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Both have a church/god related plot and power system. The main characters are kind of similiar, they both share a mysterious past and a mysterious power. Both have exorcists who expel evil spirits.
report Recommended by kujika
The first anime what entered to my mind, when I watched 07-ghost was D.Gray-man. The main characters are very similar - both lost father and has knock from past. And also they have strange power bound with their eye... Black order from D.Gray-man remind me little a Militery Academy from 07-ghost. I don't want write spoilers, but also the enemies from 07-ghost will be someway similar to akuma from D.Gray-man.
report Recommended by Shiro-cat
Teito and Allen have somewhat remaniscent personalitites and both have an important secret about who they are that they themselves don't know about. It almost seems that someone is pushing them toward a destiny that they have yet to understand. 07-Ghost is not as dark as D-Grayman and Teito is outwardly timid while carrying a very dark self inside. Allen has a dark side he fights with, but it is not actually HIM.
report Recommended by indi135
They just remind me of each other.. I mean they have the same kind of feeling, plus some similarities on the plot area.. Like Kor/Akuma and that Teito is an orphan and so is Allen..
report Recommended by Sigi-san
They are similar because both themes have a "church" involved.
report Recommended by Klains
The main character is an orphan with mysterious powers. He joins an Order to fight the ones responsible for his loss. Also trying to discover what lies behind his powers and it's connection to his past! ("Romance", Action, Shounen, Demons, Fantasy, Comedy)
report Recommended by Shibuya_Akira