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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
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Meet Normal-kun. Normal-kun is, overall, not stunningly popular. However, due to certain ridiculous circumstances, the world will be in great peril unless he dates a bunch of girls and gets them to fall in love with him. Follow Normal-kun on his occasionally humorous quest to "gotta catch 'em all".
report Recommended by Keirik
same story. to conquer a girl. the boy in that anime need a help of there friends to conquer a girl the boy in that anime dont need a help to conquer a girl, he just use his skill from the dating sim he played
report Recommended by shast007
Both contain dating-sim premise as well as use it for comedic effect. Both series also deal with fantasy/sci-fi settings to poise a problem that needs to be solved by making girls fall for the main character.
report Recommended by yngtadpole
No doubting that these two animes give the same vibe as 'Dating to save the world' is the main shared plot. Although Kami Nomi should contain more "intelligent" scoring, the comedy has never escaped any of these shows. To put it simple, if you like Date A Live, it's high probable that you're going to like Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai.
report Recommended by lightningfalcon
Both anime involves dating games and making girls fall in love with the main character and those girls are spirits. They're both comedic as well.
report Recommended by Aleron
The idea of a game like scenario where the main protagonist must win the hearts of female characters is a theme present in both series. The main male protagonist isn't very popular with girls though but still is assigned to the task after a faithful day. He also has a "sister" around him that guides him through these tasks. Both series consists of 'arcs' that focuses on a specific characters for the main character to unlock the hearts of. However, they each contain obstacles. Among other things, both series has a lot of comedy, drama, and takes place @ at a high school setting.
report Recommended by Stark700
Conquering girls, with setting up flags. With trying to get to the end of the line by making them fall in love with you.
report Recommended by Lohvo
The male leads are coerced into making various girls fall in love with them, in order to "save humanity". The main males have to set flags with each heroine, and make her fall for him to the point that they kiss. The difference lies in that in Kami nomi the heroine would forget everything that happened after the kiss, while in Date A Live the girls remember everything.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Both harem anime's protagonists save the world by gaining the love of certain females
report Recommended by jadxw
Saving the world by playing dating sims and making girls fall in love.
report Recommended by NeoRinTinTin
They are both forced to conquer the girls by making them fall in love. They need it to save the world.
report Recommended by Mizeteo
'Save the world, date these girls!' is what these two animes are screaming. One is more based on action, while the other one is more based on romance. While Itsuka Shidou dates the girls to save the world and stop spacequakes, Keima dates the girls to stop himself from being beheaded by the collar on his neck. Both animes have a similar feel as well, though the anime version of Date A Live goes more in detail in terms of story than Kami nomi does.
report Recommended by Pietru
These two are about a guy who isn't very popular with girls until one day it becomes his job to make girls fall in love with him! The fate of the world is in his hands depending on what he does. Both also have to do with him dealing with outer world things. The guy MC also has a female helping him out with his quests/missions.
report Recommended by albuurrt
They are similar by the fact that both animes have a main male protagonist who was suddenly involved with a girl who has forced them into trying to make girls fall in love with them. While in The World God Only Knows, the male protagonist HAS to do it or else his head will be cut off. In TWGOK he has to capture girls to make loose souls get out of that persons body. In Date A Live it has the same aspect but he has to make girls fall in love with them so he can lock the magic inside the spirit to stop space quakes   read more
report Recommended by lollyyo3
A guy is caught up in a supernatural situation where he has to take girls on dates. The protagonist of the World God only Knows however is self-capable of this task most of the time while the protagonist of Date A Live needs a lot of help in order to date about 1/5 of the girls of the other. Date A Live is also more ecchi and has action and mechs in addition to the dating sim style harem setup.
report Recommended by Asfaria
the main character ends up having to get various girls in love with him as well
report Recommended by Dignity
Similarities -They date girls -Make them fall in love with them -Use techniques to make the girl infatuated -Both are being helped by someone while on dates -Both are forced to date girls from the start, but gets over it during the process. It's pretty much the same with a little difference. I re-watched both of them and compared them. They have a resemblance with each other. If you like romance anime with a dose of comedy, then both of them I highly recommend.
