. These are only different because Code Geass is a futuristic version of Death Note
report Recommended by XDZO
Lelouche is for the most part an anti-hero in many ways just like Light Yagami. The "hero"/"good guy" being his best friend Suzaku and their constant interactions with one another where they both try to gain the upper hand in their mental battle also heavily resembles the intellectual/manipulative battles between Light and L in Death Note.
report Recommended by MCapa_
both are about very intelligent guys getting extraordinary powers and the battle of wits between them and their rivals
report Recommended by V3lcroAddict
They both have a smart main character serving as both Antagonist and Protagonist that got special power that will help him achieve his goal. If you want something like death note but instead of detective game, an strategy game, this is the show for you. Also this show has mechas.
report Recommended by Myst1ck
They both Revolve around a Super Genius -The MC's become aware of how cruel the Real World is -So they have to become "evil" to help purify the world -Both shows can leave you on your feet for each episode
report Recommended by Luv
Its kind of the same idea, both very smart people, with crazy ideologies, and similar ways of achieving there ideals.
report Recommended by The-Wild-Orange
If you're looking for an anime like Code Geass in terms of its main character's overall attitude and personality, the sudden mysterious power acquisition, the strong notions of justice, and the brilliant tactician play, then Death Note would be the closest choice.
report Recommended by Araveeend
both have the main character who got some supreme supernatural power and are trying to change the world by their power, for their own reason. Both anime are full of brain games but still code geass is alot different in many fields so i would highly recommend watching code geass if you liked death note. It'll definitely be worth it.
report Recommended by DontTouchMyFries
Intelligence in action. The tension and anxiety in these two anime is very thrilling. The main characters in these two anime are very smart and good at making plans and covering up what they have done.
report Recommended by diyyo
Lelouch is in many ways similar to light and both them posseses power that can kill people and they used it to unleash political/mental war and you can see how the time useing such power affect their minds.
report Recommended by Korbic
This seems to be a pretty common comparison, probably because Light and Lelouch are practically the same character, Both shows feature quite a bit more intellectual sparring than your typical shounen fare, and both main characters have very similar personalities, (They're closer to being villains than heroes) and abilities (ridiculously powerful but with prominent weaknesses that require careful planning to circumvent),
report Recommended by Makima_D_SIMP
Two very smart protagonists with their own worldviews and special powers... You see where this is going, don't you? (The ending of Code Geass is one of the best I've ever seen)
report Recommended by Adummy
Code Geass is simply great. The fast pace, and the fact that they mostly focus on story makes it a lot like Death Note. But unlike Death Note Code Geass goes beyond. I encourage people to watch this show for the long haul, all of the small mistakes the anime may have made is redeemed in the ending of the show.
report Recommended by photoguybo
First of all, those two anime's are one of the best anime existed ever. now, those two are very similar because of the TWO main charachters. i'll explain how - Light and Lelouch, two geniuses that are both trying to change something about their world and with their lucky opportunity (light's note and Lelouch's geass), they are going agains the goverment and they are two wanted people that can manage to avoid their opponents and continue with their plans - to be the new rulers of the world.
report Recommended by F1SA
Both anime have same psychological impact where a antagonist try to fight on their own to make a change in their world!
report Recommended by KioSensei
Both are about a protagonist trying to conquer the world and mainly focuses on the actions of the protagonists to achieve their goal using their blessed intelligence and foreign power
report Recommended by Revenge_12
They both have crazy plot twist and they are good thriller
report Recommended by Mine_Max711
Extreme intelligence and plots......and with one of the greatest endings
report Recommended by Reblex_7029
Do you like cunning protagonist ? Strategist, manipulative, conspirator, have a world ruling mindset. A goal which many fails to achieve, some can't even dream of. In both the titles, MCs are given some supernatural power with which they move on their quest to achieve their goals !
report Recommended by PLight09
Both have Genius MC and similar character buildup with thrilling storyline. Light Yagami and Lelouch are one of the most psychologically identical characters I came across. "Wanted to save the world - Ends up destroying it" types.
report Recommended by 1shaj
Must be a really common comparison since the MCs of both the series share many similarities. Both Light and Lelouch want to change the world according to their own ideals after gaining access to some sort of powers. Both of them are goated characters in terms of IQ and they have created a separate tier of own. Their ideologies and actions ultimately lead to act them more like villains (or anti-hero rather?) than heroes. Describing Lelouch by saying "Light with a shred of emotions" wouldn't be too wrong.
