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Endless_end Nov 20, 2021 5:48 PM
kkkkk entendi, mas por que? Ta começando a cansar de anime?

Ahh normal, as vezes eu esqueço tbm.
Muito bom aquele anime, os personagens são demais. Acho que eu reassistiria tbm algum dia.
Sei do meme sim kkkkk pior que parece mesmo, agora que vc falou. E eu que leio o seu como Xbox KKKKK

Haruhi ta no PTW faz tempo, li em algum lugar que a ordem pra assistir ele é toda estranha, sem falar do endless eight. Qual ordem vc recomenda? Sim então kkkkk quero assistir a série justamente pra assistir o filme

Ahh c viu minha lista? O que achou? kkkk mó trabalho pra montar
Endless_end Nov 20, 2021 4:59 AM
E ai! Tudo bem? Tinha até esquecido dessa mensagem kkkk

Opa blz, vou deixar então.
Sim mano, muito raro achar fan de Clannad hoje em dia kkk

Sim sou do Brasil tbm!
Ahh entendi, eu tbm não coloco nada do Brasil no meu

Gostei da foto de Tamako Market no perfil :D
Ikusagami Nov 14, 2021 6:47 PM
If I'd known the offending review was so short I'd have just read it the other night, even after a couple glasses of wine--

I really don't see what the issue could be. I assume that actually citing having been moderated is offensive to moderators who make up their own rules--I've had that problem; they say that even telling people what they did is seen as criticizing/questioning their authority and is itself a violation. ( although they can never actually cite the rule saying, "though shall respect moderators as gods and genuflect before their infallible glory.")

I can see the parody delivery being questioned if they were strict on reviews following specific guidelines, but most of the top-rated reviews I see cannot be called reviews. Just check out the second one on the Eva 3+1 page. It's just a criticism of Anno via the movie's ending; hardly thorough or academic in format. The top reviews on most anime I see are usually just juvenile ranting or criticism of a specific scene that expects the readers to have already seen it (which frankly, renders the purpose of reviews meaningless), so I don't see what made yours worth being called out, never mind to the point of obsessive persecution.

My first guess is it was initially just an asshat move by an overcompensating (ie. authority abusing) asshat who just didn't like your criticism of the show, and then the fact you stood up to them made you a target. This seems to be par for the cybercourse.
Ikusagami Nov 11, 2021 8:38 PM
Oh yeah, and it just occurred to me to make a recommendation.

You usually enjoy emotionally charged anime much more than I do, and while your preference is relationship-centric tragedies, you also do a good job of analyzing thematic structure and patterns on your blog, so this may appeal to you.

Fumetsu no Anata e

Big surprise, it's yet another direly overrated/overscored work on MAL, but it did still leave an impact.
I'm torn on scoring it because the plot was not gripping for me. I was not compelled to watch another episode, then another then another, and I'd go days before watching another even after a cliffhanger.
BUT, it still managed to impact me emotionally, which usually earns an extra point.

It's a slow burn, as it's about an immortal entity that adopts the likeness/abilities of things that die in proximity to it, like a kind of living bestiary. In the beginning, the character has no personality at all; no speech, no intellect. So as I said, slow burn. But as you can infer just from the title and the description, the central theme of the show is mortality, and the character grows and learns as he gets drawn into people's lives and problems, and realizes that he is a catalyst for them. I'm not an emotional person, and didn't even know how to cry until my mid-thirties, but this show got to me a few times, even invoked tears, and both made me think and make me feel. So might be something you enjoy scrutinizing/criticizing, if not emotioning all over like I did, haha.
Ikusagami Nov 11, 2021 7:54 PM
I'd say I'll just check out the VNs instead of the anime... but I'm terrible with VNs. Never even finished the original Fate/Stay Night. I think the only one I ever did finish was the crazy Gen Urobuchi one.

I always think of this when it comes to Evangelion

But I really do wish more shows eschewed all the wish-fulfillment tropes to make interesting anti-heroes with more meaningful themes.

