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Both Letter Bee and D.Gray-man are quite similar in many ways. Both main characters have special eye powers, they both join an organization which means going on missions to different parts of the world, interacting with new people. They're pretty different in terms of story telling, though if you enjoyed D.Gray-man then i don't see why you won't like Letter Bee.
report Recommended by Shiroth
Lag and Allen are very similar. Both are polite, very kind, cheerful and determinate. Both have a similar hair and both have a special eye. ;3
report Recommended by SakuraUsagi
The main character in D.Gray-Man and Letter Bee are EXTREMELY alike. They're both guys that have something wrong/different about their eyes. They care deeply for other things like akuma/exorcists or for people/letters. They both have white/silver hair, and the two characters join an organization of some sort. (It being Black Order or Letter Bee) Letter Bee and D.Gray-Man have different plots but are still fun to watch. :)
report Recommended by MiluMilu
they both have unusual eye powers and both charactes are very similar. d.gray man alan find akuma and letter be lag fights these monsters.
report Recommended by kpx4890
Besides the main characters having a problem with their eye. One can see demons one is an amber stone that can be used as a bullet for their guns.
report Recommended by RosyXkid
The similarities between these two shows are uncanny. Starting with the protagonists, who both are very emotional, have white hair, are considered special/unique, have a red left eye, and care about making sure peoples dreams are delivered to the end. though tegami bachi has a lighter tone to it, they both revolve around an errant boy who lost those close to him, and who is taken in by an organization that sends its members to different parts of the world to do jobs, be it delivering letters or performing exorcisms. they are both set in dark worlds, and feature pockets of civilization that are oppressed   read more
report Recommended by callmetheBigD
All 3 stories have similar plot there's a main character with an odd Power, a society of those people, and they fight for a good cause (according to their beliefs). All of them have attractive animation but repetitive story telling.
report Recommended by Quyen22
Both main characters have white hair and one red eye that holds power. Both look young for their age, and both have similar personalities. Both are Kind, brave, and compassionate. Both were raised by someone other then their parents, and both were seemingly abandoned. Both join an organization they feel is right, and both are overlooked by their peers at first, but later prove themselves. Both fight monsters to protect the innocent, and both have mysterious pasts and unknown power yet to be revealed.
report Recommended by KawaiiWallach
The author from Tegamibachi even stated that Allen's from D.Gray-man design inspired them for Lag's design. The settings feel very similar, and so does the atmosphere and tone of both series. Also the story feels familiar, if you know DGM. The destiny and life stories from people and how they deal with them.
report Recommended by Maneki-Mew
They both have white hair and an abnormal eye.
report Recommended by INEEDMORE