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Ricz 12 hours ago
I like bloopers like these. Our anchorman kept his too, since no one warned anyone that the camera is rolling and it's already ad time block. But now... The M1 channel (the state founded public service TV station) is one huge blooper on it's own right with it's sub-channels from M2 to M5 Sports. TV2 is another one, and guess what, that's actually also have governmental ties in. Just like ATV (which was the Socialist Party's TV originally) and Hír TV (News TV), which was good until Orbán and Simicska [pronounce Szimiczka] were in a kind of media war.

Oh, and by politics, I'm genuinely intrigued now. The mayoral elections went downhill for the Fidesz, they lost many districts and towns. Not just in the capital, but a few county's center, and lots of bigger-lesser towns. And guess what was Orbán saying about the elections: "The villages, towns and cities which won't choose Fidesz, won't get any money from the government to upkeep nor develop themselves." And here you go... And also Borkai's sex scandal was a hilarious joke, making it into a meme. Also having one representative holding a sign up during Orbán's speech in the Parliament stating "He stole that much that he has to lie about it.", and Orbán tearing it out from his hands during the speech. And guess what was the best meme: "This sign is not yet stolen." *laughs* Man, the Fidesz is just froze down on, Orbán tries to play big in Bruxelles while having no direct control on how things turn out now in the country, making Fidesz indecisive and hectic.

I'll do it once I get back to nCore, where I could find it definitely. But for now, I'll have to eat up the series that I accumulated and downloaded... Like Ranma, Urusei Yatsura, Hokuto no Ken, Rurouni Kenshin... The greater titles of retro, that I haven't watched yet. But it's not that easy, since I'm getting more and more work and feel less and less intrigued about anything else.

Well, I don't dislike King Protea, but given that she's one of the Sakuras of Extra CCC that are accumulations of different goddesses representing a different aspect of feminity... Kinda okayish from my part. But lately, I'm not really dig into the latest released servants, not even Defenseless Spane [s]Anus[\s] Isthar, which you now use as avatar in her Darth Istar ascension. :D

Yeah, and lately one of my friends said that "Have you seen this?" and posted a trailer of giant insects killing of a bunch of random school girls and boys... Yep, Kyochuu Rettou that is. The OVA is purely half of the frist volume in manga, and the movie comes out in January or so... It has a Retroshock feeling to it towards the 50s monster flicks with giant insects, spiders, rabbits and other creatures. But with modernized looks, editing, dramaturgy, and shock value. But boy, it made my hyped up to the manga. Definitely the best description of the term "good shit". And not just being a mindless killfest, but also teaching something about insects and other anthropods.

I hope you finished your work well on time. I know money is a great motivinational force, especially if it's payed in great sums. But technical literature is kinda okayish, I would dig into one, just as I dig LOGH now while having Azur Lane and GFL on the other hand... But I failed to BD the new Dororo, but eh, maybe in December. Just as classic LOGH and DevLady, but still can say, I am ahead og myself and keep up the distance for two weeks' releases.

Yeah, I played it for a while. I finished the first chapter in two days, having trouble with the first boss, then I managed to have a break from work, and put a whole night into it, clearing the first boss, then two other chapters with their respective bosses. But I couldn't play much more with it, and I got out of rhythm, so I have to start it all over again from the first chapter's map, running through to the whole again. Some says it's an anime Dark Souls, but I digress. Dark Souls is much more harder and fools you easily than this. Or I could say, "anime Dark Souls on easy mode" or getting the reference from Wolfenstein "Can I play, daddy?"It's not as hard as DS, but much more easier. Shit, I played DS for 5 days, and I only got out the cathedral at the first night. The next day I tried to go through the cemetary, but killed of by the skeletons. Notghing said that I shouldn't go through there at first, so okay, next nights went with the castle until I got through running before the monster that chases you through the walls, and there I was saying "f*ck this shit".
TemplarXIII Yesterday, 5:42 PM
I'll respond to the rest of your comment later.

and yet I'm looking forward to playing AC 3 already. The one thing I'm curious about in Revelations is Altair's character, it's about time we saw the poor guy in a good game.

I actually liked the setting of AC3. I even got an American Flag with the 13 stars representing the 13 original colonies and the assassin insignia inside the circle of stars. Looks cool in the living room. The only thing that diminishes the game is the MC, Connor. He's just flat out unlikable unfortunately. I really tried to like him, but I couldn't. His background is interesting, but his personality is not well written. He was always angry with a chip on his shoulder. He grows to be better towards the end, but it comes a little too late because the negative aspects are already burned in your mind lol. Other than that, I enjoyed the rest of it. Going around with a bow and arrow and a tomahawk killing some red coats was pretty fun.