I did not see the new Dune yet. I only just started the book series a couple years ago, and despite my plan to include one to my reading list each summer, this year was shit and I barely got any reading done. (I've been getting through The Godfather at a snail's pace, because it turns out it can actually occur that the movie is significantly better than the book).
I liked the first book, but don't care for Herbert's dry and clinical writing style (ten times better than Mario Puzo, though!) or some of the narrative contrivances to engineer suspense (Paul deliberately putting himself into situations that negated his prescience), preferred the second book because it shook things up with a streamlined plot that I thought better managed dramatic tension, despite being a bit TOO tunnel-visioned in that regard.... and... I'll hopefully managed to get to the third book next year since I skipped it in 2021.

Ah, that sucks they nerfed Lady Jessica. Her character (by which I mean the character's demonstration of personal character) was essential to the plot. Of course, by modern standards, being a heterosexual married woman automatically makes her part of the systemic problem with society, so such a person has to be presented in the character of social narrative. *eyeroll*
I highly doubt they found an Alia capable of projecting that kind of enigmatic creepiness, either. I loved her encounter with the old witch. (I was disappointed in the Witcher series having a Yennefer who acts the age of her actress, without the cold imperiousness of a powerful old woman with a young body, but her nude scenes brought me around. Fantastic acting!)

"Oh but don't worry, they changed the ethnicity of a handful of characters to be inclusive!"
The damn books already featured multiple races. Jesus Christ what is wrong with these people? They could easily have divided it into race by planet/hemisphere/class/etc.

On the topic, one of my favorite series, The Wheel of Time, is getting an Amazon adaptation--aside from changing the main character from the prophesied hero destined to save and destroy the world to the female Gandalf character who seeks him out and whose motives are kept suspect in the first few books, they threw diversity in to a crazy degree. The irony is that like Song of Ice and Fire the story features a massive world with many nationalities, races and cultures, but unlike Game of Thrones (which handled this realistically) they threw a bunch of random race swaps all over the place.
The story starts in a reclusive farming village that's had centuries of inbreeding with local isolated farming villages, and the protagonist is often noted to have different skin/hair/eyes than the rest in the region... so of course for the show they would populate the village with random black people who weren't adopted from outside. Because that makes fucking sense, right?!
The absolute hilarity though is in that the massive musclebound nordic-like swordmaster was changed to a short Asian dude. Because in all the randomized diversity agenda, it's still not racist to assume that Asians are the default martial artists. (I'll bet he's good at math now too!)

"there will be consequences".
Oh jeez. As much as I want to make this a generational thing and criticize immature otaku mods, I've gotten nothing but shit from some of the crazy feminist millennial admins even on psychology forums. Seems the internet has become a whole new kind of toxic in recent years, where anything that deviates even remotely from anybody's personal ideology is labeled oppressive, warranting the oppression of anybody and everybody who dares to have an original thought. It's gone from obnoxious kids using, "It's just the internet," as an excuse to troll amorally to cybernazis labeling anybody who doesn't fall in line with the status quo as trolling, and then stalking them like Jew-Sniffers to excise them from the community.

Ever read Nietzsche? He identified the toxic mindset that is spreading as "slave morality." Basically the envy of the weak and mediocre resulting in a sadistic desire to overthrow what they perceive as superior and independent under the claim they are morally righteous in their vengeance and thus justified in their persecution. (Animal Farm analogy--pigs become the people; horse still gets turned to glue. Nothing changes but the name of the oppressor)
Big surprise that in Murica we have growing racial and class tensions (escalated by the media, political parties and educational institutions) coinciding with a hard left into socialism.
*waves to Godwin's Law*

I copy pasted your profile in case it gets deleted--will read later and get back to you on how ineffably offensive you are. :P
Don't get banned, ya fuck. You're one of the only intelligent organisms left.

Endless_end Nov 9, 2021 2:00 PM
Hey!! How are you doing?

I read your review on Clannad AS a long time ago (probably one year ago, on my first time re-watching Clannad) and since then I've been recommending it to everyone! This one here. I even put it on my signature so people won't rate (or hate 😅) Clannad without a chance of understanding it. I hope that's OK? To put the link on my signature. By the way, it's the best Clannad review and explanation I've ever seen, good job!

