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Soul Eater
They have an quite similar overall feeling. Both mains are fighting with there friends against an enemy using somekind of super power.
report Recommended by blmp
Good organization versus evil organization, lots of characters with various weapons. Soul Eater is however much more lighthearted than D.Gray-Man.
report Recommended by TheLlama
They both deal with fighting off bad soul's to protect the good ones. While one has more of an emphasis on souls itself. Humor in both is very similair.
report Recommended by cwin90
Both stories involved the theme, supernatural and good vs bad. In D.Gray-Man, the exocists are fighting against the akuma, noahs and earl who wanted to bring the world to an end. While in Soul Eater, the meisters and their weapons are fighting against the demon god, witches and humans who have turn evil.
report Recommended by C00kiies
These two anime have a similar feeling. It's sorta dark and it's full of comedy and action. If you like D.Gray-man then you will enjoy Soul Eater too. :]
report Recommended by fcukxD
Both about an organization of people with spiritual abilities that are supposed to destroy evil spirits
report Recommended by Eru13
They are similar because they both have teams that attack demons for innocents but in soul eater there after souls
report Recommended by DanGreenFan
I really recomend to peeps who have watch soul eater to watch d-gray-man!! They are really similar in how the anime ends. They both have supernatural powers and trys to fight off a same enemy which reborns or takes a long time/hard time to defeat.
report Recommended by NEKO-est
Well both need soul to create a weapon...Crona's weapon are made from blood.it's the same as Lena-lee's innocent that made from blood too(last episode). Both main character a gray haired that is Allen and Soul.. In D.Gray Man a person is stronger when the compatibility between he/she and his/her innocent is higher. The same thing with Soul Eater...in order to make a good attack the technician and the weapon must be at the same wavelength. .. it's quite the same.
report Recommended by arashime
They are both Shounen anime series, but with extremely heavy focus on the individual characters, and their progression mentally and emotionally, not just physically. Both have reasonable "power ups." All episodes that could be considered as "filler" seem to fulfil an important role in both shows, thus giving us few unimportant episodes. Exorcists and students are very similar, as they both fight 'demons' to save the world secretly. Both are reletively gothic in style, though D. Gray-man is much darker. They both have their serious and comedic moments. Both have AWESOME opening themes. Each character (Exorcists and students)   read more
report Recommended by Reydan
Both shows have pairs of young fighters that work for an organization committed to fight demons. Also the ambiance and styling of both shows are similar.
report Recommended by indi135
They both have a dark action vibe and they talk about souls a lot
report Recommended by awesome-49
Its another 50 eps longer than souleater, but its dark as well and although they dont get weapons that morph into humans like in soul eater its still just as good and they *evolve* is the word ill use to not spoil anything. through out the story. The charecters are quite indepth and youll grow to like them :s On a side note : Both of these are somewhat like naruto / Bleach but completly different becuase there arent any fillers, and if there were then they were too well blended into the main plotline that i didnt notice.
report Recommended by unknown_prodigy
Both animes deals with battling akuma's to protect the world. In D.Gray Man they use weapons called innocence as in Soul Eater the weapons are actual humans that turns into weapon to slay the demons. The atmosphere of the 2 animes are very similar in the aspect it can get serious or funny depending on the situation in a flash. Both animes have moments where darkness prevails (more like the sensation of darkness).
report Recommended by Invensible1
- They are both Shounen -In both animes they fight demons in order to restore peace to the world -They have a similar idea of using weapons against the evil -They both have really funny and really dramatic moments in them -THEY ARE BOTH EPIC
report Recommended by noire18
It just seems to click. They are pretty similar Allen, the main can't turn into weapons like Soul, but his arm can transform. In D Gray Man they kill evil demons or souls gone wrong too, but here they are called "akuma". They both go after similar goals, to destroy the leaders of their enemies.
report Recommended by creid62499
Essentially the same anime, but with different moods. If you're looking for a dark shounen with a strange sense of humour, D.Gray-man is for you. If you want a lighthearted shounen with a relatively raunchy sense of humour, go for Soul Eater. They are both action-centric anime about teenagers with unique weapons that are used to destroy corrupted souls. These anime also share similar flaws, in that they both have quite a bit of filler (Soul Eater especially).
report Recommended by DrHorrible123
Both have a serious plot (though D Gray Man's anime's plot is more serious than Soul Eater, Soul Eater is more intense in the manga :P) and they have moments of humor in both animes that I really really love, plus both emphasize on friendship, teamwork and scarifice :D
report Recommended by nocturnallights
D.Gray-Man has the same style. They both have a group of friends fighting a enemy that they dont really know till late in the series. Both also container alot of humor, super natural skills/weapons and a main character with a overprotective relative. All and all a fun serie to watch.
report Recommended by thalstadin
Both have to do with spirits and demons. Humans make a part of their body a weapon. Similar plot.
report Recommended by peanutzw
Shows are similar to the core, be sure not to miss to see them.
report Recommended by susan00
Both are nice but creepy in a way you would like it
report Recommended by ShinsoQueen
This is another i found similar to D.gray man. I watched it a long long time ago, but I recall the friendships, and I remember really enjoying the story line. I also will always remember death the kids obsession with symmetry, which I found highly amusing. Ikr these anime’s might not be as similar to D.gray man, but they gave me the same feelings and enjoyment. And in some way reminded me of the series, so yah. :)
report Recommended by Kaylle