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Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
11 minutes ago
Watching 42/110 · Scored 8
Tensura Nikki: Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
Tensura Nikki: Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
Yesterday, 11:32 AM
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Kuro Gal ni Natta kara Shinyuu to Yattemita.
Kuro Gal ni Natta kara Shinyuu to Yattemita.
Apr 1, 6:35 PM
On-Hold 25/? · Scored 6
Nov 3, 2020 12:14 PM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 5
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!!
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!!
Oct 30, 2020 6:53 AM
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Igzeivy May 7, 9:31 AM
Based favorites.
Junchi Jul 2, 2020 11:11 PM
Nekem a film is bejött, igaz, az egy teljesen másfajta élmény/megközelítés, különösebben nincs is semmi mondanivalója, viszont azt a bizonyos éjszakát azért Yuasa érzékkel változtatta át egy hatalmas fesztivállá, ahol még a dalok sem verték ki az ingerküszöbömet. A Tatamiban egyébként éreztem egy kis önreflexiót is a rendező részéről, emiatt egy kicsivel személyesebb ez a műve, mint a többi. Mindezek hatására lehet én is újrázom majd valamikor, since úgyis listatétel a 2010-es Aoi kihívásban, szal why not.

Az a TM 8.0 klón meg... szóval igen, nagyon erős a gyanúm, hogy ez majd az utolsó pillanatban dől el, hogy akarom e vagy sem. Egyrészt elég kommersz téma, ami Yuasától szokatlan, másrészt a TM 8.0-ból egy is elég volt.
Junchi Jul 1, 2020 11:27 PM
Oszt úgy tűnik, te is élvezted a négyésfeles tatami galaxisában tett kirándulást.

Szerintem messze ez a legjobb dolog, ami Yuasa közbenjárásával valaha is történt.
Junchi Dec 29, 2019 9:53 AM
Színt vallok: Egy időben (még az elején) KanColle-os piktúrákat is mentegettem le, csak aztán elég önismétlőek lettek a designokkal, meg ott elenyészően ez a tizenkettő-egytucat moe volt az uralkodó, az meg annyira nem kenyerem. Yuubariból viszont egész sok kép megvan még mindig.

GF-hez visszatérve M1903 Springfield nálam is játszik + még AK-12 a nyerő, meg UMP45.
Junchi Dec 27, 2019 10:02 AM
Napi Pixiv-körutam során szinte mindig belefutok egy-egy jobb Girls' Frontline fanartba és bár mind játékban, mind animében kábé totál hidegen hagy az egész, de egy-két szereplőt azért sikeresen megjegyeztem magamnak, akiknek a designját egész eltalálták vagy szabták a szám ízére. Így járt Lee Enfield is. : )
VincentHarkonnen Dec 23, 2019 6:30 AM
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, mate! I wish you more successful projects in the upcoming year, good fortune and a solid, stable income. May the humanity wake the fuck up and take what they own from the politicians and corporations worldwide and send the message to the tyrants to come. Either we kill them fast and hang them high or we die slowly in poverty. Democracy and courts betrayed us all a long time ago. sir, I'm not possessed by Che Guevarra.

The reply will come later, but rest assured, I'm not looking forward to more fairy fucking :D I'd rather have a buff black guy painfully spread my asshole and spit in it than deal with another few hours of this stuff :D
VincentHarkonnen Oct 10, 2019 5:30 PM
Hah! There was a news anchor like that over here too, right before the actual News, he started to complain about his cameraman buddy about "the table in studio being dirty as fuck" before casually moving on to the problems with Polish hospitals. Well, screw these, somebody clean that damn table already. The legends are saying that this shit is still contaminating the studio :D The dude actually kept his job too.

