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Ikoku Meiro no Croisée The Animation
Ikoku Meiro no Croisée The Animation
Jun 10, 3:32 PM
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Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin (TV)
Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin (TV)
Jun 10, 3:32 PM
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Chikyuu no Houkago
Chikyuu no Houkago
May 23, 9:30 PM
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Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
May 23, 9:30 PM
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Chrno Crusade
Chrno Crusade
Mar 2, 2:23 PM
Completed 59/59 · Scored 9


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7tables Jun 17, 10:12 PM
From International SaiMoe League Club

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Parkyou Jun 15, 7:16 AM
You should join the club and change it on the inside. Write about one of the topics you suggested. If I write too many articles on clannad, I may receive bad looks.
Ikusagami Jun 11, 11:59 PM
And when you get REALLY old, you realize Kaede is where it's at.

I just wanna lift up that eyepatch and.... mmmmmmm.... I can't even finish that thought without masturbating.

Okay, looking at that serial killer collage you keep as the centerpiece of a shrine in your bedroom, I have to admit Kagome is 92 Shades of Adorable.
But I'm more a Re-L Mayer type'a guy. (Why have dere when you can go pure tsun?)
Shit. What does that say about me?

"After the trainwreck of Hibike, remember I told you I'd picked up Nagi no Asuka to counter dumb drama with Okada'ed dumb drama?"
You lost me at "drama." :P
I really don't do well outside my comfort zone, evidently. Gave up anime for so long, and I'm re-entering the fray to watch the badly animated but still riveting second (third) season of Berserk.
Does a guy who kills things en masse who is protecting a mentally incapacitated rape victim count as a romantic drama? :-/

Heh. As you get older, your views of romance are becoming more bitter, so your tastes more closely align with mine. MWAA HAA HAA!!!!
Soon you shall be a bitter angry old man!

It's been so long since seeing Toradora, and since it wasn't a favorite even then, I barely recall it.
I have a friend who is talking about cosplaying as Holo, though. Thought that would catch your interest. ;) You want real romance, you have to go interspecies capitalist drama.

Speaking of live action, I only just remembered you recommended me Under the Dome like two fucking years ago. Should watch that after I finish The Wire.
Ikusagami May 29, 7:00 AM
I like Sango more. Your waifu is inferior. :P (you just like the outfit. Pervert)

Hah. I actually watched it entirely dubbed, simply because that's how I'd always seen it on TV. The voice work isn't as bad as some, but the "sit boy" is actually from the English dub. Since lip syncing takes priority of a faithful translation.

Ditto on the repetition. It's great when the plot is developing, but each arc has at least a dozen filler episodes before the story picks back up. And the "story" is usually just looking for Naruku, looking for Naraku, looking for Naraku.
And yeah... those Shippo ones. (I didn't mind the Miroku ones as much, but they were just the same damn thing. Shippo can be too annoying to be the focus)

"Sesshomaru can also fuck me anytime. WHAT A MAN (no homo)."
Easily my favorite character.
I wanted to punch wolf boy though. He grated on my patience too much.

I thought the romance dragged out too much too. I get the point is always to save the "hook up" for the ending, but Friends didn't end when Ross and Rachel got together. They just found ways to add more conflict with it.
So Kikyo often felt more like a plot device than a necessary element of plot development.
And for the Final Act, I felt it came across a bit too rushed. The first 6,000 episodes, or however many, had episodes condensed to themes or character arcs, where Final Act jumped around to different plot points so much it often felt like the ending points weren't as gracefully placed, unlike those masterful fade to credits and moving ED of the original series.

I liked the movies, but I honestly don't remember any of them very well. They were mostly detached from the story, so just felt like long filler episodes, even if still good in their own rights.

Ikusagami May 25, 6:33 AM
Actually, the fact I updated them at the same time demonstrates I didn't get around to adding them to the list for a while, which means that I finished them first, and you were unconsciously (or by some means of supernatural stalking) driven to catch up to me.

What did you think of the series, overall?
And you want to know "a few years?" I was YOUR age when I started the damn show!!! You broke some kind of record watching it so fast.
Wolfsbane Apr 6, 7:38 PM
Can you be alive if you are a zombie tho? Lol Frankenstein hahaha.
Oh damn, sounds like you had quite hte adventure with your roadtrip man. So glad for you hehee. I want a roadtrip as well. Been a while since I actually tried one. One with a cool group and a spacious vehicle. Dream.