Oh and I think I'm from the same country as you, but I don't know if it's okay for you to talk on our language, as you didn't put it as your location.
ANDYVIDAL Oct 15, 2021 2:21 PM
tambíen me gustá tawawa on monday , recomienda animes o mangas parecidos
Ikusagami Oct 14, 2021 2:05 PM
I'm with you on the "rebuild as official fanfic." It's amazing how many people defend it vociferously, and the high marks it gets. I can only think the majority never saw the original, or disliked it enough to see the rebuild as "correcting" what was wrong with it. (meaning, being fucking original!)

And if that did happen to Shinji, he'd have probably turned out like Gattsu from Berserk. His dad made Gendo actually look like the World's Greatest Dad. Hell, my own stepfather was a marine, so Gendo being kinda cold and expecting his kid to work for the free roof over his head with attractive roommates on his father's dime isn't half as bad as the ungrateful emo brat made it out to be. Hah

I've never seen or read any of the Muv Luv stuff, so it's not on my radar. But at the very least anime isn't yet being infused (meaning fully marinated in) "woke" virtue propaganda, like virtually everything made in America. The worst anime adaptation is still ten times better than what hollywood does to official fan-fiction here.

Vexem Sep 17, 2021 8:46 AM
Great clannad review
Ikusagami Aug 15, 2021 8:57 PM
Going to do an Evangelion 1.2 + 0.9+ 3.6 - 1.7 review?
I enjoyed them as movies, but they felt like a "modernization." ie. Pandering to audience expectations. So, uh... kinda the antithesis of of the original. Which I guess has it's own kind of subtle beauty, being deconstruction of deconstruction and calling it a reconstruction.

My biggest complaint is that for all the counter-genre tropes and scenes the first is most famous for that the reconstruction inverted, nobody masturbated over Shinji's comatose body.
...although, I guess since he was comatose between 2 and 3, Gendo could have had a side business going before shooting him into orbit. $5 for 5 minutes in the eva "cockpit." Seems more like something 90s Gendo would have done.
(I suspect I'm going to have to re-block comments after that joke because your fans don't get my sense of humour)
DazeLovesAnime Aug 8, 2021 7:04 AM
I like your cut G:)
neamhnaid Jun 6, 2021 6:47 AM
nice reviews
Zahraung Apr 30, 2021 6:53 PM
Alice > Akari
Ikusagami Dec 15, 2020 6:08 AM
Just wanted to thank you for mentioning Yashahime, as I'd have never known about it otherwise--and it very much scratches a nostalgia itch, in both good and bad ways. (looking forward to 40 episodes of plotless filler, but with archetypes that sadly don't include a philandering monk)

In less than 5% of the original show's airtime our brave heroines have slaughtered scores of cats and murdered an adorable polar bear cub.
Can't wait for the main villain in this series to be revealed. I'm sure three demon chicks clubbing a baby seal to death will be almost as climactic as the final showdown with Naraku.

Ikusagami Dec 9, 2020 3:20 PM
At this rate, I'm not even sure I CAN die.
But like any immortal, I regularly need to exile myself from the idiocy of civilization so as to get shit done.
Writing has become dangerous in this era of SJW fanaticism--poor Chris Avellone.
(George Carlin isn't just rolling in his grave, he's having fucking seizures) So I've been researching everything necessary to open an absinthe distillery.
Glad you're doing alright, despite the socially imposed captivity.

Shit, being sans internet for a year, I'm not up-to-date on anything new. If you hadn't mentioned a new Inuyasha, I'd have never known.
Now that Horriblesubs is dead (maybe they made a tweet that pissed off an SJW *eyeroll*) I'm not even sure where to find anime anymore.

Yes, I've come to regret not picking up certain Switch games immediately, as well as selling off certain games just for them to skyrocket in value. Buying limited edition new releases and then holding onto them a a few months is now equivalent to striking oil.
Sakuna wasn't on my radar, but I was lucky to get Persona 5 Royal cheap before it jumps in rarity.
Looking forward to Genshin Impact when I finish up Watch Dogs 2, to make up for the *brace for blasphemy* disappointment that was BotW.