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Alternative Titles

English: D.Gray-man
Synonyms: D. Gray-man, D. Grey-man
Japanese: ディー・グレイマン


Type: TV
Episodes: 103
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 3, 2006 to Sep 30, 2008
Premiered: Fall 2006
Broadcast: Tuesdays at 18:00 (JST)
Licensors: Funimation
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, ComedyComedy
Themes: DemonsDemons, Super PowerSuper Power
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.031 (scored by 230723230,723 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #5162
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #232
Members: 615,294
Favorites: 12,771

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Both shows take place in about the same time period (early 20th century for FMA, late 19th century for D. Gray-man) in Europe in a world similar to our own. They are both about unique abilities, with an organization of alchemists in FMA and an organization of exorcists in D. Gray-man. They are Shounen as well as some comedy mixed in and are both very enjoyable to watch. 
report Recommended by Hemsko
Ao no Exorcist is very similar in storyline to D. Grayman. The main protagonist is a young boy named Okumura. He however is cursed with being the illegitimate son of Satan. He then is rescued along with his twin brother by a society of exorcists. A priest, who Okumura calls father raises him, in hopes that he Okumura will use his powers for good, and not evil. After Okumura's foster father is killed, he pledges himself to train to be an exorcist, and defeat Satan's forces. In D. Grayman the main protagonist is Allen Walker, who is becomes cursed after he turns his dead relative,  read more 
report Recommended by noneexistent
They have an quite similar overall feeling. Both mains are fighting with there friends against an enemy using somekind of super power.  
report Recommended by blmp
Similar 19th-early 20th century setting. Both worlds have some form of special ability (alchemy in FMA and Innocence in DGM) used by the main characters. Both main protagonists are 15-year-olds who have a strange arm. Both also have a group of villains with secret motives. 
report Recommended by paperdust
Well... Both are adventures of inumerous characters, each one with his own power and distinct personality, against the evil guys. I didn't get this part of the anime yet, but people said me that it has fillers like all those other similar series (as Naruto, Dragon Ball, etc...). For me, these animes are all the same after all... 
report Recommended by rzippert
The main characters, Oz and Allen, have very similar personalities and go through a major life changing experience. Both series also have a dark horror type theme, many random comedic scenes, and a fair amount of action. 
report Recommended by Monochrome
Similar concept in that Claymores/Exorcists are hired/sent to destroy monsters that's been terrorizing the town (Youma/Akuma), and that these monsters can take the form of any human. 
report Recommended by Gioeva
asfar as i have watched em, they both got the same settings same styles... yet a bit different if ya like holy bullshit fighting demon shit you should both watch em :D *as probably the plots will develop those wont be the same at all* 
report Recommended by crowfield
Both Letter Bee and D.Gray-man are quite similar in many ways. Both main characters have special eye powers, they both join an organization which means going on missions to different parts of the world, interacting with new people. They're pretty different in terms of story telling, though if you enjoyed D.Gray-man then i don't see why you won't like Letter Bee. 
report Recommended by Shiroth
In both: -Women are badass. -The protagonist have a serene and compressive personality. -The protagonist cares about villains feels. -The villains was transformed against their will. -Special organization of "hunters" vs Group of villains transformed directly by the leader. -The leader of the villains is an elusive entity that mixes in society. -Special oraginization mechanic: uniforms, heal point/base, minios to help hunters, only two military ranges DGM (Exorcist and General) KnY (Hunter and Pillar) 
report Recommended by Sasha_AT
Both series take place in a victorian era and have occult themes, such as demons. The characters and plot are very different, but are both appealing and interesting. They are both unique series filled with loveable characters.  
report Recommended by chibimaka
Both have a church/god related plot and power system. The main characters are kind of similiar, they both share a mysterious past and a mysterious power. Both have exorcists who expel evil spirits. 
report Recommended by kujika
Both are darker, more serious action anime, focusing on the fight to preserve peace in this world and save the human race from evil. Where Trinity Blood has vampires, D.Gray-Man has demons.  
report Recommended by TheLlama
though the caracters are fairly familiar, the biggist reason for similarity is the style of fight with magic.....saying that one magic user have different types for their prospective abilities.. 
report Recommended by anslosax
Seems like your run-of-the-mill shounens at the starts but turns out to be something more. 
