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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai

Alternative Titles

English: The World God Only Knows
Synonyms: Kaminomi
Japanese: 神のみぞ知るセカイ


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 7, 2010 to Dec 23, 2010
Premiered: Fall 2010
Broadcast: Thursdays at 01:50 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Manglobe
Source: Manga
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.841 (scored by 229,924 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #8422
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #170
Members: 419,089
Favorites: 5,180


Meet Normal-kun. Normal-kun is, overall, not stunningly popular. However, due to certain ridiculous circumstances, the world will be in great peril unless he dates a bunch of girls and gets them to fall in love with him. Follow Normal-kun on his occasionally humorous quest to "gotta catch 'em all". 
report Recommended by Keirik
There are several story arcs where a different girl gets her own story with the male lead. It is in an omnibus format, so it's not actually a harem anime. The main difference is that Amagami is more dramatic, and Kaminomi is more comedic. 
report Recommended by tplusent
Both are about a girl who fell from sky to help the protagonist completing a certain missions ordered by god. 
report Recommended by Passionate-kun
In the sense that its a boy trying to do something for a girl. With kami nomi, katsuragi tries to fill the emptiness of the heart of the girl to capture a loose soul hiding there while with Bakemonogatari, Araragi seeks to help all the heroines with their problems,  
report Recommended by TSX
Both are mainly focus on Dating Sim game/Visual Novel Main character in each is deeply interested in adults game and tend to distinguish 2D and 3D world clearly  
report Recommended by darkquach
Kami nomi and Saekano are shows that feature an otaku protagonist surrounded by a bunch of girls with various interesting personality. What make them stand out is that both are parody in nature, and are fully self-aware of the tropes and cliches in anime and galgame, sometimes going further to make fun of them.  
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
No Game No Life and Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai both feature protagonists who are extremely good at games, although the protagonist of the latter sticks to only visual novels. Particularly if you enjoyed Sora's antics and personality, you'll likely enjoy Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, since the protagonist, Keima, is similarly overpowered, and as with No Game No Life, it is less interesting to watching whether or not he will win, but more fun to watch HOW he "wins," so to speak. Both shows share a quote that sums them up nicely: "Reality is just a crappy game." 
report Recommended by Minaminakawaii
While both of these shows have different storylines, they both feature a clever and somewhat cold protagonist who plans his every move very carefully. Both are very entertaining. 
report Recommended by Sleezy
Aishen has these felling of be an alternative version of Kaminomi - but NOT a copy or plagiary. There's A LOT of elements in common: From the clunsy and cutie magical entity who puts the main char in this situation to the main character who is not a imbecile like most of main characters whe see in averange animes. So much elements in common that I'll don't even list all of them. But at same, it is NOT the same history. Is not repetitive, are not the same issues, are not the same consequences, is not the same flow. Bassically, it's an anime for who loved Kaminomi and  read more 
report Recommended by Aramati
An aloof main lead trying to conquer girls either in the name of life and death, or a mission. Kanojo Flag is a bit darker, but overall they have the same feel plotwise. 
report Recommended by Emberred
Both are told from male perspective.. Both MCs are loners by choice .. Both have many catchy phrases/ quotable dialogues .. Both have some kind of philosophical/ psychological monologues .. Both MCs are put in a situation where they have to go out of their ways and interact with others  
report Recommended by colorful_smile
Yamada-kun & TWGOK share similar plotline of accidentally dealing with supernaturals and the mission of "conquering" girls by kissing them which indirectly adds to a hidden harem. MC gets dragged from their comfort zone and by the end has their life changed by interaction with others. Only difference is the MC is either an otaku vs delinquent. 
report Recommended by OppaiSugoi
Both protagonist have extremely annoying screechy voices when they overreact. So if you like to torture yourself (Darn, you masochists..) Go check it out..  
report Recommended by DangoSage
Same deal, both main characters aren't popular in real life, not a lot of people interested in them. They both in animes play otome games and win other people's hearts; making them fall in love. (both pros) Watashi is a girl version of Kamisama, like one, you'd definately like the other 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
SIMILARITIES: -MCs are doing "quests" in order to achieve something from various girls. -These various girls are lovable. -MCs have a similar characteristic: too straightforward to the point of no delicacy -both animes have drama, comedy and high school elements I'm wondering why hasn't anyone pointed this out. 
report Recommended by BillyTheGoat
Both male leads have high intellect that they use to make strategies. Lelouch applies them on the battlefield while Keima uses them on his dating sims and girls on Kami nomi. Lelouch is better though xD me thinks 
report Recommended by nalferd
keima katusragi " i can see the ending" sagara yoshiharu " i can see the feature " -The MC use their skill that learn in game and applying on reality  
report Recommended by shast007
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs for each heroine that doesn't diverge from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Kono pays homage to The Keima-Elsie Dynamic from Twgok.The humor is also timeless and original at times.If you like the humor in Kono,you will like Twgok. 
