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Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi

Alternative Titles

English: Spirited Away
Synonyms: Sen and Chihiro's Spiriting Away
Japanese: 千と千尋の神隠し


Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 20, 2001
Producers: Toho
Studios: Studio Ghibli
Source: Original
Genres: AdventureAdventure, SupernaturalSupernatural, DramaDrama
Duration: 2 hr. 5 min.
Rating: PG - Children


Score: 8.901 (scored by 632768632,768 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #212
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #40
Members: 922,084
Favorites: 19,932


Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle are visually stunning experiences with a strong surreal underpinning behind coming of age narratives. In both movies a magical world unfolds before bewildered young heroines who must claim a new position within apparent chaos. Spirited Away is more hectic and upbeat while Howl's focus on darker themes such as war and violence. Yet both invoke the same spirit of beautiful natural scenes rendered sublime by Miyazaki's unique style.  
report Recommended by Nocturnal
similiar style of heart-warming supernatural story with similiar facinating ghosts characters. Touching scenes & stories.. 
report Recommended by sabgian
Both are movies talking about a human that encounters a resident of spirits, in Spirited away it's a town and in Hotarubi no Mori e it's a forest. In both a human girl becomes a friend with one of the spirits and later falls in love with it. Both are lovely supernatural stories.  
report Recommended by OhanaNiArashi
Chihiro and Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo are surprising similar if one compare their characteristics side by side. Both are from the "family entertainment" kind of movie. Just like classical Ghibli productions, this time Shinkai deviates from his trademark drama and creates a lighthearted comfy tale about an adventurous girl. This change is not only noticeable on the setting and storyline but also on character design, which are way simpler and "Ghibli-like". Asuna and Chihiro are both courageous girls who find themselves in a different world. Although the reasons which led them there differ, they both step forward and get to know more of this supernatural/spiritual reality  read more 
report Recommended by xbobx
- Small child trapped in a fantasy/spirit world. - Small child grows and makes the best of their situation. - Small child earning their keep and learning new things. - Traditional Japanese-style fantasy realm. Spirited Away is the much better paced, written, and animated story of the two. Bakemono no Ko attempts to be a bit more 'grown-up', and has a story spanning a much longer period of time. 
report Recommended by Lemon
Both are fantasy Anime that are really imaginative and filled with fantasy. Both Anime feature strange creatures in a world that is similar to ours. 
report Recommended by jaygold33
in both movies, the main characters come into a new world and try to save their parents. this new world has supernatural and fantasy world in which they both try to adapt to their new environments. worth while to check the other out ^__^ 
report Recommended by darth_lex
Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke are epic films by Hayao Miyazaki that will leave an imprint on you in some way or another. Truly unforgettable. 
report Recommended by Ria
Both of these movies have magical themes. Kiki's Delivery Service is slower progressing and dragged a bit in the middle of the movie and Spirited Away is more fast-paced. Kiki's Delivery Service is more basic but they are by the same director and are both very fun to watch. 
report Recommended by Narabinaki
The protagonists are of similar age, but the plots involve them growing up and dealing with chances in their lives they don't necessarily like. Both Anime are heavy with Japanese cultural references, yet also deal with interacting with spirits from Japanese myth. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
- Imaginative and filled with fantasy. - Strange creatures and spirits. - Similar art styles. 
report Recommended by Zombifyxx
Paprika has the same dream-like funkiness that it seems only Japanese anime can pull off. A fun watch with great animation. 
report Recommended by 2many_animes
In both animes the protagonist is a girl, who used to have a normal life, but who now finds herself working at a traditional in to earn her living. Both of them have been seperated/abandoned from their parents and are having trouble adjusting to the new way of life in the beginning. Besides that, both protagonists are hard-working and tries to do their best in order to help others. This was my impression after only 1st episode of Hanasaku Iroha, though :) 
report Recommended by Skaya
Similar art style and setting. The plot differ greatly though. 
report Recommended by knightedbiscuit
They both have the same kind of idea; a young girl moving to a new town against her own will while befriending spirits along the way. Both involve saving parent(s). 