As for Altair, I won't spoil it, but they really flesh him out after the events of AC1. Like how he is once he becomes "the old man of the mountain" of the assassin order. Adds some nice lore to the universe.
TemplarXIII Yesterday, 3:31 PM
I started slowing down with JoJo. I think I'm around the climax for part 4. I started watch Ah! my Goddess for a change in pace, but man the MC is such a loser lmao.

I'm still worried about the things to come though, because it sure gives me some Bleach vibes with the power levels and weirdos in the top demon hunting unit

What's with the obligatory psycho character in anime? It's hard to find an anime nowadays without some contrived idiosyncratic psycopath character lol. It's like your given author is insecure that his or her work doesn't stand out too much. You ever notice that?

Next stop: Italy. Aka AC: Brotherhood, because I stopped my relationship with Ezio's story at AC 2. Time to see if it truly is the magnum opus of the series.

I thought 2 was ok overall, but Brotherhood was my favorite from the Ezio trilogy. I loved cultivating my small legion of master assassins lmao. You could have them basically do everything for you with a click of the button while you hide your jolly ass. Especially useful because they don't violate the stealth requirement for some missions even if they're spotted. A weird game mechanic, but hey, the stealth is broken in most AC games anyways. Revelations was basically brotherhood 2.0. By that time I was basically fatigued with AC games, so I can't give you an accurate review of it. But I do remember it wrapping Ezio's saga decently.
Karu-kun Yesterday, 2:44 PM
Nie szkodzi, też czasem zwlekam z odpisywaniem (np teraz) :D

No tak, Unia jest zdecydowanie bardziej hojna pod tym względem. Problem jest taki, że w ogóle robienie czegokolwiek w tym kraju w tej chwili jest mocno niepewne. Ale chociaż tyle, że kasę za commissiony Piku bierze w dolarach :D

Czy ja wiem, wydaje mi się, że robotyka jest już na całkiem niezłym poziomie, i puszka z robocopa to chyba na NFZ by była :D Generalnie zbudowanie robota z niezłym zakresem ruchów nie jest aż tak trudne, znacznie większym problemem jest kontrolowanie go. Ogólnie to wykształcanie ruchów to kilka tysięcy lat ewolucji wraz ze zmysłami równowagi, świadomości położenia przestrzennego kończyn itd. Takie sztuczne ciała wymagały będą pewnie cholernie dużo czujników.
Problem jest taki, że furasy nawet niespecjalnie ze swoim zainteresowaniem babyfurem się kryją, a to jest powiedziałbym znacznie gorsze niż loli. No ale dopóki rządzą discordem to co im zrobisz.

Zawsze miło, jak Bethesda dostaje po tyłku :D Ci ludzie powinni zdecydowanie trzymać się jedynie wydawania gier, ich tworzenie zupełnie im nie idzie. Szkoda, że są ludzie którzy i tak bronią ich pomimo tego, jakim pasmem nieszczęść był ostatni rok i Fallout 76.
Nie dziwię się Sony w sumie, kto bardzo chce Death Strandinga to i tak kupi dla niego PS4, a ci którzy by nie kupili zapłacą pełną cenę za grę pół roku później. Konsole są tak podobne do PC, że portowanie pewnie nie jest wielkim problemem a co za tym idzie jest też pewnie opłacalne. Sama gra wydaje się wyszła całkiem ok, ale staram się unikać większości informacji o niej do czasu gdy sam zagram.

Touhou odhaczył już dawno, kilka lat temu rysował Cirno, jak poscrollujesz na jego twitterze to znajdziesz :D
Nie wiem, z Immortalem jest tak, że cholernie tam czegoś brakuje, tylko ciężko mi stwierdzić czego. Niektóre odcinki są całkiem ok, ale jakoś wydaje mi się, że seria nie wydobywa ze mnie prawie żadnych emocji (poza robieniem screenshotów Rin, bo ładna jest :DD). Gorsza od adaptacji Berserka nie jest na pewno. Stylistycznie też jest bardzo ok, kolory są zdecydowanie lepsze niż w Vinland Saga na przykład, gdzie też są trochę wyprane, ale zupełnie do niczego nie pasują. Chociaż tyle, że Vinland Saga ratuje się tłami.

No tak, w sumie to jedyne co można robić to ignorować te asspulle, ale naprawdę nie wiem jak można schludnie zamknąć to, co teraz dzieje się w mandze. Zobaczymy jak wyjdzie im to w anime, obawiam się, że skończy się z #1 w top MALa, chociaż ta topka to już i tak od dawna wygląda źle.

