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Chrno Crusade
Jan 5, 12:21 PM
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Nagi no Asukara
Nagi no Asukara
Jan 5, 11:40 AM
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Getsuyoubi no Tawawa Specials
Jan 5, 11:37 AM
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Dungeon Meshi
Dec 18, 2016 2:06 PM
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Dantalian no Shoka
Dantalian no Shoka
Sep 14, 2016 2:40 PM
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Jun 29, 2016 1:05 PM
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xshirino Jan 10, 7:03 PM
I agree, I don't get why everyone is hating on it though.
xshirino Jan 4, 4:07 PM
Bless your review on Tawawa, it was really needed among all that hate.
Ikusagami Dec 24, 2016 7:51 PM
Assuming you are gone again, but *insert obligatory holiday cheer* :P
Merry X-mas to a merry X-Bob.
Ikusagami Dec 20, 2016 3:08 PM
Oh, and on the off chance you actually return and reply to this :P
Have you seen Kimi no Na Wa yet?
I've heard such excessive over-the-top praise for it, but you know I'm not a huge Shinkai fan. (ironically the Shinkai film I liked most was the one you liked least)
I was curious if you found it as orgasmically perfect as the rest of the Shinkai fandom do.
Ikusagami Dec 20, 2016 1:48 PM
Do you think you can just waltz in and out of my life anytime you want?!

Well, I guess it's true what they say. If you love your bob you have to let it go, and if it doesn't come back, it was never truly your bob to begin with.

Now for my well thought out reply:

*insert snarky comment about fear of abandonment*
*insert cliche forgiveness speech and good-willed well-wishing sentiments*
*insert clever pop culture reference*
*insert uncomfortable lewd comment*
*insert Herbert the Pervert pic*

Would you believe me if I told you you re-emerged literally one day after I told somebody else off for using college as an excuse to constantly blow me off?
Granted, you don't immediately follow the excuse with a list of things you do with your free time and then argue that you really really wanted to write me but were so busy with college, and then go back to describing all the other things you do with your free time.
...but I find the timing incredibly meaningful.
It's like, I sacrificed her to the God Hand in order to revive Bob on MAL.
Bob, who does not get Berserk references, because it isn't a high school romance with slice of life elements. (but hey! There is a lot of slicing of life! So take that loli outta your lap and watch it already!)

God Hand:
Uh. Is that... really all you want?
I mean, we can make you a god ya know. No, no, it's okay, just sayin', ya know, usually our supplicants are more... uh... ambitious. So uh, yeah. Enjoy your Bob, then, *snicker* and uh, we'll just be taking this here sacrifice. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to call...

And I am not at ALL going to question now what they might give me if I trade you in. "Yeah, Gamestop God Hand, what's the trade in value on this Bob? Hmmm. Can I get that in cash, or does it have to be store credit? Okay, now, Bob, just go with the nice demon people. You're just going to have a nice little vacation, nothing to be afraid of."
*and the chilling word "refurbished" hangs like a resounding pall in the air*

"Japan is also trying to make animu great again so they are announcing a bunch of sequels to old stuff like Sakura and Code Geass,"
I didn't even know about this. They did finally make the second season of Berserk after two decades, but the animation is atrocious.
Now if they could kindly finish Pandora Fucking Hearts.

Your link led me to another link:
Skynet is born
That expression at 2:02... seriously, scientist people, did you have to model its AI after Jack Nicholson? We're evolving so fast as a species we skipped the maidbots, slavebots and sexbots and jumped straight to the homicidal-slaughterbots.

"which resulted on me getting a "warning" for sending someone to a 18+ doujinshi site"
Don't ya love the powers that be on this lovely site?
I speak to all of two people on here, you and Skadi, yet I've been banned, had my personal conversations deleted before the other person could even read them, had my About Me text erased when I wasn't even active, and received harassing messages that somehow my private conversations with you and Skadi constitute "harassment", all by somebody called Tyrel.
I Remember when people were expected to respect their elders, veterans, and people who can cut them in half. *insert more GTAV bigotry, this time Michael bitching about Millennials [couldn't find a video--go figure, the search just brings up Trevor killing hipsters again. LOL]*
But it's as I've always said, the problem with internet moderation is that people mature enough to do it have higher aspirations and better things to do with their time. Like with low level police; smart people make detective or work for more prestigious agencies. The ones that directly "moderate" the rules are just incompetent underachieving, overcompensating chumps who want to be respected for their "authority", and so are prone to abusing their power.
Case in point: Skadi is mature enough to make a good MAL Matron; she refused the job when offered.

