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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
Yesterday, 9:23 PM
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Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi
Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi
Yesterday, 9:23 PM
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Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai
Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai
Jul 23, 7:03 PM
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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
Jul 13, 4:40 PM
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6-bansen ni Haru wa Kuru. Soshite Kyou, Kimi wa Inakunaru.
6-bansen ni Haru wa Kuru. Soshite Kyou, Kimi wa Inakunaru.
Jun 22, 7:14 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Jun 3, 4:45 PM
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QuattroVaginas Aug 7, 12:49 PM
I knew you'd get Vulvarave from the memes, as expected of a true connoisseur. I quit GC early on so I wouldn't know, but VVV goes batshit pretty early.

I've love to find that concert, but doesn't look like it's an easy task as you pointed out. Not sure I really know what AB is even. To be honest thought I hate crowds, and people in general, and those audience numbers look insane. But I'd put out for Nana, like once. But who knows when that will happen again, if ever. If I was any other country, I certainly wouldn't want to admit any dumbass Americans again, even after the virus winds down.

Watame Jul 28, 6:49 AM
‘Oh shit I always thought the first step was having no idea what you're talking about.
Then add some MEMES for good measure.’
'Memes, the DNA of the soul.'
QuattroVaginas Jul 17, 4:18 PM
Completely forgot about the movie being a giant McDonalds commerical. And yeah, we also enjoyed the "lol fuck Tokyo" ending.

Didn't hear about the marriage, I literally follow 0 celebrities' lives and don't read anime news. But as they say, if Nana wills it...

I only started paying attention to her name when I watched Valvrape the Penetrator (is that still funny? Probably never was) and recognized her voice as the same one in Eternal Blaze (which I listened to a ton but never looked up the singer). Valvrave by the way is a fucking stupid show, love it so much and recommend it to everyone, even if they all end up hating it. She's barely in the show, but did a few openings with T.M.R that I couldn't stop listening to for a while after the show ended. I'm a sucker for good duets, which is why they're my favorite songs in Symphogear as well. After that Sunrise followed it up the rape with Cross Ange, and gave her the MC role this time. Think that's when I really started following shows she's involved in. That's how I discovered Symphogear, but her role as Tsubasa is honestly unremarkable outside of her songs.

So yeah good for her. I don't think she's been taking many roles lately is any, and wouldn't mind if she just stops entirely, but I do hope she can continue lending her voice for some theme songs occasionally.

Postscript, writing this comment made me go through a bunch of her concert performances, wish I could have gone to one at some point.
QuattroVaginas Jul 6, 11:17 AM
Oh for sure, Symphogear has a ton of melodrama, and it's the least enjoyable part of the show for me. And the first season is just the tip, you might hate the rest even more. But the action sequences and singing are fun to watch, and I feel it embraces the ridiculousness of itself more as the show goes on. VA is definitely a big draw, and I also love a lot of the character designs, especially the 3rd season villains.

Chris best girl definitely.

I did catch Weathering With You in theaters. After watching Your Name with my non-weeb friends, they really wanted to see this one too. They did all say Your Name was more better, and I have to agree. There is a particular plot point I really didn't care for (the gun, I didn't see the point of it), but I still liked it.
QuattroVaginas Jun 27, 7:33 PM
I think I stopped Nanoha at A's so I have no idea, but sounds about right.

F does have an asset in Yoko Kanno, but at this moment I prefer Delta's songs because I have also listened to Lion (and others) way too fucking much. Also guess I misspoke, all of Macross features idols (Plus and 7 debatable), but you get me. Covers almost 40 years of idols now, pretty fascinating.

Speaking of Nanoha and singing, how do you feel about Symphogear? Mecha girls are my aesthetic.

I've known about virtual youtubers, haven't really looked into them but most likely not my thing. The closest I came to watching one is a compilation clip of Kizuna Ai saying fuck you, and I did enjoy that. So maybe it could be my thing. More likely I just want to be berated by cute anime girls, know of any vtubers like that?
QuattroVaginas Jun 22, 12:50 PM
Yeah PS5 is ugly as fuck. I like the controller. Maybe I'll wait for the inevitable PS5 Slim or Pro for a redesign.

