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Planetarian: Hoshi no Hito
Planetarian: Hoshi no Hito
May 22, 10:59 AM
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Atom: The Beginning
Atom: The Beginning
May 13, 7:01 AM
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Hatsukoi Splash!
Hatsukoi Splash!
Mar 27, 7:46 PM
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VincentHarkonnen May 6, 5:37 PM
*stares at Frame Arms Girl* Well, that's one way to take Busou Shinki, repackage it and then ship it again under a different name. Remember when we were getting moist over new Transformers toys which at least looked different from one another (especially when Beast Wars became a thing)? ...yeah, I don't too. But damn, would I lie if I'd say that I wasn't getting rock hard everytime a new Action Man got released back when I was 5. *laughs*
JigoKuu-chan Apr 25, 10:35 AM
Hú, köszi!<3
Bár őszintén szólva már lestalkerkedtem a profilodról. :P (Nem hagyott nyugodni a dolog, még aznap rávetettem magam lol xD)
Nagyon jó amúgy, úgy örülök neki, egy jó ideig vártam, hogy jön majd az utód, de valahogy nagyon elkerülhetett annak idején :,,(
Na de majd most~ ;D
VincentHarkonnen Apr 25, 8:50 AM
So, judging from your avatar, I assume that you've watched the GITS adaptation lately? I swear, the best thing about this movie was Batou's car. The rest was just an average set of Cyberpunk themes, even if the movie was still much better than Dragon Ball: Evolution. Still forgettable as all hell.
VincentHarkonnen Mar 28, 8:27 AM
The fappers will probably have a field day with futa fanarts of these horse girls. Talk about taking the trope to the extreme.

Also, I think I'm gonna buy Berserk And The Band Of The Hawk soon, have you tried the PC version yet? It's actually nice to see that the game's covering the entirety of the manga except of the ongoing arc.
VincentHarkonnen Mar 26, 5:28 PM
Egy fenékkel nem lehet két lovat megülni. Apparently the creators of this anime/game didn't know this sentence and mixed horses with idols thinking that it would work. This is just sad now.
VincentHarkonnen Mar 3, 3:18 PM
Man, Atom: The Beginning sure looks promising. I'm diggin' the art style already. I wish Pluto would get an adaptation too, that manga was a great Spin-Off of Astro Boy.
VincentHarkonnen Mar 1, 11:19 AM
You forgot Medb, mate. *laughs*

Huh, sounds like a pretty nice chapter indeed. So they made Moriarty a Servant too? Damn, with the amount of Sherlock Holmes Servants we're getting, I'm expecting Sebastian Moran to become a Servant too, given that he was both Sherlock's rival and an experienced soldier.

Wait, Intel pulled something like that off? I haven't heard of it, mostly because I'm not reading into any PC-related stuff, but damn, does it sound like something that will leave a negative impact on them, unless they had some beef with RyZen earlier.

So, is it going to be about Keijo, Senran Kagura and Ikkitousen? :D
VincentHarkonnen Feb 18, 7:03 AM
Damn, do you have a checklist for every single F/GO heroine so you could use all of them as your avatar eventually? :D

Yeah, nowadays people usually get their Vita memory cards along with the used consoles, because you can't even find the damn things in stores over here. I'm just glad that I'll already have that 16 GB bundled in with my Vita, saves me over 200 PLN. Damn, 16 GB of RAM? And to think that I'm still rockin' that good old 2 GB on my PC. *laughs* Well, both of us didn't give a flying toss about our computers in years, it seems. I haven't changed anything in mine since 2009.
VincentHarkonnen Feb 16, 9:13 AM
Wait, that's Musashi again? Hah, I didn't recognize her at all :D

Caster Avicebron? Sounds awesome, he was a great Servant in Apocrypha. Better save some chocos for him too. *laughs* I also like Saber Astolfo already, the more Servants Of Black from Apocrypha we get (except of Jack), the better.

