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Trinity Blood
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Trinity Blood
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Both are darker, more serious action anime, focusing on the fight to preserve peace in this world and save the human race from evil. Where Trinity Blood has vampires, D.Gray-Man has demons.
report Recommended by TheLlama
Both animes have similar people who act like 'exorcist' to get rid of demons or monsters. Worth watching and good story on D.Gray-man!
report Recommended by candigal
D. Gray-man is much like Trinity Blood visually and even vaguely with the premise. At first glance, when i first started watching Trinity Blood I actually thought i was watching a new D. Gray-man episode. While in Trinity Blood it is a battle between humans and vampires, and even vampires with differing views, D. Gray-man is fighting between Akuma and the humans. They both have similar organizations, D.Gray-man the black order which fights demons, and the Vatican in Trinity Blood which also fights evil.
report Recommended by domthebomb
Both are about a group of people from the Vatican fighting evil. The main characters of both shows are white haired cheerful guys that transform in some way to fight. Trinity Blood takes itself a little more seriously, but both shows have a similar setting and feel.
report Recommended by begger4mcgregor
If you like demo and vampires plus lot's of fighting than this anime you will like. They have people that have mystery power and use them to help people.
report Recommended by Supreme_Hero
Both lean to a darker, more serious type of story. Both animes have the same plot and story to fight against evil and save the human race. Equal amount of blood and gore. Both have characters with supernatural powers. Trinity Blood deals with Vampires, D.Gray-man deals with demons.
report Recommended by amandaluvsya
Both of these animes are slightly religion-ish, and have epic fights with a strong emotional side included. (ep. 10). Although I have not seen all of Trinity Blood yet, I feel a similarity to D.Gray-man of it. (This anime might get a high rating later on)
report Recommended by KandaRainbowsoul