Widzę, że też skończyłeś Kimetsu no Yaiba. W zasadzie poza nadużywaniem CG w niektórych momentach nie mam za bardzo się czego w tej serii przyczepić. Nie wiem tylko czy zabierać się za mangę czy poczekać na film.
Yatagarasu8 Nov 11, 7:12 AM
Wow, I never thought that working in a call center was that tough. Although I do recall seeing call center jobs at a hungarian job searching site a while back. The site had a rating system of sorts and those jobs were rated 1/5 almost always, well now I know why. I think that doing what you like to make a living even if it doesn't pay that well compared to doing something that you dislike or even hate but pays extremely well, is still better in my opinion. So if you ask me, if you enjoy your job even if it doesn't make as much as your previous job, than you still win in my book.

For me as I said before I don't plan on staying at the company I work for currently any longer than I have to. Right now my plan is to study japanese language and next year give the N3 level proficiency test a go and hopefully pass. I studied the language a while back when I had enough free time to go to a language school and was able to pass the N5 level test, but had to stop due to my current job. However recently I started studying again, this time full autodidact way, and see how far I can go this way. The hope is that eventually I'll be able to pass the N1 level test and see what kind if job opportunities I can get with that. Japanese language or rather the study of it is one of my hobbies and if I could have a job that somehow relates to it, than I would be a happy man. I know this is a weeb thing to say, but I just find the language fucking beautiful, although sometimes the ultra-high pitch chirping of anime girls ruins it for me.
Bruh, that's easy mode, tell him to lick Olivia's armpits instead-> I just want to teach the guy a lesson, not give him a traumatizing experience that'll make him develop PTSD, but still, I'll consider it :D

Since then I finished DMC 5, and I now I can safely say that this game rocks. I didn't play the previous titles, just a bit of DMC 3 at my former classmate's xbox back in the day, but after this I'm thinking of buying DMC 4 enhanced edition since I heard you can play as Vergil too. Yeah, Devil Trigger is my favourite song in the game as well and as I played with Dante, managed to make my peace with Subhuman too. But, yeah, the V chapters are still my least favourite parts of the game, I rather would have played with Vergil instead, but the Dante chapters were pure badassness and the Nero parts were pretty cool with more technical gameplay like which Devil Breaker works best against certain enemies or when to use a Devil Breaker at full force and sacrifice it. Overall, it was one hell of a badass ride with some true badasses.

Well, the story part of Fatal bullet is actually pretty bland, so the only thing that makes it interesting for me is the gameplay, but I've started to lose interest in it so I put it on hold for a while. And because I got tired of Kirito's face.

I bought The Observer too for PC on Steam when it was on sale a while back but didn't started it yet. I put it on hold since I was neck deep in Fallout 4 modding back then. And I think I'm gonna start it up once I have some time.

*clings to his Neil DeGrasse Tyson body pillow*-> What!? When did this happen!? Where can I get one of those!? You have to tell me!! :D

By the way, is that Ishtar on your avatar?-> Yeah, she's a parallel universe version of Ishtar namely Space Ishtar. Or rather the Astoreth version since according to the Saber Wars 2 event that is running now on FGO, Astoreth Origin a galaxy sized goddess or something broke in two and resulted in this Astoreth version that I just call Ishtar Alter or even better Darth Rin, and the Space Cowgirl version that lacks the obligatory space corgi that is mandatory for space cowboys and girls. At least that is how I interpreted it so far.
TemplarXIII Oct 29, 2:44 PM
Good to hear that the settlements actually give you stuff, instead of being just another timesink. --> Well once you have them running autonomously, with very little micromanagement, they can be a great source of cash, food, and crafting materials. The shops ran by your settlers can be better than any shop found in the wastes, and merchant caravans will come to you. Getting to that point will be the pain in the ass, but the time invested can be worth it if you have the patience. Honestly, I would just consult settlement guides from gaming websites or youtube videos to get going, and you can build and customize around other people's templates once you understand how the system works. It's much quicker than experimenting from scratch. It's like teaching someone how to drive a manual transmission car first. Not only does the person have to deal with the learning curve of shifting gears, but the person has to deal with how to drive and handle the car in the first place. I found it easier to learn how to drive an automatic transmission car to learn the basics, and learn stick later since you only have to focus on learning when to shift gears.

Too bad that you can't tell Minutemen to fuck off and stop hoarding your lands though --> Maybe it might be a good idea to not recruit Preston as a companion or do any minutemen shit, so they don't bother you at the beginning lol. I'm not sure if you can avoid it though. Preston is one of those early characters you meet I think. He's actually an ok character, but that game mechanic really lowers your estimation of him haha.

Then again, another thing I've noticed about this game is that 95% of dialogue options are just different ways of saying "yes, I will do your shitty quest".