Oh man, definitely give Fawlty Towers a go, it's a pretty short series, but damn, is the comedy savage. As expected from a Monty Python-related title. It's less nonsensical and more down to the ground, but the slapstick and John Cleese playing the asshole innkeeper were pure gold :D Oh wow, Allo Allo was amazing :D I still remember how despite of a huge number of recurring gags, it still managed to make people laugh. The Animals of Farthing Wood... *trauma intensifies* ...awesome show, but wow, was it depressing at times. Especially that part where the bird's wife gets killed and cooked before he shares the same fate, it's just... Ouch. It actually aired in Poland twice (in 1996 and then with newer translation in 1999), all three seasons and all.
Hah, that piglet puppet is adorable :D I like how the badger sounds like everybody's super old uncle nobody understands too :D Looks like a pretty cool show for kids though, I'd totally take it over Barney the Dinosaur.

Astraea (or the Luviagelita pseudo-servant of the Greek goddess justice, innocence, purity and precision) -> I'm sorry, what? Holy crap, why didn't you tell me that my second/third (can't decide between her and BB) best Fate girl finally got a Servant form? :D The design is kinda... okayish, but more Luvia is always welcomed. Let me guess, she gets a 200% strength bonus when fighting against Ishtar? :D I'm actually surprised they made her into a Ruler, with Luvia's brute strength, I was expecting a Berserker. Is this class still ass, by the way? I remember Berserkers always getting some awesome abilities, but suffering from little to no usefulness. Well, all that remains is giving my top Fate bitch a pseudo-Servant form.
By the way, I stumbled upon King Protea today. All I can say is... actually, I can't say anything, because I'm screaming in horror. WHO DESIGNED THIS MONSTROSITY AND HOW DO WE KILL IT?!
Yeah, that's the reason why I'm not even looking into Touhou myself. It's got a cool world and some interesting characters, but it's just very stale. They even keep porting some Spin-Off games on the PS4, but I've got zero motivation to play these.

Hah, sounds like you're doing a good work like always :) At least these are some cool titles you get to work on. As for me, I took a day off today, I'm currently struggling with the assignment from insanely demanding client. It's the company making air compressors, and boy, do they want to see the job done. They even sent me some materials, only 200 pages of heavy, technical literature for me to base the texts on. Two paragraphs in and my brain is already drifting away to Luvia peeing into Tohsaka's ear, holy shit... At least I've got a lot of time to complete it, but the madman in me wants to get it done by Tuesday. That money they're offering is real.

No worries, our market is just as weird - we've got Utena movie, but no actual series. The only publisher of anime on DVD/BD closed their office in Poland, but the translators are still working in Germany, so if you want to buy Code Geass or something, you need to order it from abroads, and it has Polish subtitles available. Discontinued Game of Thrones sounds like a crime, though :D

Man, my heart goes out to Laffey though, when she said that she's sleepy, I really felt that, after trying to come up with texts about car covers. Dicks out for Laffey! Man, I'm guessing Yamashiro is extremely popular in Japan :D Not a fan of her design, but I'll take that over a loli. Hah, I love how your opinion on KanColle is gradually worsening :D Not only yours, actually, I've seen a lot of people dropping the game just because it's going overboard with Axis propaganda.

So, are you playing Code Vein now, bratanku? :D I was pretty hyped for it myself, but the demo was way too animu to me. That and the fact the game felt kinda cheap in terms of production, despite of awesome character creation.
VincentHarkonnen Oct 9, 2019 5:28 AM
Gave Azur Lane a quick look, damn, does it look like a jailbait :D Haven't seen this many lolis since I went to the *REDACTED*. I'll pass, had enough of generic black/red alien ships and other overused themes. The animation quality is okay, though. I was expecting it to look far less impressive.
VincentHarkonnen Oct 2, 2019 6:00 PM
Mr. Bean and Benny Hill -> Cheers, that's some nostalgic stuff right there :D They're still going for the reruns of the former over here, but Benny Hill is lost in action since the early '90s. Man, you know which British show needed more seasons? Fawlty Towers. Damn, was it hysterical. Hah, Uborka sounds like a slightly better version of our modern standup comedy. That's pretty much the problem with comedies where the main focus of each joke is "look at how dumb the government is". From time to time, something hits the right notes, but it's usually the way you've described - rather on the nose. I can see how you'd get into it as a kid, we all loved us some Muppets :D You could put a Hitler speech over a puppet flapping its mouth and I'd still watch it as a kid :D At least Uborka lasted longer than our "Miś z Okienka" (The Teddy Bear From the Window), which was an old kids' show where the guy who was always talking to the bear forgot that the camera is still on and, at the end of what turned out to be the last episode, said: "and now, dear children, you can kiss the bear's ass" :D

