Hanasaku Iroha

Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms for Tomorrow

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Alternative Titles

English: Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms for Tomorrow
Japanese: 花咲くいろは


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 3, 2011 to Sep 25, 2011
Premiered: Spring 2011
Broadcast: Sundays at 22:00 (JST)
Licensors: NIS America, Inc.
Studios: P.A. Works
Source: Original
Genres: Slice of LifeSlice of Life, ComedyComedy, DramaDrama
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.961 (scored by 101329101,329 users)
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Ranked: #5852
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Popularity: #528
Members: 253,616
Favorites: 2,305


Both Anime have beautiful Animation, the characters are amazingly diverse and the story is driven by the emotions of the characters and one can feel like they are really there. It is also slice of life that carefully picks what it is going to be about and focuses primarily on that with the little extras on the side 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Each person has to come up with a dream for themselves. However, sometimes you need someone to show you the way. Both of the females try to make their dreams come true, one in finding her dream, and one in achieving the dream she's already found. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both of these slice-of-life Anime deal with the working class. Working!! takes on a more comedic look, while Hanasaku takes on a more realistic life approach. Either way, the work force is looked at and serious issues are handled, albeit one in a serious manner, and the other in a more comedic manner. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are projects of "working girls anime" by PA works. The settings are almost radically different, but both showcase the difficult environment anime producers and Inn workers go through. Characters overlap a lot too, with miyamori mirroring ohana and nako overlapping emi. 
report Recommended by MotherOfUltra
Both anime start with a young girl moving from Tokyo to a small town. The girls both help make changes to their environment along the way. Hanasaku Iroha is set in a Japanese traditional bath house and Sakura Quest revolves around the town's new queen/mascot. Both anime have similar artwork and the same general feeling. They are peaceful coming to age stories.  
report Recommended by animegeek4life
They are similar because the main protagonist moves to a building and there both learn about themselves, what surrounds them and even about the place itself. So that's why Sakurasou and Kissuiso are similar. 
report Recommended by lkevsan
There is a similar heartwarming feel to these two slice of life animes. They have a similar premise of a girl beginning to work at an inn, who befriends many of her coworkers. There is a showing of the happiness derived through hard work, and what it means to mature as a person, while still being somewhat of a kid at heart. The sort of animes that teach you to enjoy the little things in life. They may have somewhat similar stories, but each provides it's own unique experience that will have you reflecting upon certain aspects of your own life. Konohana  read more 
report Recommended by Pokey26
Hanasaku Iroha and Ano Hana has both tear jerking drama and splendid animation. Both are also original works. 
report Recommended by underMebius
Both have the same protagonist lineup (four girls), and both shows are slice of lives which emphasize in the depth of the story about friendship, family, etc. Similar character design also (Rinko has similar hair with Ohana). 
report Recommended by frozenspades
In both animes the protagonist is a girl, who used to have a normal life, but who now finds herself working at a traditional in to earn her living. Both of them have been seperated/abandoned from their parents and are having trouble adjusting to the new way of life in the beginning. Besides that, both protagonists are hard-working and tries to do their best in order to help others. This was my impression after only 1st episode of Hanasaku Iroha, though :) 
report Recommended by Skaya
here between Hanasaku Iroha and Sora yori mo Tooi Basho, Kimari and Ohana face brand new challenges. While Ohana was not looking for them necessarily, both girls harness their inner energy and cheerfulness to try and tackle the daunting tasks in front of them. Friendship is more present than ever as Ohana and Kimari absolutely have to not only make and keep these new friends but rely on them heavily. Ohana did not choose this journey like Kimari did, but they do both face it head on. This anime is one from P.A. Works that you cannot miss! 
report Recommended by LoveIsAbyss
Both are about finding your place in the world and the process of becoming an adult.  
report Recommended by Kaguya_
Both Hanasaku Iroha and The iDOLM@STER are clumsy, humble, honest, and idealistic coming-of-age slice of life anime that do their jobs very well. They focus primarily on the characters themselves as individuals, rather than focusing strictly on their comedic mannerisms. While both have comedic moments, both actually excel at using atmosphere to accent its character-driven drama. Hanasaku Iroha does this through its visual splendor, whereas The iDOLM@STER - a show primarily about music - takes full advantage of silence during critical scenes. Due to their coming-of-age stories, both shows have strong elements of time, where it's used as a slow and melancholic way to highlight  read more 
report Recommended by Shocked
Summer Wars and Hanasaku Iroha has a distinct similarity, that is the family. Both dwell on the problems of each family members and as the story goes on they slowly reconcile. The grandmothers on both side is so silar with each other. They are both the energy of the family. They act strict but the truth is that they care about the family very much. Summer Wars and Hanasaku Iroha both have the same feeling to it. Both have amazing animation and has a touch of romance. 
