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Uchuu no Senshi
Uchuu no Senshi
Yesterday, 4:50 PM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 6
Gamba: Gamba to Nakama-tachi
Gamba: Gamba to Nakama-tachi
Yesterday, 4:47 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 OVA
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 OVA
Jul 26, 4:40 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
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Oppai Infinity∞!
Oppai Infinity∞!
Jul 26, 4:42 PM
Completed 11/11 · Scored 5
Jul 24, 7:58 AM
Completed - · Scored 7
Fate/tiger Colosseum Upper
Fate/tiger Colosseum Upper
Jul 23, 6:36 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5


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VincentHarkonnen Jul 24, 9:37 AM
It's Hadou Nejire from Boku no Hero Academia :D I really like this character design, she looks like that girl from Me!Me!Me! in her casual clothes, but once she changes into her superhero form... Damn, I want a phone number of her hair stylist, I'm sick of trying to get my hair to do that naturally by shoving a fork into an electric socket each time I want to look cool. Hah, is that Saint Martha I see on your current avatar? Finally, a character I can recognize! :D And a totally cool one as well!

Eromanga was just painfully boring to me, the characters were so forgettable that I don't remember anyone from this show already and the overall formula was pretty bland as well. I've got to admit, it's been ages since I've seen a show that is bad in an enjoyable way. You know, like Another or Black Rock Shooter TV series, something you can actually laugh at instead of yawning and skipping.
VincentHarkonnen Jul 18, 1:00 PM
Are you saying that this isn't the most fuckable face you've ever seen (paper bags sold separately)? :D Nah, I've meant that if the heroines of Princess Principal would look like the Kakegurui characters when they're not struggling with after effects of the "laxative in tea" prank, the views would've been much nicer :D ...actually, the mdoern hentai are so bad that if Kakegurui would end up being a lesbian scat show, I'd probably like it even more.

Wasn't it pretty much the point of this OVA? I mean, it comes from the creators of Devil Hunter Yohko, it's obvious that they just want to make a show with an attractive girl doing something too badass for Sailor Moon to handle.
dziekuje ma Bóg -> I think the phrase you're looking for is dzięki Bogu :D
Dagashi Kashi E10 -> Welp, my condolences.
VincentHarkonnen Jul 17, 3:25 PM
Well, I will give the show this for sure - it does look really good at some places. The scenery is really nicely drawn and the darker colors are handled relatively well too. The animation is surprisingly smooth as well. I still dropped it, it's not exactly bad, just not up my ass. Maybe if the character designs were less moefied and more like the ones in Kakegurui, I'd watch it only for sights alone. ...except Kakegurui was dreadful, so I couldn't stomach it either. *groans* I wish Guyver wasn't on hiatus.
VincentHarkonnen Jul 16, 5:34 PM
So, is Princess Principal really that good? I remember checking what it's about but the character designs and synopsis made me recall Madoka and other titles where little girls try hard to be badass.
VincentHarkonnen Jun 20, 9:13 AM
Yeah, I remember liking the first episode a ton, that creepy old guy and his mechanical tentacles gave me some oldschool demonic hentai vibes. *sigh* I miss Urotsukidouji and Wicked City at times.
BTW, what's with this "dick biting vampires"? -> Oh, nothing, just the greatest line ever. Gotta love the old American way of dubbing the anime - just throw as many profanities as you can to make the title mature and radical :D

Well, even without a hospital trip, you're guaranteed to be tripping balls after this surgery, holy shit... My friend at the University also had both of his wisom teeth removed back in March and... well, let's just say that he looked like Marlon Brando in Godfather. Definitely couldn't attend the classes or go to work. I hope you'll have some painkillers and ice prepared, because the nights are going to be a pain. Of course, I don't know how are they going to extract your teeth, my friend had them extracted one at the time, first they got rid of the one on the left and then they got to the other one after a week or two to let him heal after the first one. Of course, it was a dental surgeon too, but they simply gave him an anesthethic each time and then made the tooth pop out with a chisel. From what my friend told me, it doesn't hurt at all, but the sound is purely magical :D Still, let me know how was it, once you'll be able to focus on typing. The extraction isn't so bad, but the few days after it are the worst. Especially once you'll realize that taking too many painkillers might ruin your stomach so you end up using them more and more sparsely. That's why the ice is so important.