Yep, that's the limit of an RPG character with voice-over dialogue. The monetary expense and data compression of audio limits your options. That's why New Vegas worked because it had a silent protagonist with as much dialogue as the devs wanted.

I actually thought that the magazines are a must, as many people bring them up as the necessary litter you need to pick up if you want your character to get stronger. --> That might hold true for the harder difficulties, but I wouldn't recommend anything pass normal. A waste of bullets and armor degrades quicker. Bethesda's idea of difficulty is just make enemies more bullet-spongy and hit you harder. With how slow you're character moves in/out of power armor, being hit by an enemy is virtually unavoidable. There isn't a good dodge mechanic in place to counteract the effects of Bethesda's idea of difficulty. Just a waste of bullets and resources. You can still die plenty anyways on normal mode in the early-mid game. If you're a glutton for punishment, I wont stop you though :P

Sometimes you just want to jump down, but the guy will just keep grabbing onto everything like a possum who just entered your garage and won't let go when you want to throw the bastard out. --> Yeah, that was the major weakness of the AC parkour mechanic, but it was necessary for their setup--a double-edged sword. That's why an overhaul in their gameplay was in order. From what you mentioned, AC Origins underwent some renovation on that aspect.

I'll let you know if Obsidian truly did bring the cheeky RPG back. If the writing is as funny as the one in the Old World Blues DLC in New Vegas, I'm all set. --> Hah, hopefully it meets both of our expectations.

Nobody knows, but most food experts claim that it's actually an American thing, slightly altered by Polish. --> So, basically the same story with American Pizza or the cheeseburger. Nothing wrong with some modification/ experimentation lol. Love the RuriRuri retort btw :D

Now as for the cured meats, yeah, we love it as much as Canadians love their bacon, totally different from the American one. --> Like Americans loving burgers or steaks like the American hero Ron Swanson.

It's the main reason why I love Italian food, because they always put a lot of melted cheese on stuff. ...fuck, I should order a lasagna now, you made me hungry :D --> Either cheese or they will include pasta and/or tomato sauce with everything haha. I like Italian food too.
Karu-kun Oct 29, 9:30 AM
W sumie to Piku musi trochę uważać, bo nigdy nie wiadomo kiedy dopadnie ten niesławny artblock. No i na pewnym etapie wypadałoby założyć firmę. Chociaż tyle, że zawsze można pokombinować i próbować zdobyć jakieś dofinansowanie na rozkręcenie firmy, przy dobrych wiatrach byłby z tego dobry komp z monitorem, tabletem, biurkiem i krzesłem. Zwłaszcza krzesło by mu się przydało, bo jak nie ma mnie w Krakowie to zabiera moje na które się wykosztowałem :D Ale odkąd je kupiłem to odczuwalnie mniej bolą plecy więc chyba było warto. A dofinansowania ponoć nawet nietrudno dostać o ile nie jest się kolejną "przedsiębiorczą" dziewczyną chcącą otworzyć setny salon fryzjerski w okolicy.

Ja akurat na liceum nie mam co narzekać, najgorzej było w okolicach gimnazjum. Liceum było w zasadzie uwolnieniem się od tych matołów z którymi trzeba było zadawać się wcześniej.
Przenoszenie mózgu do mechanicznego ciała to jednak nieco przerażający koncept. Jak będziemy na takim etapie znajomości mózgu to w zasadzie modyfikacje poglądów czy kontrola wydają się możliwe. No ale kobiece ciało z głosem DeVito brzmi kusząco :D
KeroTheWolf oczywiście kojarzę, swego czasu było o typie naprawdę głośno. Najbardziej irytuje mnie hipokryzja tych ludzi, wśród ekipy odpowiedzialnej za Discorda jest masa furry a ci czepiają się artów z loli ale takie babyfur jest już dla nich jak najbardziej ok. No i jak tu ich lubić.

Raczej Outer Worlds sobie na razie odpuszczam, niby jest za półdarmo w game passie od microsoftu, ale na razie przerwałem subskrypcję bo mam w co grać. A jak wznowię to czekają tam Dead Cells, Bloodstained i jeszcze kilka innych gier w moim typie więc :D
Widziałeś może listę zakazanych imion postaci w Outer Worlds? Pomijając już absurdalność cenzurowania czegoś takiego w grze single player, zaskakująco dużo jest polskich słów, ale lista pewnie jakaś zewnętrzna, bo nie chce mi się wierzyć że tworzona przez kogoś ogarniętego. Brakuje podstawowych przekleństw (kurwa) ale pochodne już są (kurewka itd). Najbardziej jednak boli brak możliwości nazwania postaci "Dzyndzel" :D
Swoją drogą Death Stranding ma się pojawić też i na PC, pewnie przejdziemy zanim wyjdzie na PS4 pożyczonym od znajomego, a potem kupi się wersję na PC, chyba, że okaże się że Kojima spuszczony z łańcucha jednak słabo gryzie.