"honestly don't know what happened since now apparently I'm locked out from it"
You kicked yourself out of your own club?
Wow, Bob. Really taking MAL moderation mentality to its extremes, there, aren't you? :P
Now who will keep the cicada company? You know if a cicada chirps in the woods and nobody is around to hear it... it gets really annoyed that its efforts go in vain.

I see the anidb links. Is that where you hang out now that you've lost faith in the holy mother church of MAL with its antiquated laws and vile, toxic culture? Anidb is the Protestantism of anime, I guess.

"as someone who only plays the guitar and a bit of piano"
Dood. You never mentioned this. I'm not really big on guitar (though it takes a skillset I could never master), but I have a lot of respect and admiration for pianists. I'm especially fond of piano and violin solos.

The pokemon kid kissed a girl? I always thought he was into furries.
In America he's called Ash. I've never watched it because
A) I'm old
B) there's only one Ash in my book. He's better with girls and he packs a much bigger boomstick.(cf. the Darwin vs Ash rap battle)

"Yes. I just linked everything to AniDB because I'm damn mad at this site."
Seems you already answered my question. I'm not editing it out.
Aren't you worried you might get moderated for linking there?

"So, Cubs huh?"
Yeah, they're really good in a Bearnaise sauce.......
ooooohh, you meant the team... uhhh...
*slowly resumes chewing*
Okashi Dec 19, 2016 6:01 AM
I haven't watched Getsuyoubi no Tawawa yet actually. I just have it in my watching list to remind myself that this is a must watch and that I should do it soon lol. I'm barely watching anything nowadays, Uni is kinda killing me this semester. I mean, it's not that much, but since anime is 2nd to gaming for me, I usually spend my free time playing some video games since I don't have much.

And yeah Sakura Quest does intrigue me. After Shirobbako in 2014 PA has definitely earned my love and I'm willing to try anything from them. I'm not too keen on the director though, but we'll see what happen. But dammit I was disappointed that the announcement was Shirobako 2.
Ikusagami Nov 12, 2016 12:00 AM
America's going to be Great again!
First, we'll get rid of all those disgusting immigrants who steal our jobs and live off our taxes. First will be the Mexicans and other latinos who have been feeding illegally off our economy, then the blacks and Asians, who were brought here to be slaves and never would have been if anybody knew they didn't want to work, then will be the Italians who introduced crime to our great nation, then the drunken potato eating Irish, then the close-minded racist Germans who polluted our good American blood, then those pretentious French who think they're better than every other nationality even when they're mixing into ours (and had to set up Canada because they were too arrogant to learn English).
Then, when it's all said and done, we'll send those obnoxious English back across the ocean to practice their uptight parochial religion in a country they never should have run away from.
And lastly, for the coup de grace, these "Native Americans". Who are nothing more than descendants from Aztecs and Mayans, which means they're basically just Mexican immigrants who snuck in before there were even jobs to steal.
And then, at long last, America will be Great again!
Becaues it will finally be rid of the WORST kind of people...
Ikusagami Nov 5, 2016 12:16 PM
You did not make me club Admin. Ergo, I am abandoning you, as per contract. :P
That's right, I'm leaving you alone in the clubhouse with the cicada.

*Hannibal Lecter voice*
You still wake up, sometimes, don't you Bob? You still wake up in the dark, and hear the horrible chirping of the cicadas.

Soul-Master Oct 7, 2016 3:26 PM
Hello! Glad to know you are still around man!

I see, thats lovely to hear. Im glad you liked it that much. I should try it sometime but ufff, lazy. Particulary with stuff as long as that.
I'll try it sometime tho. Thats for sure.

I know I know. I wanna play so much more stuff but sooo busy. Uff, its a pain. A real pain.