Oh yeah, I was thinking of feeding him Mr. Robot next, but Black Mirror is cool too, despite of the newest season being kinda... meh. Then again, another show I was thinking of showing him, Stranger Things, has also seen a sudden decline in quality. Both didn't hit the bottom like Game of Thrones did, but... yeah, I'm gonna wait with these. American Horror Story is out of question, though :D

Favourite Servant? Her? And here I thought that Nitocris was your top bitch, given how long you kept her in your team and always brought her up amongst your highest level Servants :D Oh wow, I thought you gave up on Touhou after all these years, going from Koakuma and Patchy's #1 fan to FGO entirely :D Man, that picture you posted summarizes perfectly how I imagine your translation work - too much shit to translate under the strict deadline and it just keeps piling up. Major props to you. Makes me dealing with more demanding clients a pure child's play :D

I was fucking sitting there and the woman would just sit on me. -> Posted in BBW category on Pornhub, holy shit, that's some nightmare fuel. I think my biggest problem with public communication over here, bigger than the vomit-inducing hobos, were reckless drivers. I swear, every single time I had to take the tram to work and back, we had to suddenly hit the brakes at least twice because some mongoloid wanted to go first. Can't tell how many times I nearly broke my ass whenever I went flying :D And then you stand up and you see a lone hobo going: "Wowee, mister, that was wild!" Like... Damn. By the way, given how borderline satanic angry Hungarians sound, I wouldn't want to be this poor whale woman (screw catalysts, just get angry in Hungarian before the Grail War and Helena Blavatsky will answer) :D You probably made her buy another bucket of ice cream on her way back, so she could cover that sadness with some sweet, sweet sugary goodness.

Nice! :D I'm sure you'll love it, wish I could gift it to you without a Steam account :D The tutorial stage is pretty linear, but no worries, it's short and everything afterwards gets so much better. There's levelling up, skill tree, different weapons to pick up, it's a very solid game. I'd recommend starting it on the lower difficulties though, as it gets pretty brutal on harder ones, which should be saved until New Game+, which got added via patch, along with arena mode and speedrun mode.

*looks up Imperium Galactica 2* Holy crap, I remember this game! :D It got very positive reviews from the Polish video game magazines back when it came out, I remember the reviewers praising the amount of graphical details this game had. No worries, maybe Hungarian market simply needs more time, just like the Polish one. I remember Painkiller being the very first top-notch Polish game, before the developers moved to Epic Games in Canada. Then, after a couple of years, the first Witcher happened and things started to pick up very slowly from there. I mean, Polish games lacked any bigger funding until more recent years, while I still remember our market being rather meh back in 2011, 2012, even. Haha, at least you guys get a movie about a serial killer, since the new government took over here, they're making only WWII propaganda movies and TV series. And, occasionally, someone makes a shitty love comedy, advertised as the funniest movie of the year on every billboard. Potop on DVD, eh? Crap, too bad that you're not visiting Szczecin again soon, they actually have lots of copies at stores here. They do have English subtitles available too, so while a Hungarian is a no-no here (maybe it's for the best, you'd watch it with dubbing, then some character gets angry and BAM, Blavatsky comes out of your TV like the Ring girl), you could at least watch it like this. Or... have you tried Amazon?
VincentHarkonnen Oct 1, 2019 6:50 AM
Oh, trust me, I can already feel that boomer energy coursing through my body. *laughs* Hah, we might be as old as Waver the Handsome, but in reality we're all channeling Kiritsugu, in all of his unshaved, depressed glory :D Haha, who's Gray? *looks her up on Wiki* ...I really need to watch this anime, I'm so behind, holy shit... *depressed mumbling* Maybe it's the sign, I recently had dreams about being stuck in a lowrider on Time's Square at 3 AM, yelling at people with Shinji Matou and some stereotypical black pimp behind the wheel. *downs another glass of whiskey* I don't know what causes those dreams either.

