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Lemon Home Animation Gekijou
Lemon Home Animation Gekijou
6 hours ago
Completed 3/3 · Scored 3
Nyanko Days
Nyanko Days
Nov 15, 6:01 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 5
What's Michael?
What's Michael?
Nov 15, 6:00 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
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Hitozuma Yukie: Nodogoshi Etsurakuen
Hitozuma Yukie: Nodogoshi Etsurakuen
Nov 9, 9:27 AM
Completed 9/9 · Scored 5
Highschool of the Dead
Highschool of the Dead
Nov 6, 3:51 PM
Completed 33/33 · Scored 8
Trans "B" Maid x Asa Onna to Futanari Ojousama
Trans "B" Maid x Asa Onna to Futanari Ojousama
Sep 30, 8:49 PM
Completed 7/7 · Scored 6


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VincentHarkonnen 10 hours ago
I've got to admit, this pun made me laugh harder than it probably should :D It gets even funnier when I imagine your comments being read by a voice muffled by the nyaahugger over here. ....something tells me that I'd get nightmares from seeing nyaabuster in action though.
VincentHarkonnen Yesterday, 10:57 AM
*stares at Ricz's avatar* WHAT IS YOUR MALFUNCTION. Is this some early draft to the sequel to Alien: Covenant or something?
VincentHarkonnen Nov 10, 10:14 AM
Wait a second, HOTD is actually over? When did that happen? Is it actually over, or is the author on a very long vacation, after dropping the title because he couldn't think of any way to end it? One way or another, that's a major shocker.


*googles HOTD up* Well, that's unfortunate. RIP Sato, even if I never liked any of your works. It's kinda surpririsng to me that the magazine he had a contract with didn't hire any other artist to resume this title, considering how well it sold.
VincentHarkonnen Oct 30, 9:04 AM
Same here, I don't care about this fake, corporate holiday during which people are literally forcing themselves to say something nice to the people they don't even want to talk to for the rest of the year. *grumble, grumble*

Pretty much, except with Mick Gordon instead :D Just put the BFG Division over the scene where Mazinger Z shoots its rocket punch towards the monster, as we get the X-Ray shot showing the creature's brain getting pushed out through the back of its skull or something, splattering blood and guts all over the city.

Yeah, the main story is pretty underwhelming and reminiscent of Fallout 3, except less preachy. Also, don't forget about the fact that you need to build new locations yourself to spare Bethesda some pointless worldbuilding and that the settlements are constantly bugging you, wanting you to kill some Feral Ghouls few kilometers away from their location, because apparently it's very dangerous and stuff... as you get mauled by Deathclaws on your way there, which doesn't seem to be the problem for the jolly hillfolk. Also, bring Karma system back, because "X didn't like the shit you just did" thing doesn't work the same way. Oh, and the power armor in this game was the most forgettable thing ever. "Hey, you want it? Sure, take it, it's got a jetpack and everything, have fun." And then hardly anyone used that damn thing which wasn't even rewarding to get into in the first place because they just let you have it. And what happened to my personal favourite faction, the Enclave? I know that Fallout 3, for some reason, decided to portray them as bad guys with the insane racists from BoS being the heroes for some reason, but NCR from New Vegas was the best thing in the series to me. Especially with that Ranger armor, holy shit, why didn't we get that thing back in Fallout 4, that longcoat was the thing to die for.

Aha, so it's more like Doom 3 then, except without Sci-Fi. Man, I can't want to play The Evil Within 2 after getting myself a PS4, as much as I had a lot of complaints about the first game, it still had this something which made me develop a Stockholm Syndrome towards it. Probably the sheer insanity of this game and the freaky visuals here and there.
VincentHarkonnen Oct 29, 9:13 AM
Damn it, your new avatar is like your profile's equivalent of a shop window - we didn't even get to November yet, but it just smacks me in the face with jolly holiday atmosphere. And you didn't even use Saber Alter, the true second coming of Ded Moroz and that other goober in red coat.

As far as Nagai titles go, I'm expecting three things: gore, antiheroes and wacky attitude. As long as the new Mazinger's going to have at least two of these, I'll be happy. Not as happy as if they'd ever make a crossover between Sailor Moon and Guyver, but still happy nonetheless.

Yeah, I was quite disappointed with the Railroad myself, I wanted to free the robots in the grandest way possible. Then again, Fallout 4 is a game made out of disappointments, so why am I even surprised.
Oh boy, a zombie game that is also a horde mode? :D It's enough that even PS Store has its own share of games like these, it's like the zombie apocalypse actually happened in the world of game industry.
VincentHarkonnen Oct 19, 11:28 AM
Oh man, I'd love to see Getter Emperor in color and motion, that would put TTGL to shame :D Nice to see that Mazinger Z is still going strong as well, hopefully it'll be just as badass as Mazinkaiser SKL.

