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Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
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Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
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Similar art style and setting. The plot differ greatly though.
report Recommended by knightedbiscuit
Both these anime draw heavy influences from the Shinto religion. Most everyday ordinary things are personified as kami. Both of the protagonists are young girls that find themselves in predicaments dealing with the kami. Both protagonists not only have similar situations but like personalities as well.
report Recommended by AceOp
First time I saw Kamichu!, I felt some kind of a Miyazaki aura even though it wasn't. Kamichu! is a sweet series with a bit moe with the character design. Spirited Away has the youkai relation with Kamichu!
report Recommended by KinoDabbles
I think these 2 are actually very simulair. both of them take part in a supernatural spirit-like world. next to a great story they bring you the strangeness and weirdness about these spirits. both of them are also really sweet and cute. light stuff, good for all ages. and they share a pretty simulair art style. The only thing that really is different is the story-line. But I think I can safely say, that if you enjoyed one, you probably also will enjoy the other.
report Recommended by MoistMeerkat
- Both involve young (roughly middle school-aged) girls suddenly finding themselves wrapped up in the spirit world. - Both focus on how these main girls must navigate their new lives - Both take a lot of inspiration from shintoism, featuring various spirits and gods - Both have beautiful animation, especially Sen to Chihiro - Both feature romantic sub plots (or, at least, heavily implied romance)
report Recommended by Atsunome
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