And yes, Buenos Aires is huge. And filled with people. So its natural that you feel, outcast sort of. There is no welcome. Everyone is just there, doing their thing. Most glued to their phones.
Smaller cities are much nicer and chiller in that regard. Ideal for tourists certainly.

Same. I honestly haven't followed a season in a while now. I'll pick up what friends recommend me and what I see popular but otherwise I'm mostly focusing on movies atm. I actually do have anime I wanna watch but not quite feeling it yet. Except anime movies that is ofc lol.
And I heard of it! Its one that I really want to check out cause heard great stuff about it. Which one is better, anime or manga? Defeinitely want to give anything Chrono a shot.
Ikusagami Mar 8, 5:02 PM

"you are not a moe spaceship adrift at space exploring the interstellar boundary of our solar system. "

Are you sure about that, Bob? Are you REALLY sure about that?

I barely even remember Madoka 3. I recall I didn't dislike it, but I did find it a superfluous cash grab.
Explains why I prefer American TV to anime these days. Anime has become Hollywood.
...and Michael Bae is everywhere...

I've never seen Avatar to comment on its lesbians. But I do know that nothing can pass final cut without some form of LGBT influence thrown in. Because if they don't, it's discrimination.

Good video. The "best girl" with the shades was beautiful. (I'm assuming that wasn't in the original... because LOL)

"Heh. Fun stuff. ... Hopefully I won't end up dead like your guy. "
GUY? I was talking about Christina Grimmie. Why the fuck would I watch some faggot's videos?
disregard that.
(don't die. you're fun. I'd hate to have to create a new Bob)

"So, how are you?
Fighting the never-ending battle against the darkness of your existence? "
You know me too well.
"When one gazes long into the Ikusagami, the Ikusagami.... tells you to stop. Because it's creepy. Cut it out." -Friedrich Nietzsche

Nah, life is... weird. My dental shit is next week, and then I can start scheduling hand shit (FINALLY!). Last month has been... interesting. I am putting to test the theory I cannot get involved with women who are not already involved. When you're penniless and cripple this just causes the constant anxiety of wondering, "What the fuck is she after? She does realize IQ can't be inherited from a will, right?!"
Past experience tells me to run like hell, but the devil on my shoulder is all like
... I seriously need to just start boycotting vaginas.
Except Skadi's. Skadi's vagina is safe. Best girl vagina.
(lol, I hope she reads this)
On that subject, how is the darkness of your own existence? Is the struggle against higher learning faring yet in your favor, or is the climactic struggle going to draw out like a season of DBZ?

"Did the aliens that abducted you also anal probed you?"
yes, but only by request. I had to sign a waiver saying I consented to it.
Like sex in California.

And no, I have not seen Chrono Crusade, but it was on my list, so I'll bump it up with your recommendation.
Wolfsbane Feb 24, 10:25 AM
Get your ass here man.
Ikusagami Feb 23, 6:13 PM
I don't know if you'll ever resurface to read this. :-/
You're like Silent Bob. Hardly ever speak, but when you do it's fucking hilarious.
If you don't know who Silent Bob is, then I disown you. Get in the fucking robot, Shinji.

" I wish to write a follow up "blog" en---
(ha, he's got a blog, what a loser) [...] let's call it a journal. "
Now now, Bob. Blogs are more common these days, so it's nothing to be ashamed of. You are a loser for completely different reasons. :P
I haven't perused your... journal in a while. Gonna have to catch up some time, since you actually manage to write thought provoking intelligent shit as opposed to every other anime blog's "[anime] is objectively worst/best anime ever because [completely subjective reasons]," with the occasional dash of projected symbolism.

Shit, you got mugged? Old news by the time I'm actually reading this, but still, I hope you weren't hurt.
Hopefully you learned from this experience what you evidently didn't learn from videogames: procure yourself a weapon before venturing into the outside world. Darwin says, "Mug the mugger."

"Hah. Joke's on you. I actually get some Berserk references"
Aw, well at least you can be assured that I count you a friend and not a "friend with Bobifets" (huh?), so you won't be getting the Casca treatment.