report Recommended by palmon
Both are Studio Ghibli films and both deal with the a girl's emotions in different ways. 
report Recommended by Karura
Whether you're being stolen away by cats or swept away into a world where spirits roam, you'll find yourself enjoying either movie regardless of which one you're watching. Both are produced by Studio Ghibli and are not only visually appealing, they also have fantastic plots and characters. 
report Recommended by Glissxndo
While watching Shinsekai yori, I couldn't help but feel it gave off a very "Spirited Away" vibe. It has some surreal imagery and aesthetic styles you'd expect from it, and both deal with yokai or demons who were formerly human. 
report Recommended by Pikangie
Both are stories where a young girl is transported into a visually-stunning magical fantasy world and has to overcome various challenges before returning to the real world. Both reference youkai and folklore, where the main character must befriend and interact with them. 
report Recommended by saka
Same director. Both are visually stunning and have a distinct Gibli, magical quality to them.  
report Recommended by amade0
Both movies involve the main character being put into an unfamiliar situation and their experiences within said situation. 
report Recommended by TheManiacalGamer
When I watched Majokko, I had a similar nostalgia feeling to that of "Spirited away", aka Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi. It's meant for a children audience, and also contains mystery, the supernatural, adventure, friendship abd even some adolescent feelings of love. But more importantly, both are tales of children wanting to save others, sacrifice and love. But in terms of maturity levels, I would say Majokko beats "Spirited away" hands down. 
report Recommended by Dunkjoe
A little girl, exploring a new world full of magic and strange creatures (fighting an evil old lady). The main idea is quite similar in both movies but that's not all, the art and animation is incredibly similar. There is this strange feel when the magic effects are somehow organic and just watching them is oddly satisfying.  
report Recommended by iHitokage
Young main characters involved in a world of magic with great buildings, weird spells and really bad guys... and both from Ghibli. 
report Recommended by dnqw97dhqu9d
Very similar feel in that they both feel like you have stepped into the spirit world. With a lush world of amazing art, and incredible character and strange creatures. You definitely feel transported away in both works. Made in Abyss has a very "Ghibli" feel to it too. 
report Recommended by Sara_Isayama
Yes, they are not meant for the same audience, but share lots of similarities: - Both are movies with really smooth and detailed animation; - Both also share a weird and complex way to tell a story that isn't complex at all; - Both ask for a second look, due to the small and subtle details; - Both have creative and unique universes; - And both movies can leave the audience unsure at first, but offer an enjoyable experience once you get used to their universes and storytelling; 
report Recommended by Nicktai
Both share distinct similarities in regards to their respective protagonists and plots. In both cases, a young girl is transported to a mysterious new world where she must learn to live and work within a community of strange creatures, guided by new-found friends. As time goes by, these girls learn strength and wisdom and question the world they live in and the authority that rules it. Similar plot themes are also notable in how both girls suffer the loss of their identity and memories, and come to recognise the pain in the life of a close friend, setting out to help them. 
report Recommended by Kamikura
Both movies have kids who are taken to another world, meet with strange creatures, have to work, travel on a train, and more stuff besides.  
report Recommended by Archaeon
made by the same guy Hayao Miyazaki. He makes great anime movies that will leave you wanting more, I can't say that I didn't enjoy watching all of the movies that were made by him. His movies are very creative and original, if you've seen one, you should check out some of his others, they are all just as good. His movies are so great that I even re watched some of them a few times. anyways if you're interested in one of his movies, you're almost guaranteed to like the others. see for yourself. 
report Recommended by 5HAD0WFREAK
Both talk about ghosts and an incredible adventure to save someone dear to the main characters.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
Becouse in Inuyasha and Spirited Away are lot of ghosts and male main they're monsters. Girls main are children.  
report Recommended by Shelous
Both rely on a loss of time and interacting with another dimension/world unseen. 
