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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
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Aishen Qiaokeli-ing...
Aishen has these felling of be an alternative version of Kaminomi - but NOT a copy or plagiary. There's A LOT of elements in common: From the clunsy and cutie magical entity who puts the main char in this situation to the main character who is not a imbecile like most of main characters whe see in averange animes. So much elements in common that I'll don't even list all of them. But at same, it is NOT the same history. Is not repetitive, are not the same issues, are not the same consequences, is not the same flow. Bassically, it's an anime for who loved Kaminomi and   read more
report Recommended by Aramati
Both shows have a love deity that has a mission who asks for the aid of the protagonist. In "The World God Only Knows", the protagonist is obligated to do this task or he'll die while in Cupid's Chocolate he does it cause he feels responsible. They both have serious drama tone while having a good comedy. Both have gorgeous characters and good character development although Cupid's Chocolate does better in this part. Both are a cut above in the genre. Both are crafty main protagonists while Cupid's Chocolates reveal it much later, TWGOK reveals it early. The difference is that TWGOK has some world level goal at the end   read more
report Recommended by DarkwindJR
The story is a lot like The World God Only Knows. The approach is different, but still, a love diety (in this case, a cupid of sorts) watches and aids the MC in his endeavors with the many girls that fall in love with him. Each time he resolves the situation, they lose the memories of their romance. However, the memories they lose aren't the memories made with the MC, as those are real. The thing is that after they all share a cake with Haoyi, memories become implanted in their minds that leads to them feeling deep love for him   read more
report Recommended by resinweber
This show includes the main character going through winning each girl's love, in separate arcs, in a harem situation. Although, in season one the girls forget straight after. Still many girls, and each one must be won over / must have their desire filled. Same sort of thing.
report Recommended by PhonicCanine
Somewhat smart mc who has to deal with the problems of the many harem girls. Both also have a supernatural element
report Recommended by plasma38
Both have many girls after the guy, even when the case is finished later on girls go for mc tho late in later. Both mc looks for girl's problem
report Recommended by Roonyddevil