report Recommended by genesic123
Both are somewhat similar in that they both deal with demons and contracts. Kuroshitsuji is much darker than Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai but they do both have their share of comedic moments. 
report Recommended by pretence
Both main characters are similar in there life styles.  
report Recommended by OdysseusUlysses
Both characters are able to solve problems using logic and reason (though in God only knows its that logic is based on video games) the thought process is the same. Also, the protag.'s Whiny Bitch Meter is very low in both anime so they are enjoyable to watch and don't make you want to murder the guy. 
report Recommended by montana830
The companion supervisor girl which is also a common feature here [to some extent], and the socially-rejected main protagonist as they fight their point of view and prove to the world is that anime is the purest thing here. The Rate of enjoyment is very high and a good laugh to both of the show is guaranteed. 
report Recommended by lightningfalcon
- involving demons and hell. - main character is stuck in a contract with a demon and is trying to get rid of it as fast as possible to return to his normal life. - demon girl helps main character and lies to his parents to live with him. 
report Recommended by walloman
both a character that has a "god like" personality and believes they are better than every  
report Recommended by Denmark-Chan
Everyone keeps saying Renai Boukun is like Death Note and Mirai Nikki, but I'd say it's much more similar to Kami Nomi. Both are harems, both are somewhat making fun of the genre, and Guri's character from Renai Bakunin is very similar to Elsie from Kami Nomi 
report Recommended by Dog-Person
Hm, let's see in a few words they're: upbeat and fun. But I shall go on to say that both shows tend to share a similar attitude in which characters handle situations: often somewhat brash or straightforward *cough* teenagers *cough*. Both shows can seem a little uneven sometimes in terms of enjoyment, but there are worthy moments to be had in each episode, regardless. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, of course, is about girls, girls, girls, and as for Toradora...well, the girls (Taiga, Minori, and Ami) pretty much take the show. Both shows have super shiny, slick quality in art and  read more 
report Recommended by zewho
In both of these series; the main character(s) attempt to have other characters fall in love with them in order to fulfill their mission. 
report Recommended by KWabbit
The World God Only Knows and Grisaia no Kajitsu are both in the Harem anime genre: multiple girls fall in love with one guy. The first season of Grisaia no Kajitsu and the first two seasons of The World God Only Knows are divided into several arcs, one for each heroine the main protagonist meets. One major trait shared by these two anime that made me really like them both is their amount and quality of character development. Throughout each arc of the two anime, the protagonist and the viewer learn about the heroine’s personal difficulties or a major event that took place in their  read more 
report Recommended by saturnscoria46
the main characters are quite the same when they realize the real world is complete bore, ect, ect. and even one of the female leads do stuff to help the main male lead that even lead him to hate this life even a bit more.  
report Recommended by hamstar138
Both are about somewhat about mending broken hearts Consists of a male and female character which may seem to have a love interests Both have comedy and magic 
report Recommended by CoolSushi
-Both character has the same feel -Harem at its best Sekirei tends to side with actions while Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai tends to side with comedy and romance. 
report Recommended by franzkk56
3D kanojo is a homage and inspired from the Keima x Chihiro relationship of twgok,with the whole otaku x 3D girl aspect 
report Recommended by genesic123
Besides the main characters being into gaming, these types of anime involve romance and/or romantic relationships with other characters. 
report Recommended by albertbrown
Heroines getting saved are the premises of both these anime. 
report Recommended by rosated
Both series of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai / Hayate no Gotoku is Harem, Romance If u watched this, u might as well watch the other  
report Recommended by rnaster
Similarities -Both anime have leading male protagonists that prefer a certain activity over love -Both anime have leading female protagonists that manage to change the main males life style around by using their activities to benefit themselves -Comedic moments throughout the show though Kami's humor is more over the top than Ore's humor Differences -Keima [Kami Main] prefers bishojo games over love / Eita [Ore Main] prefers studying over love -Elsie [Kami Main] uses Keima's skills at beating bishojos games [GOOGLE IT] in order to conquer the hearts of real girls in order to regain the loose souls / Masuzu [Ore Main] uses Eita's "Study Over Love" personality in  read more 
report Recommended by AnimeForDummies
1. Same type of exaggerated, stereotypical, ironic and satirical kind of comedy. 2. Same settings -- it both take place in a private school. (Though it is not directly stated or emphasized in The World God Only Knows.) 3. Both series stereotypes love, romance and the kind of characters. 4. One of the main characters is very intellectual, manipulative and has that sexy nerd feel. 5. One of the main character is surrounded by the opposite sex.  
