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Both shows take place in about the same time period (early 20th century for FMA, late 19th century for D. Gray-man) in Europe in a world similar to our own. They are both about unique abilities, with an organization of alchemists in FMA and an organization of exorcists in D. Gray-man. They are Shounen as well as some comedy mixed in and are both very enjoyable to watch.
report Recommended by Hemsko
Similar style of storytelling. Black Order kinda like State Alchemists etc. Both Ed and Allen have arms that aren't their original arms.
report Recommended by Ducky
Both series are about someone who tried to bring someone important to them back to life… and failed. Allen Walker (D.Gray-Man) was cursed and Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) lost his right arm and left leg, which could be considered a curse. After that they both joined an organisation. Allen Walker = Black Order; Edward Elric = State Military. They both seem to have a cranky teacher (sensei). Last but not least; they are both short… ^^
report Recommended by Ni-sha
The main characters both seem similar and their beliefs are also similar. The excitement of the plot and the action are very the same. Both animes share the same excitement and it will be a very nice experience.
report Recommended by JrockOtaku
Young heroes whose childhoods are marked by tragic events, their limbs altered to become weapons, fighting to redress an error in their past: these are the main elements that tie Fullmetal Alchemist and D. Gray-man together. Plus, both series draw a world that resembles ours with some crucial differences, deliberately dabbling in anachronisms. Both have a focus on action that does not hinder character development, allowing for doses of humour to lighten up the mood.
report Recommended by Nocturnal
Both have main characters with arms that functions as weapons. Both characters' childhoods featured a tragic loss for them, and the retribution they faced for trying to bring back the people they lost taint them to this very day.
report Recommended by TheLlama
The main characters of each of these shows end up losing someone who is very precious to them, changing their destiny in the process. Also, they both have unique arms due to those events.
report Recommended by aquamarine
Firstly, both main characters have some sort of abilities (Ed - alchemist, Allen - Exorcist), they are both nicknamed as "short" and both hate being called that. Secondly, both series features the main character being part of an organisation/order (Ed - State Alchemist, Allen - Black Order), fighting against an opposing group of enemies (Ed - Homunculi, Allen - Noah). Thirdly, both series have a lot of action and fighting scenes, bound to keep you entertained.
report Recommended by Gioeva
Allen Walker is like a mix between Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric. He has Edward headstrong personality with Al's compassion. He even looks like them (just with gray hair and slightly older). He also has a messed up arm like Ed. The Black Order is very reminiscent of the National Alchemists organization. Any Fullmetal Alchemist fan would love D.Gray-man. The characters are similar, the themes are similar. The difference is that D.Gray-man is going to be a long anime and the storyline is slightly different. A must watch!
report Recommended by nanyate
Now i know that people might ask why even bother? But i i thought that someone new to anime might need some help. Now the connection from FMA to D.Gray Man might be easy to see (they both have a messed up arm). All of the connections are not so cut and dry. Ed and Allen are very similar. first of all they carry a huge wait on their shoulders and they hate being called names. there are other similarities but they might ruin the surprise.
report Recommended by acebutsr
These two anime are so similar it's scary. I've avoided watching D Gray Man before because it looked too much like any other generic shonen, but only 10 episodes in and it hooked me good. If you liked Fullmetal, don't hesitate to give it's darker sibling D Gray a try.
report Recommended by disturbed_gregg
Well, for starters both these titles are the shounen, action-packed with PG-13 violence type. And there's a really obvious similarity between the main characters in these two shows--both have 'the arm'. That's right, if Allen Walker has his Anti-akuma weapon arm, then Edward Elric has his mechanical arm. Speaking of characters, both titles have unique variation among their character and you never get tired of them. What I mean is that in FMA, the Alchemists had different abilities same with the Exorcists in DGM. Each of the characters had their own way in contributing to the unfolding of the plot--which makes the plot (for both   read more
report Recommended by ChibiMoyashi
Let's see, both Edward Elric and Allen Walker tried to bring the dead to life with devastating consequences. Besides that, they joined a military organization and look their arms!! One has a metal arm the other has a..unique arm which doubles as a weapon. Both are really young. Oh, both Ed and Allen has lazy/cracky superiors (Roy and Komui) too.
report Recommended by DinaraC
Alchemist organization is familar to Black Order imo. Main charas- Ed and All are short teenagers-ppl make fun of their height lol. both of dem has unusuall arms and they fight because of paren's loss.
report Recommended by 4Eyed
Both protagonists turn one of their loved ones into a monstrous creature. Both Edward from FMA and Allen from DGM have an arm that is not normal. Also both stories revolves around looking for precious stones.
