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Ao no Exorcist is very similar in storyline to D. Grayman. The main protagonist is a young boy named Okumura. He however is cursed with being the illegitimate son of Satan. He then is rescued along with his twin brother by a society of exorcists. A priest, who Okumura calls father raises him, in hopes that he Okumura will use his powers for good, and not evil. After Okumura's foster father is killed, he pledges himself to train to be an exorcist, and defeat Satan's forces. In D. Grayman the main protagonist is Allen Walker, who is becomes cursed after he turns his dead relative,   read more
report Recommended by noneexistent
Both are shounen action series where the protagonists are Exorcists with special powers who fight and defeat demons, and who are regimented in an academy setting with their comrades. Both are battle series with strong biblical themes and dark gothic art.
report Recommended by saka
Same feeling to it. A bit of gothic/dark art and exorcists. Both created from a female manga artist. Also, both have cute main characters!!
report Recommended by lzumi-chan
Both animes are connected with exorcists and demons.Both animes offer great art and story.
report Recommended by N1ghtShade
The characters who fight the demons/akumas are called Exorcists. Also, the demons take advantage of the weaknesses of people.
report Recommended by JeonJK
well if you love demons and love the exorcist that train to combat them and save the world, you are gonan love ao no exorcist but its a little more kid friendly then d. gray man so your mileage may vary
report Recommended by ShadowXBC
D.Gray-man and Blue Exorcist are action anime that feature exorcists that all have unique powers and are part of an organization that protects the innocent people of their world that don't know about the existence of demons. Both series have main protagonists who are mistreated despite being kindhearted at first but as both series progress they find family and friends within their organizations. The main characters also have father-like figures who passed away but influence them greatly. The only downside is that D.Gray-man is a bit long as a series. If you liked watching one of them you wont regret trying out the other.
report Recommended by FireHeart
Both talk about demons and exorcisms but each one have their own vision of it I really recommend it
report Recommended by Cheewas
They both have this Exorcist vs Demons theme in them. There are Exorcists and Demons + the main characters are kind of similar.
report Recommended by Pinkette
They both are themed after the catholic church (or entity closely resembling) doing battle with demons. Both deal with super powers, and both have a unique main character that brings others close to them. Both are filled with a ton of great characters, though one is darker than the other. Ao No Exorcist (a.k.a. Blue Exorcist) is the lighter more fun series D.Gray-man is dark and kind of brutal at times Having nakama to help you are huge themes in both stories. Overcoming pain and defeating demons are key themes.
report Recommended by explicit707
Well... it's clear that they're both supernatural shonen genre-wise... but D.Gray-Man seems a bit darker atmosphere wise in my opinion... both are Great series which display an organizational structure against opposing forces (akumas/demons) and the main characters of both series respectively (Allen & Rin) seem to have a daunting character growth ahead of them....
report Recommended by Chadrius
The MC in both show are Exorcist who wants to save people by defeat their 'father' and fight for the people they care about......similar plot so if you like one you'll probably like the other
report Recommended by SnowLife
Both anime have themes that relate to the dead and the occult. Both are about fighting and has nice cliffhangers. Both don't have a huge romance aspect.
report Recommended by Interim
Both are about exorcist fighting demons,both have biblical themes,and get very emotional at times,whit D.Gray-man being more emotional,and darker than Ao no Exorcist. Also they are both great shounen series which are worth a try.
report Recommended by deactivated13041
Both anime have exorcists who are the "good side" and demons who are the "bad side."
report Recommended by YukiNatsu
Both anime are centered around a group of young demon hunters, or exorcists. The main protagonists of both anime are young boys that have been outcast from society, and eventually become one of the strongest exorcists of their groups. Okumura Rin and Allen Walker are also very similar in personality traits and overall attitude, though Okumura has a slightly darker view and Walker will act more mature when the time comes. Both boys posses a power that set them apart from everyone else and add to the main plot of the anime.
report Recommended by retroelf
Similar theme (Exorcism and Demons). Shounen, MCs with super-powers.