By the way, I bought a PS Vita today. It's an used model, but still pretty much hardly used by the previous owner and it also comes with the 16 GB memory card. For 409 PLN? Why now, now I'm just waiting for the package which is supposed to arrive on Monday. Man, whenever you buy a new console, it feels better than Christmas. *laughs* Can't wait to play Fate/Extella already, gotta grind Báthory all the way to level 100. ...damn, this sounds kinky as hell.
VincentHarkonnen Feb 9, 10:22 AM
Musashi? Can't say that I was expecting that, even if she does seem to be a really cool character. Still, why have you forsaken Báthory again? :< She even has a cheerleader costume (complete with a damn pom-pom at the tip of her tail, holy shit) and pajamas DLC in that Vita game just so the people would like her :< Honestly though, I can't wait to play Fate/Extella myself, it's supposed to be a direct sequel to Fate/Extra which I never played, but I assume that I'm not missing much. We even get an edgy Attila, what could possibly go wrong? Honestly though, the only DLC costume I'm interested in are the casual clothes for Jeanne.

Ah, so she does have a card, that's nice to see, at least. Still, they just had to go for a cleavage, didn't they? *laughs* She was the only major female character in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia without nudity/sex scene and now they're just trying to make up for it, it seems. Luvia's card was strangely dignified though, I wasn't expe-*sees Kaleid Sapphire* ...oh, there's that cleavage shot I know and love! :D Nasuverse? More like Waifuverse.

Wait, you want to feed Jack? I seriously hope to Cthulhu that you're not going to do it after midnight. Also, no chocolates for Báthory? You heartless bastard. *laughs* So I assume that you can only give chocolates to the Servants of the opposite sex from your player character, right? It would've been pretty funny otherwise, good thing that you don't have Brynhildr or Medb in your party - I can only assume what happens to these two on the Valentines Day, the moisture is real. Still, nice to hear that your grinding got sped up, there's nothing worse than a three week-long slog through the same quest over and over just to get this one thing you want.

They'd probably make her a weregriffon because griffon is a symbol of Szczecin :D Also, make it a two-headed weregriffon to put an emphasis on the Russian aspect. And give it a cleavage. But yeah, at worst, I can see Catherine the Great as a BDSM-themed character, as long as she wouldn't end up being like Katja from Seikon no Qwaser, I probably wouldn't mind. Damn, ANOTHER Saber clone? Oh boy, I can see how their tactics look like now - just take every single Saber we've got and turn her into Alter. I'm just waiting for the Alter version of the watergun Saber, it's going to happen sooner or later. Damn, can you imagine living with all of the Saber clones at once? Now that's the most unbearable Harem I can think of, it already makes my head hurt. But yeah, I'm looking at the MHX Alter right now and she does look like a genderswapped Kylo Ren, holy shit... She IS a Sith lord! Too bad that she probably won't be able to kill all of her clones as well.
Yeah, but aren't Avengers generally impossible to obtain? In that case, inventory isn't a problem, even if Stalin and Churchill would've been pretty funny too. And if that's the case, add Piłsudski and Horthy to the mix as well. The entire European rulership pack.

VincentHarkonnen Feb 8, 9:19 AM
I'd be shocked if she is, given that I couldn't find any info about her card on Wiki, while cards like Luvia got listed. I guess she doesn't have enough waifu factor in her. Which is too bad, given that out of every single Fate protagonist (including Kiritsugu), she's actually my favourite - capable and likeable, plus her getting screwed over by Kotomine and losing her Servant added to me sympathising with her.

Sure, I'd love to hear your opinion about the most British cyborg :D Titturia in general seems to be a little bit on a broken side, as if every single Arturia clone wasn't strong as bollocks already. By the way, hopefully I'll manage to buy the used PS Vita soon, given that there's a Fate game which came out recently, it's some sort of RPG/Dynasty Warriors clone where even Attila and Báthory are playable. No Scathatch shockingly, even if they'll probably add her later as a super expensive DLC. And yes, Báthory already received DLC costumes, including school uniform and a swimsuit. Urgh. I'll probably stick to the ayylmao Attila (I've got to admit, I like her backstory in Fate, it just came out of nowhere with her being an alien superweapon :D) and Nero.

Yup, don't forget that they've turned Edison into some werelion creature in F/GO, they can do anything to Catherine The Great, even make her a yet another Saber clone, except in a fur hat. Wait, really? That many people want Hitler to be an antagonist in Fate? I've got to admit, that's great to hear. Just make him a boss on some September 1st event or something. ...yeah, right, we'll probably get a bride version of Titturia instead. Or Bride version of Báthory, might as well, given that she keeps dominating classes hard.

