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Joshiochi!: 2-kai kara Onnanoko ga... Futtekita!?
Joshiochi!: 2-kai kara Onnanoko ga... Futtekita!?
Yesterday, 5:02 PM
Watching 7/9 · Scored 4
Hataraku Saibou
Hataraku Saibou
Aug 11, 2:45 PM
Watching 6/13 · Scored 8
Satsuriku no Tenshi
Satsuriku no Tenshi
Aug 11, 2:45 PM
Watching 6/16 · Scored 6
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TSF Monogatari Append
TSF Monogatari Append
Yesterday, 10:42 AM
On-Hold 10/? · Scored 6
Dirty Christ Superstar
Dirty Christ Superstar
Aug 11, 2:54 PM
Completed 17/17 · Scored 6
Oneechan! Tengoku♥
Oneechan! Tengoku♥
Aug 11, 2:53 PM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 5


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VincentHarkonnen Apr 28, 8:35 AM
I see that you've also watched the shitstorm known as the Ninja Batman. Man, my head still hurts from that framerate. It's like the CG in Berserk movies all over again, except stretched out across the entire flick.
VincentHarkonnen Apr 6, 11:20 AM
Haha, sure, whenever I'll have my doubts about a figure, I'll let you know :D

Yup, this store has a section for figures specially for adults. It's all nice and dandy, but the figures they import, while great, are often some pretty random choices. Haha, yeah, I know that Patchy got dumped by you ages ago, but I still can only associate her character with you... because there's hardly anything about her to associate with anything, she's just a stiff twat who likes books. I kinda wish they would at least import some Reiuji Utsuho figure, she's my favourite Rick And Morty character., seriously, she totally looks like something Rick would make. "Yo, Morty! *buuuurp* I've noticed that you're absolutely awful when it comes to hooking up with Jessica, so... *belch* ...I've made you a girlfriend out of some alien tissue I had left in a garage and powered her up with that radioactive plutonium your mother wanted me to take out of her fridge or some bullshit!" It fits too perfectly.

Haha, Ivan the Terrible riding a mammoth? :D Wow, just... WOW. This was so predictable, yet so glorious at the same time.

Sure thing, could you send me your gmail address in a prvate message or something? I'll mail it to you once I'm done.
VincentHarkonnen Apr 4, 10:47 AM
Oh wow, I didn't even know that has something like that. And would you look at that, both Remilia and Yukari nendoroid have bootlegs :D The problem is that while I can see the difference with Remilia (her face looks kinda shitty in the bootleg version), I can't, for the life of me, spot any differences with that chibi Yukari. So, uhhh... That expert of yours, is she on MAL? I'd probably need her assistance. *laughs* Great to hear that I'm not the only one who doesn't know what garage kit is, I always thought that they simply call them "unpainted figures". I'm buying figures from time to time, but I'm definitely not a hardcore expert, I generally just want to buy a real version of the figure I like for an affordable price and that's it.


Yup, that Yukari chibi is a bootleg. The hair was the giveaway I overlooked, it looks very plasticky, while the real deal is very smooth looking. Well, shit. The worst thing is that Yatta, the best store in Poland selling anime-related stuff, doesn't have any Yukari figures. They do have your top bitch, though. *gets increasingly salty*

Or maybe time travel? Maybe Tunguska event sent Anastasia to the past or something? :D

No, not yet. You wanted me to do some proofreading of it, right? I'll try to get to it this weekend, I just keep typing away at my job every day to the point of not really wanting to write after coming back home. Today I spent over 4 hours copying and pasting the texts I wrote for the site, while also removing every piece of BBCode from them. 226 pages in total, I'm feeling genuinely sorry for the person who's supposed to translate all of that to German now.
VincentHarkonnen Apr 3, 3:11 PM
Yeah, but, admittedly, the design of that bigger figure is my actual favourite Yukari design. Gotta love that Victorian dress, I'm not that big of a fan of her default, oriental one. I will say this though, I like that, apparently, both the chibi and that bigger figure have a removable bonnet. She actually looks cooler without it. Chibi it is, then. My only worry is that the guy who's importing these is getting them from China. Now I'm not saying that every figure that comes from this country needs to be a horrible bootleg, but you know how it is. It's going to be a pretty stressful order, kinda like with my custom phone case, which arrived today. And yes, it also has Yukari on it. And you know which image I had to choose. I was wondering if they'll manage to pull it off, but it does look decent, the problem is the smell. Hopefully it'll go away soon, but whatever paint/ink/melted hobos they used has a strong chemical smell. Not in a way that makes you want to vomit, but bringing it closer to my face or even holding the thing makes my fingers smell of chemicals for a few seconds. At least it's sturdy, I give them that. Then again, you can't really screw up rubber/silicone cases.