report Recommended by Demaou
-Both are great exorcist series -They hunt demon and do exorcist stuff ^^ -Simmilar style + both are made by a female magaka -Both MC join an exorcist organisation + have an adoptive father :p -They fight demon with weapon!
report Recommended by DeadAccount27
They're about exorcists who fight off demons/akuma. The main character in both of them are exorcists who are involved with a demon in some way. In Ao no Exorcist, the main character is a demon himself. In D. Gray Man, the main character has been cursed by a demon.
report Recommended by AtisutoMeru
Both series have a religious theme and are about exorcists and their fight against demons. However, D.Gray-man is a bit darker. The main characters are young boys who are training to become exorcists. Their goal is to defeat the bad guy and avenge their relatives but apart from that, the main characters aren't very much alike. Rin (Ao no Exorcist) is hot-headed while Allen (D.Gray-man) is quite calm. However, if you liked the story of one of these animes, I'm sure you'll enjoy the other as well!
report Recommended by thehidden
both anime take place about in same time and both anime character has a unique powers .both anime is about the exorcist and they are very interesting.i recommend u to watch the both animes
report Recommended by sd_exorcist
Revolves around the supernatural, the unseen and the exorcisms of demons.
report Recommended by Xaelleve
Kill the demons! Morally questionable protagonists!
report Recommended by Nissi
No spoilers. Both anime are about exorcists.
report Recommended by animeloverandfan
You really did or still enjoy watching Blue Exorcist, you like when the protagonist is as badass as Rin, has supernatural power or anything linked to a war between different races like demons and humans? Animes with action, supernatural, mystery, religion and yet really fun? Here is what you could be searching for!
report Recommended by JakklL
D. Gray-Man and Blue Exorcist are both amazing anime that most people have at least heard of them. They make you laugh, cry, and everything in between! These two anime are very similar because: -Both anime deal with exorcists and demons -Both main characters have a crazy boss (DGM, Komui BE Mephisto) -Both have a dark plot and the same feeling However, in DGM, the MC is more mature, while the MC in BE is immature and gets in a lot of trouble.
report Recommended by y0r715
Both shows are about exorcists fighting demons with supernatural and religious weapons. In both cases, the main characters are cursed and have a unique power that greatly aids in them fighting the monsters. The characters in general aren't that similar, though I find Kanda and Yukio to be very similar, in that they're both stoic with really bad tempers and serve as an anti-hero foil to the main character. Mephisto can also be seen as a heroic version of the Millennium Earl. If you liked "Blue Exorcist", then I definitely recommend "D.Gray-man".
report Recommended by Joe_Devaney
The story behind both shows are pretty similar but also the characters and both are action and shounen animes. The main thing in common between the two shows is the story and reason why the anime exists. In Ao no Exorcist we have Okumura Rin that was born with devil power due to his real father, and in D.Gray-Man we have Allen Walker, a teenager that was cursed by his father figure when he turned him into an akuma (demon), but even if both characters were cursed with this devil power they keep fighting it and continue to protect what's important to them, and due   read more
report Recommended by weebna
Both shows have main characters are exorcists. The main villain is very powerful. Similar story vibe. They are fighting against demons.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Both are shounen series about exorcists whose protagonists regularly drink respect women juice. The female background characters are treated with lots of respect and are surprisingly well fleshed out for shounen series, which I think is due to both series having female authors. For example, in D. Gray-man, although one of the main female characters wears a short skirt and one of her main abilities is in her boots, there are no panty shots, which made me really glad. And in Blue Exorcist, Rin and Yukio's main love interest, Shiemi, although somewhat of a homebody, is still characterized as having her own goals and interested,   read more
report Recommended by redbirdbreadbird
After watching D. Gray man as a young teen I was devastated because I loved it so much. Nothing could compare. Then, I was recommended Ao no Exorcist, and it’s not exactly the same, obviously no anime is, but it had the similar features with the powers and the friendships. And the drama, with a lot of comedic moments like d.gray man. And honestly just adorable cute moments. Lavi was my favourite character as a teen and he seems pretty similar to how rin acts. mischievous. :3. I also remember how I told my mum, I would one day call my son Lavi and my   read more
report Recommended by Kaylle