report Recommended by Puvi2Groovy
both have a white haired protagonist (with a black haired "friend"),involved with some mysterious power and organization fighting the evil. 
report Recommended by Sango_chan_desu
Both are animes where a crowd of heroes fight to save the world from the evil guys. If you ever watched Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach or any anime like these ones, you will find them pretty similar. 
report Recommended by rzippert
They both have a serious and a hilarious atmosphere. The action is intense, and WILL keep you wanting for more and more! 
report Recommended by Wish
they're not that similar accept for the fact that there are not quite normal people fighting demons and saving normal people. Oh, and there are ewven stronger people out to get the protagonists by useing the demons, if you know what i mean. and if you don't to bad for you.  
report Recommended by spottedear
Both have a guy who seems innocent on the outside, but have special powers and connected to secret organisations which battle against certain phenomena which affect people within the city; all part of many principles tying up to form a large plot. Both have the same dark supernatural power which takes over certain people which they must overcome. 
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
Both have the same kind of world, the same kind of enemy, the same atmosphere. The purpose of one is similar to the other. 
report Recommended by Thatios
- Humans live in fear of supernatural beings: Akuma in D.Grayman and Titans in Shingeki no Kyojin. - Main characters are both young men (around the age sixteen), who try to exterminate these evil beings. - Main characters are stronger than most of their comrades. - Both main characters have lost most of their family. - They both have a special quality no one else has. 
report Recommended by xcAnDy411x
Both are action series with a darker tone to them, and both focus more on characters and are more character-driven than what normal action series tend to do 
report Recommended by TheLlama
The most similar thing between these two are characters. If you like the relationship between the main trio in D.Gray-man, you'll love Shito and Chika. 
report Recommended by Rimona
Enmadou Rokuro = Allen Walker Adashino Benio = Lenalee Both have: -Exorcism and weird looking monsters (some of the monsters are dark skinned humans, idk why that‘s a thing lol) -Protagonists that have some kind of demon powers -both have many Eps 
report Recommended by Kat0211
the way there's an agency to fight demons in dgm is similar to how there's an agency to fight vampires in ons. 
report Recommended by Leno
Both shows are action shonen with well thought out stories and good action scenes. Also, in both shows the MC work hard towards a goal. The MC's are quite strong and there are no random bursts of power making the MC over powered in face of danger in both shows. 
report Recommended by HostClub
It's still got the whole ghosts/demons thing going on. I don't know; I find them both similar and enjoyable. 
report Recommended by Seiizure
Both are about destroying demons, but the main plot is different. Both are full of action and are interesting to watch 
report Recommended by chrissy12
Both Allen and Hayate share the same personality.. They always end up helping other people, they both look kind and cheerful but also have funny dark personalities.. And not to forget that they also share the same unlimited "I can do anything" thing.. And lastly they share the same childhood experiences. Not exactly the same though.. Any how, however you see it they are the same <3. 
report Recommended by yumiche
Just like the manga I find Letter Bee and D.Gray-Man quite similiar. Allen and Lag both have special eyepower, they have bit of same personality, they join organizations which make 'em go to journeys and the overall feeling of the series is quite similiar except D.Gray-man is bit darker than Letter Bee. 
report Recommended by Soupaeji
Both shows are about fighting supernatural stuff and there is little romance in it...  
report Recommended by sapphirext
In D.Gray man, people who had lost someone,can revive their loved ones but in a figure of a Demon,The Exoricst are one of the Groups who are destroying the Demons. In Garo is a Similiar story,Most of people are bounded by a subject that they own or that their loved ones owned, and with their despair or greed they can make a pact with Horors who posses their Bodies,like Exorcist in D.Gray Man there is a group of Knights in Garo who are called Makai Knights that are destroying Horrors...... 
report Recommended by Billy_Babic
They all have different powers that they use to battle the enemy. And just like Allen belongs to the Exorcists, Lafon belongs to the 17th platoon. 