No tak, jest bycie fajnym do momentu kiedy ktoś zaczyna wątpić w twoje sekrety. Sam nie przypominam sobie wymyślania tego typu rzeczy, pamiętam za to, że raz w Pokemon Gold trafił nam się shiny którego nie udało nam się złapać, ciekawe czy w tę historię znajomi wierzyli :D

Też się dziwię, że nic z FGO jeszcze nie dostał, ale w sumie to seria której popularność najbarzdiej odczuwa się w Japonii. Chociaż rysował Arcueid, także type moon ma zaliczony :D
No studio odpowiedzialne z Immortala optymistycznie nie nastawia, nie ma zbyt wielu takich serii w swoim dorobku. Chociaż tyle, że ponoć mają zrobić adaptację całej mangi. Walki w sumie nie są długie, więc nie muszą się też męczyć z dużą ilością akcji. No ale czasem idzie się pogubić przez szybkie tempo i stylistykę reżyserii walk.

Też stoję przy HxH, ewentualnie Mob Psycho. AoT może i błyszczy świetną animacją, ale reszta średnio mi podeszła. Dobry koncept, ale autor ma to do siebie, że wymyśla różne niedorzeczności które irytują mnie przy oglądaniu/czytaniu. Zazwyczaj w miarę sensownie później z tego udaje mu się wybrnąć, ale już nie zliczę ile razy wkurzył mnie tym jak prowadzi tę historię. A z tego co dzieje się teraz w mandze to wątpię, że w ogóle wybrnie :D
TemplarXIII Oct 29, 7:56 AM
If you get a decent set of power armor in the game, you will like how it feels to move around in it. You can add extra mods to it on the workbench like jetpacks and stealth tech (if I remember right). Early on, it's usually best to use it for missions you anticipate you'll be taking a lot of heavy firepower or shit ton of enemies. Once you get a decent supply of fusion cores, or from your settlement scavenging or settlement shops, you'll be able to use it whenever you want. The settlement scavenging will also give you the rare materials to do maintenance on high level equipment for your settlement and your power armor, so that's another incentive to build and manage multiple settlements.

Unfortunately, the NCR combat armor isn't in this one. Some one on the PC version probably released a mod to get it though lol. The best armor in the game, like I mentioned, that isn't power armor is the marine armor from Far Harbor DLC. It's a decent looking armor that provides good protection and I believe doesn't require power cores.

The only downfall is the weight. I think it's a little heavier than power armor because you don't have the frame and fusion core driving the load. Once your science and repair skills go up, you can upgrade it to reduce the weight though.

If there's one thing I'm afraid of in this game, it's the new levelling system. The fact that you explicitly need to read magazines instead of spending points makes me worried that I might actually spend hours with a build I don't want, only because I didn't read enough Sci-Fi comic books to get better at laser guns. --> I don't remember it being like that. For every level you get a point to either increase your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats or you can invest it in a perk. Yeah, early on, you might think about what kind of build you may want that fits your play style, but since Fallout 4 has no level cap, you can basically acquire all the perks you want later in the game and become a god--for better or worse lol. In fact, there are some quick leveling glitches on youtube that allow you do just that early in the game. Though, it might take the fun out of it if you're too high level. I never tried it myself, but it's nice to know it's there, once lvl grinding becomes kind of a drag. Most of the xp is going to come from doing quests not really killing enemies--unless they're the big game enemies.

Finding the bobble heads (fixed locations) will give your SPECIAL stats a nice boost. You can even limit break the SPECIAL stats if you collect the bobble heads a little later. Instead of having a max of 10, you can go to 11. The magazines may add some unique perks, or just be minimal upgrades, but they weren't absolutely necessary to have playing the game. They would essentially make you more godlier from a godly existence.

Take a look:

Most of them are minimum percentage gains, but I guess they add up if you collect enough of them. There does seem to be some unique perks from the magazines as well, but it's really not crucial to your build though. Crafting the perfect build in Fallout 4 is a bit pointless, so don't sweat too much if you don't exactly nail what you want in the beginning.

6 episodes into Kimetsu no Yaiba, the quality is still there --> I guess I'll check it out later. Maybe see what you think after you finish the season.

It sure feels weird to be able to jump off a high place and kill yourself, though. Syndicate and Odyssey took it out completely :D

Lol that's pretty funny. I guess people complained about it too much that they took it out. I remember playing the first AC and jumping off the cathedral in Acre. I tilted the joystick slightly in the wrong direction and instead of initiating the leap of faith animation, it was an unusually long fall to my death :P I was annoyed at the time, but its funny thinking about it now.