Hah, I remember these too, along with Baywatch, never forget Baywatch, my dude :D I also remember this other cheesy-ass show titled Viper, which was literally about some agents using a Dodge Viper filled with gadgets. Kinda like Knight Rider, but less awesome. Oh man, I remember staying up late when my parents were at work just to watch X-Files. I was too scared to go to bed afterwards, but kept coming back for more :D I'm actually in the process of getting my old man into various series, started off with Cowboy Bebop and Breaking Bad. Hope he likes these. I mean, I made him watch Akira recently and he liked it too, so I'm on the right track :D

Oh, come on, that's hardly a cosplay! You'll just need to shave and get yourself a hair extension to become Waver 24/7 :D I do like that you guys went for these FGO personas, fits you like a glove :D Meanwhile, on my side of the translating realm:

There, memes for you on all sides, RRFS or not :D
Man, I'm jealous, my only skill on the public transportation is attracting smelly hobos who always take a seat next to me. Not The Proudest Phantasm, they call it - a shitty version of its Noble counterpart :D Unlimited Blade Works? How cute, let me show you... *exposes smelly armpits* Hobo Attraction! *Hiroyuki Sawano music kicks in*

You know, given Fate's messed up lore, with Saber getting a temporary dong and all, I wouldn't be surprised if that "distant relative" was actually Rin and Luvia's daughter, conceived in the same way as Mordred (you know these two probably love each other with this much bickering, they're just too shy to admit it). And she's probably aging faster because of that too, which is why she looks like Rin, despite of being, probably, only 2 years old.
True, I mean, Shiro had to pretty much tank both Berserker and Saber Alter all by himself in HF. Stuff like this really makes me wish we would have gotten a new, proper Fate title with a story where there was so much at stake. I honestly don't know much about Extra, aside of the fact that it has virtual reality with F/SN characters in different roles and that BB's in it. I really wish they ported it to PS4 already, I missed out on it back on PSP, and the only installment we got on the current console is the third one, the one that plays like a Dynasty Warriors game. Maybe it's available in Store for the Vita, at least.

Oh, have you checked it out yet (assuming you're reading this after work)? :D It's so good for a Polish title, holy shit... I had the biggest smile on my face through the whole thing. I didn't like Afterfall, it was a pretty bad Dead Space clone with a nonsensical story and random plot devices. Frostpunk? I never read too much about it, mostly because the survival games aren't up my alley. I do want to play Subnautica one day, though. Necrovision came out on PC only, so it's out of my reach, but I'm generally not a fan of The Farm 51. I've played Get Even by them recently and as ambitious as it was, it was also very unpolished. The same goes to Bloober Team, the guys behind Layers of Fear and Observer. All of their games boil down to walking around the spookhouse, while entering the flashbacks showing how big of a piece of shit the protagonist was to his family. And I'm especially salty about The Observer, because that game actually starts off as a great title. Walking around the apartment building, talking to tenants, even the first memory sequence was cool, as it told the proper story of a guy who went to prison and never felt free again, but then it devolved into this shitty Layers of Fear clone and it's just... urgh. Ohhh, I didn't know the remakes of Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset were made by a Polish studio! :D That's pretty cool, they're like The Farm 51, but good. Still, PLAY RUINER, IT'S AMAZING, THE BIGGEST PRIDE OF POLAND SINCE WOJTYŁA BECAME THE POPE. Also, the music. I love those female voices that kick in around 1:45, that's some proper GITS music, even if the game feels more like Akira, which is perfect. They also got Susumu Hirasawa, which, once again, is damn impressive for a Polish studio. You get to listen to this masterpiece while walking around the city hub.
Ohhh, Neocore! Now that I'm looking at their games, I can see some familiar titles, like these Van Hellsing games. At least they've got Warhammer 40k license, that's quite an achievement. By the way, I looked up Yoomurjak's Ring, damn, wasn't expecting an FMV game :D That's pretty cool, actually :D Took a peek at Ironkraft too, if your friend designed the vehicles too, he's damn good at this job :D *Fuck Truck passes by the window* ...speaking of cool vehicles from Eastern Europe.
VincentHarkonnen Sep 30, 2019 5:18 PM
I used to watch Star Trek as a kid, which is probably why those old, campy episodes stick around in my head. Stargate... I've seen the movie, but I don't remember the series too well, it definitely aired over here and I probably saw a few episodes, but that's about it. I honestly don't even know what Babylon 5 was about, I only know it exists. I wish I could find some time to watch Firefly though, but that isn't going to happen anytime soon. It's enough that Konosuba is taking me ages. Remember when we used to watch 12 episodes a day, if not more? Man, being an adult sucks, aside of having your own income. *laughs*