report Recommended by RedvelvetDaisuki
1. The protagonists are pessimistic. 2. Has an optimistic companion. (TWGOK - Elsie; SZS - Kafuka) 3. Girls falling in love with him. 4. Satirical  
report Recommended by RedvelvetDaisuki
They both have the guy gets dragged into something they don't want to do at first plus the female lead is clumsy and silly.  
report Recommended by gamerhead22
- The main character who likes a girl of 2D - Romance comedy about the life of the school - An interesting storyline 
report Recommended by Akashimeru
Both main characters aren't afraid to kiss a girl. Both main characters have to kiss all the harem members at some point. Both main characters have some type of main heroine. 
report Recommended by Magister_Jakene
-They both take places in School. -Both have Megane MCs with deadpan expression. -Both MCs are forced to do things they actually dislike (Keima forced to save the girls from Kaketama, while Saiki forced to take a part in any events that makes him inconvenience). -Both MCs are "The god" in their own story (Keima is the god of galge. Saiki In other hand, has a "god-like" power). -Both have Supernatural elements. The difference is Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai focused on romance and the Harem Story of Keima, while Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan as the title says, focused on how disasterous Saiki's life was.. Despite Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan didn't  read more 
report Recommended by renzospark
Both Shiori and Ritsu have very similar personalities. Shiori is a little more extreme when it comes to reading though. Both have romance, however Kami nomi is more of a Harem than a romance. 
report Recommended by KireiAnime
They both include a main protagonist living with a "strange" girl coming from a different world.Also they have a similiar type of humor. 
report Recommended by MonsterXGM
The male leads are coerced into making various girls fall in love with them, in order to "save humanity", with some help from their supporters.  
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
-Both have a similar plot: main character must seduce women to save them and seal the deal with a kiss. -Both main guy character have a sister that loves them (less intense in kami nomi) that arn't blood related to them. -Both anime are focused on romance but present a decent plot with dept.  
report Recommended by jiyjoe
Both are romance comedies setted at school where main protagonist has a curse that is forcing him to do something againts his will, making his life harder. Both have galge like setting. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Basically both deal with HAREM Genres and have mostly similar development in terms of story and characters... 
report Recommended by Baka_City_Hunter
Both series have Multiple Heroines, but Kami nomi is a little more open in the romance aspect. Comedy is a strong point in both series, and there are sci fi elements and lots of stories in kami nomi.The plot gets more and more rich and interesting as the seasons advance, in my opinion is a great option if you are looking for something similar to Monogatari. 
report Recommended by PewxPew
Demons escaped from hell and MC must catch them. The big difference is that Enma is horror, while Kami nomi is comedy 
report Recommended by phobos_max
Both have male leads with special talents, romance, and many female characters. 
report Recommended by jbluberry235
Main character is an otaku gamer. He hides from real world in anime-related games: dating sims and eroge. While the story line develops, he meets strange girls with mystery powers. World of games and real world mixes in weird way. Both anime are harems but have a very few number of ecchi elements. 
report Recommended by Day-Elven
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs that can either or not be diverging from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) -Both can be considered BUT IS. NOT. a harem, since the anime concentrates on one heroine to the next.  
report Recommended by MagicFlier
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs that can either or not be diverging from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) -Both can be considered BUT IS. NOT. a harem, since the anime concentrates on one heroine to the next.  
report Recommended by MagicFlier
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs for each heroine that doesn't diverge from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs for each heroine that doesn't diverge from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs that can either or not be diverging from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) -Both can be considered BUT IS. NOT. a harem, since the anime concentrates on one heroine to the next.  
report Recommended by MagicFlier
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs for each heroine that doesn't diverge from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs that can either or not be diverging from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) -Both can be considered BUT IS. NOT. a harem, since the anime concentrates on one heroine to the next.  
report Recommended by MagicFlier
-Both animes's setting/story goes by an omnibus format, and have small arcs for each heroine that doesn't diverge from the central plot of the story (with the setting intact) 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Vandread is in space, but both involve aliens and a genki/air-head character. Vandread has that same harem type feel, and both have the saving the "world" plot. Neither anime are a serious type; they're more of a laid back watch. Each are relying on a guy who is perfect for getting the job done. 
report Recommended by CoffeeBean
Sense of humor is very similar; both main chars are aliened (somehow); Ellie and Kanako are both crazy and very funny, both lives in their own world of imagination. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai and Maria+Holic gave me the same sensation while watching. 