VincentHarkonnen Feb 7, 8:28 AM
Oh boy, Caren confirmed to be a feminist./sarcasm I assume that Bazett got her own CE card as well, right? I remember her being as powerful as a low-class Servant thanks to the Fragarach, so I can imagine her as some support unit in Grand/Order.

Isn't the best Lancer at this moment supposed to be Karna? At least I remember reading about how overpowered he was in Apocrypha, being pretty much the strongest Servant in the novel along with Achilles (who is supposed to be added to the roster soon, if memory serves me well). Admittedly, Vlad Tepes was pretty strong too, but only in the novel, where the Romanian soil gave him insane boost of abilities, without these, he was pretty average. Regarding Casters by the way, is Babbage any good? I actually like his Steampunk mecha style a lot. Probably my favourite Caster along with Mozart.

Ivan The terrible should be either Berserker or Archer, that's for sure. I'd love to see Catherine the Great myself, given that she was born in my city. As long as they'd make her more like Carmilla or Yukari from Touhou instead of giving her loli/kawaii properties (did I ever mention how much I dislike Marie Antoinette in F/GO?), I'd love to see her in action. Also, the Headless Horseman is a must, just like William Wallace as Berserker/Saber. Also, Adolf Hitler as Avenger. Make it happen. The guy looked for a Holy Grail after all, and if Irisviel became the Avenger after the Grail absorbed her, might as well add him too. At least making him a villain like that would be much cooler than genderswapping him into a loli who loves painting or something.
VincentHarkonnen Feb 6, 12:21 PM
Prillya? Sounds like a Russian potato-based dish to me. *laughs hard* Isn't Ishtar generally a butt monkey for everyone in the game, with how they keep ignoring her and calling her useless? :D But seriously, who would you prefer to see as the next Servant, Luvia or Caren? I mean, the former is definitely a better choice, given how pathological Caren is, I can't see her becoming any other servant than something with "Alter" in its name. Considering that both Illya and Taiga became Servants as well, they'll soon have to make other heroines Servants too and if they'll choose Caren... I'll be super happy, but also kinda scared.

Nah, Báthory (Brave) is so metal that she might as well have an actual Bathory playing her theme song. *laughs* Still, Báthory becomes a new Arturia then? I guess it's time for the Mysterious Heroine Y (which would be her cosplaying as Vampire Hunter D, probably) to get to work. Still, I thought that you like Báthory. You know, she's a sole representative of your country and everything :D Admittedly, I'd also put Matthias Corvinus in Fate too and make him an archenemy of Vlad Tepes, but what can you do. Still, that Gyaru Emiya sounds quite boring to me, I'm already tired of them recycling the same Servants over and over. What's next, Avatar Emiya, which is a blue palette swap of the previous version of the character, except his Class is Berserker now? I'm honestly shocked that Scathach didn't get any new versions recently, given how she's this game's selling point.

Emilia Plater? Nah, I'm still waiting for Optimus Prime to become the next Ruler :D
VincentHarkonnen Feb 4, 8:57 AM
Yup, how could I say no to the best Fate heroine? :D Seriously, I'd love to see her becoming a Servant too in F/GO, it's enough that we get two Servants possessing Rin right now. I mean, Tohsaka is only good at pleasing old men for money, at least Luvia is Fate's equivalent of The Ultimate Warrior, except with an Ojou laugh instead of yelling all the time.


I'm so jealous of Hungary right now. As much as I'm not a fan of Bathory from this game, her Brave version is actually right up my ass. And alley. She looks like a Go Nagai character straight out of Mazinkaiser SKL, I can almost hear Power Metal in the background. Also, the Santa version of Jeanne Alter introduced this Christmas has got nothing on Santa Saber alter. Humph, what a shameless copycat, trying to mimick a holiday perfection.
VincentHarkonnen Jan 24, 10:09 AM
Yeah, I can imagine. I remember reading some of the Taimanin Asagi novels (I believe there as a Tumblr profile which posted the translations) and they were exactly what I expected. Still, as far as novels go, I'm really happy that they're finally almost done with Gundam Unicorn, it's been on my On-Hold list for years. I also need to finish reading Chrome Shelled Regios too, I've got all volumes downloaded, but I'm not in a proper mindset to read these yet. Maybe after the Finals.