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AnnaSartin 4 hours ago
All added. Thank you!
owomachine Yesterday, 12:13 PM
Thanks for the recommendations! I'll check them and edit the stack when I'm free ^-^
EyedFish Sep 21, 12:13 PM
yooo man absolutely love your lists. keep them coming! ­čĄś
RaviDavi Sep 19, 12:42 PM
Interesting, will do.

Thank you :)
kihel Sep 1, 1:02 AM
Princess type, huh? I can see why little kids would love it. I'm afraid of the jealousy of the relationship or the girl in Naja of tomorrow, so if a 4 year old watches all the episodes, he might be traumatized. 26 episodes don't have traumatizing know. The museum.... What a city to have such a facility! I'm too rural to have such a fun and educational facility to learn. It would be so much fun!

You are a first grade teacher! I was a little surprised because I thought you were teaching older students, and I still consider myself lucky that I had a very good teacher in the first grade and had a happy elementary school life. In Japan, I didn't have an image of teachers reading a lot of books, probably because they are focused on club activities and clubs. I don't think you have to force yourself to read when you are busy.

There was a time when I was addicted to sweets, too. That lemon candy you wrote about in your comment sounds yummy and makes me want to make some!

Peach picking sounds like fun. This year, I picked tomatoes that turned red in the garden. My dream is to pick mushrooms in the mountains. I'm afraid I might harvest some poisonous mushrooms, but...

Urticaria seems to be caused by physical stress, not by food. Oh, I can't eat grapefruit because it affects the medication I'm taking too. But thanks to getting older, there are some foods that I can eat on the contrary, right?

And I love reading your travelogues! I'm not reading any manga books in the food genre right now, so I can't think of any, but if there are any good ones, I'll let you know.
kihel Aug 25, 7:47 PM
A trip abroad to celebrate my college graduation? I'm longing for it. Well, the anime I introduced to you may not be that interesting since the story itself is an anime targeted to viewers who are girls of a much younger age. However, episode 26 was pretty good, and the drawings were very well done and beautiful, so if you'd like, watch it with your niece!

I saw Nasu Andalusia no Natsu in anime. I also saw the sequel in anime. I learned that there is a bicycle race in this movie. It's a good story.

Oh, you're a school teacher! Wooooooo.
It's been a while since I've had a chance to talk to a school teacher, so I'm really happy. What subject are you a teacher in charge of?

For a while, my dream for the future was to be a school teacher. But I gave up on it because I wasn't confident about relationships and whether I could look out for my students and intervene when problems arose, and things like that.

Talking to you, I checked out a cookbook from the library for the first time in a long time. It is a recipe book for lemon-based pastries. There is also a doujinshi that showcases dishes from your travels abroad, thin but in full color, and one that I look forward to each issue. I'd love to introduce you to some of my cooking manga if you ever get around to reading them.

I am not physically strong either, and walking or running long distances can cause urticaria. Since my pace varies from day to day and I don't know, I don't want to inconvenience my companions, so I travel abroad alone. Domestically, I sometimes travel with people I know from work for training.
gintokisbicep Aug 25, 1:24 PM
oh wow this is super helpful!!! ill be sure to add them in thank you very much!
kihel Aug 17, 5:33 PM
I have a kimono at home, but I hardly ever wear it...I can't dress it in the first place. I think most of the kimonos were pink, red, and black, including the ones I received. I can only think of one person I know who can wear a kimono by herself and drive a car.

I've also seen pictures of people dashing around in kimonos overseas, but I think it's dangerous to walk around in them, even if they are easily made to be worn, so I walk around in a very rough outfit when I'm overseas. Every time I travel abroad, I get rougher... I've tried going to see musicals and museums wearing kimono, but I don't feel brave enough. I bought a dress a few years ago, not a kimono, but a retro Showa one. I tried it on for Halloween and it was a hit with the older crowd.

When I heard that you were chased by a man who looked like a linebacker, I chuckled and smiled because his daughter was interested in kimonos, but when I thought about it calmly, I realized it was actually pretty scary.

I've never been to Thailand, have you? I have been to Spain. The Alhambra, nice! I have good memories of staying at the Alhambra Parador. I thought the Alhambra was under construction in some places, though. Maybe you know about "Naja of Tomorrow" episode 26, which is set in the Alhambra and directed by Mamoru Hosoda, it was very good, you can watch it if you want.

And a trip to the mountains would be nice! I don't have much physical strength, so I'd rather stay at home. As for the sea, I think I just watched it from afar this year... To swim in the sea, I have to buy a swimsuit first. It's fun to find out where to go sightseeing, what to eat, and what transportation is convenient before a trip, isn't it? I love travel guidebooks and have several at home.
kihel Aug 11, 5:45 PM
I see you have been to Kyoto as well! No, I think the maiko experience can be done regardless of age. A woman who is a good friend of mine at work was over 50 years old on a group trip, but she had a maiko and geisha experience. I'm single, but I experienced maiko after I turned 30. I've seen people come in furisode as well for family events, but I've never had any complaints. Rather, the event venue becomes more gorgeous and the organizer feels grateful to them for coming in kimono. I have heard that theater-goers sometimes don't like it because it makes it difficult for them to see their seats...

