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The main characters, Oz and Allen, have very similar personalities and go through a major life changing experience. Both series also have a dark horror type theme, many random comedic scenes, and a fair amount of action.
report Recommended by Monochrome
The main protagonists both have a tendency to act like "my life doesn't matter since I don't have anything important to me anymore" aka they seem a bit suicidal. The series both are very similiarily executed. They have a love for details, well shown hilarity and a nice dark gothic athmosphere. Both series have lovable characters who sometimes even act similiar.
report Recommended by kujika
It's hard to explain, but something just seems similar between these two anime. Maybe it's the atmosphere, the characters, or even just the same genre...I recommend Pandora Hearts for anyone who enjoyed D.Gray Man, and vice versa.
report Recommended by chibifox27
In both animes there is a group of main characters who has to fight monsters, and the monsters are similar: called by people to help them solve their problems but possessing the caller instead.
report Recommended by Juxian
I realised that they are very alike.Both have contractors-well Chains are not the same as Innocence but still have some similiarities. In both anime-s the bad guys seek the same thing as the good. Even Alice has Allen's appetite
report Recommended by Miss_Scarlett
There's monsters created from humans and the organization fighting them in both anime. The main characters are special too.
report Recommended by Sachi-sempai
Both of them have a similar dark atmosphere, While the Black Order tries to eliminate the " Akuma " and investigate the " Innocence ", The Pandora organization also investigate the " Abyss " and The " Chains " thoroughly and tries the eliminate them, and the main character have somewhat similar personality . If you enjoyed either of these , you'll most likely enjoy the other .
report Recommended by Pixshi
Oz and Allen are very similar characters; always kind, happy, and smiling while inwardly conflicted with who they they want to be. Both deal with deamons in a human world and a conveluted secret past that must be uncovered. Also, there is some confusion as to who is bad and who is good. Beyond that, both have similar animation styles and have a somewhat dark atmosphere.
report Recommended by indi135
Both shows have a similar feeling. The main characters are very much alike and both go through life changing events.
report Recommended by beg1ner
This has kind of the same atmosphere. Dark and horror-like. With creatures like "Akuma" and "Chains" is similar. Also the organizations "Pandora" and "The Dark order" is kind of similar.
report Recommended by Shirayukishi
Although its been a long time since I've watched these 2 series, I'll try my best to phrase the similarities. + The overall atmosphere is dark and gloomy. + Both anime involve the main cast working in organisations. + Both have similar 'creatures'; Akumas and Chains. (Kind of Demons) + Both have 'contracts' to activate supernatural powers. - D.Gray-man is a obviously a longer series than Pandora Hearts. - And I sort of don't remember too well, but I'm pretty sure D.Gray-man was more 'seinen' towards the end.
report Recommended by One
-main character goes through alot of changes -starts off with adventure episodes but spirals into a much deeper story -both MCs have an important entities in them -enemies like chains/monsters -main character joins cool association
report Recommended by Otaku-Cupcake
Pandora Hearts has a very similar feeling to it as D.Gray-man and its setting reminds me of it in some ways and are darker Shounen-series. Both of them have very well-written characters. They both have some kind of monsters in them and similar plot elements I don't want to spoiler. Personally, I would recommend for both to read their manga as well, especially Pandora Hearts.
report Recommended by _Maneki-Neko_
This anime is a very tangled web of secrets and dangers from the past chasing you into the far future. While watching it you will become more and more invested into the plot, so you move onto the manga to continue your journey with the characters, ever deeper into the Abyss of despair and realize what a true work of art Pandora Hearts is as you weep bitter tears, your heart being filled with emotions and broken into pieces at the same time. It also has amazing musical backgrounds and the opening is a winner. Do not hesitate and begin investing your time into this   read more
report Recommended by amaya_marian
Unlike D. Gray Man, the Pandora Hearts anime isn't as great as the manga. I got the dark fantasy, haunting feels from both of these where they start of as light hearted but get darker as you learn more of the story.
report Recommended by nolongerhuman11
Ever wanted to see a show with a dark and somber vibe with a kawaii MC boy with dark past? You came to the right place! Pandora Hearts starts you off with this cute little kid, only to get shoved into the abyss like Batman. Only this time, he meets a girl with tufts of hair that look like ears down there. D. Gray-man starts with an abandoned kid who has a fucked up arm and sold to the circus. Makes friends with a dog only for the dog with a top hat to get a BEAT DOWN. Then his circus daddy dies, so Fat Albert   read more
report Recommended by Wrathful_Chicken