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86 Part 2
86 Part 2
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Yofukashi no Uta
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Usotsuki Satsuki wa Shi ga Mieru
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Ikarus101 10 hours ago
never seen or heard of it will listen after dinner and shower just got home
Ikarus101 10 hours ago
I see ngl whenever I hear Russian music I think of the song Rasputin
if you don’t know it here it is
MzzK Oct 24, 8:54 PM
That's great to hear man, glad you enjoyed and had dinner at a resto' despite being sick, its possible at your place to go to restaurants while sick in the midst of pandemic? Or your place is cleared by it? But Anyways hope you get well soon~

And for my reply;

Yeah lol it is true, even some of the mangas that have been mentioned to the thread are ones I haven't heard of, maybe as expected of the medium, as it is ever-growing and some of them are totally underrated. As for my reading experience from it, maybe I'm halfway through finished of their recommendations. Might I include ones that I've mentioned firsthand at my made thread, then exclude some titles that are already in your plan-to-read list, and here are the ones that I actually enjoyed/loved;

As for anime, what are your thoughts in the second episode of Ousama Ranking? That episode caught me off guard man, and I totally cried and still cried after the episode finished, and I got to say that the ending was perfect, it might be perfect throughout the series.

Lol now that you mentioned it, I think my preferences are all over the place, from romance to thriller then slice of life to fantasy, but I think that's good thing. And yeah, I added some mangas into my PTR from yours, like Giji Harem and Haite Kudasai, Katamine-san got my interests, might be reading them soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

That's it for today from me lol, and again, Have a good day~
TheHolyMuffin Oct 23, 1:18 PM
Damn that sucks man, specially on your birthday. Get well soon mate and hope the rest of the weekends goes nice for you :)
Kiwii_121 Oct 23, 12:38 PM

and happy birthday!
Hackingg Oct 23, 10:40 AM
Thanks for responding!

From my experience I found 86 great. For me it felt a lot more than just 11 episodes with the story pacing but the plot left me sitting on my sofa wondering what's going to happen next, it was definitely worth the watch. The Monogatari series has also been fantastic with the whole Hitagi saying something and Araragi responding but this Kizumonogatari movie is taking some time for my eyes to get adjusted to with all the flashy scenes. So yeah, I really liked both and will definitely watch more of them whenever I'm free.

Ah, I had no idea you were sick :( I can't really do much but I pray that you get well as soon as possible!
Boazanian Oct 22, 2:37 PM
right, novel purchasing can get expensive especially when it comes to converting rates from USA (since I live in Canada) or Europe. Gets even more expensive when you're buying whole series. But that's quite surprising that you don't even have a local bookstore, hm. Where I'm at, Indigo is our largest bookstore company, so I just take a quick trip to a nearby location if I don't feel like buying online, and they always have some sort of a section reserved for manga/LN.

Not entirely experienced with VNs, since Umineko is pretty much the first 'real' VN i completed, and i've played through DDLC and Danganronpa V1 but they feel more like a 'game' to me, and I have Fate/hollow ataraxia on hold for now. But from my sole experience, I found it really enjoyable to read through, with all the music and great voiceovers. The Ushiromiya family has some amazing VAs, and they did some amazing work especially when it came to post-1st murder in every episode, where everyone starts getting all worked up. While most of the VN is linear and so there isn't much to do besides click and read, during Episode 8, there's some parts where it gets more interactive. Basically it helps you be 'part of the story', instead of flipping another page or going thru it in your head or something. Not sure whether saying what's interactive would be a spoiler, but you'll probably see what it is if you continue the manga up to then.

VNs in general (just going off of F/HA and Umineko here lol) are also really nice, in a way that you can take your time reading it like a usual novel, or set it to Auto mode (the system changes the scenes for u at a good pace), making u experience essentially an anime. Ppl also enjoy finding out the many different routes of some VNs, where there can be multiple choices wtih multiple heroines or whatever. It's an interesting experience, and I'd say it wouldn't hurt to try at least one (short or long, depends on u)

Still waiting on the 2nd ep of the ASMR anime as of now, but I'd say it's nice so far. The 1st ep had a usual high school girl (i think) who wanted to try doing ASMR stuff. Ear-cleaning, or whatever the Japanese would call it, for 3 mins. Somewhat calming, I'd say. They did a pretty good job changing the L and R audio, so it makes the illusion that they're speaking or doing something to u in 1 ear. perhaps that's normal with ASMR stuff, but idk. Outside of the ASMR itself, there isn't much to say about the anime. standard animation, 30 sec. anime ED, no OP, just 1 character and 'you', is what I assume will be happening for 12 or so episodes. I recall saying these episodes are really short, so if you got nothing to do or are interested, this also wouldn't hurt to try

Also am glad for watching Senpai ga Uzai now, really enjoyable. It's lookin to be a very interesting romcom. And yeah, the OP is truly fantastic, similar quality to Maoujou's OP, and not too often we see SOL ops with such high production! Doga Kobo is also doing a great job with Selection Project rn. Forgot if you're interested in the idol stuff, but the recent performances are so well done, possibly putting a bunch of action series that aired this year to shame. I've also been watching Taishou, kinda like Tonikawa but more... realistic? Slow-paced, n stuff. Not exactly diabetes-inducing like Tonikawa but still very wholesome

oh and, what's the deal with Ousama Ranking? Saw it earlier with an insanely high rating for a not-so-well-known series. I wonder if it's something worth to watch, well, don't think I'll be picking up any more seasonals now, but it'd be good to know at least.