Hmmm, now I'm wodnering in which direction are they going to take this subplot. Alter Atalanta and Avicebron? Sounds cool to me, especially the latter. Still my favourite Apocrypha Servant along with Astolfo.
VincentHarkonnen Apr 3, 10:57 AM
Yo, I need your advice on something. Which one is more sodomizeable? And before you'll ask "why not screw both", the store near me also has Touhouvania Remilia. *grumble grumble* I think I'm gonna go for Yukari for now, the thing is that the chibi one is cheaper, but it's customizeable as well (plus I can give one of her heads to my Saitama nendoroid to make him fabulous), but the actual figure of her is... just look at that thing. It's just too good. Now I just wish the actual games would've had an actual story in them, because I still feel like I've learned the most about these characters' personalities from seeing their reactions to getting violated in h-doujins.

VincentHarkonnen Mar 25, 9:36 AM
Of course it's going to be about Anastasia Romanov, Japanese are in love with this girl, for some weird reason. Gee, I wonder what kind of animu design are they going to give her, maybe a maid uniform with AK-47 under her skirt? I'd prefer to see Catherine the Great in this game instead, she's one of the historical figures I always idolized. Speaking of designs, I stumbled upon this Foreigner witch girl, Abigail Williams, today. Pretty nice design, until they messed it up completely starting with the witch costume on level 2.

Sounds like an interesting topic. Still, cheers to you for even attemtping to paraphrase a 900 page book. Definitely looking forward to reading this one.
VincentHarkonnen Mar 24, 5:22 PM
Can we not talk about Medb and shades of grey? It kinda-sorta makes my mouth water, I breathe harder and I can't focus on anything. *laughs* Man, if only they'd give more screentime/development to all these cooler Servants instead of making more Saber clones and uninteresting characters like Phantom Of The Opera.
Oh yeah, I remember you mentioning how useful Jack is, despite of being my probably most hated Apocrypha Servant.

Oh boy, is it going to be Medb's rape diary? :D Sure thing, glad I can help.
VincentHarkonnen Mar 24, 11:28 AM
Oh yeah, I forgot that there's a sequel to F/GO coming out soon. They better bring Medb back and make her even more powerful. Celtic Servants are best Servants. Actually, just make the sequel all about Scathatch and Medb, who needs all of these other goobers. ...with the emphasis in Saber clones, still can't stand them. Oh yeah, Carmilla sure is a Buster Assassin, which is nice, given that it's still my favourite Servant class :D Still, Semiramis has got nothing on her, the best two Assassins are Carmilla and Hassan. fact, these are the only two Assassins I like, which is ironic, considering that I like this Class's stealthy gimmick the most out of all Classes.I just wish we'd get some cooler Assassins, like Guy Fawkes or, hell, even James Bond would've been awesome. And don't even get me started on how disappointed I was by Cleopatra's design - I already said how much I don't like this artist's style and that it ruined Count of Monte Christo in F/GO to me, and the point still stands. Hell, at this point, just turn Caren into the damn Servant and make her possessed by Che Guevarra or something.

Yeah, I'm well aware of my monetary limits - they're pretty strict until May. I do agree about Acer - my father owns a pretty old Acer laptop and it still works much better than my PC. And Dell... Well, let's just say that I wrote a review of their new laptop at my job on Thursady, it's already a contender for the best laptop of the year. I remember hearing that I should generally avoid Sony's laptops like fire too. I think HP's laptops are pretty solid as well, maybe I'll look for one of their models.
VincentHarkonnen Mar 21, 11:11 AM
Is Scathatch still considered the best girl of F/GO? To me, she will always remain the "protagonist" of this game, given how often we've seen her on the promotional materials and stuff. I hear ya about the weather though, it was snowing here yesterday, while today was a mess - a very cold morning, hot, sunny afternoon and cold evening again, with the weather forecast already talking about a rain mixed with snow tonight. Either way, I'm joining you for the F/GO avatar bonanza for some time. I still wish Carmilla would actually speak Irish in this game. I wonder how many times she'd use the word "tits" during a single gameplay session :D

Well, at least you've learned something :D Man, if only the phone batteries were as good as the ones installed in some of these super expensive sonic toothbrushes we're selling - can you believe that some of these monstrosities can last 6 months without recharging, once fully charged? Usually, a toothbrush like this lasts for a week or three.
Yeah, the menus seem to be the general problem with certain Xiaomi products - I remember reviewing a dash camera by them, which was a successor to some other dash cam, which also didn't have translated menus.
Mediaboxes? I don't think so, but once we'll start expanding, I'll let my bosses know :D
Oh boy, let me know if there's some saucy, demon sex-related stuff in there somewhere. I remember LaVey often portraying himself surrounded by hot women and stuff just to prove how cool he is, so I can imagine the deranged stuff he wrote :D
I honestly don't know, I'm not a PC/laptop expert. Anything that works will do, preferrably with Windows 8, 7 at worst. (That PC of mine doesn't even need antivirus, when some nasty ad pops up, my half-dead PC can't even open it immediately, giving me like 40 seconds to close it before it can even do anything :D)
VincentHarkonnen Mar 20, 2:51 PM
Judging from your avatar, you sure you don't want Sakura Saber instead? You seem to be swinging her way lately :D Jeanne Alter is the worst Alter, go for the true quality known as the Saber Alter. Preferrably summoned during Christmas for obvious reasons.