report Recommended by buccco
Both Anime give the reviewer a slice of Japanese culture and they provide for a great learning experience that can likely stand the test of time because they both deal with parts of the culture that come from the history, not modern fads. The girls in the Anime are also both charming. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are centered around a ryokan, Hanasaku Iroha is set in our world and Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi is set in the spirit world. 
report Recommended by tzippurah
At first glance these two series might not look like they have much in common but the general atmosphere is very much the same, a feel-good slice of life with some comedy and drama along the way. It doesn't hurt that they feature similar (not to mention great) background music. 
report Recommended by kuroshiroi
These Anime give a nice look into a small aspect of the Japanese culture, one being about the inns that are popular over there while the other deals with an era of change. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both shows are centered around females who are trying their best to achieve their goals and improve at what they like to do. Both have different themes, but they do have their similarities: plus, both are enjoyable! Oh, and Yui and Ohana seem very alike - both are pretty clueless in a cute way. xD 
report Recommended by gigglingidiot
Both animes share the feeling of drama but Hanasaku Iroha is more slice of life.  
report Recommended by atobesama
The art in these two animes are spectacular and very similar to each other despite not being from the same studios. You can also draw parallels between Minko (from Iroha) and Oreki (Hyouka) as well as between Ohana (Iroha) and Chitanda (Hyouka). Both also carry the same gentle and relaxed flow to the story progression. Both can be described as good Summer feeling animes.  
report Recommended by PeachYogurt31
A young lady tries to find something out about herself through slice-of-life day to day adventures with the people around her. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The female main of these two stories share a similar personality as well as the art of the story. Both stories include romance and the evolution of the main character's friendship with the people they met. Hansaku Iroha & Glasslip may seem different at first but they both give a very similar feeling. 
report Recommended by Aleron
I found Tamako Market to be similar to Hanasaku Iroha by the romance aspect and how the main characters are not focused on romance, both shows are slice of life each with their own elements but the main drive of the show is not romance in both shows. In fact the romantic interest tended to be a topic avoided and focused more on friendship. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Both animes are slice of life with good comedy in it. They both have great art & animation with breathtaking scenery of the countryside. The main characters are alos a group of cute girls living their daily lives. 
report Recommended by carapau
-Main characters personality are the same. They always try to help others, Amu help Xeggs, and Ohana always try to help her friends problems. -Both characters is hard working and tries to get accepted from others around her -Both Same voice actor -Both have somebody they like, -Both met great friends that had actually helped them change. -Both Funny and heart warming anime. 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Both series focus on teenage boy/girl who for some reason has to move out of the city and completly change his/her environment. In both main characters learn the taste of hard work and try to find their own dream. Both are very down to earth series, with no supernatural elements only very nice slice of life with a little bit of comedy 
report Recommended by helensan
Both of these Anime are slice of life that deal with life and friendship of a group of high school females as the discover and/or work with what they want to be. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both have a very Similar art and the same character designer. Both have a deepest history than many think about it, because the moe-look resemblance. Both main characters makes a coming of age and can mature at the end of the series, in Sora no Woto the protagonist joins the military only for the objective to play a musical instrument and join a military band but ends knowing the face of war, in Hanasaku Iroha the main character change the commodities of the city for living in a turistic inn, whose grandmother is the administrator, but she don't have privileges for the family ties and must work  read more 
report Recommended by daniyan
Both have the same slice of life feeling, its about the daily life of a group of teenage friends, the difference is that they´re male in KtB and female in HI. Both involve several funny situations and hints of romance, as well as a love triangle.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both are gorgeous looking coming-of-age SoL stories. Both have a surprising amount of drama underneath the cutesy style and the characters go through a lot of great self-reflection and development throughout the course of their respective series. There is a strong similarity thematically in that the main characters of both shows want to strongly improve themselves (and what it means to shine brightly) in their endeavors and this pushes their shows forward.  