report Recommended by Amarante
This is a vague connection, but they both share many factors. First off, the main character has a sort of connection to what's considered his species' enemy. In D. Gray Man, the character isn't actually half of the enemy, more that he has a bit of it in him. D. Gray Man is about a boy who gets pulled into the world of 'Akuma' after his father's death. Akuma are creatures created by 'The Millenium Earl' to kill humans, causing evolution. The boy, Allen Walker, becomes an 'exorcist', or a person who can wield a special weapon to kill akuma. Although it's not the same view as  read more 
report Recommended by mayaflower
Finding the similarity in the plot, where both protagonists share a similar childhood trauma, one fights the demons, and other as firefighter fights people turned to fire demons 
report Recommended by Billy_Babic
Even though the story isn´t a bit alike, the main characters are very similar. Both have sad backgrounds and upbringins (their masters/teachers are a bit devilish and drunk) and both have an impressive kindness and strengh of heart, and both have the will to keep walking and protecting their loved ones.  
report Recommended by Patty_chan
Both main characters decide to live for both sides. In Natsume Yuujinchou, Natsume helps both the ayakashi and the human, and as for D. Gray Man, Allen fights for both the Akuma and humans. They both portray the interesting internal conflicts between the supernatural and themselves.  
report Recommended by 78cheesecake
both great shounen were a boy trying to get stronger for other sake.  
report Recommended by xtremalas
D.Gray-man and Vanitas no Karte are somewhat similar anime. Noé is kinda like Allen, and Naenia is similar to The Millennium Earl. The settings and art styles are similar as well. D.Gray-man is a little bit more action focused, however. I’ve made my case. 
report Recommended by SebCyrSC2000
Both have a dark mood, and share the same supernatural/action/super powers genre. The main difference is that Seikon No Qwaser has extreme ecchi. In both the protagonist is a lovely, white-haired shota boy with a red mark/scar through his left eye (yes, Allen & Sasha almost look like twins) and with a sad, painful past. Both anime are quite faithful to their manga adaptations. 
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
The main protagonists in D.Gray-man and Jujutsu Kaisen (TV) are cursed, with Allen from D.Gray-man having a messed up arm and Yuji from Jujutsu Kaisen (TV) having a demon inside him. Both anime have a darker tone than most battle shounen anime, and both involve exorcists and demons, with D.Gray-man having Akuma and Jujutsu Kaisen (TV) having Curses. Both are worth a watch for sure. 
report Recommended by TheMan1987
A young, cute, and very kind boy uses his strong powers to exorcise deamons who are evil. He wants to protect everybody and everything. The young boy faces many emenies and near-death expericences. Secrets.desires.Sins. Many many things good and bad happens in this thrilling,powerful,addicting anime. ~there is also a lot of humor~ 
report Recommended by XxAllen-KunxX
May be slow at first, but the plot and character development is amazing!!! Full of action and comedy!!! MY FAVORITE ANIMES!!! 
report Recommended by Elly1221
After watching K, the characters Shirou and Kuro totally reminded me of Allen and Kanda especially their personality & relationship. More importantly they are different shows but have powerful beings such as exorcists, clans, kings, and akumas. Come to think of it Neko might be Lenalee. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Both stories involve demons,circus...the main character have cursed eye... D.Gray-man is older and have more series, but they are pretty much the same. Both series have great and so similar drawing style.They both are perfect if you like 19 century. They are so fun, but D.Gray-man is a little more ''heavy'' ^_^ 
report Recommended by timcanpy123
D-Gray Man too like YuYu Hakusho is another supernatural shounen fighting show about good fighting evil demons. In my opinion YuYu Hakusho is superior but it is worth watching D-Gray Man because there are stuff that you will find similar to YuYu Hakusho. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Both series are set in worlds similar to those of industrial revolution. Both series acknowledge existence of magic as form of science. Main protagonist is part of organisation fighting against supernatural threats. Both worlds are quite grim/dark. Animation is also similar. Design of demons feels similar. Strait jacket feels more like military anime where D-Gray Man feels more magic based. And unfortunately Strait Jacket is only 3 episodes long so story ends with many questions unanswered, although it is quite selfcontained triplet of stories. 
report Recommended by rabi3187
Similar Plot getting separate powers for each character and a little back story for each character also similar to Letter Bee same story telling 
report Recommended by Quyen22
Shonen, with lots of great characters fighting against evil, as is typical of shonen anime. Whereas Shippuuden tries but fails to be serious, D.Gray-Man pulls off the serious mood with grace.  