Hm, I love Patlabor, but I wouldn't recommend it based off that clip. That's from the second movie, directed by Oshii. He pretty much took the Patlabor name and made another Ghost in the Shell. It's a good movie, just very unrepresentative of Patlabor.

>advanced-but-still-realistic tech, geopolitics and military gibberish
So you won't really get this outside the movie. I mean it's a goofy robot that holds a handgun, the movies really played up the seriousness. The rest of the series is police comedy/drama with silly characters that just happen to have robots. It's very character-driven.

If you want to watch it though, there's basically there's the OVA timeline, and the TV timeline. I recommend starting with the first OVA; it's short and it's a good indication of what to expect, and whether or not you should spend time on the rest. And if you decide you want more Patlabor, my recommended order (which I think might actually just be release order?):

OVA1 > Movie 1 > Movie 2

For the movies I always say:

Movie 1: Good Patlabor movie
Movie 2: Good movie
Movie 3: movie

Substitute that last "movie" for "please don't fucking watch this", I just wanted to make a nice word triangle. Some people like the third movie I guess. Maybe if it wasn't attached to the Patlabor name, I could have enjoyed it a little. But no.

Macross F/Delta are good choices too. Delta is kind of shit but the music's good. If you like idols. Honestly if you've never watched Macross I'd look up which one has your favorite music and just watch that one, because you will hear them a ton.
QuattroVaginas Jun 8, 5:42 PM
People were a mistake.

Maybe give the Nier remake a shot. I imagine they'll update character design similar to Automata, Kaine should be good eye candy, and maybe there's a chance they'll make her playable. Don't really need to play it before Automata.

I play a shit ton of JRPGs, but there's a lot of newer stuff I haven't had time to, which probably has more of your desired aesthetic. I can try to give some recs, but I mostly have opinions on gameplay. DMC with moe is a pretty tall order. DMC (not 2) personally sets the bar for how action games should feel and play, but Platinum Games' catalog comes somewhat close. The moe part kind of eliminates almost everything. Platinum as a few games with female leads, including Automata, but the others probably don't fit your bill. For some lesser action with more anime characters, I enjoy Falcom's action games like YS and Tokyo Xanadu (you can switch to control female chars in most of these games like Tales). Trials of Mana came out recently, I played the shit out of the SNES version but haven't checked this remake out. From most accounts it's pretty faithful but the action may be pretty basic as a result. Star Ocean games have pretty good combat, but their recent character designs are pretty uncanny valley to me. I haven't played it, but Code Vein may be something to look into. From what I've seen everyone just uses it to CAC waifu and apparently the gameplay loop is ass. Senran Kagura is pretty good, but gets old quick. For non-action RPGs I think the Atelier series has the most moe chacters. I myself am partial to Neptunia for the mecha girls even if the gameplay of those games are shit. Btw good taste in Tales games, I like Phantasia and Abyss the most, but Graces has my favorite combat.

I loved XC2. You can bring a bunch of characters into battle at once, so there's gratuitous ass to stare at (and of course tits). Sure there are a lot of game mechanics but I didn't find it hard to grasp. A lot of complaints about late game tutorials, but those complaints are retarded. I have to warn you though, some genius at Monolith put a fucking gacha into a single player game. I save scummed to get all of them, but fuck whoever proposed that design choice. Other than that I recommend it. First game is good too, I played it with the ugly ass Wii graphics, but they just remade it with XC2 designs. Not nearly as many girls though, so maybe not for you.

QuattroVaginas Jun 1, 9:34 AM
Nice coincidence, I platted NNK2 a month or so ago as well. It feels less Ghibli than the first game, but I liked it enough. Though Level 5 has always had extremely stiff action combat, which was understandable in the PS2 days, but they barely improved since. I did like the kingdom building, but I think in the end it just made me want a revival of Suikoden. Those were good fucking games. Also really enjoyed Automata. And if you haven't played it and get the chance, I loved the first Nier even more. It's getting a remake, but last I read it's going to be imouto route instead of the superior daughteru route. I stan the ugly ass Papa Nier.