report Recommended by XyaoiX
Both of these animes have been compared in the past and for good reason too. D. Gray Man and Full Metal Alchemist both have a strong main character with a sad, messed up past but even so, they gain strength from this. Both Edward and Allen are going for a goal and to do so, they must overcome many scary, supernatural challenges. Edward has to might the Homunculus while Allen has to fight demons/akuma, the Noah, and the Millenium Earl. Both shows are on my top 5...this is my recommendation for both D. Gray Man fans who have yet to see   read more
report Recommended by Redvines32
The hero with a difficult past, together with their friends is trying to change the world
report Recommended by Hirokun
CREEPY similar. First... 1)Edward/Allen suffer consequences for trying to bring dead back to life. 2)Both have teachers they are afraid of: Izumi/Cross (Hm, I wonder what would happen if they met each other? XD) 3) Komui reminds me of Hughes, what with his attitude to family members. 4) Edward/Allen both have special arms. 5) Noah family is like the homunculi; the way they just kind of come as collectibles ^^ Oh, and I believe there are seven Noah/Homunculi? 6) Lenalee kind of like Winry- aka romantic tention between her and the hero. 7) Dark Order similar to State Alchemists- most of their members are pretty young and   read more
report Recommended by Saffy
Both shows are about 15 year old main characters with a fake arm and a tendency to be referred to as "beansprout". They both take place in the 1800's, though D.Gray-man has a more gothic feel. If Fullmetal Alchemist and Tim Burton had a lovechild, it would be D.Gray-man.
report Recommended by begger4mcgregor
Edward and Allen both tried to bring someone they cared about back to life, both have special arms and both have english names.
report Recommended by TheFukoMaster
The main characters are both child prodigies, excelling in combat and hiding a mysterious past. Edward Elric joins up with the Military of Amestris, while Allen Walker joins the Dark Religious Organization. Both series include comedy at some times as well as blood and death at others. They can be shockingly similar to each other in some ways, while being different enough that they each have a unique flavor.
report Recommended by Trigram
Basically, FMA with Alphonse as the main character in place of Ed. Alan is a sweet, mellow, trusting boy with life experiences behind him and supernatural abilities, all at the age of 15. He knows of stuff the average person is unaware of and fights to combat this. As stated, his personality is similar to that of Alphonse FMA, quiet and submissive. The reason I compare these series together is down to them being so similar: - Victorian era - Child fighter - Conspiracies - Drifting - Ed's automail arm and Alan's demonic arm - Supernatural abilities - Troubled past
report Recommended by Queen_Stars
Both Series take place in the age of where Technology isn't develop very far yet, though D.Grayman takes place in the early 18th century as both main characters are short and hate being called short or rather hate being called Bean Sprout, join Allen Walker as he joins a organization that is similar to a army of special people called Exorcists much like State alchemists, as the organization known as the Black Order tries to defeat a rise of the supernatural army as Allen like Edward has a traumatizing past that follows him wherever he goes as its literally on him reminding him of his   read more
report Recommended by Anime_Dude7
Very similar feel. Both have a setting with the feel of Industrial Revolution England. Both protagonists have a dark past that led to deformations/enhancements to their bodies. Both join organizations designed for people with special abilities to maintain order. They also have similar art styles, though D.Gray-Man is a little more "realistic."
report Recommended by Tigram
Both main characters try to bring someone back to life with big consequences. Both main characters have a different arm than normal. Dark atmoshphere but can have some little funny moments.
report Recommended by Deer50
This show battles like the seven deadly sins,reapers in the future . Both main characters have something to do with there arm.
report Recommended by RosyXkid
Both are similar because both have to do with a young teenage boy fighting enemies with one arm that isn't normal. Also both boys have a power that everyone doesn't.
report Recommended by xxRitsukaxx
They are both kinda in the same mood... They are really great and they both have this kid with a weird arm! There is a bit of romance but also alot of similar kinda fights ! :D I know it's not much but i am sure you will like it! (:
report Recommended by RoadOfAnime
Similar theme of "old real life job given fantasy elements".
report Recommended by LukeCoolKid
These anime share a similar atmosphere; they're both quite dark and have the same kind of mystic feeling to them. Both are also prone to lightening up the mood in fun ways. The character portrayals appear very alike. Edward - protagonist of FMA - and Allen - protagonist of DGM - share inner strength and sensibility. The need to protect the weak and their friends are also present in both of them. They also share a troubled past. FMA puts more emphasis on Ed's past than DGM does on Allen's, though.
report Recommended by Laetificate
- both plays in the same time period (end of 19th century / beginning of 20th century) - both main characters have lost their arm and have it replaced with a weapon - their childhood had tragical situations - allen (dgm) and edward (fma) are called 'short' - there are organizations in both animes (excorcist for dgm / state alchemist for fma) - special enemy group (noah for dgm / homonculi for fma)
report Recommended by RedCola
First Of all Full Metal Alchemist has Edward Elric wanting to become a state alchemist this is similar to D.Gray-man because the character Allen Walker wants to become part of the "black order" Edward has a auto mail arm which can be formed into different shapes such as a sword. As in D.Gray-man Allen has a possessed arm which can form into different objects to like a gun, sword and all other range of weapons.
report Recommended by redninga19
Both series are Battle Shounen-series in a steampunk-like-setting. Fullmetal Alchemist has alchemy and Homunculi, while their are other artificial created beings in D.Gray-man, called Akuma. Both, the Homunculi and The Noah to a wider extent, portray the deadly sins. The protagonists of both series work for an organisation, the state in FMA and the order in DGM, which hides some secrets. They have similar temperament and care about lives, but they are still very different in their core personalities. Both of them have a mechanical arm. I make the recommendation between DGM and the original FMA, because their atmosphere and tone is more similar, imo.
report Recommended by Maneki-Mew