report Recommended by TheLlama
It has a similar feel. I would say Tokyo Majin is a little bit darker, because zombies, but they are both darkish action series about a group of teens fighting a supernatural element. Tokyo Majin is super underrated imo.  
report Recommended by pinkb1tch
We have similar short stories in both anime, which deal with mystic cases and women. Also heroes of D.Gray-man and Tsubasa Chronicle seek and gather some magic objects in different places, and that fact forms the main plot. Characters are also similar - Lenalee acts just like Sakura, Allen has a hidden personality in him, "another him", like Shaoran. Also, both anime are shounen, and the original story was written by women authors in both cases. So some kawai elements and problems in relationships are also similar. 
report Recommended by Laora-inn
If you enjoyed D.Gray-Man then you will most likely enjoy Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion as well. Each has their moments of comedic relief and also the dark side of human nature between the protaganist and antagonist. Though Code Geass and D.Gray-Man take place in different times and location, there are still some similiarities between the two as both each has a special ability linked with their eyes and both face great enemies such as The Earl in D.Gray-Man, and The Emperor of Britannia Charles Di Britannia. All in all, both are awesome to watch with excellent animaton quality and an awesome plot line  read more 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
D Gray Man and Death Note have very similar plotlines. The main protagonists are trying to rid the world of evil in their own unique ways, whether it be with a notebook that has the power to kill people or with an anti akuma weapon. D Gray Man has more action in it, but both series have a plot that will draw you in and will keep you addicted for weeks on end. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
- Both MC have demon battling weapons. - Seems to be episodic with battling different demons each week. - Both are Shounen but have more of a Seinen feel to them. 
report Recommended by -Hyperion-
D-Gray Man too like Fate/Zero is dark but the only exception is that it is shounen. Naruto/Bleach/One Piece are hated so it's not worth wasting time on the big 3. D-Gray Man and Fate Zero heavily involves with Western and Catholic themes. Supernatural elements and weaponry are a major part of the story. Yes there are major deaths that occur throughout the story as well as dialogue and moments you won't forget. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
> the protagonists persecute evil creatures created from the own human and hunts humans > to eradicate these creatures there is an organization behind it > the protagonists are more emotional and sentimental about the creatures hunted 
report Recommended by Harumimortal
Travelling protagonist, away from the comfortable confines of their homes, thrust into an unfamiliar situation in order to achieve an important goal. Protagonists are incredibly sociable, befriending all characters they come into contact with. Protagonists idolise an older person, but when presented the opportunity, are deathly afraid to actually interact with this idol. Even with the large gap in time of production, you can still find similarities, especially in the art style, such as their large eyes, a physical manifestation of their intelligence and later, their perseverance. Neither of these anime are life-changing experiences. Follow all conventions and stereotypes of their respective genre. Both utilise a very diverse voice cast, producing  read more 
report Recommended by Kendesuuu
in both these show the main character has a parasyte thing in their had. the other wise they both good plots and are both badasses. 
report Recommended by misunderstander
The shows both delve into how demons in peoples body's fit in the world. While D. Gray man takes a more shonen approach to it, both series allow for a main character that struggles with the the the consequences of taking out 'demons'. 
report Recommended by lookandfind
both anime have weapons that you manifest. 
report Recommended by Itsuwari-chan
Though very different in their overall genres, both of these anime involve powers where someone wants to bring their loved one back to life. Both MCs also have similar personalities.  
report Recommended by sanetoshii
-Pest control specialists fighting supernatural enemies -Story features party of protagonists -Main character isnt strongest there are mentors who wreck things better -Humanity under threat -Lots of battles vs enemies for people who like action 
report Recommended by Kareblis
Fighting against the supernatural is the main theme of both Hellsing Ultimate and D.Gray-man. Both have a similar dark atmosphere, and the setting is pretty similar. In Hellsing Ultimate, Alucard fights against vampires and ghouls, while in D.Gray-man, Allen Walker fights against the akuma. Both also have some humor as well to lighten the mood. Hellsing Ultimate is a seinen, unlike D.Gray-man (which is a shounen), and as a result, is much darker and way more violent, so keep that in mind. Both anime are worth watching, so check them out! 
report Recommended by TheMan1987
Land of the Lustrous and D.Gray-Man are both stories that center around tragic young heroes who have to sacrifice their very beings in order to fight some sort of evil. Both shows have cute elements while staying fairly dark overall. If you like tragedy and never-ending wars, these shows are for you. 