I've heard that people don't like to wear kimonos to theaters because it makes it difficult to see the seats....... I, too, am someone who likes to go when and where I want without being tied down, so I understand how you feel. I love to travel abroad, but I haven't been to Thailand yet - is there a country you've been to that has become a favorite of yours?

As for light novels, I've been looking at MAL and there seems to be a pretty big difference between those who read them and those who don't. There are people who don't read in Japan either because of the style of writing or the genre. And translating them can kill the quality of light novel writing... The "Shonen Maiko Series" I gave you is one of the more unusual ones, since the last three books have different endings. I still have to read about 20 books to read the ending, though, which is a pain in the ass.
kihel Aug 7, 9:05 PM
Thanks for the friend request. I was going to send it to you... but you beat me to it!

Also, I mentioned light novels, etc. with pictures in the comments, but I didn't get a specific response... not your cup of tea? I'm a little worried.
kihel Aug 4, 9:16 PM
No, I got your recommendation too, and we both agree. Oh, you are interested in dressing and kimono, not geiko or maiko. Light novels, in terms of genre, are BL because boys are maiko. Sorry I forgot to mention that. I'm currently reading the 30th volume of the 54-volume book, and since CLAMP has also published a kimono book, I'll post a picture of us together. If your husband can read Japanese books, I would recommend CLAMP's kimono books.

As for the light novels.

Shonen Maiko Chiyogiku ga Yuku! ´╝łShonen Maiko Chiyogiku ga Yuku!) is a Japanese light novel by Haruka Nanami. Illustrations are by Eriori Hori. It was published by Cobalt Bunko (Shueisha) from August 2002, and was completed with the 54th book released in November 2014. (One of the books is an extra biography as "Bakumatsu Shonen Maiko").!

CLAMP mo kona no ookimokimono (Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 2007).

Is this the most recent manga I've read that features kimonos? Sorry if you've already read it.

As an added bonus, I found a rare yukata with a rose at the kimono shop where I work, so I'll post a picture of it for you to take. The rose yukata is the one on the right.

Also, when you go to Kyoto, there are stores where you can experience being a maiko and geisha. In addition to the kimono, they will also put on a wig, apply makeup, and lend you props. I actually enjoyed the experience, so I recommend it.

I will read the book you introduced if I have a chance. It's a new book, the kind of book I don't usually read in that format.

Oh, can I send you a friend request?

kihel Aug 4, 12:36 AM
You're welcome. Oh, and you're making an Interest Stacks in the Gourmet category too! I've seen the list, I've seen it. I haven't requested any manga because I thought it would be difficult to add minor ones.

I'll post some of your Interest Stacks that I thought you might want to add. As for Maiko, there's a light novel I'm reading right now, but it's not on the MAL list...

It's a fictional Italy, but there are actual places modeled after it.


Taisho (including time slips and out of people)

Takarazuka Revue
(It's been hard lately because I haven't been able to go see a play because of Corona.)


Also, when I was at the bank yesterday, I saw a clip of a TV show on the bank's TV that featured Cooking Papa's cooking and recipes, and I wish I had been there for work, or I would have watched it all the way through.
kihel Aug 1, 10:58 PM
For now, I'm choosing for those that have at least one recipe per chapter and at least two per volume. Then maybe one that clearly states the quantities...

As for the manga you gave me.
* Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san
is not a recipe for a clear quantity, so I exclude it from the list. As for the manga in general, up to volume 19 I've read it too.
* Nigakute Amai
is a manga that I have been including in my list from the beginning, although I recently re-read it again.

In case you're interested, I've also included the other manga you mentioned because I was able to confirm the images of the recipes. * Aki wa Haru to Gohan wo Tabetai was the only one that didn't give detailed recipe amounts, but it looked like it could be made without the detailed amounts, so I've included it as well.

The list does not include tea, cocktails, or other beverages. I may add them in the future, but for now, I think I'll give priority to food dishes.

I really want to include shoujo manga and ride novels that are not listed on the MAL list.
kihel Jul 28, 6:58 PM
Hello. Thanks for your comment.

I added "Ningyo Hime no Gomenne Gohan" which you recommended to the Interest Stack "Cooking Manga with Recipes". I was concerned that the recipe did not include detailed grams of ingredients, etc. or the number of each of the ingredients, but I decided that, well, I could manage to make the dish, so I added it.

If you have any recommendations that I should add, please let me know.
Willowtry Jul 27, 4:25 PM
Thanks. And yes, I've been well, just busy both IRL and online. Hope you've been well as well.