report Recommended by raisin-kun
These anime actually have more in common more than the synopsis of a runaway mother and an abandoned daughter. They share: ・ Delightful, quaint settings of a traditional Japanese inn (Iroha) and an elegant Italian restaurant (Paradiso), both of which is presented with charming visuals. ・ An insight into the service industry, particularly food in Paradiso and overall hospitality in Iroha. The eclectic staff and the inner workings of the inn/restaurant is tinged with realism and is rather fascinating to watch. ・ Female leads who start off fresh-faced and bitter about their mothers, and go through personal growth as they experience life in their  read more 
report Recommended by fullmetalbender
Both have innocent and naiive main characters facing the difficulties of love for the first time in their lives. 
report Recommended by pallokala
Both have adorable main characters, who basically try hard to succeed in what they are doing, while developing friendships and learning to be better people, and both shows are sorta feel-good with a happy outlook on life. Nice because even if your heart gets broken a bit during the show you still end up glad you watched it. Not going to lie, Gingitsune has a more interesting premise since it deals with the supernatural, but Hanasaku Iroha is sorta like its less interesting cousin that you love anyways because its relatable. 
report Recommended by Jelletheawesome
Both are really nice stories about girls living at their own, trying to reach their dreams while making mistakes all the time. Both have really cute and determind protagonist. 
report Recommended by Kalafior
Hanasaku Iroha and Nagi no Asukara are both produced by the animation studio P.A. Works so expect similarities in terms of their visual presentations. Both series includes a colorful cast of characters involved in interpersonal relationship from friendship, respect, and romance. They also takes the story and narratives into a slice of life form with comedy and drama. The main female characters from both series are also often insecure about their decisions but deep down does care about the friends they make.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Both are about working at a job, and about service to others while the characters build their relationships with their colleagues. Hanasaku Iroha is about teenage girls and how they deal professionally to make an inn work, Servant x Service is about college graduates who just became civil servants. 
report Recommended by Kundalini
There's plenty of realism coming from Hanasaku Iroha and Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou. From a viewer's perspective, the main character goes through a life journey as they move into a new residence. They find new friends and get used to their new life style that I find can be reletable. There's decent comedy, drama, and character interactions. The main characters also forges memorable relationships with others through their development. Both series has a small yet colorful cast of characters that I think people will find attractive with their own dynamics.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Both Anime provide a nice look at Japanese culture through slice of life moments, yet utilize warm colors. The main character also comes to terms regarding their families lifestyle. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The plots revolve around the leads trying their best at something new and growing as people in the process. If what you enjoyed in one series was the tenacious main character, give the other a try. Kyouko went from working at an inn to living in the city while for Ohana it was the other way around. Still, they both had unconventional circumstances in their upbringings that made them driven characters. Moko and Minko also share similarities. Skip Beat! focuses more on romance while Hanasaku Iroha focuses more on friendship among girls, but both elements are present in each series.  
report Recommended by flyingdolphin
Both Planetes and Hanasaku Iroha deal almost primarily with work ethics, teamwork, balancing work and love life, sacrifices and ultimately pursing your dream. If you enjoy motivational anime that make you reflect on your life, I recommend highly. 
report Recommended by josenewtype
There's a very good reason why you don't want to finish an anime show in the span of a day, and it's probably the reason I stopped marathoning. When I marathoned Gurren Lagann, I ended up looking up alternatives and sequel seasons for an entire month. When I marathoned Kaichou wa Maid-sama, I began reading the manga. When I marathoned Hanasaku Iroha, well, technically I just finished, and my eyes are the spitting image of Niagara Falls. Just to give you a clue, I'm practically crying as I type this out. As for similarities, I found them similar initially when I thought about marathoned shows, but thinking  read more 
report Recommended by iSheep
Both are slice of life with an idealistic but driven protagonist, featuring a slow burn romance. The stories include strong supporting characters, immense character growth, a coming of age feel, and take place within a housing facility that holds significance to the characters and plot. 
report Recommended by lexifey
Both are stunning in terms of artwork, and huge tearjerkers. Both deal with subjects of loss and finding hope. 
report Recommended by venturegirl
In both of these series, you are focused on the psychology of a restricted number of characters, and how it is going to influence each other's mindset. There are similarities between the main characters since the series describe their way to understand their own feelings. 
report Recommended by J-SEKKI
Similar settings, almost similar situations. wakaokami wa shougakusei has supernatural elements unlike hansaku iroha. Being a newer show, the art feels dated compared to hanasaku iroha from 2011.  