Yeah, I know, I was just pulling anime out at random :D Man, Le Chevalier d'Eon was awesome. Especially the manga, which was nothing like the anime, with some of the most impressive art style I've ever seen. To some extent, Jin-Roh is an interesting example of portrayal of post-WWII Japan, albeit a little fictionalized.
*laughs* Man, that's some MGS-worthy stealth skill you've displayed there, then :D In all honesty, I'd be more scared of your military uniform than the Black Jack cosplay :D Gotta top it off next year, by cosplaying as Jeanne :D

Ohhhh, that's a nostalgia trip right there! :D I hated Fallout 3's preachy plot, but the exploration was super good. The DLCs were a mixed bag, I think I liked The Pitt the least, but those modifications you've added sound like fun :D Well, until the whole ambush part starts involving Deathclaws, at least. I know people also modded New Vegas with that super realistic mod, which puts the original Hardcore Mode to shame :D

Welp, at first I was like: "they why the hell Caren won't just make people give her cash?!", but then I reached the explanation regarding specialties, so thanks for clearing that up :) Fate's Servants steal the spotlight so hard, that I honestly forgot that the Magi specialized in different types of magic. Now I remember, Rin had her jewel magic, Zouken had dickworms, it all makes sense now :D
Oh, that's why I kept seeing this Chinese name when I looked him up briefly in FGO. Ereshkigal is a weird case, I actually thought that Rin just can't catch a break recently, as the two Servants just keep taking turns in possessing her :D Being best girl sucks at times.

Yeah, 10 bucks really is a little much. Even on PSN there's always the "games under 35 PLN" deal, with titles being chosen randomly every 2 weeks, so you can even get a Far Cry 3 for such price. Hah, that's awesome to hear that your buddy is actually working on games :D I'll have to look it up. Speaking of wishlists, is there Ruiner there, by any chance? It's a Polish Cyberpunk twinstick shooter with amazing visual style and OST. One of the games that make me really proud of the local video game industry, along with Painkiller and CD Projekt RED's stuff.
VincentHarkonnen Sep 30, 2019 3:04 PM
Happy birthday, bratanku! :) I wish you more successful translation projects, luck at work and the usual stuff: good health, money and whatever else you need in life to make it slightly better. So, how does it feel to be almost 30 years old? :D
...yeah, me too.
VincentHarkonnen Sep 27, 2019 6:08 PM
To be honest, I never was a huge fan of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I mean, I liked it, but I hardly remember anything from it. Meanwhile, I still remember Tribbles from Star Trek. Yeah, yeah, I'm going back to my trashcan.

