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Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle are visually stunning experiences with a strong surreal underpinning behind coming of age narratives. In both movies a magical world unfolds before bewildered young heroines who must claim a new position within apparent chaos. Spirited Away is more hectic and upbeat while Howl's focus on darker themes such as war and violence. Yet both invoke the same spirit of beautiful natural scenes rendered sublime by Miyazaki's unique style.
report Recommended by Nocturnal
A mystical and enchanted storyline of romance permeates both of these wonderful creations by the same director
report Recommended by puedjies
This two great movies have the same creator and they both contain great stories about curse, love, and drama at the same time. If you'll notice upon watching them, the way they were drawn was also the same. In characters Haku(Spirited away) and Howl(HMC) do look alike. Both movies have great lessons and that after you watch them they will surely leave a good memory.
report Recommended by Imai
As you all likely know already, both Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away are the brainchild of Hayao Miyazaki; however, the two films share numerous similarities in addition to Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki's style. Perhaps the greatest overbearing theme in both movies is the use of surreality bordering upon absurdism. Miyazaki is a master of this style. His movies are filled with surreal and inventive worlds and magical, unique characters. More so than any of his other films, Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle invoke the same feeling of wonder to their majestic settings. As far as the narrative goes, both movies are centered two young and   read more
report Recommended by Mele___
Besides that both are made from Hayao Miyazaki, they both represent pure love and friendship. Spirited Away is about a girl, Chihiro, who depends on her friends to save her family from the magical world which they do not belong in and Howl's Moving Castle's, Sophie, relies on her friends, one of them supplies major eye candy, to release her from a curse. They both have happy endings and are films that are in my top ten favorite movies (Spirited Away is one of Roger Ebert's favorite movies) and they will definitely be yours too.
report Recommended by KoizumiAyumu
Both have gorgeous art and they both dwell in fantasy and the supernatural. They also have the same producers so they have similar art styles. What's more, they both have fascinating plots and lovable characters.
report Recommended by MiraelWhite
Same producers, Studio Ghibli. Both of the movies have a great story, same genre, romance, fantasy, supernatural, adventure and a very good drama. Both of movies are great and worth watching, has great lessons of love and friendship between the cast/characters of both of the movies.
report Recommended by hyungseok
Like magic? Like inventive transportation? The creators of Spirited Away and the talented voices of Billy Crystal, Lauren Bacall, Christian Bale, Jean Simmons, and Emily Mortimer bring Howl's Moving Castle to life. See a world where wizards and witches fight in a war and curses are cast on the innocent so nothing and no one is quite what it seems.
report Recommended by Twacka
The plots are different but both have a girl as the protagonist as they accidently get involved in another world full of magical elements and fantasy.
report Recommended by Joongstarr
Two different movies and both made by Hayao Miyazki. Both movies are highly creative, involve magical elements, very light underlying romance between the two characters and are both about a young girl who is leading an average life until suddenly being whisked away into a magical/spiritual adevnture.
report Recommended by kendolli
Both were made by the same director and producer. Both are about a relationship between a human girl and an unusual guy. Both are fantasy, and the character's main goal is the same: remove the curse.
report Recommended by EfiChan
Sophie & Chihiro sound like they're both dreaming aren't they? They think they're dreaming and both are very dark anime. But actually it was really half-real and half-fantasy
report Recommended by Pitrocks14
Both are fantastical, dream-like, magical, captivating stories of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.
report Recommended by kissyourbones
These two movies are very similar. The ideas are almost like a copy of each other! One week after I had seen Spirited Away, I saw Howl's Moving Castle, and yet I was amazed by it! They made me realize what love truly means!
report Recommended by PhalanxAndromeda
For starters, they both are breathtaking movies from Studio Ghibli. The art and animation in both are so similar that the characters look a lot alike. The main protagonists (who are both girls) have a curse put onto them or their family, so they're sent on a journey to break that curse. Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away are adventurous, fantasy, and romance movies that will draw your interest in from start to finish.
report Recommended by Big_Tony44
These two titles are excellent example of unique love stories. I mean, we have female protagonists whos adventures are the main plots of these titles. Chihiro and Sophie have to give up their normal lives. Consequently, they meet their beloveds who are really mysterious and powerful persons. And what it is worth mentioning is the fact that they are great titles for whole families. Every family's member will appreciate other thing and anyone won't be disappointed after them. They are the great start for people who think that anime is only "Chinese porn cartoons for kids"... they are but not in this case.
report Recommended by Merodiak
Obviously both have there similarities as they are both studio ghibli films. However these 2 in particular have a very simile feel.
report Recommended by DistrictEdits
Both anime movies are produced by Studio Ghibli and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. They have similar animation and character design, as well as great landscapes and soundtracks by Joe Hisaishi. Both contain coming of age narratives, following a young heroine in a magical world filled with magic and spirits. In both anime, the protagonist have to find a way to break a spell.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Studio ghibli flavour
report Recommended by dontdowndone
The two epic fantasy-ghibli movies. In my opinion Howl's the best. Perfect animations and draws, beatiful and detailed landscapes and unforgottable OST. Both in the same level, just the best combination of the franchise. The characters are charismatic and very unique; the stories are entertaining and interesting. I Think that Howl has better or deeper characters and the story is less complicated, but both are a must see if you like the anime and/or the movies.
report Recommended by agus_tidona
Both of these films are made from the well known Studio Ghibli - both of these films have the the weird but lovable story lines the studio is known for. They both have fantastic characters and the artwork is great! Similarities - 'Quirky' story line's with the intriguing characters.
report Recommended by food_booth
-Same Studio "Ghibli" -Director, Script, Screenplay, Executive Producer by "Miyazaki, Hayao" -Drama, Adventure -Sound by "Hisaishi, Joe" -Same Producer "Suzuki, Toshio"
report Recommended by Kawada6
Both Miyazaki films will take you to a magical world. Both films are masterpieces in my mind that features (a) a beautiful fantasy world, (b) amazing character building - watch the characters grow and mature and learn about themselves as they embark on their adventure, and (c) a great story -- Both stories are wonderful deep adventures that will leave you craving to learn more about the world and the characters. I'm impressed by how much both movies are able to capture in under 2 hours. i watched spirited away when I was 10 years old and it's remained my favorite animated film throughout my   read more
report Recommended by findingyoshi
They are both made by Studio Ghibli. It looks so good and the story is amazing. I love all the movies from Studio Ghibli but these are my absolute favorites.
report Recommended by ElineeeeP
I love the Studio Ghibli films. They all have amazing stories but this one i don't know always warms my heart when i watch it When I watched this anime i was only 9 years old, and i was amazed by its art, story, characters... I'm now 21 and still in love with this anime, i still watch it like it's my first time. loveeeee hayao miyazaki
report Recommended by PuerStella