Which is exactly what fairies do for a living. Those damn freeloaders. And people say that Navi from Zelda was bad.

BFG Edition? Hell yeah! :D It's still one of my proudest PS3 Platinums, beating Doom 3 on Nightmare was... well, a nightmare :D I can only imagine how Final Doom feels on Ultra-Violence, Plutonia Experiment kicked my ass even on I'm Too Young To Die.
VincentHarkonnen Oct 19, 10:19 AM
Hopefully they'll tackle Cutey Honey next, I looked this title up once again after good few years and it's actually better than I remember. ...or maybe I'm just that thirsty for some new Nagai stuff, kowing that he's already too old to work on anything.

Oh man, I forgot about HunieCam Studio... I remember the girl guiding you though the beginning of the game being so bitchy that I just died of laughter and never moved on to see the rest of the game.

Hah, out of all of the bands you've listed, I can only recognize Cradle of Filth and SepticFlesh, unless Bathory means the actual Bathory from Fate singing J-Pop songs or something. Babymetal style! *gags* Have you listened to the OST from the new Doom game? It's the most metal thing ever, no wonder that it got such a solid reception :D Then again, Mick Gordon is the man, as proven by his OST to Killer Instinct.
VincentHarkonnen Oct 14, 9:54 AM
Well, things might go one way or another with the new Devilman, the fact that it's supposed to be an ONA makes me think that we're going to get some subpar piece of animation treated like a side project, as opposed to the actual show to look forward to every week.

Huniepop 2? If it won't have the top bitch Audrey, then I'm not interested. *laughs* This franchise is one of the most unpleasant, unfirendly things I've ever seen, yet the fact that it also happens to be so memorable (probably because of the downright insane mix of cutesy anime designs and ghetto script) is just mind boggling to me. ...which reminds me that I still need to play Hatoful Boyfriend myself, but I'm saving money for the Yomawari sequel which comes out in two weeks.

Another Fate avatar from you, yet still no love for the best girl Luvia. How could you.
VincentHarkonnen Oct 1, 2:35 PM
Hey, happy birthday, bratanku! :D Even Japan gave you a present, it seems - a new Devilman which totally won't suck? This is the be-*notices Berserk Recap and vomits*
VincentHarkonnen Sep 27, 3:40 PM
Hah, that first line of your comment sounds funny to me when I read it in Sakura Saber's voice. *laughs* I'm still looking for a job, sending my CVs to various places but to no avail, again. Want to listen to something funny? Two weeks ago, I got invited to a job interview at some (in)famous company looking for a "customer support". As it turned out, they were looking for naive, young people who would then walk from house to house, begging people to donate to charity organizations on a monthly basis. Even better, this company always changes the name of the profession they're looking for in their job offers to lure more people in, but it's always about being an environmental equivalent of a Jehova's Witness. Why is getting a job so hard. Maybe I should shave my legs to put Caren Ortensia to shame and seduce the damn employer or something. *swallows vomit at the mere thought*

Bacteria is actually supposed to spread faster than fungus, minus the spore ability to cheese your way to our favourite Greenland. It's basically a vanilla pathogen with no extra abilities, which make sit relatively easy to control.

Avenger Boudicca? Welp, Nero's dead this time around. Ah, so Nero and Arturia Alter get swimsuits now? Nice going you guys, you basically need to draw the same character twice with few miniscule differences. *groans* I swear, Mysterious Heroine X is going to be next.
Oh man, Astolfo's ass is my dream Christmas present. ...please forget about what you've just read. I never was a fan of Apocrypha's portrayal of D'Eon though, he looks pretty generic. It would've been better if he'd simply possess Luviagelita just like Ishtar posessed Rin. Hah, Semiramis getting left out for now actually makes sense, along with Achilles and Chiron, considering how important they were in Apocrypha - maybe they don't want to spoil their best abilities yet. Is Spartacus avaible already though? I hope that they kept his rage mutation in this game :D

Oh, I see. Hopefully it'll be all good before the year ends. As for the medical universities, nope, not here. You need to go to either a dentistry clinic paid by the government or some private one, if you don't feel like experimenting for free with your own power drill.

