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Similar concept in that Claymores/Exorcists are hired/sent to destroy monsters that's been terrorizing the town (Youma/Akuma), and that these monsters can take the form of any human.
report Recommended by Gioeva
this anime is kind of similar as it evolves the characters joining an organisation and fights demons to maintain peace.. one of the best animes of all time//.. =)
report Recommended by RawwR
Both people with special powers that kill demons....both have a dark theme, however Claymore is has more profanity
report Recommended by XyaoiX
both stories have almost the same monsters.... akuma's killing people for food and for them to evolve and take form of the people they ate. claymore's youma or yoma also shows the same..... youma eat humans for food and they evolve to stronger monsters and as they say... allen W, is half human half akuma... clare in claymore is half human, half yoma.
report Recommended by ken127
Both involve organizations fighting against demon-like beings. Both accent on one main character with strong motives to fight and reveal other characters' backgrounds and stories while one main theme progresses.
report Recommended by galissea
If you like white-haired people slaying evil talking demons that can turn into and devour humans, then you will love both anime. Although Clare > Allen any day of the goldarn week.
report Recommended by callmetheBigD
The monster slayers from both anime can become the monster itself when overusing the power (the fall condition).
report Recommended by coeus
Both have the same medeival setting with a group of people trying to exorcise/eliminate for humans that have turned into akuma/yoma.
report Recommended by Dignity
Both are about groups of people with individual special powers who fight monsters that have different difficultly levels and are able to take the form of humans. Additionally some of the voice actors are the same.
report Recommended by Whitemanhattan
Both had very good character development, leading to outrageously crazy powerful boss fights. Isn't that how all anime should be?
report Recommended by atowngetsdown
If you like the supernatural aspect of d gray man fighting against akuma then you will like claymore for its world,where humans coexist with demonic predators called Yoma And its mysterious organization that created half-human, half-Yoma warriors to fight yomas
report Recommended by stanet96
Claymore and D.Gray-man are both unique animes that feature very dark and gory storylines. The main plot consists of the MC(Main Character) traveling around the world/land with friends or supporters in search of man-eating demons/monsters that terrorize villages and cities. The MCs of both series belong to an organization which although has mysterious roots is devoted to the eradication of the man-eating monsters and oversees the dispatching of the "monster hunters".Those belonging to these organizations in both series face discrimination, hate, and are viewed as being as bad as the monsters most of the time although they are fighting for the people The monsters depicted   read more
report Recommended by NakiTanaka