report Recommended by roxy_kouhai
both mc have special abilities. both mc are very intelligent. both mc have alter egos. both mc want to make a better world. they both have a "contractor" in a way. Both genres are Thirller , Military , Drama .
report Recommended by izumi-_
The MC's are similar yet different has a different tone but if u liked death note i am pretty sure you will like this too
report Recommended by JuliusKingsley0
While I personally enjoyed death note a lot more then Code Geass, I'd say the two protagonists both are very similar in the sense they both go too far for what they believe not caring about the illegal aspect relative to killing people off. In that aspect Light and Lelouch are the same.
report Recommended by ayra_15
-manipulation -smart mc -drama -confrontation -masterpiece -must-watch
report Recommended by Bramenon
Both anime have very similar protagonists and both have their own sense of Justice. Both shows have characters that are incredibly smart and both of them get a power like Light Yagami gets a Death Note and Lelouch gets the power of Geass (don't worry no spoilers).
report Recommended by TrollFog
Both Anime deal with thrilling psychological battles between the main character and their rival. In the end, you will end off with something to dwell on and think about in life.
report Recommended by Rith21
Both have got protagonists who eventually become anti-hero just to attain their cause. Both protagonist have got amazing powers and their is always suspense and thrill after every episode.
report Recommended by mustang_204
Both main characters are goated XD
report Recommended by JoblessSamurai
These 2 have almost the same type of protagonist . Both are intelligent and outsmarts others . The plot is somewhat similar too , both the MCs want to create a society they desire
report Recommended by animeforlife808
Both Code Geass & Death Note have ambitious and "tyrannical" protagonists. They both have god-complexes and high intellect. Light uses his mind to outsmart his foes to protect his identity and kill criminals; Leouch uses his mind to protect his identity and try to take over the world. Both anime have supernatural elements with the 'notebook' and 'geass' and both protagonists use them cleverly. If you enjoyed Death Note, Code Geass is a viable option to watch.
report Recommended by Malis07947
The MC (Lelouch) is like a mix of L and Light... And holy shoot - Debatable: Hek I think code Geass is better than death note
report Recommended by Zane_Nakama
lelouch and light are basically the same person but imo lelouch is more well written Both series have a great antagonist Both anime move around the theme of getting rid of the evil in the world. Both MC's are geniuses who were given a power
report Recommended by lowkalice
In both shows the main characters are both evil in some way and there goals match up in some way. Lelouch wants to take vengeance and make the world a better place for Nunnally (Lelouch's little sister) and Light just wants to stop crimes which is basically just making the world a better place. The only difference is that Lelouch actually has a real purpose as to why he turned evil and wanted to change the world while Light literally just turned into a psychopath. Nonetheless, both shows are very good and I recommend you watch them if you haven't already.
report Recommended by WheatNeat
Both have very interesting morally gray main characters, with their own sense of righteousness, in a pursue of changing the world they live on as mastermind absolute leaders. The themes are different, but the EPIC feeling of being surprised by strategic battles on plot after plot is quite the same.
report Recommended by Dkadriedgy
This is also about a supergenius who gains an unearthly almost god-like power and uses it to right the wrongs around him. The difference here is that while Light only focuses on changing a country, Lelouch focuses on creating a country.
report Recommended by black_trigger101
Similar MC's, both have amazing plots, both have great English dubs
report Recommended by Squirtmaster
Both animes contain a very engaging main character that immediately brings the watcher in. The Characters are pretty similar to each other, they both have a hypocritical sense of justice, and both will do anything to accomplish their goals. I loved both animes, and if you liked Light as a character, I'm sure you'll love Lelouche as well. Please give this anime a chance. It's easily in my top 10.
report Recommended by Ninja_Shifter
Code geass is also very similar to death note in terms of protagonist while being different Lelouch and Light both are intellectual titans but unlike Light who thinks of himself as the god, or the player who cant be touched in a chess game... Lelouch thinks of himself as a king who can be killed anytime, he also regrets and has remorse for his sacrifices.
report Recommended by Oppixel
Both of the main characters have a supernatural power and also insanely smart. While Death Note is a detective, suspense anime; Code Geass is more of a military, sci-fi anime.
report Recommended by netnet_
Both of them feature a morally grey genius main character who is granted a life changing power. Both light and Lelouch must conceal their true identities whilst scheming to change the world. There are certainly philosophical elements and dark themes in both of them and whilst code geass has a much more colourful and eccentric art style, it isn't lacking in substance or depth.