report Recommended by wolved
Although not exactly the first thing to come to mind when thinking of this anime, but Michiko to Hatchin and Spirited Away are both stories featuring realistically characterised and unsexualised young girls being thrown into a wildly different environment to what they are used to and dealing with it in their own way. The vivid colours, danger, and sense of adventure are present throughout both works; complementing the large cast of surreal and larger-than-life characters that our protagonists meet along the way. The overarching theme being the adaptability of girls; they can be naive, they can have flaws, they can be annoying, but they are also  read more 
report Recommended by Lemon
Very cute, Disney-esque short film. Doesn't get into too much depth, but it's got that Disney flair that Ghibli managed to pull off. Great animation too. 
report Recommended by BEEZLEBOBU
Both films by Studio Ghibli have a young girl who at some point in their llifes enter into a very different world they have been living. While Chihiro enters into a god bathouse, Kaguya enters into the ancient aristocracy in Japan. They both have an old friend who helps them in these different worlds, although for Kaguya is a memory from her rural life. Both films have a similar emotional scene at its end related with these relationships. And music by Joe Hisaishi. 
report Recommended by Tomhep_
if you watched Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni than spritdt away is your goal to watch these two are similar in the story of finding something or someone they both are fantastic drawing and both an amazing Movies  
report Recommended by NasserKing06
Both main characters "lose" their parents (but one of them tries to rescue them, since they aren't dead). Both main characters abruptly enter a "world of ghosts". In both stories the protagonist is initially scared and suprised about the existence of the ghosts. 
report Recommended by Aruan_Vargas
- Creative supernatural and magical concepts (including some which reminded me specifically of this particular film). - Similar concept of girl attempting to fit into a world different from their own - Beautiful artistry on par with many Miyazaki films  
report Recommended by OahuOtaku
A young girl must travel through a darker, fantastical landscape with the help of a male deuteragonist. Their bond is the central relationship, and thus, it is important to their respective plots. ‘Spirited Away’ features a heartfelt message and an interesting 'mirror world' with numerous memorable characters whereas ‘Angel’s Egg’ is more bleak and bittersweet in its tone with minimal dialogue between its two main characters. 
report Recommended by RubyRouge
Uta Kata surprisingly shares some similarities with Spirited Away, even if Uta Kata is significantly darker. Both of these anime are coming-of-age stories with a young brown-haired girl as the main protagonist. The main character meets another character with some strange circumstances and ends up getting herself involved with spirits (though Spirited Away uses Japanese-style spirits and Uta Kata uses djinn). There's also a lot of care put into the scenery/backgrounds in both anime. 
report Recommended by Fario-P
Despite their disparate art styles, Spirited Away and Mononoke have very similar atmospheres. This in part stems from more traditional Japanese influences (themes centering around Shinto, social structure, and other worlds, etc.) mixing with more contemporary aesthetic and narrative features of anime. Also, while I am sure there are more natural comparisons, the fact that these are both so strong makes the watching experience hard to equal in both cases. 
report Recommended by -j--
Slice of life / Bittersweet / Artwork 
report Recommended by PaprikaSpiceGirl
Both series somewhat give me similar vibes. Contains a little girl from countryside visiting a town full of adventures. learns to live on their own. Both have a good character development. Both series are beautiful. 
report Recommended by future_dose
Both give off a similar feeling. Both deal with a girl trying to work and life in a world with magical creatures, 
report Recommended by Nao
Childhood gems, interesting characters, great morals to learn, some humour, great for adults too, one is about spirits one is about greek myths, what is not to like? 
report Recommended by snkwings
Another tale of a young girl lost in a strange world with a more romantic twist and much more confusing plot.  
report Recommended by Reldawin
Both share: normal main character (not a reference to their quality, rather their societal status), shift from reality to a spiritual realm, main characters who help spirits, and main characters that learn real-world moral lessons from their adventures in the spiritual realm. Main differences include: Spirited Away is a feature length hand drawn Ghibli film, Possessions is a 3D animated short film, Spirited Away focuses on a young girl with a larger cast of spirits, while Possessions focuses on an older man alone. Regardless, both are delightful stories that can be enjoyed by the young for their imaginative visuals, and by the old for having moral lessons  read more 
report Recommended by jhan2294
Although Spirited Away has a lighter hint of romance, they are both exotic when it comes to expressing Japanese culture. 
