Chrno Crusade, D.Gray-man Recommendations

Chrno Crusade
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Chrno Crusade
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asfar as i have watched em, they both got the same settings same styles... yet a bit different if ya like holy bullshit fighting demon shit you should both watch em :D *as probably the plots will develop those wont be the same at all*
report Recommended by crowfield
Both are about an organization fighting monsters/demons. Both use religion as a base to build the story. If your into a dark story then both of these are worth watching.
report Recommended by DeathfireD
The main characters somehow came from kind-of religious organizations. Both fighting Akuma. In my opinion, watching Chrono Crusade is like watching the more colorful D.Graymen.
report Recommended by Titan-Kikumaru
The 2 thign are about chasing Youma(Akuma) or monster if its more clearly. Their exorcist who have to destroy something to gain somethings the same principe for most particulary anime .Have a nice day ^^
report Recommended by katedadevil
They both deal with the same basic principles in which there is a church and evil forces out to destroy the world and church. Both have very likable main characters and a good cast of side characters.
report Recommended by Lifewish
Both are the same because in D.Gray-man they fight demons and have a arch nemesis who leads them all, and in Chrno Crusade they are fighting demons and/or devils and have a arch nemesis who also leads them all. Both are great action/comedy type Animes.
report Recommended by Inu_Y4sha
these anime's have a part of religion in them, and they will bring God up. the main characters are essentially excorsists fighting demons. one of the main characters are both on the side of "god and satan" in a sense.
report Recommended by supermegasonic
Both of these involve exorcists and the feeling of the anime is very similar. The whole time I was watching Chrono Crusade I kept thinking about D. Gray- Man. Anyway, if you like one of these I'm sure you'll enjoy the other.
report Recommended by RoyMustbang