If you played Black Flag, Rogue is just a more polished version of that. If you thought Black Flag was decent, you should think the same of Rogue.

I'm thinking you should play the other games first. Fallout 4 is such a damn time sink. I clocked in like 60-70 hours into the game, and there was still so much to do. Especially, if you're getting all the DLC. For me, that's the problem of having games too long. When I was younger, I didn't think much of it, but I just can't do these long-ass games anymore, unless I'm really gripped by it. FO4 did not grip me like Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion back in the day. However, once you've play one Bethesda game, they all start bleeding together despite one being a fantasy and another being a New Age post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting.

I haven't checked the reviews of the The Outer Worlds, but it's something my younger bro told me about. I might just wait for the price to drop in half before bothering with it though.

But first, back to writing about sausages. Did you know that you can make muffins out of these? I sure didn't, until the client handed me the keywords. --> I learn something new everyday lol. I think what would go great with those sausage muffins is the spots of blueberry you sometimes see with the quick bake muffin batters you can buy at stores. Could be artificial blueberry or grounded blueberry powder. Either way, I think the light sweetness and the saltiness from the sausage would go well together. Is the sausage muffin a Polish invention? To invoke a stereotype, I know you guys love your cured meats ;P
TemplarXIII Oct 25, 4:56 PM
"Enclave all the way."

Ditto, I love the Enclave X-01 armor. It still uses fusion cores though. Depending on which Mk version you get of the suit, repairing it really costs a pretty penny, or you have to find rare materials. Just as a side note, the MK version of whatever power armor you stumble on, scales to your level. If I remember correctly, X-01 MK VI or MK V is the highest you could spawn of the Enclave Power armor around lvl 40. They may have changed that the last time I've played it. Another thing to be wary of though, is that many power armor locations are fixed on the map, so if you stumble within the general radius of the armor, you will lock it at that MK version scaled to your level, so it might be worth looking up armor locations and avoiding them for a while until you can spawn the MK version you want at the corresponding level. I remember getting my X-01 armor on top of some special building in downtown Boston, but some people have reported that they were walking outside the building, but didn't go the rooftop until later, and locked down the version of the armor to a crappier version, so just be aware.

As for the fusion cores, they're rare at the beginning of the game, but I think there's a way of procuring many of them rather early--not sure if the trick still exists. Having a steady supply of them once you're far enough in the game isn't too much of a problem. Also, one of the DLCs supposedly gives you cool medium armor that looks like a quasi power armor without the need for fusion cores. That was always one thing I did enjoy about the power armor in FO4 vs. the FO games is getting in the armor was cool and it felt powerful and hi-tech. The other games just seemed like you were wearing plate armor on top of your clothes.

Hopefully it won't lose its momentum later.

Seems like a universal axiom of most shounen anime though. I still liked Dororo after it's all said and done.

No surprises there with AC Syndicate. Most of them sort of end on a whimper rather than a bang.
Karu-kun Oct 24, 7:12 PM
No to czekam z niecierpliwością na czytanie twoich wypocin jak będę kupował parówki :D Miło słyszeć, że zaczęło ci się układać, najwyższy czas i pora żeby los przestał kopać po tyłku. No a Pikulcowi to w sumie można teraz tylko zazdrościć. Jeszcze trochę i na spokojnie się z tego utrzyma, zwłaszcza że musi jeszcze trochę podnieść ceny, bo popyt ma dość duży. Zapełnienie slotów w godzinę jest przyjemne, ale lepiej zapełnić je w te 5-6 godzin i zarobić te 10-20% więcej.

Nawet nie, ponoć przez jakiś czas Twitter lubił je dawać nawet za pisanie ludziom "Thanks". Nie wiem, czy algorytmy stwierdziły że to jakiś zaszyfrowany spam czy co, ale chyba już to ogarnęli.
Nie ukrywam, twoja reklama zdecydowanie nie zachęca :D Gdyby jeszcze tylko człowiek wiedział, że podstawówka to wcale nie jest najgorsze co może go spotkać :D
Właśnie tego umiłowania do wilków nie potrafię rozgryźć. Ilość furry to w dużej mierze zasługa wszelkich kreskówek i gier ze zwierzętami (przy których napalone furasy też czasem maczały palce), ale jakoś niespecjalnie przypominam sobie jakiekolwiek wilki w tym co leciało u nas. No chyba, że ludzie wzdychali do wilka z Wilka i Zająca :D

Tak, Dragon's Crown zaczynaliśmy jeszcze na PS3, ale niestety padło razem z savem. Ale podobało mi się, więc chętnie pograłbym od nowa.
Okami było bardzo dobrą Zeldą :D Twilight Princess nigdy nie przeszedłem, muszę się kiedyś zabrać za nią. A Metroid Prime 4 zapowiada się naprawdę dobrze i to mimo tego, że nic nie pokazali. Samo skasowanie dotychczasowego projektu i przełożenie go na później pokazuje, że nie chcą wydać byle crapa.