Ouch, sounds awful. I'm using Huawei P10 Lite, but I will admit that I got it for free from my phone provider. Still love it though. The funny thing is that I'm occasionally writing reviews about new stuff from Xiaomi at my workplace, given that my bosses are Xiaomi enthusiasts too :D I will say this though, people can complain about the Chinese brands using MIUI instead of Android, but I actually like what both Xiaomi and Huawei are doing. Definitely does prove the belief that everything made in China needs to be a cheap pile of crap wrong, really. And before you'll ask, our store is currently planning to expand over to the general electronics market, but for now, we're still selling electric toothbrushes and oral hygiene stuff only, so don't count on any Xiaomi discounts from me yet :D Admittedly, I'm hoping for a PS4 Pro discount myself after the expansion. *laughs hard* My bosses actually want to start selling gaming consoles too. Meanwhile, my third Gundam figure arrived today. This time, it's Unicorn in his Destroy Mode. At least my friend fell in love with these figures to the point of wanting to buy SD Banshee now :D I'm saving up some money myself though, gotta buy a laptop and get rid of my ancient, Chinese hacker-worthy PC, preferrably next month.
VincentHarkonnen Mar 12, 12:01 PM
*spits drink* You know, when you've mentioned it so casually amongst NGNL and stuff, I legitimately thought that it's some manga, not the legitimate Satanic book. What are you, looking for influences to find a perfect Servant to summon? *laughs* It still sounds like an awesome idea for a home library :D

Well, there are Gunpla kits which come completely unpainted, but I'm quite certain that only some of them got such privilege. I've ordered my SD Burning Gundam today, maybe I'll even throw in SD version of Unicorn Gundam in its Destroy Mode, depending on how much money I'm going to get on Thursday. I generally stick to the super deformed Gundams for now, they're adorable. I hope that Throne Drei (Nena's Mobile Suit from Gundam 00) will get released in Poland soon too, its Gunpla kit looks fantastic. *laughs hard* Your desire to burn that Kosaka Riyu painting reminds me of my struggle to get rid of my old diary back from when I was in Middle School :D I remember throwing it to the garbage one day, then, a few days later, I see it on my father's shelf. I got rid of it again, for good this time around. But hey, at least your kitchen painting looks decent :D
VincentHarkonnen Mar 10, 11:03 AM
Hah, I thought that this image has got something to do with farming because the gem she's holding looks like some generic crystal you buy in moble games for real money to get some in-game guff nobody cares about :D Well, the regular Semiramis came out in December, but I've meant the actual Digger Semiramis - with a pickaxe and a helmet. I mean, it's definitely more interesting that yet another swimsuit version or Saber clone.

Hah, in that case, Gunpla are a solid option if you have some Gundams you like - they're cheaper than many regular figures, fully posable and once you'll finish building the figure... damn, is the satisfaction great. The tweezers are a must though, because the decals tend to get fairly hardcore at times. In case of my figure, the bullshit prize goes to the eye - the actual face of Sinanju is pretty small and you need to apply the tiny lens sticker onto his eye. The regular Mobile Suits don't have this problem though. Man, I'm so buying that SD Burning Gundam this week, it's too adorable. You know, when you said "LaVey texts", I thought for a second that you're buying some messed up books by Anton LaVey. *laughs*
HibiChika Mar 9, 11:40 AM
thanks. now that's strategy
VincentHarkonnen Mar 9, 9:28 AM
So is Digger Semiramis coming out soon? :D Either that or make her a DLC character in Spelunky. I just can't imagine her with a shovel, at first I thought that your avatar is some sort of reference to some in-game currency farming for all of those microtransactions :D

Yup, luckily, they don't require glue. It's like Lego, but slightly harder if you're inept like me when it comes to models. I mean, the kit I bought is supposed to be incredibly easy and it kinda is, but the decals are killing me. I really should invest in some tweezers or something. At least Gundams have been officially licensed in Poland now, so Gunpla are pretty easy to find at stores here :D I'm already planning to buy SD Burning Gundam once my payment comes this Thursday. By the way, I've got a new job since February 12, I'm a copywriter at a small Online store selling electric toothbrushes and other oral hygiene-related stuff. I love it, even if for the first three months, my payment is basically alms - 1000 PLN a month because I'm an intern. At least afterwards I'll be signing a proper deal with them and I'll be doing the same thing, but for 2500 PLN or so.
HibiChika Mar 9, 9:27 AM
i would like to know that too. the story behind your new avatar that is.