Mob Psychooo, hmmm. my sis is pretty hyped for that, and I heard it's adapting the very little bit of the manga that they missed out? According to MAL entry, they doin a TV series, but 0 clue how they are going to do that with only so much to go on. So yeah, 2022 gonna be packed (not like we been saying that for every year haha!) Must've heard about Kaguya-sama as well, as it's goin for a Spring 2022 release.

Oh and, happy birthday! Hopin ur day, and weekend, go very very well
TheHolyMuffin Oct 22, 2:36 PM
Happy birthday mate
Skys_Haze Oct 22, 12:58 PM
happy birthday
Triwizchamp05 Oct 22, 4:46 AM
Happy birthday!
Hackingg Oct 22, 3:27 AM
happy birthday my dude
AutumnWaterbird Oct 22, 12:58 AM
First things first: I wish you a very happy birthday!! I hope you have a great day today and enjoy it to the utmost.

There was no Pokémon, no Naruto, no Yugioh, and no Conan for me as a kid, all of those ran on private stations and I wasn't allowed to watch those ^-^' My childhood anime were Heidi, Vickie the Viking, Sindbad, Maya the Bee, Pinocchio, Bannertail, Nils Holgersson, and Alice in Wonderland. I remember them to varying degrees, but today I'd only really rewatch Heidi, Nils Holgersson, Pinocchio and maybe Vickie. But overall, I have very fond memories of them, they were very charming.

It was only way later, when I actually started getting into anime, that I learned that all of those shows were from Japan, and I was suitably surprised. This must have been around 2015, and noob me back then didn't know where to look for anime shows to watch, so he browsed Wikipedia and came across many more obscure titles than you'd get jus scrolling down a popularity list. Oh, and I also listened to friends' recommendations. Some of my mates from school were into anime and I had just seen Avatar: The Last Airbender, which they were also familiar with, so we bonded over that and they got me into anime, that's kind of how it went. My first anime was FMAB, which I still think is great.

I didn't really watch a lot of anime back then, it was just something I was casually into (even though some of the shows I watched were quite obscure), not really a passion like it's now. When I got out of school, I had a bit more time I could devote to anime, and I made a MAL account because I had discovered the site a while before. Before I made my account, I think I must have had about 40 or so shows finished. When the pandemic struck, my anime consumption skyrocketed and now I'm almost at 200 (obviously that's a little low compared to you, though... ^-^').

Oh, it's only this year that you got into seasonals? Interesting. I agree, I've watched some things that were completely forgotten about after the season ended, and these would not be the shows I'd be interested in years later. Some of those were pretty good, like O Maidens in Your Savage Season, and some were atrocious, like Urasekai Picnic. The problem with watching something over many weeks is just that I often get demotivated to continue it after a while and it's kind of hard to keep up. I don't think seasonals are for me very much, I even just put Heike Monogatari on hold as it's just not something I can watch like that.

Would it be comfortable for you if we wrote in German? It's fine either way by me ^^

Oh, you're catching up on Higurashi stuff, too? Because I'm looking into the little extra OVAs of the original series at the moment (Rei, Kira, and Outbreak). Rei was really good, Kira so far is a bit meh but it can be entertaining, and I'm curious to see what Outbreak is about. After I'm finished with them, I'll hopefully get a good Umineko walkthrough to watch on YouTube, after which I'm going to get into Gou and Sotsu to see what their deal is. I too heard there is a connection to Umineko, which is why I want to experience Umineko first. I doubt I'm going to like Gou and Sotsu a lot, though, they look like they're even more horror-laden than the original series, which back then was a compromise they had to do to adapt a long mystery novel in anime form. But we shall see.

After I've stopped Heike Monogatari for now, maybe there's a place for something like Blue Period in my seasonals. I'll think about it... :D
Rakabat Oct 21, 11:20 PM
Happy Birthday man!! Wishing you have a fantastic day today. Let's keep discussing more from now on. I can't get bored of your replies hahaha.

MzzK Oct 21, 10:35 PM
Heyyy man, aside for my reply, Happy Happy Birthday man! Wishing you having a good day today and more birthdays to come!