Oh wow! Thats fantastic. Damn man, thats something I did not expect. And yes, I been there. Its a lovely place. I think you are gonna love it. I loved staying in the Andes. Lovely place. Uff, tell me how preps are going.
Ikusagami Sep 29, 2016 6:05 AM
I don't usually do clubs, but you know, I've ALWAYS thought, "Man, I should really start a cicada club, but I doubt anybody would join it."
I'll join under the condition you make me admin. That way I can overcompensate my feelings of inadequacy by power tripping with imagined cyber-relevance and lording over people on the internet where I can't get my ass kicked for being a douchebag.
Ikusagami Sep 29, 2016 6:01 AM

It's not off the table. Only reason I checked back in here was I was depressed again.
Gee. Aren't I just a ray of fucking sunshine?
Like a self help booklet written by Tim Burton.
Foreword by Denis Leary.
I'd actually given up on MAL; you and Skadi had been gone so long last time I checked I didn't think you'd return. I feel stupid, seeing I could have been basking in your Bobness months ago.
I was in daily communication with somebody who was keeping me afloat, but she decided to jump on the Abandonment Band Wagon that seems to be in vogue the last couple years. I would have been more patient waiting for her to fit me in, except I'd just sent her a gift, and the fact she couldn't even be bothered to send a terse "thank you" in a week set me off.
So now I have to transfer that relationship onto you.
Now send me selfies and song clips and let me bathe you.

(Yeah, now that you're a legal adult, it's not as funny... but hopefully just as disturbing)

Yes, I got four or five PMs, so maybe they fixed PMs when they renovated MAL. I actually thought, "hm, either they fixed PMs, or he's been actually sending me a quote a day for several months, and they're all getting eaten."
Explains why Skadi is absent again, though. If they fixed PMs, she's getting twenty a day asking what her avatar is from.
Strange nobody asks me that. :D
It's such a great show!

"Not "dark" as in the dark of your basement, where you're currently dwelling you handicapped Aborigine fuck."
I laughed my ass off at that entire segment.
No matter how down in the dumps I am, your verbal abuse always lifts me up.
The fuck?!
And that was close, except you're not stupid or passive aggressive enough to pass as an average working white American. I suggest spending more time in the MAL forums to better understand the common mindset. :P
I actually found a scene in GTA V which perfectly sums up my general reaction to MAL.

Haha. Was the debate as hysterical as I envision it?
I find this year's election to be the most blatantly parodial one yet. Like the government is trying to deliberately demonstrate how retarded democracy is.
And actually, people vote for Trump because the alternative is Hillary. Frankly, it's a lose/lose situation no matter how you look at it. The benefit of Trump is that he's upfront and honest about being pure evil. Hillary does a really shitty job of hiding it. If she could at least pull a Little Finger and make herself seem somewhat sincere about her "good intentions" it wouldn't be so bad.
At least with Trump, we know what he's plotting. It's a choice between Senator Palpatine and Emperor Palpatine, really. Either way, we're sure to wind up with a power hungry dictator.
Still better than mob rule, though.

Oh, and really, Trump was inevitable ever since Arnold got into politics. Nietzsche predicted over a century ago that the future upper class would be actors. Why not an attention whore who built his reputation on being exaggeratedly rude and making a televised spectacle out of firing people. Americans don't want to be governed. We want to be entertained.
Even if at our own expense.

I barely remember any Shinkai works, but if memory serves, I could imagine the common themes of separation as a parable for death, even if not intentionally written as such. (fun fact: breakups and job-loss often follow the grieving cycle for coping with death. So Shinkai should start making movies about unemployment... it's where my avatar comes from)
I still never even finished Clannad. I've heard about After Story though. Completely ridiculous. :P Maybe if I wish upon a star hard enough all my problems will go away. School Days is far more realistic!

"If they cut off your arms you can always buy one of the Stephen Hawking thingies."
You do realize that guy is just a brain dead patsy, and Stephen Hawking is actually a super computer AI programmed into the chair, right?
And no, if I lose the use of my arms completely, Trump is going to either have me deported or used for tinder.
Ikusagami Sep 24, 2016 3:23 AM
Loved the quote spam PMs. I do it with Napoleon and Nietzsche, but people just find that pretentious. lol. Yours were more poetic.
Oh wait, I do Red vs Blue and Breaking Bad, too... but that just makes me a nerd.
Now... "Say my name."
Ikusagami Sep 22, 2016 5:03 AM
I'm part Native American and I grew up adhering to Bushido. I'm ALWAYS suicidal!
And poking fun at it is equivalent to racism, jackass.
What next, gonna make fun of my drinking and my casinos?
But yeah, been through some heavy emo stages lately, I must confess. I was in pretty bad shape even before I fucked up my arms, so not really ashamed of it. It's more a desire to ragequit at a shitty game than a "woe is me" at not being able to win.

