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In both: -Women are badass. -The protagonist have a serene and compressive personality. -The protagonist cares about villains feels. -The villains was transformed against their will. -Special organization of "hunters" vs Group of villains transformed directly by the leader. -The leader of the villains is an elusive entity that mixes in society. -Special oraginization mechanic: uniforms, heal point/base, minios to help hunters, only two military ranges DGM (Exorcist and General) KnY (Hunter and Pillar)
report Recommended by Sasha_AT
I agree with all the other recommendations submitted by other users; the empathy the MCs have from both Kimetsu no Yaiba and D.Gray-Man ring loud and true in a world where they fight to slay/exorcise their own kind of "demon". They retain their humanity despite knowing just how cruel the demons are. Plus both MCs are quite sassy and have had tough mentor-figures! The time and feel of the world setting run along the same lines and both series have ranks for both sides of the war. For ex: DGM = (exorcists & generals) VS (akuma + Noah under the Millenium Earl) while for KNY =   read more
report Recommended by xSitax
There's the "freeing demons' souls" theme in common, but what touches me in both series is how the characters are well made and, despite their natures, all of them feel human. DGM has a BIG problem with pacing and animation quality (the manga is far better), but the story makes you care about everyone there, even the villains. Similarly, in KnY, no character is thrown at you like a plot object. Everyone has a motivation, a mind and a story of its own.
report Recommended by Z_Tetriminos
Oh, where to begin? Both are dark fantasy shounen action anime that revolve around an organization of people who protect humanity from demons (in "D.Gray-man", they're called Akuma, but it's the same basic thing). They both have four main characters, three boys and one girl, all of whom are similar to each other: Allen=Tanjiro===> Scarred, kind-hearted 15-year-old boys who show sympathy even for the demons of the series and give a whole new meaning to "killing with kindness." Lenalee=Nezuko===> Yamato nadeshikos who fight primarily using kicks, are very protective of their "family" and have an extremely protective older brother. Kanda=Inosuke===> Dumbest and rudest of the four, very arrogant   read more
report Recommended by Joe_Devaney
Both MC are very similar. They both hunt demons and they both have the particularity to feel pity towards the ones who have been turned into demons. Both story are happening during the early 19th century.
report Recommended by oimar10
✦Taking the genres into consideration, the two might seem more "alike" than they actually are, but speaking in terms of the contextual situation overall, there aren't many differences. ✦Main characters both fit the "general" shounen type of a hero, and both are accompanied and surrounded by individuals of completely different personalities to add up to the humor and the actual story development. ✦The opposing sides are split by the mainstream struggle between "good" and "evil" where saving humanity is the main drive. ✦What brought the idea of resemblance the most is one of the main moral struggles the two protagonists have to encounter upon battling demons.   read more
report Recommended by ShirayukiNoYurei
Both series follow a kindhearted protagonist who joins an organization that fights demons (called Akuma in D. Gray Man). Humanity is at a disadvantage in both series and there is an antagonist who creates all of the demons in both (Muzan in Kimetsu no Yaiba and The Millenium Earl in D. Gray Man). Both series also have interesting power systems (breath types in Kimetsu no Yaiba and innocence in D. Gray Man). As a side note, both series have amazing openings.
report Recommended by Moonheartsunhead
Both shows are similar in terms of slaying demons however the way the demons are constructed and applied in the show is different.
report Recommended by Kaip1196
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