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Both of these slice-of-life Anime deal with the working class. Working!! takes on a more comedic look, while Hanasaku takes on a more realistic life approach. Either way, the work force is looked at and serious issues are handled, albeit one in a serious manner, and the other in a more comedic manner.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
in both, the main character gets a job in the first episode and has to learn the ways of the work place. they both work in the waiting staff, even though one is from a restaurant and the other an inn. both animes also has a slice of life feel with a dose of love drama.
report Recommended by BlackBunny
Both are slice of life stories about working in a customer-based environment. But Working!! emphasises on employee humor (think Office Space or Fast Food Nation) whereas Hanasaku Iroha is more drama-based. However, Working!! is still a good series if you liked HanaIro.
report Recommended by Taufiq91
although working is more of a comedy and hanasaku iroha is more slice of life, there are many different characters and both are enjoyable.
report Recommended by coke
Both about passionate workers with a cheery girl and humour. Much more light-hearted though, and less of an intense storyline
report Recommended by Llightshines3211
Both animes about life of main characters in the working environment, but Working!! is more a comedy, whereas Hanasaku is slice of life and drama.
report Recommended by meownet
While the romance is not as well written as that of Working, the fun group dynamic can be found in Hanasaku. if you smiled everytime Satou or Takanashi made fun of Taneshima's height, you will smile everytime Ohana gets called a "Homiron" or whatever. Like Working, Hanasaku Iroha does focus on a main character in the group but the backstories and continuations of side character stories are developed as well and tied into the MC's storyline. Hanasaku is however more dramatic and serious compared to Working and the characters are more seriously developed at the expense of the romantic subplot. In the end, both shows   read more
report Recommended by BUCKTHEDUCK