"Satan loves his lewd Momo figmas."
I always thought Satan was more a Slice of Life kinda guy.

"So what you can't use a damn arm? Jamie Lannister also can't but he still fucks his sister and commands armies;"
Yeah, that's how he copes. I'm not getting any rewards for my suffering. lol

"A T-Rex never needed arms to be the dominant species;"
You realize they were just overcompensating out of perpetual frustration because they couldn't masturbate, right?

And dude. I missed your sense of humor. Glad I checked back in.
But yeah, watching shit gets boring after a while when you're an active person.
I cope by drinking. And netflix has been sending me TWO WHOLE DVDS A WEEK! And sometimes, one of them isn't even broken! It really staves off the boredom. (The government has deemed fit to give me $200 a month for food [yes, I am now one of those charity leeches I despise], but they don't have an internet welfare plan. Bastards. Internet is OBVIOUSLY more important than food)
Oh, and I can play video games again, to some extent, so long as I wear a wrist brace, though once I get surgeries (need three of them) the depressive boredom will return. The hardest thing, for me, is living in isolation. I live in the armpit of America, so staying cooped up indoors is actually preferable to venturing out with the hicks. Now if I hear banjo music, I don't have the strength to fight back.

I was actually suffering depression LONG before people started stabbing me in the back. I just did a better job of ignoring it. It's an ethics thing. I always said people who have no raison d'etre should just kill themselves rather than get in the way of real people. If I excluded myself, I'd be a hypocrite. (I would gladly sacrifice myself that Lord Trump may be apotheosized, and grow more powerful from devouring my soul!)

But at least I have medical insurance, now, even if next to nobody takes it. Maybe in a year or two I can actually have a life again.
So how the hell have you been? Still living la vida loli?

And yes, I hate what they've done to MAL. But making needless superficial changes and getting the masses to recognize it as improvement is the American Way!

Okashi Sep 20, 2016 12:18 PM
Okashi Sep 20, 2016 3:06 AM
Glad you liked it. We need more Jinrui love on this site. I'm always shocked by how little it's mentioned in.. well, anywhere. Which is even more surprising considering that everyone I shoved the show down their throat watched it either love it or have a positive opinion on it (7+). Then again, I'm also happy it's not that well-known and slightly under people's radar because I fear it'll turn into some Texhnolyze meme because most of the people I know that are fond of the show fall into the "elitist" category. And then people would bash it just because and I'd fight everyone of them.... and this took a weird turn.

Anyway, yes the staff was great, from the VAs to the director and Romeo is a boss. That ED by Masumi Ito was great too, it's one of the best things about the show, the symbolism and the art style, how it's animated, how it shows the rise and fall of civilizations, and last but not least, Watashi slipping on banana peel xD. I always tear up a bit when I hear it. Actually I just burst into tears like a little girl because it reminds of how great the show was and that I'll probably never experience something like it. The show was put together so well with it's non-chronological order, definitely, it was nice but also shocking to start with a short hair Watashi.

As for my favorite moments from the show, I'm totally with you about the time paradog arc. It was brilliant, though I'd also lean towards the school arc, and the finale more, because, one reason why I really loved this anime and Watashi a lot was because I could relate so much to it, especially in the end about the school because I experienced something sort of similar to Watashi's during my last highschool years and I just happened to stumble upon this show during that time, which made me so happy. I've never felt such an emotional connection to a fictional character like I did to Watashi, which is why she'll always be my all time favorite. I did write my thoughts on the last two episodes in simulwatch thread and why I felt that way in case you're interested. I admit my post about the last two episodes was messy af and poorly articulated. Though I can't help but get emotional and enthusiastic whenever I re-watch that arc, no matter how many times I watched it Actually, I just suck at properly explaining myself sometimes and like to make up excuses. It hits me in all the right spots I just don't know what to do anymore lol.

As for the novels not being translated, yes it's a shame. I'd do anything to read them. Which brings me to a something a friend of mine jokingly said when I told him the same thing. He said "if you'd do anything then why not learn japanese and import the novels". And I'm actually thinking about it. Maybe after I finish Uni or during it, idk, while it does seem like a far-fetched dumb goal but it's something I definitely plan on doing in my life. It'll probably take a long time, I also have doubts that I'll even commit to it, but I wanna try anyway, just not sure when. Also learning the superior weeb language would be cool I guess.