report Recommended by CreamZi
Both anime are about a guy who's tasked with falling in love with girls so as to release their Spirit power (in Date A Live) or evil spirits (in The World God Only Knows). Both anime have an aspect of visual novel games to them and have quite the diverse variety of girls to fall in love with.
report Recommended by NekoBatyx
Dating is something important and kissing is the final stage of dating. If you enjoy watching Date A Live, you must be enjoying Kami nomi, and vice versa. Both story goes from a boy who have a mission to make a girl fall in love. The comedy level is similar and i'll say that you'll be like this anime.
report Recommended by yuliawanrs
The both involve the main character conquesting other girls, and slowly building up a harem. If you have seen Date a Live, watch Kaminomi, since it is a much better take on the story. Also, if you have seen Kaminomi, don't watch Date A Live.
report Recommended by triton6783
Both comedy Both Harem Both protagonist tries to sort of "conquer" the girls so as to "save" them.
report Recommended by Animoooe
Heroine anime but these girls all remember and a super powers. To control these girls powers is to fall in love with them. So both are about falling in love with girls to save them. This guy plays dating sims once he is about to date the girls unlike how the guy from TWGOK is already a god at them.
report Recommended by AnnihilatingAce
Both anime have many things in common including little sister characters that are adorable, the idea that dating sims is the only way to survive rather than date in real life, lots of comedy, decent amounts of fanservice, etc. (I could go on and on). At first, both anime seem kind of dry and the artwork appears unusual, but later on you get used to the visuals (very quickly too, for all the people who base anime off of visual like me). Both are great, fun, and are similar in different ways! If you haven't seen either of them, then what are you waiting for?
report Recommended by Intertnets
Male MC has to make a large number of girls fall in love with him in order to save the world. DAL was generally more humorous than Kami nomi in my opinion.
report Recommended by Shotaku
Both is about conquering girls and increasing their affection.
report Recommended by jayjaybernil
Both main male characters have to make girls fall in love with them in order to save the world; kami nomi zo shiru sekai is way better
report Recommended by dragoshh1984
Both include a main character who, to save his own life and/or world, has to date unique girls and have them fall in love. They both also use strategies they learn from dating sims to cause these girls to fall in love with them. (Although in Date A Live, he's given instructions from his team with a small mic in his ear, in which they choose what to say according to dating sim scenarios.) The only major differences is that in Date A Live, the girls don't forget Shido after he gets them to fall in love with him, and in Kami nomi, they do.   read more
report Recommended by Hime-In-A-Box
The protagonist lived a pretty much normal life, until the day a girl showed up asking for his help on saving other girls through kissing them, but just a normal kiss won't do, they have to elaborate ways to make the girls fall for them first! Does that sound familiar? Well, this same description works well for both.
report Recommended by Ishikami
"Your job is to make girls fall in love with you and kiss her". Date a Live and Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai male protagonist is just a normal guy, until "something" dragged him and must conquer their "target".
report Recommended by Plutia
-Both a "conquest" of cute girls in order to save something important to the protagonist. -Date a Live has better girls and overall better character design. The World God Only Knows is far less lewd and arguably has a better storyline.
report Recommended by SmootherSailor
Pretty much the same overarching idea of making a girl fall in love with the main character so he can save them
report Recommended by Freegreg68
Both anime deal with 'spirits'. In TWGOK, the main character uses love to draw out the runaway spirit in between the gap in their heart. In Date A Live, the main character makes the spirit fall in love with him, saving her.
report Recommended by Rayyken
Both shows are about a guy that is forced to conquer the girls by making them fall in love with them. It involves a lot of harem, comedy and romance and the main character from both animes are somehow pretty similar. If you enjoyed watching Date a Live, you will absolutely enjoy watching Kami nomi, and vice-versa.
report Recommended by subarashie
Both this anime has a story that is almost similar. It can be seen from the number offemale characters, or can be referred to the harem. Both anime have the same goal. Namely conquering the hearts of women, which ended with a kiss scene.
report Recommended by Rizkiawan-kun
well they both about a man who have to date many girls
report Recommended by Dansk93lb
They both give the same vibe. So basically the MC is forced to conquer girls in order to save the world and his life. Both of them are enjoyable and funny Plus if you want more, they have 2nd season
report Recommended by Viperesp888
Have similar setting its dating simulation,have similar genre its harem
report Recommended by Shirokuza