report Recommended by reed
In both of these series, you are focused on the psychology of a restricted number of characters, and how it is going to influence each other's mindset. There are similarities between the main characters since the series describe their way to understand their own feelings. 
report Recommended by J-SEKKI
In both anime you can watch a main character entering the first part of being an adult by getting a job and making life choices. You see them grow and take up challenges in daily routine. Even the side characters are drawn very detailed and cute, a must-watch for every Moe lover out there.  
report Recommended by Arijsu
In both shows, the main female protagonist is confessed to by her longtime childhood friend early on, however, she herself is unaware of her own feelings towards him. As the story progress', she begins to realize her own feelings, which also helps her become a better performer/worker 
report Recommended by Short_Circut
The protagonists in these two series are quite different in appearance and character, but their cirumstances are similar. Both are about a girl that is being transferred from their parent into the household of an older family member. Emily's aunt Elisabeth Murray and Ohana's grandmother Sui Shijima look similar (grey haired, slender) and share some character traits (strict, serious). The protagonists are integrated in the daily lives of the family businesses in which they live now. They get to know the people in their new environment, and make friends. The changes that are brought upon the protagonists trigger some changes regarding their behaviour, views and goals.  read more 
report Recommended by Estefan
Both are lovely series about girl who wants to achieve something in her life and she try really hard to make that dream come true. Hanasaku both as Love Live got funny and touching moments. 
report Recommended by Misiakk
- Both MCs are unhappy/uninterested about working under a family business. - Both shows have a calming atmosphere and take place in a very similar setting. - Dagashi Kashi takes on a more comedic look, while Hanasaku Iroha takes on a more realistic life approach. - Animation is great, kinda similar with bright colors. 
report Recommended by TheWhiteDemon
Has a simular warm feeling to it and there are some simular thems like: - Living in the city vs living on the country side. - Finding out where you belong and what to do with your life. - Boy and girl in love while not seeing each other. 
report Recommended by MoshiMoshiiih
If you are looking for two great WHOLESOME anime look no farther! Hanasaku Iroha and Clannad (with After Story) are similar in the fashion of the main characters in each series (Ohana and Tomoya) are put in situations that create their growth from child to adult, while showing their progression through friendships, family and relationships. Both have to deal with the struggle of finding their own paths due to being raised by single parent who aren't necessarily the best guardian and end up finding a different place to call home. They both end up finding new people to look up to for guidance. With a  read more 
report Recommended by ThrowSomePlates
Both shows involve the main protagonist leaving their homes due to certain circumstances and both find a way to make ends meet, adjusting to life at that environment. Both MC's learn more about who they really are and make "life" decisions based off their experiences at their respective locations. 
report Recommended by SpiralOfErebos
Similar setup with an energetic female protagonist starting a new chapter of life working at an inn. 
report Recommended by tenergy05
Both shows have a similar feel to them, and the characters in both shows have similar relationships.  
report Recommended by swirrlix
Similar art and both stories involve three young girls who work at an inn. In Mitsuwano they study to become Maikos and in Hanasaku Iroha they have work for different reasons and in different positions. Each group of girls is similar to the other one. Just that the girls of Mitsuwano are close from the very beginning and in Hanasku Iroha they become closer over time. Just finished watching Mitsuwano and it made me remember Hanasku Iroha right away. The whole atmosphere of both series is really similar. I'm pretty sure if you enjoyed one of the shows you'll also like the other one! :) 
report Recommended by Cazybunny
both of this anime kinda tells the story of the people who has a hard life, because of the family. in Iroha, the main character still has her grandmother around, while in Papa the main character has barely any family member to help him much, but in both anime, the main characters worked very hard 
report Recommended by pakin
In both, a girl is suddenly thrown into a completely new setting where she must learn to adjust to a very different set of circumstances and people than she's used to. After which she learns some lessons about things like finding your path in life and that everything that begins must also come to an end someday. 
report Recommended by Uriel1988
Really similar style of animation. 
report Recommended by Nolongerusedxx
The comedy stylings may be different, but both series have down to earth main characters that are unsure of what to make of their lives. They work hard part time to eek out a living and bond with their coworkers. They are both on the serious end of slice of life, presenting many of the minor personal struggles the main characters endure along with the major ones. 