History and historic events in anime -> Aha, that's a fascinating subject! :D We have WWII dogfights (Strike Witches), Viking invasion of Britain (Vinland Saga), holocaust (Queen's Blade: Rebellion) or even a true goldmine of history that is Fate :D So... How many people wanted to fight you on your way there? :D I'm not sure how dangerous Budapest is compared to Szczecin's certain districts, but I can imagine a group or two wanting to stab me to death :D No one would even ask what era is it from, Cold War or not, I'd be screwed either way :D

Haha, true, cavemen aren't the most common sight in videogames. Despite that, I couldn't get into the overall setting as easily as I did in other games of the series. Good idea with Blood Dragon though, it's a very short title, kinda like Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry, if you've played this one. Should take you 8 hours to beat tops, and this includes cleaning the whole map. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your save file's wellbeing, then :D By the way, there's a Blood Dragon Easter Egg in Primal too, so playing this game first is a must :D

Geez, at this point, I'm just wondering why the Magi won't use their powers to rob a bank or something. At least we got Alucard Waver out of that, so everything's cool :D ...he's in FGO too, right? I saw a lot of fanarts with him hanging out with those two other female Servants, suddenly RRFS memes make a lot of sense :D

No, no, it was some other, forgettable show from 2013. Mature lolis are either vampires/some other supernatural crap or just kids who want to act mature. Still, if a little girl kept calling me her son, I'd probably die of aneurysm. There are horny fairies who live for 1000+ years without knowing what masturbation is, and then there's that.

Yup, I remember calling her out on that when you introduced me to the series :D Maybe Attila is just hunting for more bad civilizations to nuke :D

PS. Assassin's Creed: Rogue might as well be my favourite title in the whole series. Holy shit, the setting is so good.
VincentHarkonnen Sep 24, 2019 9:03 AM
Crap, the two options that came to my head were "Marvin the Martian" and "Is Marvin Medb's nickname I never heard of?". Shameful display on my end.

Give it time, if it's so cheap, it's probably on its way. It's like in Armageddon, where they menacingly cut to the asteroid approaching Earth once in a while :D Welp, congrats on pointing out the stuff the politicians should hear more from people, good thing that nobody arrested you :D Let me guess, you were dressed up like this for maximum threat level? Hey, the Love Boat truly deserves its name, it loves the slander :D Funny you mention the free meals, stuff like this always reminds me of how in UK, bribing voters in any way, even by giving lollipops to kids, is prohibited. The opposition upped their game recently, by appearing during some environmental convention, where they handed out free air filters. Obviously, many people came just for the free filters without giving a damn about the politicians :D How about making people earn more while lowering taxes? "They must not be forgotten" my ass, more like "They're our cheap trump card while begging for votes". The things over here look exactly like this as well.

Yeah, the original still rocks, it's hard as nails (or maybe the modern shooters spoiled me), but the game is just as impressive as it was back when it came out. FC 2 is passable, the constant malaria attacks, jamming weapons and boring map make it more of a curiosity rather than a worthwhile title. FC 3 is the second best in the main series, while Blood Dragon is an absolute best Far Cry game in general. Too bad that Ubisoft keeps refusing to give us a sequel. I actually played Blood Dragon before FC 3, it's a perfect way to get used to the overall feel of the main game :D Primal was... okay. I've played it until 100% completion back in January and it was fine, but the damage spongy heavy enemies were a huge pain. I'd say play FC 3 and Blood Dragon, then jump straight into FC 5. This game's atmosphere is super depressing, but it works extremely well. I also have Far Cry: New Dawn installed on my PS4, but haven't started it yet. The game still looks very fun, though.

Aha, I think I saw Ashens review something like this. Sounds like a neat alternative to Nendoroids, I'm assuming these are cheaper too. Damn, we've known each other for almost 10 years now, I'll have to arrange something like this for ya this Christmas or something :D Especially with my financial problems slowly leaving. Elizabeth Bathory sounds like something up your alley too, and given how cool Scathatch is (I can barely remember her being a poster girl of this game), it's a win-win-win scenario with these :D Wait, since when Waver become so... menacing? If the young Waver approached me, accusing me of fucking his girlfriend, I'd be like: "I don't care, I'm gonna do it again :D", but if the same happened with this guy... Welp, it would turn into Beyond Scared episode, you know, that American show where they scare juvenile deliquents by trapping them for 3 hours with real convicts :D Alexander taught that boi well! :D

