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Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru
Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru
Today, 9:23 AM
Watching 3/12 · Scored -
Vanitas no Karte Part 2
Vanitas no Karte Part 2
Yesterday, 12:00 PM
Watching 2/12 · Scored 9
Sakasama no Patema
Sakasama no Patema
Jan 20, 12:29 PM
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Today, 8:48 AM
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Yesterday, 7:07 AM
Reading 341/? · Scored 8
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Jan 20, 3:24 PM
Reading 250/? · Scored 9

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234Mannan Jan 15, 5:26 AM
I know i am late(sorry] but
Happy Birthday!!

234Mannan Jan 14, 4:25 PM
Yeah I am hyped.
Well take care for now.
It was nice having a little chat with you
234Mannan Jan 14, 4:19 PM
WEll this arc is 10/10 for me in general. I was taking mal scores into account.
The ending song os season 1 was definately amazing as well. I just think this op suits vanitas alot.
And did you notice mikhail? In the op. He will be making an appearence i think(In episode 12 maybe)
234Mannan Jan 14, 4:10 PM
Also i might be in the minority but the op by little glee monster was the best song delievered by vanitas so far for me.
234Mannan Jan 14, 4:09 PM
i loved it as well even with those minor changes.

THough there are some people (Anime onlies) who are nitpicking every detail but thats expected. I just hope ds and aot hype doesnt overshadow it that much.

What is your prediction of the score once it ends though?
I think it will be around 8.55 or 8.60
234Mannan Jan 14, 3:59 PM
I see
Umineko chapters are actually pretty long not to mention the walls of text...(Might be the longest i have read. pandora hearts chapters come in 2nd place in these terms)
In anycase
your opinions on vanitas p2 episode 1.
I loved it!!!!
234Mannan Jan 14, 3:19 PM
I see well...
From tsubasa becoming unpredicatable...well its predicatable for the first 94 chapters.
ANd thats why i hesitate before recommending it due to the patience factor and how long it takes to become what it truely is.
You will find your self predicting a lot of stuff in those 94 chapters before the manga caughts you offguard.
I think you will enjoy it. The chapters are short as well(In comparison to umineko and the others)
Ah about umineko...Tbh i cant really find the mystery other then the magic itself.
Its pretty much clear thats its a witche s game and berkenstal and lamdeta(I dont know how to spell that) are in a rivalry?
Well beatrice behaviour makes alot of sense at the end of episode 3.
234Mannan Jan 12, 9:26 PM
The over the top execution was definately a turn of for me as well (It was on hold for about 4 months for me after i finished part 2)

Tsubasa chronicles is a story that i rarely recommend just because of the patience factor it has. Not to mention the questionable choices the mangaka makes in the story.(ANd also because i can understand why certain individuals would dislike it) I mean i dropped it in the first half as well...
Tsubasa chronicles is an amazing series however but you are suppose to only focus on the 4 main characters because everything else is not really important. And Its quiet misleading. For the first 90 chapters, its basically hides in the shadow of a genericness, slowly getting darker and darker until it finally drops a bomb with plot twists. In other words it becomes unpredictable after misleading the reader into thinking how simplistic it is. THe art is fantastic is in the 2nd half of the manga as well.
However why do i hesitate to recommend it you may ask? AGain due to the plot twists this manga has...Believe it or not, liking the ending and some of the middle parts totally depends on the readers mindset because they are certainly weird yet shocking at the same time(They make complete sense as well. Its kinda hard to explain tbh).
Stay away from the anime because they dont compare with the art and execution of the manga AT ALL.They arent even complete... I only watched Tokyo revelations (Which only adapted a late arc of the manga) and Shunraiki since they were good to some extent. Even though they are only for manga manga fans considering the skipped everything just to adapt that. Also Clamp, the authors themselves Stopped the anime from getting adaptated further... before Studio production ig stepped in.
There are several yuki kaijura tracks for it as well. you can search them up to your liking.

Well ABout the comparison with PH,
I do think that no story would surpass PH for me however I have seen that umineko tops it for quiet a number of users(Not all of them). SO i was just curious about your opinion.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that tsubasa chronicles is definately one of the most complex if not the most complex series, i experienced. It took me 3 days to make sense of the ending as a whole lol.
Its quiet simple in the first 90 chapters though
234Mannan Jan 12, 6:37 AM
Hi bro I hope you are doing fine.
Since you have finished Umineko

What is your overall opion about the series? How long did it took and How does it fare in comparison to pandora hearts as well.
I am just curious to know that since well...I am really intrigued by it.
-miraii Sep 30, 2021 8:04 AM
Hey there ^^/
Great review on Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita! Always good to see such a criminally unpopular show get some attention, it's such a fun and colorful ride despite being almost a 10 years old show~ You're right when you said the MC feels different, her personality is like a breath of fresh air.

Also great to see a Pandora Hearts fan!

Have a nice day! o/
234Mannan Jun 22, 2021 8:04 AM
Thanks for accepting! Finding pandora heart lovers is always a bliss! Though i am surprised by some of your enteries(Demon slayer and the others) But i hope we get along and have a good day!
Eppelie Jun 14, 2021 9:03 AM
Looking good! (profile update) Looks like Mox had a good influence on you haha.

See you around!

DiMoX17 Jun 14, 2021 8:51 AM
Haha yeah, once you start it can get addicting. I mean after some point when you THINK you're finished, you keep looking for little details in order to PERFECT it haha. And that can eat up your time for sure lolz.
DiMoX17 Jun 14, 2021 8:46 AM
Love the bio work !

Zhuwx1 Apr 15, 2020 5:17 PM
Hello and thanks for accepting my request!