report Recommended by Kong38
Both animes contain the same type of heroes and villains. The villains believe that the world will be a better place if there are no humans; therefore they want to annihilate them. The heroes of both stories do not agree, they fight against the non-human villains. They fight, grow stronger, make new friends and comrades and lose them too. Both stories have a tragedy feel to them, but like always the good and not the evil wins in the end. 
report Recommended by Kong38
They have a similar vibe and both are adventure shonen. They also both have quite a story hidden behind their battles between silly yet creepy carnival-like foes. Will humanity survive or have their last laugh? 
report Recommended by Pomfball
- An organization of people with special powers - Similar type of comedy (slapstick comedy, exageration of characters' funny traits) - In both you have a look inside the heroes' organization and learn about how it works instead of just seeing the main characters fight 
report Recommended by Z_Tetriminos
Call me crazy, but as much that I see it more like the shock value and suspense as "PMMM" or "Higurashi" (for the cute-style factor with blood), but Daybreak Illusion had the three following things: The girls are taking role as "exorcists" killing the Daemonia, whom they are monsters that used to or take form from their human vessels. Akari is like the Allen Walker of the group with the ability to hear the souls from the monster's vessel. Also that once you are in their "academy", there's no turning back just like the pre-Koumi era of D.Gray-Man's "Black Order".  
report Recommended by timerrabbit
The Two of Main Character With Same White Hair Allen And Kanade Have Same Weapon, Kanade Use Weapon Right Hand With Hand Sonic, Allen Use Innocence , Left Hand With Crown Clown. Allen and Kanade Can Playing Music With A Musician Piano, And Same Energy When Allen Have Crown Belt to Protector Armored, But Kanade Have Wing Angel to Fly Sky. But Still Strong Kanade Than Allen, But Allen Can Be Stronger If He Had Control Power Of Noah 14th. 
report Recommended by DedyWalker
It has been some time since i watched D.Gray Man. I'd like to explain why i recommend you Tokyo Ghold to D.Gray Man but i couldnt find the right words. Its not just the similarity to both main characters. Its the kind of development these two protagonists undergo during the story. Both anime concern two opposing sides which fight each other. And both protagonists live and fight for both opposing sides.  
report Recommended by Fabyo64
-Both anime featured a big guy with smiley face who are very strong/overpowered (Koro-sensei in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Earl Millennium/Sennen Hakushaku in D.Gray-man) where the MC (Nagisa / Allen) must fight/kill them in order to accomplish their mission. (in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu its their important mission to kill Koro-sensei, while in D.Gray-man Earl Millennium isn't the only character to deal with). -Both anime have a great character development which makes it more enjoyable to watch. (i suggest you to watch Ansatsu Kyoushitsu 2nd season if you want to see more character developments). -Both MC are in the same age (15 years old), and they must socialize with others  read more 
report Recommended by renzospark
Similar plot, although each has their differences just like any anime would. Sono Kuroki Hagane also makes use of weapons that can only be controlled by the chosen and make use of them by fighting against the supernatural. In this case the adversary being Admonitions.  
report Recommended by Enticey
Both Anime has Demons and Exorcist of different type. Nurarihyon story is mostly located in Japan where are D.Gray-man story location is through out the world. The Antagonist on D.Gray-Man looks funny but suprisingly strong along with some of his followers. D.Gray-Man is definitely not to be missed. 
report Recommended by 0xuser
Both involve exorcists fighting against akuma/demons. Also the main antagonists in the two series are similar, both causing the disturbance of peace by producing/exciting akuma/demons. 
report Recommended by stickymochi
They both have Similar plots. It is a Group who work together to fight Demons, and the Group has Abilities. 
report Recommended by Tech14
Even though their storyline were different, there do share some similar points. The animation quality were quite similar. There had enjoyable characters. There both focuses on comedy,horror and supernatural stuff. When I watch this, it remind me of D.Gray-Man. So,if you love this series, you may like or love D.Gray-Man. Try it out.:D 
report Recommended by andrewsch5658
The main characters in D.Gray-man and Trigun are very reminiscent of each other. They both strive to create peace and harmony wherever they go, knowing that they inevitably bring destruction with them. Their pain becomes a source of strength in tight circumstances, however. 
