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Both are animes where a crowd of heroes fight to save the world from the evil guys. If you ever watched Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach or any anime like these ones, you will find them pretty similar.
report Recommended by rzippert
similiar type of male lead characters who have super hidden abilities that surpasses each new enemy they meet. They are rather child-like and bond quickly with people they meet.
report Recommended by sabgian
The tags and genres are roughly the same, and both series are made up as universes instead of stories. Action, emotional and funny scenes are present in both animes, and you'd definitely get to like some of the characters.
report Recommended by CaMaVan
This show is almost like Naruto.
1. The relationship between Marshall Cross and Allen is similar to the relationship between the Pervy Sage and Naruto. With the masters mistreating and giving their students a hard time.
2.The clan of Noah is like the Akatsuki
3. Kanda and Sasuke are alike in their personalities, they even look alike. And they both wield swords.
4. Allen and Naruto are both called something like "Bean sprout" and "knucklehead". They both seem or appear to be immature but Allen is a lot more smarter and calmer.
5. Both shows have missions and somebody giving out those missions like   read more
report Recommended by lali97
d.gray-man has a energetic main character [allen walker] who is a lot like the main character in naruto [naruto uzumaki], a cold-attitude friend or comrade [kanda yuu and sasuke uchiha] who has a dark past, and an energetic female character who wants to protect their friends [lenalee lee and sakura haruno]. both stories are on fighting, but are laced with humour along the series. if you liked one of them, you may like the other. i cannot guarantee that you will absolutely like it, as everyone has their own unique preferences.
report Recommended by sixuan