For games, I play a shit ton of JRPGs, if you want opinions on anything PS3 and earlier I most likely got them. I go for single player games in general. Definitely in for story, but can appreciate good gameplay or nice titties. FPS isn't my thing, even less online; I'm bad at them and in general don't enjoy the gameplay unless a good story and setting is present like the Bioshock games. I do have a few COD games from PS Plus, maybe I'll give those a try at some point. But also if I want to play an FPS, apparently it's GTA simulator in Trump country right now, I can just go outside. TPS is fine. Enjoy a good VN, but prefer the more interactive ones. Also like to have a waifu collector on the side, currently that's FE Heroes. The only MMOs I ever got really into were Gunbound (does that count) and Vindictus. Tried some other f2p ones but none of them stuck. Next longest stint was probably in loli simulator TERA, but it was around the time I started losing interest in MMOs so it didn't last long until I went cold. I'm pretty into Monster Hunter, but prefer to play them solo. The closest thing to a MMO I play now is Tetris 99. Friends are trying to get me into PSO2 but I'm not feeling it. Unlikely we'd ever cross paths since I don't really do multiplayer, but nice to know there's at least some overlapping offline interests.
QuattroVaginas May 26, 6:35 PM
Nice dick you got. Pretty different from mine, but I also haven't really examined my own in like 20 years. Think Earthsea and Yamada is the only ones I haven't seen. I've always been more of a Takahata person, so nice to see some appreciation for Only Yesterday, no one really knows it exists.

I went for a Masters too, more to stall because I make dumb decisions and didn't want to work. I was a shitty student and it wasn't cheap, so it was a horrible idea for me personally. But things worked out eventually so hope it goes well for you, whichever way.

And I've also been getting deep into my PS4's backlog. There's some bumps and pieces of turd along the way but it's overall a pleasure experience. Also picked up a Switch for a change of scenery and quicker sessions. Less intimacy with that one since it's a side piece, mainly get in some bathroom action. Tetris when I shit. What kind of games do you play?
Amin-kun May 17, 4:04 PM
That’s great! Yeah I LOVE Aria, great experience
QuattroVaginas May 14, 7:21 PM
I sign on to update my list once in a while. Forums hasn't been worth trolling in a while, and everyone I liked talking to has been long gone (yes including you who left me hanging for 2 years). Recently landed a job I wanted to do at a company I want to work at, so I'm on this shit even less. I did go straight into quarantine with my impeccable timing, but work is infinitely more interesting than what I did before (don't let anyone tell you project engineering is an engineering job, shit was so boring I signed up for MAL and dicked around on it 8 hr a day for 6 years). WFH is nice, but I would like to go on campus one day and hang out with the cool kids, and then regret it. In the meantime attending meetings and presenting shit without pants on is a good feeling.

Yeah man, send me your thoughts, I'm bored as fuck. Try not to make it 2 years this time, this world's going to shit you know, I might not be alive. Pretty sure I've seen everything Ghibli but maybe not. I probably missed some of the new stuff. But the old stuff ran on repeat in my kindergarten. Geniuses at Montessori screened Grave of the Fireflies multiple times to 5 year olds. I was scarred for a few years, now I'm into guro.
AndoCommando May 10, 12:32 AM
Cool review on A Silent Voice.
Phraze Mar 29, 10:39 AM
Long time no talk. How have you been?

Well, I ended up getting out of the card stuff... At least the work! 2 years of no desktop and forgot a few things. I wasn't using Photoshop back then, so I may try to switch over when refreshing my memory. I'm still quiet attached to MAL as a social platform, but added Twitter and Discord to the list (do you have Discord yeet?). Haven't been interested in anime lately, tbh. *has almost no clue what to talk about for anime*

Graduated yet? How was your job hunt? And how is it now, what with the quarantines. I'm thinking about catching up with some anime, a bit, and maybe TV series, in the meantime. I finally moved out few months ago, so I have plenty of things to do IRL. Had a job, but quarantine got in the way. Dealing with other issues too. Ahhh the life... I'm adulting!! /sarcasm
Gadottinho Nov 23, 2019 7:21 PM
I see you are a man of culture, w kawashima ami in favorites haha
Kirinring Oct 5, 2019 12:36 AM
Rare to see someone else loving sakai wakana! PA works girls are something special :)