By the way, I've started watching Made In Abyss last night, already caught up to the current episodes. The start was pretty slow, but it does get interesting starting from the fifth episode, with the tenth being pretty damn savage, especially if you like mauled lolis. It's too bad that the show's way too short though, just when I was finally getting into the whole thing, it's pretty much over, with the next episode being the last. *sigh*
VincentHarkonnen Sep 4, 5:09 PM
The actual training was a load of piss in general - the first week was spent on talking about how great the Microsoft products are and we had to write a test about that. The second week was about more professional stuff, but they still didn't cover the actual case solving properly, there should be more lectures about that as opposed to more tests and calculating the billing cycles. This "positive language" thing was covered near the end, but it's bullshit in general - you're forbidden from being honest and saying ANYTHING remotely negative, including "no", "however", "but", "I'm not sure, I'm still new" and the like. You can't smile while talking, being cheerful is strictly forbidden and their definition of "positive language" is basically "shove a stick up your arse and don't even think of trying to brighten up the customer's day". Screw that. Also, the team managers were pretty rude in general, but while introducing themselves, they used this fuckin' gif. With their names under the characters ad stuff. I never liked Madoka in the first place and now I'll always think of Homura as that one bitch who told me that I sound like a clown. Seriously though, what a hypocrisy - calling us unprofessional yet using animu gifs as their means of introducing themselves. They even put unrelated cat gifs right next to important regulations, that's not distracting at all. Let's also add the fact that the program tracks your every activity so that you don't take too long in the toilet and you need to beg the team manager for every single utility break and... yeah, fuck them. They're a typical corporation which hires everyone and loses the same amount of people it gets every month because the workers there are looking for better jobs in the meantime, while newcomers have been fooled like I was, thinking that they're going to get a pretty cool temporary job. Let's just say that they're so shady that when a customer rates your service, they are supposed to only give you 7-9 (the highes tmarks), if it's anything lower, you need to call the team manager so that they'll call the customer and blackmail them to change their minds and give us a good rating, because all of this data goes to Microsoft and they want some of that Office 365 money. To hell with them.

Yeah, it's a good game. Can't wait to play the enhanced PS4 port one day. I made it to the bioweapon recently, even if Nanomachines were still my favourites. The fungus was atrocious though - it spreads as fast as old people bone, in other words, it's slow as hell.

You know, at this point, I'm just shocked that Titturia didn't get a swimsuit verison. I mean, I know that she hardly needs it because of her revealing clothes, but still... Still waiting for that Hitler as the new Avenger though.

Hey, congrats on enduring that dental ordeal! :D It should be smooth sailing from now on, man, do I need to get some filling myself - two of my teeth got cracked so hard that pretty much only roots remain. On the other hand, I'd rather save enough money to get a treatment at the private clinic as opposed to the regular one, which is going to be free, but painful and long as far as the treatment goes. Wonders of dated equipment, no wonder that recently our medical services got surpassed by the Czech one.
VincentHarkonnen Sep 3, 2:55 PM
And I got fired for such atrocities as humming to myself while typing on the keyboard, using forbidden phrases such as "I apologize for being a little slow, I'm still new" and "alrighty then" and apparently sounding like a clown too. Yaaaay.
VincentHarkonnen Aug 12, 10:08 AM
Well, after first week, I can say that it goes pretty smoothly, even if we're still learning about Office applications as opposed to the actual customer support we're going to handle. And we're not even gonig to go in-depth or use these programs because that simply won't b eour job. They simply want us to know the very basics so that we know what we're talking about.

I wonder if F/GO will ever get an European server, I wanted to get it on thew day before yesterday (got myself a smartphone at last), but it's still unavaible at store. On the other hand, I got into Plague Inc. which you may or may not have heard about. Definitely gives my inner mad scientist a boner.
Nobunaga (Berserker) -> Sounds pretty hardcore already. Too bad that Berserkers in general seem to be a doomed Class to begin with.
I might have to get the last two items ASAP for Ishtar's ascensions -> B... But her final form actually starts wearing shoes! Are you sure you want to kill that one fetish for the sake of better stats?

I see, good luck then, hopefully it will be all over very soon.
tion74 Aug 10, 1:37 PM
A probléma ott kezdődik, amikor ez a cég magát a világ egyik legszabadabb foglalkoztatójának állítja be magát. Értem, hogy a gúgel egy vállalat belső szabályokkal, de hatalmas befolyása van az emberekre, és ahogy a videóban is elhangzik ez a már-már önkényes viselkedés riasztó.

Hasonló eset, amikor tényleges tudás helyett a kvóták alapján akarnak felvenni embereket bizonyos pozíciókra (pl. Mass Effect Andromeda fejlesztői), ami a kiadott anyag minőségén is látszik. Rossz irányba haladunk ilyen téren.

A "rákosista" szó már magában nem cseng jól nagyon sokaknál, főként olyannak nem, akinek mondjuk megkínozták és megölték a rokonát az említett időszakban.