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Death Note
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Death Note
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
While both of these shows have different storylines, they both feature a clever and somewhat cold protagonist who plans his every move very carefully. Both are very entertaining.
report Recommended by Sleezy
While the genres are completely different, they both share a highly intelligent protagonists and the same "according to plan" pattern.
report Recommended by DrAlucard
I'm gonna describe both shows using one description. An insanely narcissistic man with basically no friends who's top of his class accidentally makes a contract with a strange demon The demon is his useless side kick who starts living with him and following him pretty much everywhere he goes. Lives are on the line as this ridiculous young man faces his destiny and his life is changed forever. So yeah if you liked watching Light scream about insane things you might enjoy watching Katsuragi do the same.
report Recommended by simonephone
1. Both protagonists are very intellectual and strategic. 2. Both protagonists are manipulative. 3. Both protagonists are involved with a demonic being. 4. Both protagonists are good with the ladies.
report Recommended by RedvelvetDaisuki
Both Death Note & Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai ( The World only God knows ) include a main character who is a mastermind of some sort -Each of the main characters is aided by some sort of supernatural being. -Both of the main characters fight for what they think is right and do whatever it takes to achieve their goal whether it is for the best or for the worst. -Lives are at stake in each of the animes and the fate of them depends on the success or failure of the main characters.
report Recommended by Miyuki_Kotone
Here's what makes these two shows similar: + You have a 17 year old brown haired protagonist with a god complex and is a mastermind who comes up with great strategies to capture targets + He accidentally makes a contract with a devilish being who is addicted to something red (apples for Ryuk and fire trucks for Elsie) + The protagonist is good with the ladies and at one point of the series, an idol star falls in love with him Here's what makes these two shows different: - TWGOK is more cutesy and more comedic while DN is more edgy and more dramatic - Light is good with real women   read more
report Recommended by KawaiiPotato1412