report Recommended by Jo-Chi
They both have beautifully surreal settings and situations but spirited away is more exciting and less sweet 
report Recommended by ionamay
well, to be honest when i first heard of this young director, Makoto Shinkai, and how he has been praised as the next generation to suceed miyazaki i was of course skeptical. then i brought myself to buy a couple of his films. the first i watched was 'voices of a distant sta'r..it was short but so very intresting, i had never seen animation and story lines like it anywhere...i did some research on it and Shinkai made his first couple films with nothing more than his apple computer and some software...to be honest the guy is a genius for what he had accomplished. of  read more 
report Recommended by eurekaseven4u
They both have very similar art styles and a sense of innocence in their story lines which make both incredibly charming to watch. Fractale is overall more structured and has a more defined plot, but Spirited Away is still one of the best animes ever made. 
report Recommended by BatOtaku13
Where does one belong? Why is one in a world that is not their own? These Anime both deal with this subject, that and friendship and dealing with life. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both are joyful, interesting movies, enjoyable for both adults and youngsters. Elements of Japanese history and mythical culture are implanted in these movies, without bothering the viewer. It merely adds an extra dimension. 
report Recommended by Teddy
Both of these anime are similar in the way that there are two children who have to try and make it out on their own, making the best of what they've been given and then eventually finding that special someone to help them along. Both Spirited Away and The Boy Who Saw The Wind are excellent anime and should be both watched for a good night in. 
report Recommended by LilDisco69
I heard that Spirited Away was inspired from Little Nemo. Also the main characters and stories have slight similarities (except that Nemo being a boy and Chihiro being a girl) and are both very enjoyable. 
report Recommended by dvlsweet666
Because both enter the deep realms of fantasy never seen before, has excellent animation, characters, development and makes you have a dream to remember. 
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
A world that involves monsters and spirits to exist, but only the main character who is human being able to see them. They both have companions, Haku being a counterpart to Nyanko sensei. Both involve growth from adolescence and helping others as a theme. 
report Recommended by arigajoe
They both feature a young girl as the main character as well as story mainly about friendship and how love prevails. 
report Recommended by -Forgotten-
Exactly the same atmosphere with spirits and deities as well the architecture of the buildings. Also Megu looks exactly like the little black fluffy things from Spirited away.  
report Recommended by CureBubble
Both are about a little girl who gets to a place full of spirits normally unreachable by normal people and befriends those spirits. Both were made by Studio Ghibli. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both are about a child/children that gets lost in a fantasy world. While Spirited Away is a movie, Bavel no Hon is short special. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
A girl finds herself having to adapt to a new, unfamiliar environment where she befriends a boy with a supernatural secret identity who is facing a dangerous threat. 
report Recommended by acajou
Both are somehow dealing with the traditional Japanese culture. Ojiisan no Lamp really reminded me Mr. Miyazaki's style where he focuses on the life around and the thoughts of people and their ideas and visions of the world. Both anime raise up emotions even though there is not anything heartbreaking on the first sight and both evoke this lovely feeling of peace in the viewer's heart. 
report Recommended by iHitokage
True arts works with captivating characters and a lot of opening a suppositions , with an ending that may be disappointing , but very good subjectively . 
report Recommended by FilipeJourney
This is based only on the first episode, but the plotline and setting are somewhat similar- Girl gets thrust into a world of youkai and has to find a job. Romantic subplot, demons, spirits, japanese bathhouse - style setting and GORGEOUS background artwork. 
report Recommended by Amberleh
Both are Studio Ghibli movies about a girl (anthromorpic egg in case of Pandane to Tamago-hime) that has to life at a place of old with. She tryes to escape with the help of unusual friend (dragon/ living bread dough). You will enjoy them both if you like stuff by Ghibli. 
report Recommended by abystoma2