report Recommended by Eriis
They are both about bad spirits which are attracted to negative energy that need to be gotten rid of in a supernatural sense, and in both series' they reside inside people. However, Kami nomi is more light-hearted and cute, whereas Madoka is darker and a lot 'deeper'. 
report Recommended by Twigglet
Main characters are otaku and focusing on galge. Both titles are comedies about being a fanatic of games (and also anime in lucky star). Also have some occasional but imressive action scenes. 
report Recommended by Rastan
Both are 2010 shows. Both shows have tacticians that make you think they are really serious but they do have their own funny side as well. 
report Recommended by nalferd
Both are about collecting souls. Boy and a girl team-up. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai concentrates more on romance, while Soul eater is more action. 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
These are really different but they have one major similarity. In Shugo Chara people create those X eggs because they can't do their dreams or something like that, while in Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, people get loose souls because of something emotional inside them too. And it's up to the main characters to solve that.  
report Recommended by foamie
I was very surprised to find that these weren't already recommended for each other. I can say with confidence that if you like one, you'll most likely like the other. both deal with gaming turning into something more real. although the game subjects are different. The art is really similar in both.They are so similar on atmosphere, that you must watch both. I MUST stress on thing though, if you are into SAO for the fighting, you may not like the other, for it has much less action. it has more ROMANCE.  
report Recommended by emif
Both series have a the main character that enjoy a particular life style, Keima is playing his dating sims and Tomoki is living in peace, and a girl that pops out of nowhere that turns their world upside down, for Keima it is the demon Elsie, and for Tomoki it is Ikaros. Both of them have to find a way to deal with this new complex life, Keima it is to conquer girls, while Tomoki is to prevent chaos from occuring. Also both series does not have a serious plot, but a nice relaxing tone is what they both have. And a lot of humorous  read more 
report Recommended by zaharat
GOD simply. Characters regarded as god, but in Keima is aware of it, not Haruhi. 
report Recommended by Weehuw
Not only are they both epic but They both have that same feel 
report Recommended by Ally_taichou3
While they're very different genres they have a very similar feel. Their both comedies first and foremost but have their serious moments and it feels natural. Both have characters that are very easy to get attached to and fantastical premises. Both are just really enjoyable series. 
report Recommended by Nitzer
Dealing with virtual crisis and reality is never easy. In both of these series, the protagonist deals with 2D and 3D issues that arises in their life. Well, more or less. There is romance, comedy, and action in both series as well as emotional drama. Supernatural elements also exists in both series. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Well first of all , the main character is a high school boy with many girls around them. It involves demons, however the main character in "Kami nomi zo shiru sekai" is a human. The girls around them are really cute and sweet. Ichiban involves more action and fights of course but the theme is pretty similar. They are both really funny anime's , especially the main characters are clueless most of the time..  
report Recommended by Funda
Morita-san (Morita-san wa Mukuchi) and Shiori (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai) are shy girls who are afraid of speak up and miss the chances. 
report Recommended by tsubasalover
In both anime is the main hero addicted to technology both boys sign a contract without knowing anything and are forced to live with a girl (Shinku and Elsie)  
report Recommended by KuroYume-96
In both - One guy helping girls overcome their problems. Low fanservice levels (if any at all). 
report Recommended by Valkyrie_Wings
the sudden outbreak of monsters occurs in a certain town that people are not aware of. one day, a guy does something that coincidentally brings a girl to his world and her purpose is to hunt down those monsters. then, she stays at his house and to prevent any misunderstanding, she claims to be his sister but from another mother. also, the characters "Dianna" from "Kami nomi zo shiru sekai" and "Zange" from "Kannagi" are so similar in the fact that their both mystical creates that use a human girl as a vessel and help defeat that the monsters, and their vessels both love  read more 
report Recommended by walloman
how an other-worldly female creature comes to the human world and a human male helps her hunt down monsters and lets her live with him. in Kami nomi zo shiru sekai Keima is forced to help Elssie hunt down loose souls, but Yumekui Merry Yumeji chooses to help her Merry hunt down dream deamons. and the character Tenri in Kami nomi zo shiru sekai is somewhat similar to the character Kounagi in Yumekui Merry, they both have a mystical female creature in them, Tenri has Dianna and Kounagi has Pati 
report Recommended by walloman
At least in the chapters 0 and 2 of "Boku wa Tomodachi..." the fanaticism for games (specially visual novels), and how the character gets into the unreality world remind me a lot at "KamiNomi"! 
report Recommended by puccapardini
They are both incurably hilarious and unconventionally witty. Both have strongly established comic characters, hysterical running jokes, and agonizing romantic comedy. 
report Recommended by PuddleBoots