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Both are projects of "working girls anime" by PA works. The settings are almost radically different, but both showcase the difficult environment anime producers and Inn workers go through. Characters overlap a lot too, with miyamori mirroring ohana and nako overlapping emi.
report Recommended by MotherOfUltra
Both the shows are about work environments and have female leads trying to find out what they actually want to do.
report Recommended by usagi_Kuro99
Both anime center on protagonists in a working environment. They get you tangled up in the characters experiences and touch on some real-world issues. Both are great examples of simple stories with perfect execution.
report Recommended by ynot254
-Both are excellent examples of slice of life genre -Both take their time to setup a setting, a routine and inner workings of place where most events take place -Both feature an innocent, kind-hearted, very direct, relatable and brave protagonists, who, despite many hardships, never give up and infect others with their enthusiasm. Aoi is in many ways a grown-up version of Ohana -Both give a lot of focus to very diverse and enjoyable secondary characters, who are necessary to run and maintain their respective working places -Hanasaku is a little bit more episodic than Shirobako. With majority of episodes being self-sufficient little stories and smaller arcs scattered throughout   read more
report Recommended by illuminatima
Both are anime about girls, their problems and lives in unique society (hot spring/anime studio). Main characters are similar and as newbie they both want to show themselves from best, hard-working side.
report Recommended by Aedrin
Being a productive worker is no easy task (when is it ever?), whether you are a relatively recent college graduate (Shirobako) or a young high school student dumped into a completely new setting and trying to find your way around (Hanasaku Iroha). Shirobako and Hanasaku Iroha, fortunately, captures this theme well and integrates it with a colorful ensemble of characters. These characters are constantly tested by a third, outside variable - whether it's an enormous task at hand or trying to resolve differences - and thus undergo substantial development. Incorporating a well thought out slice-of-life approach, both shows are definitely worthwhile. Oh, and they are   read more
report Recommended by -Remix-
Same studio and same sensations while you are watching it. Both shows are based on the problems that appear at the workplace. Both shows make you worry about the characters problems and dreams.
report Recommended by vivianme