You know what this reminds me of? Few years ago, I don't know what anime it was, I've mentioned "mature loli" to you and it was a super confusing, alien concept to us. Fast forward a few years later and look where we are :D Massachusetss my ass, it's Attila the Hun from F/GO in disguise! Prinz Eugen is still the best girl.
VincentHarkonnen Sep 24, 2019 4:28 AM
Uhhh... Who's Marvin again? My sclerosis is legendary today, courtesy of my new assignment. The biggest one I ever had, but at least it's expensive. For the client at least.

Bro, you just made me laugh harder than I probably should. A discount version of this cheap crap? :D Damn! So we have Szczecin's Fuck Truck (because it keeps yelling about sexual education at school being evil because the children will know what gays are and all of the masturbation problems come from homosexual influences, plus it makes me go "FUUUUUCK..." whenever I hear it) and Százhalombatta's Discount Love Boat. You know what, I think they should join forces. Make the Fuck Truck pull the Love Boat across the street, as both are blaring their combined bullshit over the speakers. Or we should find more crappy vehicles like this and make the worst anti-EU Voltron out of them :D Yeah, we still have 3 weeks left until the major election to the Sejm here and the bad guys currently in power are sure to win big time. They already bribed too many people, giving them 500 PLN for each child, so a lot of people end up taking the money and not going to work anymore. Meanwhile, the taxes and prices here are legendary, I had to give away 600 PLN from my payment away because of them. Which, given that I don't receive an actual set payment, but rather a cumulative sum of my earnings based on the assignments I've completed during a month, makes me even angrier. Meanwhile, the opposition does nothing, aside of panicking and going for the "vote for us because we're not them" approach. Cool, I'm not them either, but I don't have a clear concept regarding what to do with this awful country.

Far Cry as in the actual series? :D I actually like these games, 2 was a passable prototype for the later games and 4 was a borefest, but Far Cry 5 was amazing. As for Assassin's Creed, luckily, Odyssey is the first game chronologically. Which makes it feel even more tacked onto the series, given that Origin was supposed to be the starting point of the timeline. I do appreciate a completely new, reworked gameplay though. The combat isn't on rails anymore and the new mechanics work really well.

Oh, I see! I thought it's some political thing or something, like a pro-EU movement :D *wheezing laughter* Man, I'm so dumb because of the political crap here... Yup, I actually noticed the Beatles reference, good idea with the shirt :D I'd say cockatoos are my favourite parrots, the way they move and raise their mohawks when salty is almost cartoony :D
Nah, it's fine, I just saw the birds everywhere and was like "is there a Hungarian democratic movement rising up"? Like French yellow vests, but Hungarian parrots or something? Y... Yeah, not my brightest moment. The worst thing is that if you'd decide to pull my balls and start teling me fake stories about the Parrot World Order in Hungary, I would probably believe that, then share it with my old man, then he'd be like: "wow, these guys are savage" and... *stares blankly into his own stupidity* I need a drink. And a minute.

Desktop Warrior Nero! :D Is this Nero, but in her keyboard warrior mode, getting angry over other Sabers being more popular (I'm assuming Sakura Saber is the hot stuff now)? Good choice though, still the best Saber along with Alter. Now you just need the cursed Astolfo plushie that makes people gay and we're golden. Just think what kind of drops that thing would give ya :D

Grannies? Them? They look like they're seven years old! Even though Warspite is a damn badass name for a loli, might as well consider naming my future daughter this, so nobody would mess with her. *stares at KMS Deutschland* ...mommy knows you're here, kiddo? Geez, are there any adults here? At least Hood looks okay. Still keeping my fingers crossed for Prinz Eugen, at least. It was the first Azur Lane character you introduced me to and she still looks awesome.

By the way, who's that bloke on your avatar? :D I saw that he even started portraying you in RRFS memes, quite fitting, actually :D