No wiadomo, że trik nie wychodzi za każdym razem :D Zawsze zastanawiało mnie co tacy ludzie chcieli czymś takim zyskać. Ciężko jest czasem zrozumieć co się dzieje w głowie takiego dzieciaka. Pewnie myśli, że nagle stanie się najfajniejszym dzieciakiem na forum. Nie ukrywam, też czasem pisałem różne rzeczy żeby popisywać się w internecie, ale zmyślać takich historii nie zmyślałem.

FGO to w ogóle jeden z lepszych sposobów na japońskich followerów gdziekolwiek :D Robisz ładne arty ale followerów nie przybywa? Zrób kilka z FGO, na któryś na pewno trafi jakiś spory artysta i w 2 dni wbijesz te kilka tysięcy.
Mam nadzieję, że te jaja z OPM będą się w branży nieczęsto powtarzać. Moyashimon też miał zmianę studia przy drugim sezonie i w sumie ciężko było rozpoznać połowę postaci przez zmiany w designach.
Adaptacja Ostrza Nieśmiertenego jak na razie bardzo nierówna. Bardzo ładne tła, ale odcinki raz lepsze raz gorsze. Ostatni był miejscami trochę QUALITY. Mam nadzieję, że nie zwiastuje to spadku jakości reszty. Opening za to mocno przywodzi na myśl anime pierwszej połowy poprzedniej dekady, wspaniały engrish included.
Swoją drogą zaraz wchodzimy w kolejną dekadę, można już zacząć się zastanawiać co jest najlepszym tytułem tej aktualnej.
Karu-kun Oct 24, 1:45 AM
Eh, spędziłem dobre kilkanaście minut na odpisywaniu i wszystko przepadło, czas pisać od nowa :I

W sumie to siedzą na pixivie, bo wszelakie inne strony taki content wywalają. I tak niektórzy się zaskakująco długo na twitterze utrzymują, w zasadzie to często balansują na granicy bana :D Nie mówiąc już o search banach bo te to bardzo łatwo dostać, chyba nawet Piku miał przez jakiś czas.
U nas podejście do rysunku leży, plastyka w szkołach to żart, traktowany po macoszemu przedmiot gdzie jedynym wymaganiem jest oddawanie rysunków. Wymagania zerowe więc i nauczanie zerowe a szkoda, bo niektórych mogłoby to zainteresować. Na studiach artystycznych chyba nie jest lepiej, bo czasem widywałem ogłoszenia takich osób i portfolio mówiąc krótko nie zachwyca. W zasadzie to może mi być ich jedynie szkoda, bo jest to pewnie dołujące. Znanych mi polskich rysowników którzy mają jakiegoś tam skilla i rysują mangowo policzę na palcach. Największy szok przeżyłem kiedy odkryłem, że incase jest z Polski :D Skilla w sumie ma sporego, ale stylistycznie i tematycznie nigdy mi nie leżał.
W sumie to u nas najwięcej jest chyba furasów i z tego co zaobserwowałem to często lubią smoki i wilki. Chyba polskie uwielbienie do fantasy się tu przejawia.

Najważniejsze, że Odin Sphere mam już z głowy. Teraz wypadałoby się za Dragon's Crown wziąć. Ostatnio przeszedłem też remake Link's Awakening, i pomimo spadków klatek grało się przyjemnie. Na pewno na plus jest zmapowanie często używanych itemów na stałe do konkretnych przycisków, bo na GB konieczne było niezłe żonglowanie z powodu małej ilości przycisków. Oryginał był moim pierwszym kontaktem z Zeldą, więc trochę nostalgii było ale widzę też teraz, że gra miała trochę wad, bolało zwłaszcza praktycznie zerowe wykorzystanie itemów z 2 ostatnich dungeonów na mapie świata. W zasadzie to pewnie im się to po prostu nie zmieściło, ale przydałyby się jakieś upgrade'y schowane z ich pomocą.