report Recommended by hitsuki_kun
Both anime deal with akuma, except d gray man has more...... the main characters in each anime have abnormal powers. if you like watching fighting with powers in them, then this is for you. 
report Recommended by vampire_x3
Both series are similar, fight of good v. evil, demons, small romance, etc... However, D. Gray-Man is a bit more serious and dark; might jerk a tear or two from you. 
report Recommended by Aiege_Rikumaru
both main characters have troubled pasts and fight against demons of a sort, youma/akuma, as well as discover teamwork of a sort and while kaze no stigma has more of a romance theme, they both include action.  
report Recommended by FairyDemon
there are alike in a few ways, one there are groups trying to hunt monsters that kill people, two there are even more powerful people that make the monsters, and tree there is a character in each with a left eye that has a strange power because of a cures. 
report Recommended by spottedear
they're similarities are they have a secret organization.. but hellsing (just in night) and in d.gray-man (well..a even a day) also both of them have a secret weapon that can be used as weapon.. such as alucard at hellsing and allen walker in d.gray-man hope u to watch it =3 
report Recommended by haruhiyu
Main characters have special powers with which they help people. They learn how to use them in special 'schools' and usually fight in pairs. Although DGM have quite a lot of humor, it's written much more serious than Hamatora which can make you feel like in a rollercoaster while swinging between serious action and complete change of scenery. 
report Recommended by Nanamishi
Both about secret orders and wicked beasties Both have a protag whose hair goes white and has supernatural powers Both are about searching for a magical artifact and feature an Ark 
report Recommended by kisarachan
Those two animes are similar in a strange way, I can't quite explain the similarities. But anyway, if you like D.Gray-man, you mite like Persona ~Trinity Soul~ as well. I guess the the supernatural abilities make themsimilar... 
report Recommended by Lioness
White haired protagonists who fight demons and have a special ability that makes them stand out. Each protagonist is part of an organization who manages their well-being in some form or another.  
report Recommended by CoffeeBean
They both involve supernatural beings and the main characther(Allen/Yoshimori) are trying to protect something and getting stronger for a girl.There are some differences,like in d.gray-man they fight akumas and in kekkaishi they exterminate spirits,also d.gray-man has a more complex story and more episodes.Both of the series are from my point of view excelent and are worth watching. 
report Recommended by Kaminari90
Both involve spirits that are in need of healing either by defeating them as demons so their soul can be set free or through exocism. Involves gore & a spooky feel to it. 
report Recommended by SpiritualWolf
Somehow Daisuke makes me think about Allen, because they´re both clumsy, sensitive and generous.  
report Recommended by Wolfbrotherm
I say both of these are similiar. 11 eyes is still new but it kind of has some similarities with d gray man. They both have to due with some kind of enemy like in 11 eyes theres these weird bug looking monsters and in D gray man they have to due with akuma(demons) and the noah clan. Both have some sort of magic or weapon and they are both action packed series that I would recommend anyone to watch. 
report Recommended by KingDragon8
The story is similar with there being creatures that attack humans and a group of people able to fight the creatures with supernatural abilities and both series are set in a fictional European setting. In the case of DGM, Exorcists use their Innocence to fight Akuma and the Millenium Earl while in Goulart Knights the Goulart Knights use their spirit and Holy Grail to fight the Archon.  
report Recommended by 11AM
It is set in a slightly different world. I wouldn't call the settings similar but the plot certainly is. Kiba is about a guy named Zed (Allen) who excels everyone's expectations with his fabulous powers (Spirit Shads / Innocence). He is quite an outcast but wants to protect his friends dearly. He has to stop the world from being over-ruled by Hugh (Earl) and his crew (Noahs). They are similar in pace because both animes seem to drag a certain parts and flourish at others. I would recommend this anime to anyone who is into dark plots and action packed animes.  
report Recommended by Zombiee
Both characters (Haseo & Allen) are eerily similar, baring almost identical physical features. Haseo's (the main character for Roots) personality is more or less the depressed version of Allen, except full-time. This sort of fits as he descends into madness as the one he loves is lost to him. It's kind of like how Allen was when he thought all his friends were dead on the Ark. Both series are really great and if you like any action-e Shonen titles, Roots might be for you. 