"oh my god my life is so shit because my friend/daddy/sis/teacher doesn't love me omg omg my life is so hard omg omg I gonna cry"
Now you know why I can't watch school anime anymore. I'm sure some are good, but no. No, I'm not fishing in the sewer in hopes of finding one tasty fish.

"I just fought teen angst with teen angst! Guess I'm in a comedy, after all. "
Nope. You just described Romeo and Juliet. Tragedy. :P
No wait, tragedy is when you grow out of teen angst and become a bitter old man. But that's also comedic irony. (why can't we have more existential anime, anyway? I want to see something depressing, thought provoking and bitterly ironic at the same time. Quick, somebody solder Haruhi and Berserk together and then put it into a blender with Bakemonogatari)

"Club seems to be fine. I'm not sure exactly what I did. You're supposedly an admin or whatever now there as well.
With great power comes great responsibility!"
I have been neglecting my duties. :(
Hopefully the cicada isn't lonely. But then, I suspect that like a tree falling in the forest, they don't actually make noise unless somebody is around to hear it. The train of thought is basicallly, "Oh shit, there's a human. Now I have to be obnoxious until they leave. SCREEEEE SCREEEE SCREEEEEEEEE! Good, they['re gone." *goes back to napping peacefully*
In other words, they think like owls. Gods help you if you ever sleep in the fucking woods and an owl knows you're there.

"Tyrel is a nice guy. I used to write him a lot. Did he stalk you down and reprehended you on your uncivilized conduct? :O"
Nope. All actions were done on the sly without warning. Given how petty and childish my ex and her NPD friend are, and that both have a tendency to cultivate superficial friend networks (circlejerks), I suspect they were "personal favors" rather than anything done in the capacity of legitimate moderation.
I'd say it's flattering to have left such an impact people are going to be stalking me the rest of my life just to find ways to fuck with me, but... it's actually pretty fucking sad.

Not only is your Getsuyoubi no Tawawa review still up, but it is the top rated review by a staggering majority.
Well done! (in other words, write more reviews that offend SJW mouth breathers)

Well, my favorite musical youtuber got assassinated, so you should start making videos of your guitaring skills. Who knows, you might become famous, and crazy obsessed virgins will spam your videos begging for attention.
xshirino Jan 10, 7:03 PM
I agree, I don't get why everyone is hating on it though.
xshirino Jan 4, 4:07 PM
Bless your review on Tawawa, it was really needed among all that hate.
Ikusagami Dec 24, 2016 7:51 PM
Assuming you are gone again, but *insert obligatory holiday cheer* :P
Merry X-mas to a merry X-Bob.
Ikusagami Dec 20, 2016 3:08 PM
Oh, and on the off chance you actually return and reply to this :P
Have you seen Kimi no Na Wa yet?
I've heard such excessive over-the-top praise for it, but you know I'm not a huge Shinkai fan. (ironically the Shinkai film I liked most was the one you liked least)
I was curious if you found it as orgasmically perfect as the rest of the Shinkai fandom do.
Ikusagami Dec 20, 2016 1:48 PM
Do you think you can just waltz in and out of my life anytime you want?!

Well, I guess it's true what they say. If you love your bob you have to let it go, and if it doesn't come back, it was never truly your bob to begin with.

Now for my well thought out reply:

*insert snarky comment about fear of abandonment*
*insert cliche forgiveness speech and good-willed well-wishing sentiments*
*insert clever pop culture reference*
*insert uncomfortable lewd comment*
*insert Herbert the Pervert pic*

Would you believe me if I told you you re-emerged literally one day after I told somebody else off for using college as an excuse to constantly blow me off?
Granted, you don't immediately follow the excuse with a list of things you do with your free time and then argue that you really really wanted to write me but were so busy with college, and then go back to describing all the other things you do with your free time.
...but I find the timing incredibly meaningful.
It's like, I sacrificed her to the God Hand in order to revive Bob on MAL.
Bob, who does not get Berserk references, because it isn't a high school romance with slice of life elements. (but hey! There is a lot of slicing of life! So take that loli outta your lap and watch it already!)

