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Well... Both are adventures of inumerous characters, each one with his own power and distinct personality, against the evil guys. I didn't get this part of the anime yet, but people said me that it has fillers like all those other similar series (as Naruto, Dragon Ball, etc...). For me, these animes are all the same after all...
report Recommended by rzippert
Both are action/shonen series, with a group of good guys slowly fighting their way through the ranks of the bad guys, powering up in the process. While D.Gray-Man is often more serious than Bleach, they both have their moments of comedy to lighten up the mood when needed. Also, >100 % synch rate = bankai all the way.
report Recommended by TheLlama
Both are in a group of supernatural power fighting against evil in Bleach they fight Hollows and in D.gray-man they fight Akuma ( Demons ). If u liked Bleach you will like D.gray-man ^^
report Recommended by cursed
Both series have the same style.. A young boy who tries to gain more power in order to save good people on earth. Story and characters are a little similiar also.. So you wont regret it. If you liked "Spiritual Energy (reiatsu)" .. You should definitely try "innocence"!
report Recommended by berylvenus
Both are Shonen titles with darker less cliche villains. Both shows feature broken protagonists and enagmatic yet mysterious antagonists. Both feature a nod to Bushido with the individuality of their weapons (be it Zanpakutoh or innocence). Both shows feature a mirroing of their enemy, ie. Dark Matter vs Innocence or Vaizard and Arrancar. Both shows have strong support characters whose support can steal away from the main character. They are both well written moving between light and dark moments with a re-evaluation of whether the enemies are actually evil or just victims.
report Recommended by AzureJahk
Both are fighting akuma or evil using there own methods in one its shinigami in the other its exocists both shows are great
report Recommended by Kimi7ko
if you like bleach most likely you'll like DGrayMan i mean it startsout boring like some animes but its halirouls and the action in it isnt so bad the down side is the ending is like a cliffy due to the fact the author got sick so unless your willing to wait for her to get better dont watch it and get disapointed
report Recommended by EnvyTheKnight
In both Bleach and D.Gray Man, the plot revolves round the protagonist and his friends as they combat an evil force to safe the people of the world. The anagonists are very mysterious yet likable characters and appear an unbeatable force. It is up to the protagonist and friends to try to beat them while they both fight with a hidden power within themselves.
report Recommended by Jellyfish13
Both have Demons, and similar fighting with nice power ups. Bleach is more slow paced, but they are both good.
report Recommended by Knave
Both of these shows focus on the supernatural and the trials and moral dilemmas the heros go through. As both series progress, it becomes clear there is more to the heros than meets the eye. Both Allen Walker and Ichigo Kurosaki are different than the other people around them and they try to deal with those differences while saving others and protecting their friends/comrades and what they truly believe in
report Recommended by Phoenix_Hime
Hero with strong/unusual powers, battles and many bishounens. Although I think D.Gray-man's animation looks better and Allen has more 'dark' secrets.
report Recommended by Rinvee
In Bleach we have hollows on whom shinigami are hunting, here we have Akuma's on who exorcists are hunting. Exorcists could be counted as same shinigami since they are a one big, positive organization which is fighting evil. Instead of zanpanktou they have Innocence which gives each one of them a unique power. The main character also could be considered as a hybrid between Akuma and human like Ichigo who is hybrid between Shinigami/human/hollow. Both series have nice action and very likable characters. And both series have some story twists though D.Gray Man handles it all 10 times better.
report Recommended by kitten320
Great shounen animes I found very entertaining. Loads of action, fights, great soundtracks, awesome characters. Both Bleach and D.gray-man have monsters to fight with, hollows and akumas. There are 'the defenders' against them too, Shinigami, who wield Zanpakutos and Exorcists, who have their Innocence. Both Ichigo and Allen have some kind of the enemy's powers, too.
report Recommended by agness
For one, Both animes gives off the basic structures to a Shonen anime. Many things can be related with Bleach and D.Gray man. The soul society and the Dark Order are both organizations that the protagonist gets involved with. Art styles are nothing too special but there are a wide variety of characters which also gives a gloomy feel. The main connection is that in both stories the main character starts off by fighting enemies created that can be traced from humans to more cliche ones after. Both mangas are still continuing and answers are still untold.
report Recommended by Laevus
Bleach and D.Gray-Man are both a sort af dark shounen anime. In both shows they fight against a type of demon: the hollows (bleach) and akuma (dgrayman), with the menos showing the most similarities with the akuma. Both have an evil organisition in some way linked to the creatures. Both have many moments of humour considering the theme. If you like the hollow-idea of bleach, I recommend checking out D.Gray-Man.
report Recommended by Eucalyptustree16
both allen and ichigo are "special" in terms of the power they have and how they have it. both of them have swords both of them want to protect their friends at all costs, and thats where they get part of their powers from. the people that have the powers that the main characters have all belong to some sort of organization
report Recommended by supermegasonic
In both animes the main character is fighting against demons/hollow ,also there are very simillar characters and weapons.
report Recommended by callmeotakuchan
~ Both Supernatural genre ~ In both series the protagonist goes through a lot to "power up" ~ Both have a lot of episodes
report Recommended by Evans96
If you liked the fact that Ichigo is different than other Shinigami and the fact that he has a dark side in him that gives him new powers and is judged by them, then you will like Allen from D. Gray-man. He also has an evil power that makes people around judge him.
report Recommended by Smartara14
-Both have monsters that the heroes must fight (Akuma, Hollows) -Both have an organization dedicated to these fights (Soul Society, Black Order) -Both of the monsters come from previously dead human beings
report Recommended by thelectricow