report Recommended by ace52387
Both protagonists are abandoned by their parent(s) and ends up working as some sort of servant. They are also both quite hard-working and by starting their new job, they encounter a variety of new people who works/lives there. They both seem to speak their mind and try to do justice in their own eyes. Besides that, there is the fact that both series seems to have a comic factor to them - random stuff happening, weird personalities and so on. There might be more, but this was my opinion after watching the first episode og Hanasaku Iroha :) 
report Recommended by Skaya
Both have similar situations where a guy loves a girl but she moves to another city and they talk by letters/ cellphone messages. Both give you a melancholic feeling.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
Want to see more of the Kissuisou trio? Look no further than Last Exile Fam. Fam and Giselle bear a strange resemblance to Ohana and Nako, being a genki fanatic and a doormat with no other distinguishable traits. Minko meanwhile is even in another country and bears the name Diane here, but acts still the same. 
report Recommended by Avid_Reader
Soft, fluffy romances dealing with first loves, but also with characters you can come to like a lot. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both have characters that are thrown in a new environment. (Coming from the city to the countryside) Both are about character growth. In Hanasaku, it's also more of a coming of age story, but it's also similar in that it's about taking lessons from those around. Both have moments where the character is learning new things Finally, I think that both of these animes left me with the same happy feeling. Although the characters sometimes go through difficult moments, they can go through them with the help of those around them and grow from it.  
report Recommended by darksstars
Actually, this two anime are not really similar: one is more slice of life and drama, while the other is action, guns and more surrealistic. But the protagonists are really similar: Ohana and Ellis: First of all their appearance is really similar, the way they act is similar too, although Ellis is more serious and does not smile that much, as the series progresses she does, and there we can see the similarity between this two girls. Apart from that both Ohana have friends they care for. 
report Recommended by Faylicia
these two are in more than one way similar both have an ensemble cast, with the main girls introduced in the first episode plus another one in later episodes (Ami for Toradora introduced in ep5, Yuiina is Hanasaku Iroha introduced in ep4), both animes seem to have a cliche story at first but then turn out to be very unique with amazing story writing and character development, the characters are not similar though. both series also have potential love couples introduced in the first episode but then through the anime things get mixed up, you don't know who will end up with who...the art in  read more 
report Recommended by HarukaYume
In both anime series the main characters are really hardworking and busy, trying to make their dreams come true. Both are slice of life, comedy and drama with friendship and romance playing an important part. 
report Recommended by xpaula
- similar art and animation style - japan based - shoujo - similar character personalities - similar lighter atmospheres - sudden shift in regular routine 
report Recommended by bishoujobitch
Both are slice of life animes and really good too. Minami-ke focuses a little more on comedy and nothing bad ever happens but when you watch it you still get the same feeling. It's like watching ordinary people in their every day life. 
report Recommended by Sceles
Well, in essence, both series involves characters working at a new environment for both personal and financial reasons. Then,t here's the drama from both series as some main characters just doesn't seem to stand each other. Both series has great animation artwork and more of a lighthearted tone of presenting its stories. Both series also has humor but also some tense moments. Along with that, there are hints of romance between characters and deals with how the characters adjusts to their current situation in life. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Slice of life, main characters enthusiastically working in a recreational environment and both have Chiaki Omigawa. Both also features alot of nostalgia. 
report Recommended by Taufiq91
Both are slice of life animes, where the main characters have to deal with problems upfront in their life.  
report Recommended by hachi_1992
Yuiina and Kurumi look alike and the overall atmosphere of both animes is very refreshing. Also both have a unique look into the slice of life, romantic anime....Both definitely worth the time put into them 
report Recommended by HarukaYume
The main characters (Yui from K-On and Ohana from Hanasaku) are a bit carefree, but work hard to reach their goal. Both main characters have a shy friend (nakochi and mio) and one that is sure of himself (yuina and ritsu) The opening from the both anime is similar.  
report Recommended by KuroYume-96
Both follow schoolgirls' everyday lives and have very similar atmosphere. Characters in both have very relatable personalities. They were both directed by Masahiro Andou. And, Maidens were created by Mari Okada who also participated in Hanasaku Iroha which is obvious. 
report Recommended by KamiDesu
If you longing for a mesmerizing artworks from P.A. Works, 'Another' will give you a gloomy and mysterious (opposite to Hanasaku's calming and nostalgic) yet realistic atmosphere due to it's wonderful artworks 
report Recommended by BlackPav