report Recommended by TortleSan
Both are about a high schooler with a power kept hidden from everyone in order to change the world
report Recommended by LILxCAST
Looking for another show with insane, villainous protagonist trying to save the world? Here you go
report Recommended by deesintegrashun
both broken and smart main characters that use his power for get his goal
report Recommended by EndexParadox
Both feature similar story elements and main character.
report Recommended by YannisSp101
they are very similar on how the MC views his world and how they both want "peace"
report Recommended by JRCM321
Both have s sort of villain protagonist who posses a supernatural abillty; the Geass or the Death Note. The protagonist is smart and plans two steps ahead.
report Recommended by Baya128
If you want another Death Note-like series with another Light-type protag
report Recommended by Jarvz
I think these two animes are very similar, as they have two very intelligent protagonists who aim to destroy the world and rebuild a new one, if you liked death note, I bet you will like Code Geass too!
report Recommended by Yagonike
well i found 2 similarities. 1. its a battle of intelligence. both the protagonists are intelligent and witty. 2. both of them turn into villainous character at the end of the show
report Recommended by touhifromhell
The two protas are the goddamn masters. Both gain supernatural powers that enable them to achieve their ambitious goals and, through their ingenuity and mastery, change the world. They have an amazing personality that allows them to manipulate others at will and are able to sacrifice everything for what they really want.
report Recommended by Kirtash_Killer
Both have main character that is "smart", or atleast that's what they're implying, and of course they hold an enormous goal, which is changing the "cruel" world they live in. They mainly revolve around having several psychological conflicts between the protagonist and his enemies, having him attached to disparate disturbing situations throughout the series, just to show us how can he manage to outsmart his enemies using the disparate ways they hold. Would recommend watching the other if you liked one of them, specifically if you're a fan of the tension and mind games between the protagonist and his rivals.
report Recommended by HassanIQ9
Lelouch is basically a cooler version of Light, also there's robots and that's kinda epic
report Recommended by shkabeeenxd
Both shows have a very intelligent main character who has a special power and tries to improve the world by themselves.
report Recommended by RGBeans
both of them have characters that are similar and kind of use their authority for evil (light and lelouch)
report Recommended by misascutie
Death Note is similar to Code Geass: Relouch of the Rebellion because first of all Light and Lelouch both think with their heads and think that the ends justify the means. Both have similar visions in mind for the world’s future and they try to pursue their own goal throwing care to the wayside of other people. Code Geass is a good way to get people from Death Note over to the Mecha genre because they are both so similar but Code Geass if you like action as well has that with the form of Mechas. Try to give Code Geass a try for the   read more
report Recommended by azp21
An intelligent, idealistic student receives a magical power with a specific ruleset. He tests the limits of his power and uses it to enact political change.
report Recommended by greengat
Both Code Geass and Death Note revolve around psychological warfare between the protagonists and enemies and both the characters have special abilities given to them by immortals. Also, both the characters are really clever in their own verse and tried to make the world more blissful. But becomes genocider themselves.
report Recommended by Urahara_Benihime
Both have plots with heavy emphasis on strategy and morally questionable main characters. Code Geass is military orientated with sci-fi and supernatural elements while Death Note is police orientated with only supernatural elements.
report Recommended by Ompats
Two extremely smart and strategic main characters who try to change the world.
report Recommended by TheRBK
Code Geass is an anime series that shares several similarities with Death Note. The series centers around the highly intelligent protagonist, Lelouch vi Britannia, who possesses a unique power called "Geass" that allows him to control people's actions. Like Death Note, Code Geass features a complex and engaging storyline that explores the consequences of one's actions and the concept of morality. The supporting cast is also strong and adds depth to the story, while the animation is stunning and the fight scenes are action-packed. Overall, if you enjoyed Death Note, Code Geass is definitely worth watching for its similar themes and engaging storyline.
report Recommended by feedmepaperr
Both series feature intelligent and resourceful protagonists who gain superhuman powers and use them to achieve their goals and it also explores themes of justice. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a highly IQ protagonist who is weak at the start and seeing them win battles in a unique way.
report Recommended by Knightcoder7
Both shows are similar in that they feature a main character who is a genius and master manipulator. However, they are different in that Lelouch has good intentions while Light doesn't.
report Recommended by Bravopa
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