report Recommended by ForgottenKane
They both fight evil beings. D.Gray-man = akuma, Rental Magica = ghosts and other beings, however rental magica also rents out magicians to people for their uses. Also both Allen Walker and Itsuki Iba have eyes to help them do their job. 
report Recommended by Kututo
If you watched and loved Kuroshitsuji then you'll love D. Gray -Man. It has all the action. Probably even more than Kuroshitsuji!!! That's how good it is. 
report Recommended by xXAnimeLovexX
* Both anime fight against an organization to save people * both have action, slice of romance, mystery * people are being used as weapons (each anime in different ways) * fighters has different magic abylities. D. Gray Man: * is an ocult religious organization that serve under the Vatican * fight against Akumas (demon) comanded by the Noah Clan Tatakau Shisho: * is an organization fighting against a religious clan... each are related to Gods but their interpretation of life is different so they collide  
report Recommended by kairi07
Its like the grown up Allen Walker or the more more romantic version of the charater since this anime may indeed lack some "romance" still a freaken awsome anime. 
report Recommended by BloodyRage
* Both are religious organizations that fight agains demons in the human world * Each fighter has a special abylity that will be lead to the other wielder of magic abylities when time comes to support each others * Both has action, slice of romance, strong friendship, mystery, enjoyment * Both anime has a similar mission. D. Gray Man: * enemies and allies have different magic abylities. Enemy use human as weapons (Akuma) * the missions are around the world so really enjoy learning of different cultures * awesome fights and adictive plot * mission is to find inocenses (crystal objects that give people special abylities before enemies destroy them) Hakkenden: * mission to  read more 
report Recommended by kairi07
Both have a mastermind that would trick normal people into killing others and on the other side a 'justice' team that tries to solve the cause of killing. Psycho-Pass is more sci-fi while D.Gray-man is more into fantasy type. Psycho-Pass is a bit more cruel in methods and visuals. 
report Recommended by Alessa-Zero
Both have silver haired bishounen who are passionate about their line of work. Both boys have one eye that is activated when in a battle: for LB its battling gaichuu and for DGM its demons. Both Lag and Allen are orphans and have someone who influenced them.  
report Recommended by alucas
Similarities in the plot of both shows. A secret religious organization that few know about that deal with the dead returning as something else. All while keeping it a secret from thew general public. This religious organization training men and women to fight these creatures that have returned to "life" while using weapons from a similar origin to the creatures they intend to destroy.  
report Recommended by NovaInc
These animes are similar in that they both mention signing a contract with the devil (Millenium earl in d-gray man) to turn into a demon  
report Recommended by Kusanagikevin122
I really don't know why, but the first half of D.Gray-man and the whole of Zettai Karen Children sort of feel similar even though ZKC is no where near as serious as DGM. Allen and Shiho are pretty similar to be honest as well, which I find funny xD and both series are pretty lolsome too. 
report Recommended by Spades-Deuce
while the stories are very different the feel of them reminds me also both shows deal with the light and dark side of any situation I think if you like one you will most likely like the other  
report Recommended by azaria86
both have characters with "gifts from god" and each has a main character that has been given power by a demon  
report Recommended by damix96
-Both give off similar aura -Both has gothic background feeling -Both seem dark though at times funny and happy -Both involves Demons -Both really good 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
The main characters of Toaru Majutsu no Index and D.Gray-man are both similar in the way that they possess unusual powers even in a world where unusual powers are not so unusual (Allen's cursed eye, Touma's right hand). Both of them have similar heroic tendancies, saving people because they need to be saved - Allen with his mission to save both humans akuma, and Touma who will save anyone who even looks like they might cry out "help me". Both series also have a great cast of characters who you quickly feel you are connected to. Another thing I liked and found similar was the way  read more 
report Recommended by sandarikka
To me these two anime's have a similar feel. I greatly enjoyed both of these series. They may be set differently but they are both great anime's. So to explain why: Main male characters believe in fighting for justice and to right the world. They both have an "order" in which the fighters are from and to which friendships are made. The main males teachers/person they look up to, go rogue, however not quite in the same way. Both have cute male characters and pretty female characters. One character from each anime have bright red hair. The main character is thought to be evil at first by another character. Other than this they  read more 
report Recommended by KikiSohma