I can't decide between "meh" and "I would rather have sex with Suigintou rather than keep writing my paper". ...what do you mean by "there's no option like this"? Honestly though, it's really bad. Not because of my terrible grades, these are pretty good actually, but because of me having to write my paper which is completely draining at this point (and in such immense heat) and having to prepare for exams next week. What kind of genius thought that it would be a good idea to make us write the exams as we're working on our papers? It's our final year, just give us a break, you've been molesting our braincells for the last two years after all. Damn, are they trying too hard to make us as intelligent as we can be. And to think that I was so hyped about my paper, choosing the influences on the modern Sci-Fi found in H.G. Wells' "The War Of The Worlds" and "The Island Of Dcotor Moreau". But then you actually write about that for few days straight and you just want to die on the inside because you feel so tired.
VincentHarkonnen Jun 18, 10:05 AM
7 for Cyber City Oedo? Nice, I assume that you've watched it with the glorious English dub, complete with dick biting vampires? :D
Umaitachi Jun 2, 8:16 AM
Köszi. Őszintén szólva, már megrendeltem a sétapálcát. :V
VincentHarkonnen May 6, 5:37 PM
*stares at Frame Arms Girl* Well, that's one way to take Busou Shinki, repackage it and then ship it again under a different name. Remember when we were getting moist over new Transformers toys which at least looked different from one another (especially when Beast Wars became a thing)? ...yeah, I don't too. But damn, would I lie if I'd say that I wasn't getting rock hard everytime a new Action Man got released back when I was 5. *laughs*
JigoKuu-chan Apr 25, 10:35 AM
Hú, köszi!<3
Bár őszintén szólva már lestalkerkedtem a profilodról. :P (Nem hagyott nyugodni a dolog, még aznap rávetettem magam lol xD)
Nagyon jó amúgy, úgy örülök neki, egy jó ideig vártam, hogy jön majd az utód, de valahogy nagyon elkerülhetett annak idején :,,(
Na de majd most~ ;D
VincentHarkonnen Apr 25, 8:50 AM
So, judging from your avatar, I assume that you've watched the GITS adaptation lately? I swear, the best thing about this movie was Batou's car. The rest was just an average set of Cyberpunk themes, even if the movie was still much better than Dragon Ball: Evolution. Still forgettable as all hell.
VincentHarkonnen Mar 28, 8:27 AM
The fappers will probably have a field day with futa fanarts of these horse girls. Talk about taking the trope to the extreme.

Also, I think I'm gonna buy Berserk And The Band Of The Hawk soon, have you tried the PC version yet? It's actually nice to see that the game's covering the entirety of the manga except of the ongoing arc.
VincentHarkonnen Mar 26, 5:28 PM
Egy fenékkel nem lehet két lovat megülni. Apparently the creators of this anime/game didn't know this sentence and mixed horses with idols thinking that it would work. This is just sad now.
VincentHarkonnen Mar 3, 3:18 PM
Man, Atom: The Beginning sure looks promising. I'm diggin' the art style already. I wish Pluto would get an adaptation too, that manga was a great Spin-Off of Astro Boy.
VincentHarkonnen Mar 1, 11:19 AM
You forgot Medb, mate. *laughs*

Huh, sounds like a pretty nice chapter indeed. So they made Moriarty a Servant too? Damn, with the amount of Sherlock Holmes Servants we're getting, I'm expecting Sebastian Moran to become a Servant too, given that he was both Sherlock's rival and an experienced soldier.

Wait, Intel pulled something like that off? I haven't heard of it, mostly because I'm not reading into any PC-related stuff, but damn, does it sound like something that will leave a negative impact on them, unless they had some beef with RyZen earlier.

So, is it going to be about Keijo, Senran Kagura and Ikkitousen? :D
VincentHarkonnen Feb 18, 7:03 AM
Damn, do you have a checklist for every single F/GO heroine so you could use all of them as your avatar eventually? :D

Yeah, nowadays people usually get their Vita memory cards along with the used consoles, because you can't even find the damn things in stores over here. I'm just glad that I'll already have that 16 GB bundled in with my Vita, saves me over 200 PLN. Damn, 16 GB of RAM? And to think that I'm still rockin' that good old 2 GB on my PC. *laughs* Well, both of us didn't give a flying toss about our computers in years, it seems. I haven't changed anything in mine since 2009.