Człowiek w tamtych czasach był w stanie uwierzyć w największe głupoty :D Nam znajomy wkręcił, że żeby odblokować multiplayer (xD) w Lego Racers trzeba przejść wszystkie time triale. Oczywiście wystarczyło podpiąć pada albo kierownicę i opcja się pojawiała, ale on musiał zmyślać, chyba każdy znał takiego dzieciaka, który "odkrywał" niestworzone rzeczy w tej czy innej grze. No i oczywiście znał sposób na powtórzenie tych wyczynów pomimo tego, że sposoby na nie były tak niedorzeczne, że samemu nikt by się ich nie domyślił tym bardziej po wykonaniu ich przypadkiem. Time triale w każdym razie z trudem ukończyłem (pamiętam do dziś którą trasę grałem jako ostatnią :D) i jak można łatwo się domyślić, multi nie odblokowało. Ale na otarcie łez odblokowała się postać czy tam auto z którym się w time trial ścigało, więc mieliśmy je jako jedni z nielicznych znajomych.

Zero Two też już zaczyna tracić na popularności z tego co widzę. Jeszcze niedawno twitter był pełen artów z nią, a teraz widuję je rzadko. Jedyne wieczne waifu to Rei i Asuka za sprawą trwających od ponad 20 lat zaciekłych wojenek między ich fanami :D
Isekai z gopnikami to bym oglądał :D Najważniejsze, to żeby w świecie do którego trafili były słoneczniki, wódka i dresy z adidasa, więcej nie trzeba.
Kimetsu no Yaiba też muszę obejrzeć, ostatnio w sumie ograniczam się jedynie do serii wychodzących na bieżąco. Niektórzy znajomi już od dłuższego czasu naciskają na to żebym obejrzał, ale jakoś tak nie ma kiedy się zabrać.
TemplarXIII Oct 20, 12:21 PM
P.S. You might want to read more about the settlement mechanics before you dive into it. I purposefully held off on doing the settlement stuff for the first 30 hours because I read beforehand that it can be a hassle to defend it from raiders and other random events. With some playtime under your belt, it's good to have the starting capital to get the settlement stuff going, so you can invest in good defenses and equipment for the settlers you assign as sentries. Though if you have the patience, starting it ASAP may allow you to reap the benefits earlier. I think the DLC gives you more options for the settlement stuff to make it easier to hit the ground running, but I stopped playing when Bethesda released it. I regret buying the season pass to be honest lol. I really had high expectations of the game when it came out, but was disappointed in the end. Maybe Obsidian's The Outer Worlds might spark some of my interest in that type of game again because Bethesda really soured my attitude towards these open-world sandbox RPGs.
TemplarXIII Oct 20, 10:38 AM
Personally, I thought Fallout 4 was weaker than 3 with New Vegas being the best entry from Bethesda. They're using the same engine since forever so it looks a little polished, but those eternal glitches and bugs plague the game as usual. The shooting mechanic is more tighter and fine-tuned, so you don't need VATS as much. The Power Armor is amazing, but you need "fusion cores" to power them and they are a limited commodity. Repairs on the suit require very rare materials. The perks are just as useful as in New Vegas and the weapons feel good to fire--most of them anyways. I can't remember much about the looting, but it wasn't any worse than the previous games.

The story isn't written well. The writing is not as clever as New Vegas or 3 in terms of dialogue. That's the disadvantage of crafting a story in a open-world sandbox game as opposed to a more linear game. From what I played of the DLC, it's alright. Some of the companions have interesting story lines, but they fall short in some areas. The exploration surprisingly, can be entertaining since the environments through the wasteland can look vastly different.

As for the settlement stuff. It's a time and resource sink. It's going to take quite a bit of time investment, but once you reach that point where it becomes self-sustaining and you're getting more returns vs. loss then it's worth the time. Like bottle caps and very rare materials become more available. I was at the transition point before my settlements started paying off, but I got tired of the game and the settlement shit, so I stopped. I never completed the story either. I had almost 70 hours clocked in, but I couldn't do it anymore.

Bottom line, if you like losing yourself in exploration, looting, and killing shit, then you might like the game. You may like the settlement stuff. The rest of the elements aren't that good. Although, some of the quest lines were actually decent outside of the main story. The performance of the game (fps) and loading gets worse as you play the game for like 5-6 hours straight. Maybe they improved it with the latest patches...I don't know.
TemplarXIII Oct 18, 7:17 PM
They still mention, in the present day segments, that the Templars still won in the end and killed off almost all Assassins, maintaining control all up to 2010's. Long live the Order, then?

Now the scales have fallen from your eyes, brother. Long live the order: Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da gloriam.

Yeah, I was planning to give it a 7, but the ending felt a little bit like a cop-out

TemplarXIII Oct 18, 6:06 PM
Well at least you gave the rating of 6. My confidence interval [95% CI] of the true Vincent parameter falling between 6-8 based on previous data seemed plausible.

:P ;P

Also, like your new gifs too. *thumbs up*