God Hand:
Uh. Is that... really all you want?
I mean, we can make you a god ya know. No, no, it's okay, just sayin', ya know, usually our supplicants are more... uh... ambitious. So uh, yeah. Enjoy your Bob, then, *snicker* and uh, we'll just be taking this here sacrifice. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to call...

And I am not at ALL going to question now what they might give me if I trade you in. "Yeah, Gamestop God Hand, what's the trade in value on this Bob? Hmmm. Can I get that in cash, or does it have to be store credit? Okay, now, Bob, just go with the nice demon people. You're just going to have a nice little vacation, nothing to be afraid of."
*and the chilling word "refurbished" hangs like a resounding pall in the air*

"Japan is also trying to make animu great again so they are announcing a bunch of sequels to old stuff like Sakura and Code Geass,"
I didn't even know about this. They did finally make the second season of Berserk after two decades, but the animation is atrocious.
Now if they could kindly finish Pandora Fucking Hearts.

Your link led me to another link:
Skynet is born
That expression at 2:02... seriously, scientist people, did you have to model its AI after Jack Nicholson? We're evolving so fast as a species we skipped the maidbots, slavebots and sexbots and jumped straight to the homicidal-slaughterbots.

"which resulted on me getting a "warning" for sending someone to a 18+ doujinshi site"
Don't ya love the powers that be on this lovely site?
I speak to all of two people on here, you and Skadi, yet I've been banned, had my personal conversations deleted before the other person could even read them, had my About Me text erased when I wasn't even active, and received harassing messages that somehow my private conversations with you and Skadi constitute "harassment", all by somebody called Tyrel.
I Remember when people were expected to respect their elders, veterans, and people who can cut them in half. *insert more GTAV bigotry, this time Michael bitching about Millennials [couldn't find a video--go figure, the search just brings up Trevor killing hipsters again. LOL]*
But it's as I've always said, the problem with internet moderation is that people mature enough to do it have higher aspirations and better things to do with their time. Like with low level police; smart people make detective or work for more prestigious agencies. The ones that directly "moderate" the rules are just incompetent underachieving, overcompensating chumps who want to be respected for their "authority", and so are prone to abusing their power.
Case in point: Skadi is mature enough to make a good MAL Matron; she refused the job when offered.

"honestly don't know what happened since now apparently I'm locked out from it"
You kicked yourself out of your own club?
Wow, Bob. Really taking MAL moderation mentality to its extremes, there, aren't you? :P
Now who will keep the cicada company? You know if a cicada chirps in the woods and nobody is around to hear it... it gets really annoyed that its efforts go in vain.

I see the anidb links. Is that where you hang out now that you've lost faith in the holy mother church of MAL with its antiquated laws and vile, toxic culture? Anidb is the Protestantism of anime, I guess.

"as someone who only plays the guitar and a bit of piano"
Dood. You never mentioned this. I'm not really big on guitar (though it takes a skillset I could never master), but I have a lot of respect and admiration for pianists. I'm especially fond of piano and violin solos.

The pokemon kid kissed a girl? I always thought he was into furries.
In America he's called Ash. I've never watched it because
A) I'm old
B) there's only one Ash in my book. He's better with girls and he packs a much bigger boomstick.(cf. the Darwin vs Ash rap battle)

"Yes. I just linked everything to AniDB because I'm damn mad at this site."
Seems you already answered my question. I'm not editing it out.
Aren't you worried you might get moderated for linking there?

"So, Cubs huh?"
Yeah, they're really good in a Bearnaise sauce.......
ooooohh, you meant the team... uhhh...
*slowly resumes chewing*
Okashi Dec 19, 2016 6:01 AM
I haven't watched Getsuyoubi no Tawawa yet actually. I just have it in my watching list to remind myself that this is a must watch and that I should do it soon lol. I'm barely watching anything nowadays, Uni is kinda killing me this semester. I mean, it's not that much, but since anime is 2nd to gaming for me, I usually spend my free time playing some video games since I don't have much.

And yeah Sakura Quest does intrigue me. After Shirobbako in 2014 PA has definitely earned my love and I'm willing to try anything from them. I'm not too keen on the director though, but we'll see what happen. But dammit I was disappointed that the announcement was Shirobako 2.